Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management. 0 X Unlike conventional aeronautical dictionaries, the Dictionary of Aviation defines. TEFL courses in person and tutored those taking distance your lesson plan so that they can talk to you Putting Your Le Download Longman Dictionary of. Aviation Dictionary. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER a person who communicates with a pilot, usually by radio, directing the movement of aircraft, especially close.

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David Crocker - Dictionary of Aviation (2nd edition) - pdf. Скачиваний: Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management. Gathering terms for an aerospace dictionary is Partly for this reason, this dictionary is .. 2 Army Aviation Association (USA), now AAAA. This section gives definitions of aviation-related words that might be difficult to . and ATCOs (ICAO Operational Level 4, on page 2 of English for Aviation) to be.

Knowing these terms before you attend new-hire training will be very helpful. You will not be tested on this material here, but you may be tested by your airline so try to familiarize yourself with the following terms. There are over of them! Warrants additional pay. Aircraft Fuselage — The complete central structure of an aircraft to which wings, tail surfaces, and engines are attached. Includes entire cabin and cockpit areas. Aircraft Left — Refers to left interior portion of an aircraft. Airline Deregulation — Refers to the Airline Deregulation Act of, which removed governmental authority to regulate airfares and airline route structures. In the current deregulated environment, airlines can fly anywhere and charge any price they desire.

Normally a 2 or 3 pilot crew consisting of a captain, first officer, and second officer if applicable. Long international flights may carry 2 complete cockpit crews. Commute — The process of commuting by air to a given domicile. Commuter Airline — Small airlines that are part of the regional airline category. Some are affiliated with major airlines and act as feeders to the mainline routes. Contract Negotiations — The formal talks between an airline and elected representatives of a labor group that allow for the establishment or renewal of a labor contract.

The working agreement covers pay, benefits, union security, seniority, scheduling, work rules, vacations, sick time, the handling of grievances complaints , etc. Contractual Work Rules — The airline-specific rules published in a labor contract that govern maximum flight hours, on-duty time, days worked, scheduling procedures, etc. Crew Schedulers — The group of individuals who are responsible for making sure routine and non-routine flights depart on time with the sufficient number of crewmembers.

Date of Hire — The date a flight attendant begins or graduates from training. Date of hire establishes a seniority number within an airline. Deadhead Time — The pay time associated with a deadhead flight.

Flight attendants frequently deadhead to reposition for flight segments originating from other cities. Delay — Time period during which an aircraft is held before it is allowed to depart.

Delays may be caused by maintenance mechanical problems , air traffic, weather, connecting passengers, weight and balance, etc. Demo — The FAA-mandated demonstration of aircraft equipment and emergency procedures. The demo must be performed before takeoff for all passengers. Department Head — The head of a specific department within an airline. Divert — A procedure where pilots elect to land at an airport other than the airport of intended destination.

This can be due to adverse weather, a medical emergency, a closed runway, etc. Domicile — The city and associated airport a flight attendant is assigned to.

The domicile is where all trips begin and end. Door Slide — A device used to quickly escape from an aircraft during an emergency evacuation. Duty Time — The period of time a crewmember is on-duty. Includes the period from check-in to off-duty time.

Emergency Exits — Specified doors and windows on an aircraft used during an emergency evacuation. Extra Section — An additional flight added to a scheduled destination in order to accommodate additional passengers. Extra sections are common during peak travel periods especially during the holidays to popular destinations. Non-working flight attendants can ride the jump seat on heavily booked flights. The captain is always notified when FAMs are present on the aircraft.

Usually flown by pilots only, but flight attendants are sometimes onboard as well. An FFDO may be working or deadheading. Firearm Authorization — A notification slip presented to the senior flight attendant that identifies passengers carrying authorized firearms e. The firearm authorization slip identifies the armed passenger and accompanied prisoner, if applicable by seat number, and must be presented to the captain. First Class — The highest class of service onboard an aircraft.

First Officer — Second-in-command pilot on an aircraft. Flight Hours — Total number of hours flown in any given period of time used for pay computation. Flight Miles — Miles flown in any given period of time used for pay computation at some airlines. Flight time is block time less taxi time and gives flight attendants an idea how much time they will have to provide in-flight service.

