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Suddenly everyone knows there are two girls who look like Sutton Mercer—and that one of them is dead. If she can't find my killer before time runs out, she'll end up behind bars or worse. Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars. From Sara Shepard, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series, comes the nail-biting conclusion to The Lying Game. Sutton Mercer. . Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In this presumably final book in the Lying Game series, which is dedicated to solving the murder of Sutton Mercer, Shepard.

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The Lying Game Seven Minutes In Heaven Pdf

Seven Minutes in Heaven book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. MY SISTER WANTS THE SOMETIMES THE . The Lying Game #6: Seven Minutes in Heaven Sara Shepard *Download PDF | ePub | DOC | audiobook | ebooks. # in Books Shepard. The Lying Game has 19 entries in the series. (). cover image of The Lying Game Complete Collection (). cover image of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Haha thanks for reading it for me. I read up to the fourth book and was like, "this woman's just going around in circles and taking me back down to square one at the end of each book. I'm done" Honestly I'm getting really bored of Shepard, like for the pll series, I finished it all the way to book 8 which felt like a solid ending, but no she had to continue it and I read like the first chapter of book 9 and felt that it was too forced. So that's the end of Shepard for me. I honestly thought this was the best series i ever read! I was so supprised the killer was Ethan! I was absolutely devastated when the show was cancelled.

The rest of us have Before reading: The rest of us have only been saying this for awhile now, jesus.

View all 10 comments. I can't take any new suspects popping up. It seems that everyone's been a suspect. Is Sutton actually dead?

PDF The Lying Game #1: Seven Minutes in Heaven Free Books

I hope not, but if she is, fingers crossed Ethan did it. That guy is a huge creeper. Team Thayer! Ethan did it!

Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game #6)

Even though I was right I still kind of hoped I wouldn't be. Thinking someone else would be responsible for Sutton's death. We didn't even know for sure Sutton was dead until they find her body. Ethan turned out to be a crazy creeper. Wow, when he said that line Here, kitty, kitty. I wanted to scream. I'll try and write a full review in the morning.

View all 14 comments. Apr 22, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok, my theory for the finale And I know it's probably way too obvious! I think Ethan was obsessed crazy, which is why he was in the mental ward with Sutton when she was alive and he made up the story about going into the mental ward because of his mum.

If you read the books, Ethan will often say he remembers Sutton doing or saying certain things like in the library or whatever - stuff that people wouldn't necessarily remember about her, like he stalked her. Plus, she wouldn't have hung aro Ok, my theory for the finale Plus, she wouldn't have hung around with him because he wasn't cool enough, so how would he have gotten close enough to hear her?

Again, unless he was spying on her. Also, it's kind of a coincidence that he just happened to be there when the Lying Game pulled the snuff film prank on Sutton, again unless he was stalking her. Then when Emma rolls into town and she looks exactly like Sutton he sees his opportunity to be with Sutton in some deluded way, because they're obviously identical. Or, because he's obsessed with Sutton, he's been researching her family and finds out she has a twin sister Then lures Emma to Tucson.

Ethan is obviously computer savvy! He managed to high jack the photos from the school's security camera, therefore he could easily access restricted files about Sutton and her family. But, he could also have found a way to access her computer files and send the snuff film to Emma's foster family.

AND high jack the Chamberlain's home security to strangle Emma! I think Ethan is referred to as having broad shoulders and that's how the killer is described I don't know whether he killed her or not, I think probably not because it's way too obvious.

But he literally lives across from Sabino Canyon, if Sutton went towards Nisha's house after her argument with her mother he could have seen her and seized his opportunity. Maybe he tried it on with Sutton but she turned him down, so he flipped and accidentally killed her? Nisha might have found out about this obsession looking at his records and tried to tell Emma but Ethan found out and killed her to shut her up! Emma did after all tell Ethan that Nisha had given her access to the files Maybe he tried to break in to get them before Emma could read them and Nisha caught him so he killed her.

May also explain why Thayer was knocked down by a car, because Ethan was jealous! Also, Ethan is seen smoking in one of the books think its the first and the person watching Emma is always seen with a lit cigarette, of course this could be her mother. The murderer always seems to know what Emma is doing, she tells everything to Ethan, therefore he would know everything and be able to write the threatening notes. Sutton also recalls remembering Ethan watching her with an hopeful glance and if I remember rightly, in the first book Sutton's ghost gets a strange feeling when she first sees him but she can't put a finger on what the feelings actually are.

Plus, Charlotte also refers to him as a stalker in one of the books think it's the first one. Also found it strange how he enjoyed the popularity he received for being with Emma. At the football game, Emma notices how much he is enjoying the female attention I just found this really odd for such a quiet loner. I know this is a long-shot but it's just a theory View all 13 comments. This series has taken me through the last 4 years of my life, and I do not regret it one bit, In-fact I wouldn't have all the memories I have now without these books.

Isn't it amazing how books can do that? I was right about who I suspected to be the murderer, but that doesn't mean I got any less scared when we found out! This book had the perfect mixture of creepy, suspense, thrill, and just everything y Seven Minutes In Heaven by Sara Shepard This was the perfect ending to an incredible series!

