James Bond's success after the start of the film franchise in spawned a number of comic books around the world. Initially, these were adaptations of. James Bond is an ongoing spy thriller comic book line of comics titles by Dynamite Entertainment featuring the eponymous character originally created by Ian. After a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, James Bond returns to London and assumes the workload Book 1 of 7 in the James Bond Dynamite Comics Series .

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James Bond Comic Book

James Bond's success after the start of the film franchise in spawned a number of comic books around the world. Initially, these were adaptations of various. Dynamite Entertainment is proud to launch the first James Bond comic book series in 20 "Ian Fleming's James Bond is an icon, and it's a delight to tell visual. Format: Comic Book Page Count: 36 Pages ON SALE DATE: 11/7/ The ODD JOB epic begins in a new ongoing James Bond comic series by superstars .

C Rating: Dom Reardon Writer: Warren Ellis Art: Jason Masters Genre: November Format: Comic Book Page Count: James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, to take up the workload of a fallen 00 Section agent.

He plants explosive devices but is found by Kurjak and attacked by prosthetic enhanced henchmen. Bond evacuates and detonates the bombs, sinking Vargr. Afterwards, Bond sees an injured Kurjak crawling on the shore and executes him.

Eidolon[ edit ] Following the events of the exposure of dark money transferred from the backdoor channels of electronic bank accounts using legitimate company firms as fronts putting into British soil, James Bond is sent to Los Angeles to retrieve a forensic accountant planted by the MI-6 in the Turkish Consulate, Cadence Birdwhistle, to study backchannel financial movement and discovered the leak for which she is targeted by Turkish MIT Service gunmen and other rogue CIA operatives.

Upon their arrival at Heathrow Airport , Bond and Cadence are attacked by unidentified mercenaries led by a man called Beckett Hawkwood, which they are not aware of, but nevertheless manage to survive due to their containment in a heavily armoured car, which drives them safely back to the MI-6 headquarters at Vauxhall.

They also discover that the operation of the financial transfers of dark money are labeled under the name of "Eidolon", which intrigues M into suspecting there might be an obvious connection from a past enemy organization. Meanwhile, with the aid of Bill Tanner, Cadence discovers the entire chain of the Eidolon transactions that are moved through deep cover MI-5 channels to a final stop that is the Box Tunnel where the country's domestic intelligence service draws an administration from.

M sends on an off-records mission to infiltrate the tunnel and investigate the happenings inside, where Bond himself discovers an ongoing attack being planned by a group of secret society. After sparking into a gunfight and slightly missing Hawkwood who flees the scene, Bond abducts one of the injured underlings and tortures the information out of him regarding the entity of Eidolon.

It turns out that M's suspicion of the shortcomings was right, as Eidolon is revealed to be a system of SPECTRE stay-behinds initiated during World War II , along with the exposition of Hawkwood's identity, a former apparent war hero, as one of the four global lead assets of the operation.

MI-5 agent, Eve Sharma approaches Bond off-duty later on to discuss a rogue operation's existence in a secret cell within her organization, to which Bond informs her with the truth and the involvement of the SPECTRE stay-behinds. During the heated conversation between M and Mackmain, whose hypocrisy in the formation of rule ranged on surface, the latter unveils his true schemes and takes M as well as the rest of the crew as a hostage, with Hawkwood himself eliminating the London Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism unit protecting them.

James Bond Comics Reading Order

Just in time, Bond and Eve attack Hawkwood's team and invade into the safehouse where a heavy shootout occurs, killing Mackmain in the process. Hawkwood, however, escapes and Bond gives a pursuit in an intense car chase, but fails to capture Hawkwood. Before ensuing the catastrophe, he also intends to assassinate Cadence to silence her and prevent her from testifying against Mackmain in a political trial. But, he's soon discovered by Bond, who pursues him on the streets of London with Hawkwood behind the wheel of a truck carrying the fuel-air bomb, attempting to drive in to the MI-6 Headquarters and detonate the bomb there.

Bond, at the nick of time, manages to injure Hawkwood with a knife and manipulates him into taking his own life with self-pity as Bond watches him from afar, smoking his cigarette in relief after the prevention of the terror. Black Box[ edit ] While on a mission to infiltrate the Tokyo underworld, James Bond investigates Saga Genji, a very influential rich tech mogul, who is responsible for the creation of The Black Box, an artificially controlled cubicle device that contains data regarding universal worldwide government secrets involving agencies, organizations and deep cover operations, willing to sell them to the highest bidder.

