The Book of Veles is a literary forgery purporting to be a text of ancient Slavic religion and history supposedly written on wooden planks. It contains religious. Arthurovich Isenbeck is said to have discovered The Book of Veles in a run-down castle in the Ukraine around the beginning of the 20 th. Why the study of “Veles Book” can lead to the loss of reputation of a scientist? Why is “Veles book” banned as well as earlier banned “Bible”? Why the “Veles.

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Book Of Veles

Ellen Lloyd - - The Book of Veles is so controversial that it has been banned in Russia. This old document contains. The Book of Veles claims to contain evidence of genesis, evolution and migration of Slavs. The book comprises history of Slavs since 7th. The Book of Veles claimed to be a text of ancient Slavic religion and history purportedly written on wooden planks. It contains religious passages and accounts.

Are there any taboo subjects in modern science today? We hope not, however, Anatoly Klyosov seen as one of the most taboo scientists on topics of Russian history. But for what it is worth it to learn? The opposition is so great that hate towards Veles Book is in all pores of the society, which is fairly unhealthy even if it is a fantasy book, who has seen so much hate towards LOTR or Game of Thrones books? If it is proved that the Veles book does contain important philosophical stance on the matter, the most ardent opponents of the same are unlikely to succumb as people do not change their points of view. For example, Fedor Arturovich Izenbek, colonel, commander of an artillery battalion, which is a modern legend, found these plates in the ruined manor, he placed the tablets in his bag.

He took them from Isenbeck and spent more than 15 years translating and decoding the texts carved into them. Mirolyubov concluded the planks on which The Book of Veles were written contained the oldest Slavic alphabet, similar to Cyrillic.

The book is made of 42 birchwood planks of 38 cm 15 inches by 22 cm 8. Some planks have symbols of bull heads, animals and the sun, possibly representing the months.

The people who made the book scrubbed the boards before carving the letters, then painted them with a dark stain that faded with time. Veles, also known as Volos, was a god of the Slavic people who controlled agriculture, cattle and upon whose help the success of the people depended. The Book of Veles blog says the first plank continues:.

Book of Veles – a Forgery or a Sacred Text?

In those days was the man so gentle and brave they called him the father of Russians. And that man had wife and two daughters.

He had cattle and cows and many sheep and he dwelled in the steppe so no where could he find husbands for his daughters and he prayed gods so his line does not perish like that. And Dajbog granted his request and gave him what he was praying for. So were married those who live among us.

And we are obliged to believe because it clearly is god Veles that brings forth the offspring. We owe to our gods and so we give them praise: Let our leader be blessed now and for the eternity. Said magicians shamans and went away.

The site Slavorum: Exploring Slavic World, gives a brief synopsis of the books contents. There they were briefly enslaved by King Nabsur. They settled there, and several centuries passed relatively peacefully. The book has several references to Ermanaric, a king who ruled a vast kingdom and against whom the Slavs apparently fought, emerging victorious in the end. The book briefly describes the fifth through ninth centuries and ends with Slavic people in disarray and ruled by the Normans.

The site Slavorum says banning the book as irrational and based in politics. The site Meet the Slavs concludes its article by saying most experts in Slavic languages believe the book is a 20 th century forgery. Featured image: The text resembles Cyrillic letters, according to experts. Image from Slavorum. Mark is a Writer for Ancient-Origins.

His hobbies are writing and drawing. Looks a lot like Scandinavian rune staves. Granted they are not the Elder Futhark, but many resemble "letters" from the Elder, Frisian, and futharks as well as some different altogether.

But the Runes as a written language changed with the dialect spoken. They seem to be carved "hanging" from the line rather than between two lines as generally seen in the Scandinavian style. The Veles book is Mirolyubov's fake. Even neo-pagans now see no credibility in it. Here are some reasons to point out: The first original does not have it. Second, the wise men of the Slavs, like the Druids in the Celts, were not allowed to write according to the laws of the gods.

Everything was transmitted orally from generation to generation. It's harder than writing, but for priests it's just right. For the priest is a person who does not go easy. Initiates in the priest neophytes must go through a difficult path.