This book had the perfect mixture of creepy, suspense, thrill, and just everything you could want in a book and series finale! I've never freaked out so much whilst reading a book, my heart was constantly racing.

I read this book so fast, it felt so short, but omg it was everything I wanted. It was written beautifully, the ends of each characters stories were wrapped up beautifully.

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This is the longest series I've read in my life so far, and will forever hold the biggest nostalgia ever. This particular instalment in the series is now one of my favourite books ever. Bye beautiful characters and story, I'll never forget you. Order of the series from favourite to least favourite but I still loved them all SO much 1. Seven Minutes In Heaven 2.

Never Have I Ever 3. Hide and Seek 4. The Lying Game 5. Two Truths And A Lie 6. Aug 15, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: First, never go into a car with someone you know is psycho. I hate it when series end. Never being able to read new scenes with fresh eyes featuring characters I grew to love. But I'm glad this series has ended too. Because it ended with this glorious ending featuring everything I could have wanted. Six books are enough, even though I will forever miss this story.

Even though this book and series has faults, it breathes so much life that I don't care. I love this story. I love the writing. I feel First, never go into a car with someone you know is psycho.

I feel sorrow similar to Sutton and Emma throughout the whole story, especially during the chapters starting from "Message from beyond the grave" to this wonderful book's end. I love that Sutton was able to show how much she grew up and learned in her last memory once before she died. It was nice to see the sweet Garett from the Lying Game come back at the funeral.

I cringed so many times when Emma continued to pretend to be Sutton after her family found out the truth of the twins and especially when Sutton's body was found. Now that they was true concrete evidence of her existence, she could have lesson so much sorrow during the middle of this book. I wish Emma was braver and smarter. Still, during the last part she was extremely brave hopefully she will grow braver and more logical-minded after this story ends and gets counseling I liked how realistic everyone reactions to the truth about Emma was.

Even the one who believed in her innocent still felt anger before understanding and forgiveness. And how Louisa's sad story was not Sutton's fault. Lastly, I am thrilled that my two favorite characters were the once who were their for Emma in the end of "Endgame. Whoah, that chapter was so exciting. A story about family, mistakes, betrayal, despair, and, most importantly, staying true and being satisfied with your own identity. View all 7 comments. Feb 08, Kasey marked it as to-read. Plot twist: Just kidding.

Ethan's the killer. View 1 comment. Feb 11, Allisa marked it as to-read. I came to a scary realization. The one person who we all have come to love. The one person who has a motive and opportunity to kill sutton. The one person who has the ability to change Emma's mind. The one person who can change the truth. The person is Oh my god I reallllllly hope I'm wrong: View all 3 comments. Jun 14, Joy rated it it was amazing. And he took it to heart because he was made to look like a fool and maybe he has a mental illness which explains the huge file at the mental hospital and he started getting more and more obbsessed with Sutton and one day he managed to find out she had a twin.

He wanted to hurt Sutton maybe not even wanting to kill her but maybe something went wrong and he did and he obviously knew about Emma and he's the one who sent the email etc I'm incredibly sorry this is sooo jumbled and doesn't make alot of sense but hopefully you can catch my drift Why i have always thought it was Ethan: Well done Sara!

View all 8 comments. Mar 03, Polina rated it really liked it. My phone literally fell out of my hand in shock, I can't wait until this book comes out!!!!!!!!! I might actually go and download it legally! Jul 14, Katie Alice rated it really liked it.

Ok here is proof that Ethan is the killer! Someone hacked onto Sutton's Facebook account to trick Emma into coming to her house. Charlottes house was also broken into. Ethan is very good at hacking which can explain both of those occurrences. Also when Emma went over to Ethan's house he was on her profile page.

Ethan and Emma supposedly got in a "fight" But not before Emma saw the glow of a cigarette butt in the bush. They left separately. The next day Emma got into Ethan's car and remarked Ok here is proof that Ethan is the killer! The next day Emma got into Ethan's car and remarked it smelled faintly of cigarette even though he doesn't smoke I think he had a friend hide in the bush for him. Then he gave that friend a ride home.

As soon as Misca found Ethan's medical records she supposedly died. Ethan arrived minuets after claiming he didn't feel well but was a bit better now. My theory: I think Ethan killed Sutton because he was madly in love with her, but she turned him down. Driving him mad enough to kill her. Then he brought in Emma as his replacement so he could have a second chance with another "Sutton. That way he stays off her radar. Also it was strange the way he totally believed her when Emma said she wasn't Sutton.

View all 21 comments. Nov 08, Autumn Wind marked it as books-i-would-die-for. She took the lazy and easy way out and most predictable killer! I'm so pissed off right now! What happened to the Sara Shepard that I used to know and love? You know the one creative with plot twists?! View all 6 comments. Apr 03, Lauren added it. Ok, as much as I am absolutely obsessed with this series, it's so predictable.

I mean, every book is the same- THIS person is SOO undeniably the killer even though, to an outside viewer they are obviously not and then some epiphany occurs and then they're ruled out as a suspect. It's just frustrating how this series could have been solved 3 books ago.

