Title: Trek to Pakistan Authors: Ahmed Saeed & Kh. Mansoor Sarwar Publisher: Al-Fouzi Publishers Pages: Subject: CSS/PMS Pakistan Affairs. HOW TO. Institute of Pakistan Historical Reasearch, - History - pages One of the best books on Independence movement. QR code for Trek to Pakistan. Trek to Pakistan By Ahmed Saeed Kh Mansoor Sarwar · Trek to Pakistan By Ahmed Saeed Kh Mansoor Sarwar. Description; Reviews (0). There are no reviews.

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Trek To Pakistan Book

I have got Trek to Pakistan and Rabbani's Pak Affairs, but Trek to pakistan covers the part from "War of Independence to The Radcliffe Award", Rabbani's book. Trek To Pakistan By Ahmad Saeed and Kh Mansur Sarwar – Al Fouzi. ₨ Categories: Compulsory Subject Books, CSS/PMS/PCS etc, Pakistan Affairs. Download CSS Books for CSS Compulsory & Optional Subjects.| The CSS Point.

The start and end dates in the table above are your dates of arrival and departure from Pakistan. We have at least one guaranteed departure every year. Our dates for the trek to Batura Werthum Pass Trek are given above. We can organize solo trek if your dates do not match our dates of fixed departures. FAQs How the trip will operate? Upon arrival in Islamabad, one of our representatives will pick you up from the airport and transfer to hotel. Next day we drive over Babusar Pass 4,m to Chilas. After overnight we drive to Karimabad Hunza and Passu on 3rd day. Passu is the beginning of the trek and each night we camp out as we travel up the valley with our porters providing entertainment and color to the otherwise stark and barren countryside.

Porters carry all group gear and your trek pack.


A daypack of approx. How internal flights operate? Skardu is a weather-dependent airport. Since the valley is completely surrounded by high mountains, planes can only land here in good visibility and this means flights to and from Skardu are never guaranteed.

The planes do fly more often than not, but cancellations can and do occur and in these circumstances, we will travel by road. If we did not do this groups would risk being stranded in Islamabad and you should beware of companies that say they will only fly to Skardu as this may mean you have no possibility of trekking. What is participation statement and acknowledgment? Participants should be aware trekking, mountaineering and travelling in a developing country are activities that involve a risk of personal injury or death.

As a condition of booking, you must accept these risks and be responsible for your own actions and involvement. Adventure travel requires an open and flexible attitude. You may Experience extreme conditions, unpredictable weather and last minute changes to the itinerary beyond our control. Lack of acclimatization to high altitudes could also be a risk factor. Our itineraries allow optimum time for acclimatizing although it is possible that some individuals might be slow acclimatizers.

The majority of our trips visit remote areas where you are away from normal emergency services and medical facilities. In case of a serious injury requiring hospitalization, it has to be accepted by you, evacuation could take up to several days and may impede your ensuing recovery. Helicopters are the most usual means of evacuation, however they are not always available or they may be hindered by poor weather and flying conditions.

What will be the camp food? Normally a hot lunch is prepared by the trek, In the afternoon you will be given tea and biscuits and a three-course meal will follow with soup, a main meal, and dessert.

We bring along fresh vegetables and meat for the main meals. We can cater for those with special dietary requirements, so long as we are informed of these at the time of booking. Guidance on tipping? It is usual to tip the members of your trek crew, including your local guide, if you are happy with the services provided.

What will be the weather? The traditional trekking season in Pakistan is from June to September. The K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro la trek will have a wide range of temperatures depending on the altitude and the time of day. Bring lots of water, sunhat and sunscreen! The mornings are generally clear with clouds building up during the afternoon and often disappearing at night to reveal beautiful starry nights.

Vaccinations and medical? You should obtain professional advice from a travel clinic or your local GP from your home country about which vaccinations to have before you arrive in Pakistan.