He lived in the 5th-6th centuries BC when King Arthur. There is a theory that I am developing right now, although it is not mine, that Prince Kyi, who founded the city of Kiev, is none other than the Knight of King Arthur and his sensual, Kay or Kai. And this contradicts the Veles book, because there are more proofs of the theory of Cyrus under the King Arthur than Cyrus the son of Aria, who comes out somewhere in Asia. As Veles priests tell Veles is the father of Aryan people.

It's hard to tell if it's forgery or not for those not connected. Veles is in charge of Earth starting from for the next 13 centuries on Svarga year cycle. His mission is to clean up. World would change like never before. Armageddon is basially his over clean up in case the world is too resistant to Veles ways. Veles will come to power in Russia. That all you need to know about this Great God.

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Ancient Origins has been quoted by: By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

During his time a Pheathon event occurred and from the sky fell the requirements to then forge metal. It might have been the iron itself in the meteorites and the accompanying fire too, maybe they saw melted iron or something and realised what they could do with it. Ptah as creator is this kind, the same as Hephaestus and why the Athenians and Saites are the same - they both have this history of father Vulcan and Gaia.

Dabog or Daboh is mentioned in the Primary Chronicle, a history of early Kievan Rus' as one of seven gods whose statues Prince Vladimir the Great erected in front of his palace in Kiev in , when he came to the throne. Earlier on I noticed a discrepency in Helios, that is, this God is made out generally in Greek myth to be male.

I pondered this and just read this while thinking more on the above as well.

The Book of Veles

This is in fact a Slavic translation of an original Greek manuscript of Malalin from 6th century. In Greek text, the names of gods are Hephaestus and Helios. In all Slavic languages, the word for Sun, Sunce, is of neutral or feminine gender, never masculine.

Also, in Baltic mythology, which is most akin to Slavic, Sun is a female deity, Saule, while the Moon is a male one. The same pattern can be observed in folklore of many Slavic nations, where the Sun is most often identified with mother or a bride, and Moon with father or husband, their children being the stars.

Where exactly this leaves Dabog as a possible male solar deity of Slavic pantheon remains questionable.

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Dazbog might mot be the Sun, he might be the Sun star, a possible reference to the Pole Star or a male orientated people made the Sun a male or at a very early time the Sun was male in myth.

Never-ending turning of the circle and the lead to path - it conjures an image of the labyrinth in my head, always relative to Troy.

Book of Veles Controversial Facts And It’s Future

Trizna was a funeral feast which, as a part of Slavic religion, was made for distinguished members of society before their cremation. In villages in Bosnia, name trzan or trzna is used for a place in the middle of a village more rarely near a crossroad used for gatherings, which is considered to be derived from trizna.

A long shot but certainly custom was made to feast for days before cremation at Troy. They even stop the fighting to do this for Patroclus.

I think it would be wise if we first read up on Slavic mythology, and here is a nice blog about it:. Punjab - the land of five rivers - lies in North West India. Around BC they would have been enslaved by Nabonassar if Nabsur is him. This would have thrown them right in the middle of Babylon. It produces wild barley, chickpea, and sesame, and even, in its marshlands, edible roots, called gongai.

These roots are the equal of barley in nutrition. The land also produces dates, apples, and all sorts of other fruit, as well as fish and birds, field birds as well as waterfowl. So great is the fertility of the grain fields that they normally produce crops of two-hundredfold, and in an exceptional year as much as three-hundredfold. The blades of wheat and barley are at least three inches wide. As for millet and sesame, I will not say to what an astonishing size they grow, though I know well enough; but I also know that people who have not been to Babylonia have refused to believe even what I have already said about its fertility.

Of course, this is exaggerated, and it should be noted that Herodotus does not claim that he was in Babylonia. Yet, his statement shows that people believed that the alluvial plains of the Lower Euphrates and Tigris were extremely fertile, and this is correct, although the yields were typically fifteenfold, which is, compared to the Mediterranean world, astonishing. I've already read about them before when I found Waralden in Sami mythology and compared the names to other Slavic, Lithuanian and Greek Gods.