But I am also partly glad it wasn't, because I'm hooked. I just wish this could be out already: Feb 26, Sara Santos rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 15, Penny Naimsworth rated it really liked it. For some reason, I gave this book a four stars. Why do I seem so reluctant in that rating? It's because the killer was just way too obvious. Yes, I know what I typed in my review of book 5, but as soon as Emma had a new suspect view spoiler [Garrett hide spoiler ] was when I knew that I was wrong view spoiler [because Shepard was doing the classic, "the true enemy is always the one closest to you" hide spoiler ].

Okay, yeah it seems obvious that he'd be seriously insane, but I still found his therapy files interesting. The first half of the book was the same long-running script that everyone who reads this should be familiar with especially if you have read the Pretty Little Liars series , but I couldn't tear myself away from the second half.

Hopefully, you'll agree and won't think that this series was a waste of invested time 'cause I was definitely starting to think that, but have come not to regret reading this series.

Jan 18, Lexy S. The whole series was very repetitive, which is something I hate in a mystery series. Mehr auf: Diese Rezension kann Spoiler zu Band beinhalten! Diese Momente habe ich wieder sehr gern gelesen, da sie viel Abwechslung zu der sonst eher repetitiven Story bieten.

Die Beziehung zwischen den beiden entwickelt sich in dem Buch aber nicht mehr weiter. An hier wurde es richtig spannend und ich habe den zweiten Teil in einem durch gelesen. Sogar die Mercers wollten nichts mehr mit ihr zu tun haben. Shepard hat mit Emma einen wirklich starken Charakter kreiert, der viel durchstehen muss und doch nicht klein bei gibt. Eine andere Beziehung hat sich aber sehr gut entwickelt und zwar die von Emma und Thayer. Er verurteilt sie nicht sofort und glaubt ihr, als sie sagt, dass sie Sutton nicht ermordet hat.

Da hab ich wirklich den Atem angehalten und musste unbedingt weiterlesen. Nach anderen Rezensionen nach, geht das aber nicht nur mir so. Ein gelungenes Ende dieser wirklich spannenden Reihe. Auch wenn sie etwas vorhersehbar war. Das Buch bekommt 4 von 5 Sterne. Apr 05, Jessica Gogan rated it it was amazing.

The last book? Ethan didn't do it. I really don't think that he did. Was he involved? He didn't like Sutton after the unknown Lying Game prank that no one knows what they did. Do we get to find out what happened in this book? I wanna know.

Anyway, Sutton is dead. They find her body in this book.

But its the way that she died. Not who killed her. She probably committed suicide or something and she had someone help her make it look like a murd The last book? She probably committed suicide or something and she had someone help her make it look like a murder. She probably seriously hated her life. I mean, her life was turned upside down in one night. Her "parents" are her grandparents and her mother in kind of insane. I don't know..

But it's a theory. I think Nisha was involved. She probably ended up really liking Emma and she felt guilty so she wanted to tell her what happened. But then whoever was helping her killed her because they don't want to be caught.

I'm probably wayyyy off but you know. It's going to be something really unexpected. I mean, who thought that there was a secret twin and she was the one who killed Ali in PLL? Kind of excited about the last book. I'm sad that the series is ending but its time to find out what happened to Sutton.

View all 4 comments. Dec 06, Anushka rated it did not like it Shelves: So effing obvious. Jul 30, M rated it really liked it. I would have read this earlier, but I was reading the Cuckoo Calling by R.

G, aka J. Rowling, which was a pretty good book, really good. Anyway now I read a earlier spoiler saying it was Ethan who was the killer. I was bummed because I had suspicion, but this was proof, but since the beginning I suspected it was Ethan, It was until the 4th, I believed it, and then the 5th book, there was concrete proof that Ethan was the killer.

Everyone on this website, all said it was Ethan, it was too obvious to be honest. Now, I assumed in the end, that everyone would find out the truth, about the switch, so I was surprised that wasn't the case. I did get annoyed when Emma fixated on a another character, and I kept thinking, he isn't the killer, jeez, haven't we been though this enough times.

Anyway, Ethan, I thought he accidentally killed Sutton, but it turns out he is full blown psychopath and the revelation did surprise me. It's good that Emma got the family she wanted but at a greater loss. Now Sutton can only watch from beyond the grave as Emma frantically tries to figure out who killed her twin, and why. But when Sutton's body is discovered, Emma's time is up—and she becomes the number one suspect herself. In this final volume of The Lying Game, Emma learns the chilling truth about her sister's murder but the killer will do whatever it takes to make sure Emma never breathes a word.

For months, my long-lost twin, Emma, has been living my life and trying to solve my murder. She's unearthed dark secrets about my friends, my family, and my tangled past. But when it comes to finding my killer, she keeps running into dead ends. Until my body shows up in Sabino Canyon. Suddenly everyone knows there are two girls who look like Sutton Mercer—and that one of them is dead. At first the police assume the body is Emma's. But as questions and accusations start flying, it's harder than ever for Emma to keep playing me.

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