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is Flat. Thomas L Friedman . He said to me, "Tom, the playing field is being flat world. It's also al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks. The playing field is. Stiglitz wrote in The New York Times reviewing The World Is Flat in In this new edition, Thomas L. Friedman includes fresh stories and insights to help us. PDF | Thomas Friedman's best-selling The World is Flat has exerted much influence in the west by providing both an accessible analysis of.

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The World Is Flat Thomas Friedman Pdf

“Honey,” I confided, “I think the world is flat.” How did I come He said to me, “ Tom, the playing field is being leveled.” He meant . Friedman, Thomas L. () . Summary and excerpts from Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat () Friedman believes that this “flattening” of the world is the result of ten factors. April 3, It's a Flat World, After All. By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN n Christopher Columbus set sail for India, going west. He had the Nina, the Pinta and.

The World Is Flat, 3. In this new edition, Thomas L. Friedman includes fresh stories and insights to help us understand the flattening of the world. Weaving new information into his overall thesis, and answering the questions he has been most frequently asked by parents across the country, this third edition also includes two new chapters—on how to be a political activist and social entrepreneur in a flat world; and on the more troubling question of how to manage our reputations and privacy in a world where we are all becoming publishers and public figures. The World Is Flat 3. Friedman certainly succeeds in that goal… In his provocative account, Mr. Friedman suggests what this brave new world will mean to all of us, in both the developed and the developing worlds. You travel with him, meet his wife and kids, learn about his friends and sit in on his interviews…[This method] works in making complicated ideas accessible…Friedman has a flair for business reporting and finds amusing stories about Wal-Mart, UPS, Dell, and JetBlue, among others, that relate to his basic theme.

Now, a significant portion of the population has internet access, and the communication is on another level. As reported by Friedman, these three forces can be labeled as the new platform for global cooperation.

Open source software, such as Wikipedia is the best example in this regard. An organization which consolidates all processes and streamlines the production.

Beyond the regular assignments, some managers or associates are utilizing their resources to get something done.

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All the data available today, allows the users to find, order, locate or execute any other task, in the comfort of their home. Friedman provokes a new mindset, something that can oppose or support the flattening of the world. Are we really on the same wavelength?

Globalization swings at the world 2. Cast doubt upon the learning process 3. Develop a new mindset Globalization swings at the world Michael J. Sandel conducted an interview on the modern exploration problem which was triggered by globalization. Is the outsourcing becoming a world-wide issue; new modern colonization, which spreads like a plague? Perhaps, we are not prepared to willingly acknowledge our misconstrue of exploitation.

The scarcity of resources obstructs the process, but hopefully, a new system will emerge. Develop a new mindset Friedman lays emphasis on self-learning mastery and advises parents to help their kids grow outside the school frame.

The professional future is at stake unless we adopt the right set of mind-skills. We must oppose the replicable nature of humans, and thrive on creativity, something that robots cannot accomplish, ever. Like this summary? Our fate can be different; but only if we start doing things… Click To Tweet Goods are traded, but services are consumed and produced in the same place.

And you cannot export a haircut. But we are coming close to exporting a haircut, the appointment part. What kind of haircut do you want? Which barber do you want? Click To Tweet But there is another statistic, much harder to measure, that I think is even more important and revealing: Does your society have more memories than dreams or more dreams than memories? Click To Tweet You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future!

Moving from segregation to integration has been one bloody process, time will tell whether we made the right move as a society. Some critics have pointed out that the book is written from an American perspective.

Friedman's work history has been mostly with The New York Times , and that may have influenced the way the book was written — some would have preferred a book written in a more "inclusive voice". Nobel Prize -winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has been critical of Friedman's book: Friedman is right that there have been dramatic changes in the global economy, in the global landscape; in some directions, the world is much flatter than it has ever been, with those in various parts of the world being more connected than they have ever been, but the world is not flat Not only is the world not flat: In it, Gray confirms Friedman's assertion that globalization is making the world more interconnected and, in some parts, richer but disputes the notion that globalization makes the world more peaceful or freer.

Gray also declares, "least of all does it make it flat". Geographers on the whole have been particularly critical of Friedman's writings, views influenced by the large body of work within their field demonstrating the uneven nature of globalization, the strong influence place still has on people's lives, and the dependent relationships that have been established between the have and have-not regions in the current world-system. Geography, Destiny, and Globalization's Rough Landscape From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The World Is Flat PDF Summary

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October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dewey Decimal. Stiglitz Making Globalization Work. Pink May Retrieved The Financial Times Ltd.

Retrieved 31 July Washington Post. The Washington Post. Accessed Why the world isn't flat.

The World Is Flat

Foreign Policy. A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century". Atlantic Monthly. Array, Web ed.

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Original 1st edition cover. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

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