I thought I made a post here about it, I don't blame you if you missed it. These people were wolves and were probably in Rome as Etruscans bringing up Romulus, Lupa. Anyway, I'm onto Svarog. Remember all my posts about Rod.

There are various modern theories about the supreme Slavic deity being Rod or Svarog,. So, it appears they came in from the Punjab - to Babylon, from the East, to a place like Eden, then head to the Carpathians, via Syria and Troy , then to Europe as the Slavic story, they are known as Rus.

Their religion was in Egypt as the creator Ptah which meant to swear, obey an oath of marriage. The pre-Slavic tribes in the Punjab may have arrived there at a prior time, possibly in the Aryan 'invasion' or even with the Frisians if that be true - then they left, it's not necessary for them to have been indigenous to the land of the 7 rivers in the first place. There is a 'place of seven rivers': It owes its name, meaning "seven rivers" literally "seven waters" in Kazakh, to the rivers which flow from the south-east into Lake Balkhash.

A map: OK, I'll go on your land of seven rivers in south east Kazakhstan - around the Don and Volga and looking on my map Asaland I have my bearings, that Lake Balkhash is huge, half is fresh and half is saline - the basin looks to me like it could flood and if people lived there they could have easily been flooded at one time and that area is now underwater.

The whole top of the Caspian Sea is a huge depression. Yes, but we are not talking about Vedic times. This is still about The Book of Veles, and it is supposed to date from a later period.

Your link is dead, btw. Here's another one and with more info: Interesting topic, only I have absolutely no time for it right now. For this plane of existence, the bosses are Perun and Veles, the Eagle also the Bear and the Snake etc. The original was said to be written in old Slavic runic script, and both are officially lost, because Slavs used to write on wooden planks small planks, thin and light, not floor board size, and they used to be tied into some form of wooden books which disintegrated over centuries and also, early Christian missionars were fond of burning such things.

The seven rivers could be actual rivers in the place of origin, but could be some form of symbolic, since there were seven siblings that led the migration for example five brothers and two sisters. On the other hand, maybe there were seven leaders to honour the seven rivers But now the big question: And if not, at least are you able to read it in its original language?

I hope so, so we can ask you the skirt from your back, LOL. I simply have no time tonight. The only problem is, if there was something like that available on line, I'd know about it by now. But you never know I just need some free time!

Damn it! See you tomorrow! Post links to any version you can find. OK, take your time, and we hope well, I do that you are willing to contribute to this thread with your translations.

Molimo se i klanjamo prvom Triglavu i njemu veliku slavu pojemo. A bogu Perunu, gromovniku, bogu bitke i borbe govorimo: Dobavljeno iz " http: We pray and bow to first Triglav Threeheaded One and to him we sing the glory.

We praise Svarog, grandfather of god, who is the origin of all kin and creator of everything that lives, eternal source that flows in the summer and everywhere, and in the winter it never freezes And to god Perun, the thunderer, god of battle and strife we say: We look and we continue to exist in Jav, and he protects us from the Nav and therefore we sing the glory to him.

All the glory to Svetovid, our god who opens our hearts to admit our wrongdoings and turn ourselves to good. I have Serbian translation, which means you'll have English tomorrow, posted here. I hope no one has copyrights on it.

Book of Veles Controversial Facts And It’s Future – Slavorum

I cant resist. Im so late. Its all your fault. Two entities in the heavens contained are Bjelobog and Crnobog, and both of them are under Svarogs hold and command. And to god Perun, the Thunderer, god of battle and fight we say: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. The Book of Veles another hoax? Recommended Posts. Posted May 4, edited. Hello all, I have been participating in the Oera Linda thread for like pages now, and all we do is throw posts at eachother based on archeology, etymology, linguistics, legends, genetics, geology, and whatnot , but never seem able to come to a final conclusion. The book ends with Slavic lands descending into disarray and falling under Norman rule.

As far as I know, no English translation is available online. Edited May 4, by Abramelin. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 4, Posted May 5, A literary forgery.

Shudder, deja vu Part of it says "We are Rus". So we could get away from danger. We survived one darkness and started to build cities and houses everywhere.

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