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In this expanded intro and afterword to Jules Feiffer's The Great Comic Book Heroes, he explains how the art and business of comic books has. Fantagraphics is proud to publish Jules Feiffer's long out-of-print and seminal essay of comics criticism, The Great Comic Book Heroes, in a compact and. by Jules Feiffer Fantagraphics is proud to publish Jules Feiffer's long out-of-print and seminal essay of comics criticism, The Great Comic Book Heroes, in a.

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The Great Comic Book Heroes Jules Feiffer

First edition. The definitive book on the age of the great action heroes, compiled, introduced and annotated by the inimitable Jules Feiffer. Taking us back to the. in one volume was The Great Comic Book Heroes by Jules Feiffer. Feiffer was not just some comic book fan publishing a book of reprints. The Great Book Heroes' annotated and compiled by Jules Feiffer is a collector's delight. Written in the book traces the early days of comic.

Edited by Jules Feiffer When I was an impressionable kid, I would spend hours pouring over the books at my local library. One book in particular I would come back to again and again and again. Shuster is not the slickest artist but he's got a power and flow to his artwork that I'm sure added to the phenomenal popularity of Superman. This is not the sweet Subby that saves baby polar bears from an iceberg. Bill Everett's Sub-Mariner From Marvel Mystery 7 No, this is a vicious Subby who has a hard on for destroying all surface dwellers for what they did to his under sea kingdom. Check out the sophisticated coloring on this page! I didn't know that the Chrysler building was colored in 3 primary colors. Wonder Woman may loose her powers when she falls for a cutie, but not Namor.

Not particularly well drawn.

He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. And it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone. Superman was born Superman.

His alter ego is Clark Kent. Those are his clothes.

The Great Comic Book Heroes

Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent?

I forgot all the slaughter, and blood spill. The calm and composed, yet sadistic, Bill David Carradine narrating this long monologue to injured Bride Uma Thurman remain as one of the best Tarantino sequence ever.

I was always a big fan of QT, but this was something marvelous.

I wrote the stories and my lifelong pals Terry Fairbanks and Mike Hudak drew them. Our comic was called Marvel Madhouse. I might have seen it reviewed in one of Cleveland's daily newspapers or, physically, on one of my weekly treks downtown in search of old comic mags.

Jules Feiffer - "The Great Comic Book Heroes"

In , that would've been more than six months worth of Marvel Comics! My parents would occasionally roll their eyes at my four-color fixation, but, on some level, they must have known it was much more than a passing fancy with me. That special Christmas, they gave me the gift of history.

They gave me Feiffer's book. They gave me "the origins and early adventures of the classic super-heroes of the comic books--in glorious color. Being reasonably well-mannered, I did manage to open my other presents before I started reading Feiffer's book.

I couldn't tell you what those presents were if my life depended on it. That book is all I remember. On my first reading, I skipped past Feiffer's introduction and went right to the reprinted stories. The briefest taste of Captain Marvel.

Jules Feiffer - "The Great Comic Book Heroes"

Batman and Robin. I was recall being surprised by the Joker's cold-blooded murders. This was the "Clown Prince of Crime? I did recognize the original Flash, Green Lantern, Spectre, and Hawkman from a few DC comics of recent years, but I'd never had a chance to watch them in solo action. And why was Wonder Woman so ugly? I never did warm up to H. Peter's artwork.

Teen-age boys are a fickle lot. If I had to pick my three favorite stories, they would have to be the ones featuring the Sub-Mariner, Captain America, and Plastic Man.

I never knew Namor was so vicious in his early days. I never realized Jack Kirby had always been the very best super-hero artist ever. I never heard of Plastic Man, but immediately thought he was pretty cool. And, since I am baring my soul to you here, I must sadly admit I didn't quite get the Spirit story that closed out Feiffer's book. It would still be a few more years before I recognized the absolute genius and mastery of Will Eisner. I read most of the stories a second time--and the Sub-Mariner story a third time--before I got around to Feiffer's introduction.

Which had an even greater effect on me that the comics had. It was my first look at the history of the comic book and what the first comic-book writers and artists did to create the industry of which I would someday be a part.

The hardships they had to deal with were there, but what really imprinted on me was the energy and even love they brought to their early efforts. Like Feiffer, who told of drawing his own comic books and then selling them to other kids, I wanted to bring my dream to thrilling life. Comic books and other forms of mass culture, for Adorno, were the Capitalist ploy of standardizing and homogenizing a society.

But comic books after being accused of as junk, trash, pulp, etc. Feiffer recollects how in the earlier days there were striking similarities between radio and comic books. Then came an era of superheroes.

The Great Comic Book Heroes by Jules Feiffer

It was not to be believed that any ordinary human being could combat them. More was required. Someone with a call. When Superman atlast appeared, he brought with him the deep satisfaction of all underground truths: Scholars believe that it is the left inclined perspectives of both the authors which led to the creation of such a character who fought crooked businessman like Lex Luther and politicians as a champion of social causes.

The immigration of Superman to earth and his upbringing as an American figure is also seen as the Jewish identity of the authors.

Pulp hero Doc Savage is also seen as another influencing figure. Typical to popular Sphagetti Western movies the villains in these comics were oriental spies, primordial natives, cattle rustlers etc. Moreover the racial prejudice was evident in the blonde color of the superhero. The black heroes were depicted in Blue color.

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