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Under Mr Nolans Bed Pdf

Common KnowledgeSeriesUnder Mr. Nolan's Bed Mr. Nolan's Bed, #1) by Kitt Selena, 1. Confession (Under Mr. Nolan's Bed) (Volume 2) by Kitt Selena, 2. When the girls find something naughty under Mr. Nolan's bed, their strict, repressive upbringing makes it all the more exciting as they begin their sexual. If you read the original Under Mr. Nolan's Bed, you will find this retelling a richer experience with deeper secrets to reveal—and don't miss Under Mr. N.

That old saying about April showers was proving to be true this week-it had done nothing but rain, rain, rain. We were shoulder to shoulder as we moved up the steps, and I waited while the girl in front of me closed her umbrella and shook it over the railing before stepping under the eave and doing the same. Her short blonde hair was plastered to her cheeks and the make-up she had put on this morning streaked down her face in black rivers. If I was a casual observer, I would have just thought that she was wet from walking to school in the rain, but I knew better-Erica had been crying. Erica shook her head and I slipped under the railing, moving off to the side and pulling her with me. There was nowhere to stand but in the rain, and it was coming down so hard that I was immediately soaked to the skin. I stopped, mid-hug, not sure how to proceed, but Erica came the rest of the way, clinging to me, and I could feel her silent sobs. All week, I felt trapped in some strange ice age-it was that cold.

Before I go into the negatives, I'm going to say that this book was HOT and pretty darn good actually up until the last few chapters. I'm sure this book would be one that most men would loooove barely legal fantasies, girl on girl, anyone? Not going to spoiler tag the rest because if you read the summaries or just about any review this will be mentioned, and in all honesty, it's something you SHOULD know about before picking up the book.

Yes, I get it. The book was a taboo book. The author specifically wrote it for the purpose of being a fantasy and nothing else. This wasn't supposed to be an after school special, or some sort of moral message. Some people like to read ultra crazy taboo, and it's almost not fair to rate the book poorly when this book fits a niche genre.

I've even read other incest stories and enjoyed a few of Ms. Kitt's, actually , so it's not that I can't handle incest. I just didn't care for it in this particular story. What frustrated me the most is that the incest took the focus off the main part of the story, which was about Leah and Mr. Nolan, who actually had a good thing going. There was no need for Erica the daughter to even get in the middle of that, especially when the scenes were snuck in almost out of nowhere near the end, and Leah went from wanting "her Mr.

Nolan" to being okay with letting her friend join in with no previous mention of her wanting such a fantasy. It felt almost tacked on to me for shock value I hate being manipulated into being shocked. I wanted Leah to get her happy ever after with Mr. Nolan, even if the age difference was huge between them. Review for Plaid Skirt Confessions: I loved it. There isn't much plot, but if you like steamy, this is the one for you.

Selena Kitt knows how to write the scenes, and boy does she deliver in this book. I think I missed out on seducing an older man when I was My only complaint is that the girls were aged to 20 in this version and put in college, which didn't work for me with the catholic schoolgirl thing going on.

Is there any reason they couldn't have stayed 18? That is a completely legal age, and made the girls' lack of independence a little more believable. View all 29 comments. Oh god I could of coped with the story until the incest.. The worst thing was that it was a like watching a car crash, i just could not stop reading! It was horrific but i just had to read it.. Then i read the ending View all 13 comments.

Nov 12, Shile rated it really liked it Shelves: At this point is where i ask myself WTF did i just read Porn that is well written.

That ending Argrrrrrrrh! I will just leave this here: View all 26 comments. At 18 years old, Leah is a high school student who spends the majority of her time with her best friend, Erica. Nolan, is keeping hidden under his bed.

Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Series

From that moment, a world of pleasure opens to Leah and she wants to experience it all. I had to admit — it really did. Nolan is a widower of five years 5 Taboo Stars!! Nolan is a widower of five years raising his daughter on his own. Knowing his daughter and Leah are such good friends comforts him to a degree, but Leah is catching his attention in a new and dangerous ways.

As the temptation becomes too great, Mr. Nolan and Leah succumb to their desire leading to scorching hot scenes. Put that big, hard cock in my wet little cunt. With all that occurs in the relationships of these characters, the recurring theme is the exploration of being uninhibited despite societal conventions.

