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The Body Electric. Undercurrents in Neurology. Conducting in a New Mode. Testing the Concept. 5. The Circuit of Awareness Closing the Circle. The Body Electric (PDF) – Dr Robert O. Becker. ABOUT. EMF Research is an independent research resource into electromagnetic fields (EMF) for public. I'd already be- 32 The Body Electric gun to wonder if the inner area of bone mending .. Although we're taught in high school that Robert Hooke discovered the cell in The Tribunal "Dr. Becker, could you please come to a special research.

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Robert Becker - The Body Electric - Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life - pdf [TKRG].pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation. Becker_Robert_Selden_Gary_The_Body_Electric_Electromagnetism_and_the_Foundation_of_Life .pdf (file size: MB, MIME type. download The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life on site .com ✓ FREE by Robert Becker (Author), Gary Selden (Contributor).

Overview[ edit ] This section may present fringe theories , without giving appropriate weight to the mainstream view, and explaining the responses to the fringe theories. Please help improve it or discuss the issue on the talk page. May Learn how and when to remove this template message The first part of the book discusses regeneration , primarily in salamanders and frogs. Becker studied regeneration after lesions such as limb amputation , and hypothesized that electric fields played an important role in controlling the regeneration process. He mapped the electric potentials at various body parts during the regeneration, showing that the central part of the body normally was positive, and the limbs were negative. In a frog, the voltage would simply change to the normal negative level in four weeks or so, and no limb regeneration would take place. Becker then found that regeneration could be improved by applying electricity at the wound when there was a negative potential outside the amputation stub. He also found that bone has piezoelectric properties which would cause an application of force to generate a healing current, which stimulated growth at stress locations in accordance with Wolff's law. In another part of the book Becker described potentials and magnetic fields in the nervous system, taking into account external influences like earth magnetism and solar winds. He measured the electrical properties along the skin surface, and concluded that at least the major parts of the acupuncture charts had an objective basis in reality.

The technique has been combined with anodic control of local bacterial infection with promising results.

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Both the osteogenic stimulation and the bacterial suppression techniques as described in this paper, appear to be safe and effective. Biological effects observed included depressed body weights, serum corticoids, and water consumption.

The findings are tentatively in terpreted as indicating that a power frequency electric field is a biological stressor. The observed effects cannot be a consequence of Joule heating and therefore indicate that electric fields can influence biological systems either at the systemic level, or at the cellular level via electrochemical alteration of the microenvironment.

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PMC A qualitative and quantitative investigation was undertaken to study the susceptibility of unicellular eucaryotic organisms yeasts to metallic cations generated by low levels of direct current. Results were characteristic of effects obtained previously using clinical and standard bacteria test organisms. Broth dilution susceptibility tests were made on several species of Candida and one species of Torulopsis. Growth in all isolates was inhibited by concentrations of electrically generated silver ions between 0.

The inhibitory and fungicidal concentrations of electrically generated silver ions are lower than those reported for other silver compounds.

PMC Ultraviolet light can be used to stimulate electrical current flow in bone and tendon. This stimulated photocurrent is directional. In tendon the photocurrent parallel to the fibrils is greater than the photocurrent perpendicular to the fibrils. In bone, the longitudinal photocurrent is less than the transverse photocurrent.

Mice exposed to vertical electric fields exhibited decreased body weights at 35 days postpartum and increased mortality rates for 3 successive generations. Mice exposed to horizontal electric fields exhibited decreased body weights for 2 successive generations. When the results were compared to those from anatomically similar locations devoid of acupuncture loci, local conductance variation was found to be significantly different p less than 0.

Effects on normal mammalian cells were minimal. Nature, Nov 15;30 PMC Silver, platinum, gold, stainless-steel, and copper electrodes were used with low currents 0.

In the higher current ranges, all electrodes inhibited growth at both poles, usually in conjunction with electrolytic break-down of the medium and severe corrosion of the metal.

Silver, however, was extremely bacteriostatic, even at the lowest current, when used as the anode. Quantitative studies showed that most of this inhibition takes place in a few hours and is not accompanied by changes in pH. This is the equivalent concentration of silver sulfadiazine that has been shown to give complete inhibition of bacteria, but without the sulfonamide moiety. To what extent can electrical stimulation be used in the treatment of human disorders?