While on pursuit, finds himself being aided by a freelance shadowy assassin going by the name of Selah Sax, a former member of an extincted deep cover British government black ops unit, who herself tends to eliminate other unjustly assassins with the sole determination to protect Britain.

Critical reception[ edit ] According to review aggregator Comic Book Round Up, the first issue received an average score of 7.

Cover by Gabriel Hardman. Cover by Dan Panosian. Written by Andy Diggle.

James Bond Comics Reading Order

Art by Luca Casalanguida. Cover by Greg Smallwood. Someone is smuggling military-grade weapons to European neo-Nazis, an arms pipeline stretching from the gutters of Munich to the upper echelons of Swiss high society. The trail will lead to an old friend, a deadly betrayal, and an enigmatic art connoisseur named Chantal Chevalier. Assigned to hunt down and eliminate a terrorist threatening Britain's nuclear deterrent, shadows the nation's leading defense contractor at the Dubai Arms Fair.

As a lethal trap is sprung around him, Bond finds an unexpected ally in glamorous arms company executive Victoria Hunt. Written by James Robinson. Art by Aaron Campbell. Cover by Mike Perkins. It was supposed to be an easy mission. Hot on the trail of a Russian agent in Tokyo, Felix Leiter is unwittingly drawn into the investigation of a major terrorist attack when a suicidal cultist releases a bio-weapon in Shinjuku.

Now Felix and Tiger Tanaka - the Japanese James Bond - must track down the villainous cult leader responsible, and unravel the mystery behind their deadly new biological weapon… 32 pages, full color.

Cover pencils by Mario Capaldi, inks by Adolfo downloadlla. Based on the TV episode of the same title aired Story and cover by Mike Grell. Part 2 of 3. Refusing to return to London after his mission has been compromised, James Bond uses all of his knowledge to get Edaine Gayla out from behind the Iron Curtain.

CASINO ROYALE & More JAMES BOND To Be Adapted In Comic Books

He is sure of success until he learns that one of the worlds deadliest assassins is on their trail. Full color. Written by Simon Jowett. Art by John M. What will Bond do to prevent this silent coup, especially when Omega seems to be evolving a consciousness of its own? Bond's midnight excursion into The Estate for the Disciples of the Heavenly Way reveals that the believers are more than just quiet and devout - they're fanatical soldiers bent on the destruction of The Beast - whatever that is!

Following leads and his instincts, he heads deep into the Georgia swamps, only to find his worst fears confirmed and a bloody nightmare from which he cannot escape! Written by Doug Moench. Art and cover Paul Gulacy. Beautiful girls and a maniacal villain who wants to change the face of the planet are all in a day's work for James Bond.

The second part of this thrilling three-part story pits Bond against a savage South American jungle's most dangerous game -- a hungry dinosaur! Written by Doug Moench Batman: Red Rain , with art by Paul Gulacy Terminator: Serpent's Tooth delivers Bond the way only Dark Horse can!

Volume 2 - 1st printing.

CASINO ROYALE & More JAMES BOND To Be Adapted In Comic Books

Based on the stories by Ian Fleming. This omnibus edition is packed with thrilling action as James Bond faces enemies both old and new. Its goal - the deadliest disease known to man, perfect for its goals of global blackmail and mayhem!

James Bond is hot on its heels, aided by beautiful biologist Serena Mountjoy. James Bond is trapped in Los Angeles with a MI6 agent under fire and a foreign intelligence service trying to put them both in bags And things may not be any safer in Britain, with bodies dropping and ghosts moving in the political mist Softcover, pages, full color.

Art by Jason Masters and Dom Reardon. Hardcover, pages, full color. Frosty Christmas: Santa Christmas: Rudolph Christmas: Vault of Horror EC: Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced.

Sort by A-Z Price. Issue 2A. James Bond Origin Dynamite 2A. Published Oct by Dynamite Entertainment. Add to cart Near Mint. Issue 2B. James Bond Origin Dynamite 2B.

Issue 2C. James Bond Origin Dynamite 2C. Add to cart Very Fine. Issue 2D. James Bond Origin Dynamite 2D.

Issue 2E.

James Bond Origin Dynamite 2E. Issue 2F. James Bond Origin Dynamite 2F. James Bond Dynamite 2A. Published Dec by Dynamic Entertainment. James Bond Dynamite 2B. James Bond Dynamite 2C. James Bond Dynamite 2D. James Bond Dynamite 2E. James Bond Dynamite 2F. Issue 2G. James Bond Dynamite 2G.

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