This version may not be for everyone, but the author unabashedly embraces the forbidden and successfully pushes the boundaries, as nothing is off-limits. For those who are looking for a truly taboo story, Under Mr.

I highly recommend.

View all 16 comments. Jun 04, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: So, if you are not interested in this genre, particularly a Taboo oriented porn, you should stay away from this book, you will find it to be exactly what it is meant to be, which is Smut, and might be tempted to rate it as a romance or something else altogether. I personally downloadd it for the particular reason that I felt like reading some mindless smut, and this book fit the bill perfectly!!! It is about a young woman, she is in college, who is sexually attracted to her best friend's father and her road to discovering her sexuality.

It is not a love story or does it have any plot. What it is, is page after page of sexual masturbatory fantasies and dirty, raw sex. And if you get to read it expecting something else, then I can see being disappointed and would explain some of the lower ratings. However, since I went into this read with eyes wide open, I can honestly say that this book delivered on its promise of non-stop hormonally induced hot, drag down sex fest!

And for what it is, it totally deserves its 4 star rating. It was not intended as anything else, so don't set your self up for disappointment. But if you and your partner enjoy some steamy reading before bed, well, this one might steam up the sheets: View all 8 comments. I know what you're thinking You would think this would be a winner with me - best friend's father stories are my drug, I love the age difference, the taboo aspect, the sneaking around, big pieces of man meat- it floats my boat, I'm a dirty perv.

Sadly, this one is not going into my 'bean flicking bank'. Several things didn't work for me. The big one being view spoiler [the fact tha I know what you're thinking The big one being view spoiler [the fact that he fucked another woman really hard his words , just to try and forget the heroine eye roll and then did the same to the heroine an hour later in the bathroom right next to where the other woman was still sleeping in his bed.

Her friend was selfish and annoying. And there was more But, a big thanks to Selene for finding this version for me. View all 17 comments. Ok, breathe Urm, wow , this book was a complete shocker!! It started off a little strange, but after reading the first chapter you get into the rhythm of the book. This is some seriously smutty stuff. Think the gif explains it all.

View all 3 comments. There is no doubt about it; author Selena Kitt is the Queen of Taboo! View all 22 comments. Selena Kitt, Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Excessica Publishing, I've been interested in Selena Kitt's stuff for a while now, but had never gotten around to reading any of her novel-length work until this.

Inhaled, maybe. One way or the other, I burned through Under Mr. Nolan's Bed in a single sitting. I've spent the last year reading crappy kindle porn when I could have been reading this? What's wrong with me?

I fell prey to Selena Kitt, Under Mr. I fell prey to the nostalgia thing, I guess; I figured if Olympia published it in the seventies it was probably better than what's being produced now. In my defense, I have yet to come across a porn FILM made in the past twenty years that can hold a candle to any porn film from the seventies I've seen. Oh, my, how wrong I was. Selena Kitt knows how to write sex.

Does she ever. Leah and Erica have been best friends all their lives. Both are eighteen and go to Catholic school. Leah is an innocent, though she has a naughty fantasy every once in a while.

Under Mr Nolan's Bed (Original) - Read book online

She assumes Erica is the same way, until one day when they're supposed to be working on their senior project and Erica shows Leah the delights to be found under her father's bed. Not at all the kind of thing you expect to find under the bed of a devout Catholic.

You have fifteen seconds to come up with your own punch line. Leah is shocked, at first, but then finds herself drawn to the things she sees.

Table of Contents

And as if experimenting with Erica weren't enough, Leah's really starting to wonder what it would be like to play around with Mr.

I mentioned in an earlier review today that sex writing all too often degenerates into repetitive depictions of repetitive acts. On the other side of that coin are some of the sillier porn novels I've read, which attempt to curb the repetition by making sure every sex scene is something entirely different.

When you're writing a book with a lot of sex scenes, that can get amusing really quick. Kitt balances the best of both worlds—the sex is pretty well-grounded in reality and the characters aren't playing musical partners every other page, but she's more than capable of coming up with a plethora of ways to describe the same act, and she's quick enough to know what goes where linguistically, you pervs as Leah and Erica gain more experience in their sexual world.