Trek to Pakistan By Ahmed Saeed & Kh. Mansoor Sarwar

A dental check-up is a good idea as there will be no dental facilities while on the trek. How to avoid altitude sickness? The below notes on altitude sickness is to point out what it is and to note the symptoms. Problems with altitude sickness can usually be avoided if care is taken to prepare properly. Ensure good physical fitness, chose a trip suitable to your level, staged ascents to allow time for acclimatization, drink plenty of liquid and avoid alcohol, be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness and do not ignore symptoms of altitude sickness if they occur.

Normal physiologic changes occur in every person who goes to altitude: hyperventilation breathing faster, deeper, or both , shortness of breath during exertion, changed breathing pattern at night, awakening frequently at night and increased urination.

By slowly gaining height we reap the benefits of a gradual gain in fitness and acclimatization. We offer advice based on our experience and with the sensible approach we take on all of our treks, anyone who is well prepared, fit and healthy should have few problems, as we are very careful to allow time to acclimatize to the altitude.

Even with these precautions, it is still possible for altitude sickness to occur. It is difficult to predict who is likely to suffer from altitude sickness. Sex is not a determinant, nor is age. Your physical condition is important to good altitude adjustment, but sometimes people who are fit ascend too rapidly for their systems to adjust. Altitude acclimatization Please also note that individuals vary widely in both their physical response to high altitude and the ability to acclimatize and since physical fitness does not confer any protection or facilitate acclimatization, it is impossible to predict how you will adapt to the altitude.

The greatest protection is avoiding rapid ascents and allowing time for acclimatization. Your body can adapt to altitude if given time. We feel this itinerary specifically provides that option, but you must individually pace yourself to go slowly and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Do not push too hard regardless of how physically fit you may be or feel.

It is not uncommon to experience some of these symptoms when you first arrive at high altitude and then to have them decrease in severity within a few days. It is important that you inform your Trip Leader immediately of any symptoms or discomfort, however minor so that they can help you monitor the situation.

Please be aware that remaining at high altitude in spite of alarm signals from your body may result in serious illness or even death. Medical conditions that are aggravated or complicated by high altitude include heart diseases, lung diseases, pregnancy, anemia, and sickle cell disease. The Fairy Meadows is one of the most stunning places in all of Pakistan and you can camp here relatively cheap but you need your own tent.

Rooms are available here but are expensive — starting at rupees a night and rising all the way to rupees. Despite the expense, it is well worth it to view Nanga Parbat ; the ninth highest mountain in the world.

Heading into the hills in Swat… Gull Muhammad — available at — can arrange a jeep and rents out log cabins at The Greenland Hotel which is where I recommend staying rooms start at rupees.

You can download food in the Fairy Meadows but the most basic of meals will set you back rupees… If possible, bring a camping stove, a tent and supplies.

You could easily spend a few days up there. I visited during February, which is definitely the wrong time of year to go, it was fucking freezing although totally gorgeous; the best time of year to travel in Pakistan is between March and November.

There is, apparently, sometimes electricity in the Fairy Meadows; it did not make an appearance whilst I was there. There is phone signal in one specific spot; get the local guys to show you. Fairy Meadows during March There is a good chance that one of the local police officers will come along for the ride. If they like you, they may even guide you around The Fairy Meadows — they expect nothing in return but a tip of rupees at the end of the total Fairy Meadows trip is fair if they have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Keen photographers should consider staying at Bial Camp; a one hour hike from The Fairy Meadows and a quieter place to camp. Keeping watch over the mountains Backpacking Karimabad The jewel of Hunza and the jumping off point for more fantastic treks, Karimabad is about two and a half hours away from Gilgit by bus. The Old Hunza Inn is a fantastic place to stay with friendly vibes, gorgeous views, knowledgeable staff and occasional power.

A double room in low season cost me rupees. There are many fantastic things to do in Karimabad and you should definitely check out both Altit Fort and Baltit Fort for some stunning views of the ancient Silk Road leading to China. You could easily spend a few days wandering around the cobblestone streets and going on day hikes.