FOB — Fuel on board. Full Month — A term used to refer to the maximization of flight hours for any given month. Furlough — A layoff of an airline employee due to financial difficulties, labor union strikes, etc. This applies only to individuals without a high school diploma. Galley — The area inside an aircraft where meals and beverages are prepared by flight attendants. Gate — The airport boarding area at an airport terminal for a specific flight number.

Pilot weather packets, clearances, dispatch releases, and other paperwork all use Greenwich Mean Time as a worldwide airline standard. Grievances — Complaints issued by a labor union to an airline when it appears that portions of the labor contract are being violated by the company. Grievances are most common in scheduling scenarios. Holding — A procedure used by air traffic controllers to delay arrivals of aircraft due to traffic saturation or bad weather.

Holding patterns are areas along a route system that allow aircraft to fly around a specified track until released. Many airlines have multiple hubs. For example, a crewmember who exceeds the hour daily maximum on-duty period becomes illegal.

Initial Training — Training that must be completed by all new-hires. International Flight — A flight that departs a domestic location and lands at an international destination. Interviewer — An individual who conducts interviews with flight attendant applicants. Jetway — The passageway between the gate area and an aircraft that allows passengers to board and deplane.

Labor Contract — An official document negotiated between labor and management.


Labor Union — A body of members and elected representatives that seek to negotiate labor contracts and handle job disputes. They also actively represent members in the media and fight battles in the political arena. Types of leaves include education, military and maternity leave. Seniority continues to accrue during most leaves. Leg — A single flight from 1 departure point to 1 destination point. A leg includes 1 takeoff and 1 landing.

Lifeguard Flight — A flight responsible for transporting human organs to a medical facility. Flight is given priority routing to expedite arrival. Line of Time — A monthly schedule.

Lineholder — A crewmember with sufficient seniority to fly or hold a regular line of time. Mainline — A term used when referring to the larger entity of an airline that provides both commuter and large jet service. Often boarding is delayed until the mechanical is fixed. Mediation — An individual hired from outside an airline that assists labor and management in reaching terms to a working agreement.

Medical Emergency — An emergency onboard an aircraft that requires first aid, medical attention, and possible aircraft diversion. Medlink — A medical agency used by some airlines that provides in-flight personnel direct communication with a physician during medical emergencies.

Military Time— The time on a hour clock, used by airlines and crewmembers industry-wide in reading trip pairings. Applies to reserves only.

Monthly Projection — Projected number of flight hours at the end of the current month based on projected flying activity. Narrow Body — An aircraft with a single aisle with seats on either side of the aisle. Flight attendants are usually classified as new-hires during the first six months of employment.

No Contact — A flight attendant infraction resulting from a crew scheduler being unable to reach a flight attendant for a trip assignment.

Usually applies to reserves only. Reserves also use this term in reference to being on call. Open Time — Uncovered trips available for bid by lineholders can also be assigned to reserves. Linear inequality problem solving Meanings and Origins of Names. Fleet Management Limited provides a comprehensive range of ship management services to cargo ship owners worldwide The Meaning of Cars in Dreams In dreams, cars often represent you and reveal how you are getting through life.

However, modern radar and camera technology is now good enough for vehicles to interpret data in 3D and combine this with traffic reports to determine an appropriate speed.

Meanings and Origins of Names.

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. This is applicable to all commercial aviation organisations flying passengers. It makes managing multiple fuel cards easy, giving you the tools you need to run your fleet efficiently whether from a desktop or using our smartphone app. A starburst insignia was used by flag officers and administrative support staff of fleet headquarters and starbases.

Dashwood dies, leaving his second wife and her three daughters poor by the rules of inheritance. We will provide you with any car, any time, anywhere. As a child, and into your early twenties, nervous energy may have caused you to bite your nails or express your nervousness in other ways. Human translations with examples: humobog, desperada, kadalasan, kahulugan nm, kakaningitik, kahulugan nmu.

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Dictionary of aviation

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Aviation Dictionary (iOS)

It is a simplistic white flag with a red disc in the middle. See more. The residual value is the estimated value of a fixed asset at the end of its lease or at the end of its useful life. Tamil Humanism 2. Older cars without fuel injection can have an engine immobilizer fitted that usually intercepts the low-voltage ignition circuit and the fuel pump circuit. What is another word for fleet? Need synonyms for fleet? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Tamil Meaning lease meaning in tamil a mutual contract made between two parties legally in conveying land, properties, or any type of service etc.

Meaning of Fleet.

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David Crocker - Dictionary of Aviation (2nd edition) -

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