While this is—by an order of magnitude—the best erotica I've read all year, that's not to say it doesn't have a small handful of problems.

The biggest of them may not even be a problem, depending on the author's intent, but I've been picking it apart seven ways to Sunday and I can't find any other explanation.

And I probably wouldn't even consider it a problem were the rest of the book not structured so well. Unfortunately, having said all that, I can't tell you what it is, because going into those details would contain pretty much every spoiler there is to be spoiled in the book.

I'll just say the book's closing paragraphs seem to be quite hypocritical, and I can't figure out whether the author intended same. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt given how well everything else is worked out here, but it still seems quite crass for a character who had engaged in some of the behaviors she had no, not sexual behaviors, you pervs to end up doing the one-eighty she does when a crucial piece of information is revealed.

But, of course, whether that will be a problem for you is not a judgment call I can make; I'm not in your head. Trust me, you don't want me there. I can tell you that the sex is hot, and it's pretty much nonstop despite there actually being a plot here.

Quite possibly the best porn novel I've ever read. Not deathless literature, mind you, but it's obvious Selena Kitt is aware of literature outside the world of the stroke-book and lets it influence her. That is, perhaps, the most surprising thing here, and it's wonderful. So I read the blurb, a few reviews and I was so curious that I had to check it out!

I gotta say, yes, the scenes were pretty hot. Although I did have some exception. It was just really weird for me. I didn't reall Edited: I didn't really hate it but, I didn't love it either so, I guess that was okay for me. I can still go on with the story But this I was shocked but I have no idea why I kept on reading it. Maybe because I want to finish it so badly so I just went through with it. The book kinda have that quality - where in you wanna throw it away but your eyes are glued and you just.

And the ending? Read at your own risk! Fuck me like my daddy fucked you. How about that? Daddy likes it Feel how wet you made me. Don't you think I'm pretty? Do you want her? This can't be happening. Doesn't your daughter's tight little pussy feel good wrapped around your cock? Yes folks, they are related. I have to say, it just surprised me at each page turned.

And she was the one to put Erica in there. I could almost feel it almost touched it. The fact of the incest it was a kind of turn off to me before I read the book.

But I sucked it up, and read it anyway. What baffles me the most was the fact that he- Mr. Nolan -really loved Leah and was ready to fight for her. To keep her, and stay with her. Now I just wonder what kind of love was that… The two girls grow up so much, get as mature and as adult as they can at eighteen. All the sex scenes left me short of air. It were so nicely detailed that I could picture exactly in my head.

A lot of passion running within this triangle. And the end… What A twist. I guess nobody saw it coming.

I gave it four stars, though I would like to be 5, but the end was a little open. What about her relationship with Erica? So many possibilities were left that a sequel would be awesome. View all 11 comments. Zemira Kylo Ren fangirl Warner. I don't even know how to rate this book It's too fucked up. At first you're so turned on and in the other you just want to throw up, but you can't stop readaing. View all 6 comments.

What the fuck did I just listen to? No, really.. Nolan's Bed was a very disturbing book to listen to. I had no idea what the hell I was getting into until it actually happened. Then it was one of those train wrecks that I couldn't look away from.

Honestly, I just wanted to know how it was going to end.. This story is about two best friends, Erica and Leah, and how they ar What the fuck did I just listen to? This story is about two best friends, Erica and Leah, and how they are definitely getting to know their sexual side.

Under Mr Nolan's Bed (Original)

Leah ends up getting a crush on Erica's dad.. No, not the smut between Leah and Mr. Nolan - which was hot to a point again, that ending! Next thing you know Erica and Leah are exploring with each other.. Yes, you read that right. Erica and her dad have sex.. Yeah, I don't know about you but I feel like I've just been mindfucked and I might need to drink bleach when I get home tonight.

Then there's that ending - which honestly I did see coming once you heard or read little comments here and there - and that is what made me want to throw up. Heck maybe even cut off my ears. I completely regret jumping into this book just off of what happened in this book. I don't condone dads sleeping with their kids because that makes me want to vomit and burn that said book or person. I'm a little freaked out right now and might need some hugs and wine to make myself feel better.

Don't read this book. Jun 30, Heather the Queen of Smut Books rated it really liked it.