By signing below, the client of Himalaya Journey acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

No oral representations, statements or other inducements to sign this agreement have been made apart from what is contained herein. We continually work in numerous cultural preservation projects, which we are very proud of. Our Cultural Polices are not meant to be restrictive or controlling, but are in place to help you adjust and fit in to a culture that is most likely much different than your own.

Dress Appropriately Most Himalayan people dress very modestly and can feel uncomfortable when foreign travelers are not dressed appropriately for Buddhist and Hindu culture. This is especially true inside temples and monasteries. When entering temples and monasteries, hats should always be removed. In addition, it is best to wear long pants and avoid sleeveless shirts in temples and monasteries and to overall dress modestly.

Ultimate K2 Trek: Basecamp, Concordia, Gondogoro La with Soren Kruse Ledet

Clients of Himalaya Journey should not be involved with any type of drug use. Clients going to Bhutan need to be aware that cigarettes are illegal there.

Any cigarettes legally brought in to Bhutan cannot be sold. It is also illegal to smoke in public in Bhutan. No Political Activity All areas of the Himalaya are politically sensitive. Clients of Himalaya Journey are required to abstain from any type of political protests, political discussions and from distributing any type of political material of any kind. This includes distributing pictures of the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama or any other sensitive political figures.

In Bhutan, it is illegal to speak negatively of the king or any member of the Royal Family. Any client disregarding this policy will be required to withdraw from the journey immediately without any compensation or right to recover a refund. Displays of Affection It is rare for people of the Himalaya to show public displays of affection.

K2 base camp trek without a guide - Pakistan Forum - TripAdvisor

In accordance to local culture, we kindly ask for our clients to also limit public displays of affection. Alcohol and High Elevation For some of the high elevation treks and climbs that Himalaya Journey arranges, we will recommend clients to either abstain from alcohol or to severely limit the amount of alcohol intake. This is to help our clients acclimatize better to high elevation to reduce the risks of altitude-related sickness.

The staff at Himalaya Journey will let you know if this special policy applies to you.


However, it is important to remember that the Himalayas are a politically sensitive region. This is especially true of Tibet. The following basic guidelines and policies are not meant to prohibit you from taking photographs, but are in place to help you avoid any potential problems. Some temples, such as those in Tibet, allow inside photography for a fee. During all journeys that we arrange, any photography or filming fees are the clients responsibility to cover.

Police and Military Personnel Clients should never photograph or film police or military personnel. Doing so, particularly in Tibet, can cause you as well as the local staff of Himalaya Journey, to have problems. Do not even joke like you are taking photos of police or military personnel. Your local guide will remind you of this at the start of your journey. Political Protests In the unlikely event that you see a political protest, especially in Tibet, you are not permitted to photograph it.

Doing so will almost certainly cause you to be in serious trouble with local authorities again, particularly in Tibet. If you are intending to make a professional film or documentary in the Himalaya, you must notify us of that upon booking.

Himalaya Journey will not be allowed to take professional filmmakers on tours if they have not notified us in advance that they are professional filmmakers. Himalaya Journey will also not be permitted to take travelers who are carrying large, professional video cameras, unless they first notify us upon booking.

Professional Journalists Professional journalists are banned from traveling to Tibet, unless they have all of the proper permits and paperwork. Himalaya Journey cannot arrange tours to Tibet for any professional journalists.

Super Telephoto Lenses In some regions of the Himalaya, particularly in Tibet, having a super telephoto lens or even a lens that looks like it is super telephoto, can cause you to have problems with local authorities. Military Bases, Radio Towers, Government Buildings Clients who join a tour with Himalaya Journey must not photograph or film any military bases, large radio towers, government buildings that house military or police personnel or some bridges that have photography restrictions.

Photographing People Himalaya Journey highly encourages clients to take photos of day-to-day life as well as local people they come across. However, we require that you first get the permission of the person before taking a photo of them. Your local guide is there to help translate for you in cases where communication is difficult.

Contact Us If you have any questions about any of our Camera and Photography Policies, please email us at: info himalayajourney.

The trek to K2 Base Camp is considered one of the best treks on the planet!

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