Warriors omen of the stars book 5


Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues in Warriors: Omen of the Stars—now featuring fierce new art. The fifth book in this fourth series. Warriors: Omen of the Stars; Volume number 5. Warriors: Omen of the Stars #5: . Allen Douglas · Warriors: Omen of the Stars #4: Sign of the Moon book image . I received this book as a gift but I have not read any of Erin Hunter's books. .. The Forgotten Warrior, the long awaited book 5 in the Omen of the Stars (OotS).

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Warriors Omen Of The Stars Book 5

Warriors: Omen of the Stars is the fourth arc in the Warriors juvenile fantasy novel In the United States, hardcover and e-book formats for The Fourth Apprentice Sign of the Moon was released in hardcover on 5 April (same as the. page · Community · Videos · Images. in: Omen of the Stars arc, The Forgotten Warrior, Books Bluestar • 2 hours ago. Help us grow Warriors Wiki!. the fourth apprentice-download it here. fading echoes-download it here. Night whispers-download it here. sign of the moon-download it here. the forgotten.

Mar 04, merg rated it it was amazing They have the cover picture up for this already?! Hey, I think that's Lionblaze on the cover! He finally gets a cover picture after what, 10 books with him as one of the main characters? That was my short little review I wrote before the book came out that got more comments than any review I've written before. Now, on to the REAL review. The Forgotten Warrior was really good! Much better than Sign of the Moon. After that one, I was a bit worried that the condition of th They have the cover picture up for this already?! After that one, I was a bit worried that the condition of the Warriors series was starting to deteriorate a bit. The Forgotten Warrior restored my faith. Poor Ivypool. Some of those Dark Forest scenes were creepily intense. I felt so bad for Ivypool when she had to "kill" Antpelt.

These relationships are not allowed for various reasons: some involve medicine cats, who are not allowed to have mates according to the medicine cat code, while others develop between cats in different Clans, which is also forbidden by the warrior code for example, Graystripe and Silverstream.

Holmes said that another central theme of the series centres on "faith and spirituality" in StarClan. Some scenes take place within StarClan's realm, with no living cats present as point-of-view characters. Thus the existence of an afterlife and the influence of spirits who have passed on and yet retain their earthly identities is integral to all of the plot arcs in the series. Another idea explored in the novels is the reactions of different faiths when meeting each other.

For example, the Tribe of Rushing Water, which believes in different spiritual ancestors than the Clans, is introduced in Moonrise. In an author chat, Holmes explained that the books never say that either of the Clans or the Tribe of Rushing Water is right about faith because both are "equally valid.

Omen of the Stars

Holmes said that "ignorance is a very scary thing! Another theme is that characters can be a mix of good and evil. Holmes has said she is fascinated by these "shades of gray" in personalities. Her example of this was when Bluestar, a noble and honorable cat, gave up her kits for her own ambitions so an evil cat would not take over.

Another example she gave of this is how the antagonist Tigerstar, even with all of his faults, is still courageous and fiercely loyal. For example, Brambleclaw's father is the evil Tigerstar, but he eventually demonstrates that despite this, he is not evil himself, despite initial suspicion from Clanmates due to his father's legacy. This theme ties into the "shades of gray" theme. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly noted that friendship and responsibility are taught to characters in the novels, [57] while booksforyouths.

Add to basket. Warriors Erin Hunter. Omen of the Stars 5: The Forgotten Warrior Erin Hunter.

Omen of the Stars 6: The Last Hope Erin Hunter. The Fourth Apprentice Erin Hunter. Omen of the Stars 2: Fading Echoes Erin Hunter. Omen of the Stars 4: Sign of the Moon Erin Hunter. Omen of the Stars 3: Night Whispers Erin Hunter. Back cover copy After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come.

It has been foretold that Jayfeather and Lionblaze will hold the power of the stars in their paws. About Erin Hunter Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of animals and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world.

As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich, mythical explanations for animal behavior. Other themes that have been pointed out deal with family, loss, honor, bravery, death, loyalty, and following rules.

Starlight , Twilight , and Sunset from The New Prophecy, as well as the first four Omen of the Stars books, are available in an audiobook format.

A reviewer for AudioFile wrote: "Nanette Savard brings out the youth of the cats who are struggling to help their clan survive and to protect each other from outside danger. The books in the four main series have also been released in an e-book format. Whether it will be a role-playing game is unknown.

The Forgotten Warrior by Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter has stated on the official Warriors website that there is still no plan for an official video game, but if there was, it would probably be based on a movie version of the Warriors series, which was at the time not under consideration.

It was also announced that screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger would write the screenplay for the movie. No director or release date has yet been announced for the film. In it, the spirit of former ThunderClan medicine cat Spottedleaf discusses her love for Firestar.

In the story, the four Clans vote for a way to survive a tough winter. Every cat at the meeting votes on whether or not the Clans should work together to survive the winter.

Warriors: Omen of the Stars #5: The Forgotten Warrior

The cats vote in favour of working together. Taking place after Bluestar's selection of Fireheart for deputy, it is about the elder Halftail, who is unhappy with the decision, and wakes the other elders to discuss it with them. The script was released to the public on the official site for the Warriors series. After going to a Gathering, where it is obvious all of the Clans except for ThunderClan are starving, three cats from StarClan appear to them: Brightspirit and her parents, Shiningheart and Braveheart, characters created on Wands and Worlds, a fantasy fiction forum, in memory of a year-old Warriors fan, Emmy Grace Cherry, and her parents, Dana and Jimmy Cherry, who were killed in a tornado in February

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