There's a party in my pants and I'm only a wee bit ashamed of it. Holy shit. I previously read one of the revised versions of this book and while very smutty This book should come with a warning label. I was not expecting that shit. This book is straight Fap City. Selena Kitt is like Alexa Riley x This is str Ummmmm. So enter at your own risk. Be afraid, be very afraid or I read the original copy of this book so I have no idea if this book was much different but the original was fucking filthy as fuck and is my wank bank book!

It's incest and I don't give a fuck! The taboo the better! After this book I've gone on a proper Selena Kitt binge and hope she brings some more 'banned books' out!

View all 4 comments. Usually I try to be fairly eloquent in my reviews, but I think I can sum up this review in two words: Okay, I basically admit that I'm a bad person. I KNEW this book was about incest because it's pretty clear in the description and in all the warnings. I can try to convince myself that the only reason I finally broke down and read this is because it was a Nook lendable book that I got FREE from a friend But if I have to be completely honest with myself, the main issue is, yo Usually I try to be fairly eloquent in my reviews, but I think I can sum up this review in two words: But if I have to be completely honest with myself, the main issue is, you know that whole curiosity killed the cat adage?

The book was actually pretty good and very erotic up until the final few chapters where it took a turn for the worst. Leah is Erica Nolan's best friend and they find some steamy porn under Mr. Nolan's bed. Nolan watching some movies. I think the whole relationship between Leah and Nolan would've been enough to keep me interested in the book.

I thought it was pretty hot, and there was an element of forbidden fruit, given the fact that Leah just turned 18 and Mr. Nolan is her best friend's dad. When the whole incest issue came into play, however, I just felt totally grossed out. There's really no better way to describe it. It didn't even make sense in the plot, how something like that could even happen.

I mean, really, WTF is wrong with Mr. He instantly morphed from a hot, sexy, older man to a totally nasty piece of work that should be visited by child services. Just totally gross. I need to take a shower - I just feel dirty.

I know there is a milder version of the book out there called Plaid Skirt Confessions , where there is no incest involved.

But oh noooo, I just HAD to see what all the hype was about. I just couldn't let it go. And now these images will be burned in my brain forever. This is my punishment for being a bad person. I feel so dirty after reading this. I need a shower or to go to confession or something to cleanse myself of how much I like something so wrong.

I like the pseudo-incest, banging the stepbrother books, but this is on a whole different level. Note that I read and am reviewing the original Under Mr. This is basically porn in written form. The ending was a huge shocker. Kinktastic and totally taboo. I would recommend either version. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

View all 5 comments. That being said, this book is HAWT!! Like stick my naughty parts in a tub of ice 'cause they are on FIRE!!! Leah and Erica have been best friends forever. The girls are 18 years old and seniors at a catholic school yes, we get to enjoy the 'little school girl outfit' fantasy. One day, Erica takes her best friend into her stepdad's Mr. Nolan room and shares what's 'Under Mr. Nolan's Bed' The girls watch and begin to try out these naughty images on each other Nolan joins in I hated them-the whole outfit, really, the way it made me feel twelve instead of eighteen was just humiliating.

I usually changed the minute I got home, but Erica had convinced me to come straight to her place. Not much problem there.

My mom thought Mr. Nolan was the best-a widowed father, raising Erica all by himself, and Catholic, too! I found myself looking at the crotch of his trousers and wondered what he looked like when he jerked off to all the pictures in those magazines. The thought made my body respond immediately-my pussy, already wet from looking at all those pictures, pulsed between my thighs. Mom said I could stay for pizza, and when Erica asked Mr. Nolan if I could sleep over because we had to work on our senior group project, he readily agreed.

Of course it was just an excuse, and we were up until well after midnight, doing more giggling than working. She grinned at me, rolling over onto her belly on the bed. I usually take my vibrator with me… either that, or call Bobby afterward so he can come over and go down on me.

I just lived vicariously through Erica. She turned off the light. My pussy was aching, and it felt better when I touched it. The thought both stunned and intrigued me. My breath caught, and in the darkness I could hear a faint wet sound. I did want to. Encouraged by the darkness, I slipped my hand under the elastic band of my panties, past the soft, dark hair, seeking the moist heat between my lips.

Would it feel as good as my fingers?

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