The role of electrical potential at the cellular level in growth and development, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, ; A possible alternative to prosthetic implantation, Clinical orthopaedics and related research, Mar-Apr; American volume, Mar;50 2: Areas under compression develop negative potentials with respect to other areas.

Similar results were obtained both in living and dead bone.

Removal of the inorganic fraction from bone abolishes its ability to generate stress potentials. It is probable that these potentials influence the activity of osseous cells directly. Furthermore, it is conceivable that they may direct, in some manner, the aggregation pattern of the macromolecules of the extracellular matrix.

A link between environment and organism, New York state journal of medicine, Apr 15; Transverse d-c voltages, attributed to the Hall effect, have been obtained from the extremities of intact salamanders under circumstances suggesting such electric current. These voltages disappeared after nerve section, and their magnitude was related to the depth of anesthesia.

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The portability for traveling is also a great feature. I wouldn't be without this unit. The Body Electric explains in detail many experiments Becker carried out that seem to show that knowledgeable use of electric currents in healing is a promising avenue for medical research. Despite the repugnance I felt as I read of the "sacrifice" and mutilation of many salamanders and frogs in this research, the resulting information is fascinating. The book also tells of the difficulties Dr.

Becker had in pursuing this line of research, which is not in favor with the mainline medical establishment. Mainstream medicine has become mainly surgery and drugs. Electrotherapy, the use of electrical currents in healing, has surfaced in the past, but because the mechanism by which it works was not understood, it has tended to be debunked by the establishment.

This kind of alternate method of treating diseases like cancer would also threaten the huge profits from the drug therapies currently in favor. The Body Electric examines the roles of spontaneous healing, shaman healing, and faith healing. Because it is established that humans can affect the functioning of their bodies, if the mechanism involved is the body's electrical systems, we might be able to control and use this mechanism to help more people.

For example, Becker describes how a patient, an average businessman who had been trained in yogic methods, could lay on a bed of nails with no pain, and when informed that a nail had penetrated his body, was able to instantly stop the bleeding through mental control. Biofeedback of various types has been used successfully for years to help people lower blood pressure and alter heart rates.

More research into the exact way these feats work could bring about new ways to maintain good health. But Becker also sees the dark side to this unseen force.

All electrical devices such as computers, clocks, TV sets, etc. Our bodies also produce an electromagnetic field, and so does our earth. These are natural fields that work with the life force. But the author notes that "The global environmental alteration brought about by our use of electromagnetic energy has exposed all living organisms, from viruses to humans, to novel energetic fields that never before existed.

The author points out that in about the last hundred years, most of the earth's atmosphere is full of electromagnetic fields from the many radio and TV stations, military projects, electric generating stations, and wireless applications.

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Most indoor environments are also full of these fields from the electrical appliances we all use. Yet no one has really studied the effect on people.

There is a certain amount of anecdotal evidence of adverse effects. If electric current can cause cells to multiply and grow as is the case with limb regeneration , couldn't the same thing cause cancer, which is basically abnormal growth of cells? In fact, military radar operators DO have a higher incidence of cancer. People living near radio towers were found to have more incidence of leukemia. Studies have shown that men whose occupation exposes them to electromagnetic fields not only were at risk themselves, but so were their children, indicating genetic damage.

There are other sinister effects as well. The author says satellite measurements have shown that energies from power lines are amplified high above the earth. This more active energy could be giving us more severe storms. Controlling this phenomenon could be used as a weapon. Nine of 12 cases complicated by nonunion achieved union. In 13 patients an open-bone graft was performed and silver treatment continued: these tended to remain free of purulent drainage but fared no better than average in the long-term follow-up.

The silver anode dressing seems to be an effective aid in the treatment of chronic bone infection when combined with adequate surgical debridement, thereby reducing the need for prolonged systemic antibiotics.

No effects attributable to the magnitude of the field were found, but a transition either from or to an environment containing the field caused decreased red blood cell concentrations and decreased hematocrits. The failure of others to observe effects on erythrocyte parameters following exposure to low-frequency electric fields may have been due to an inappropriate choice of duration of exposure. We found that the electrodeposited films were more organized and exhibited higher piezoelectric coefficients than the evaporated films.

Despite this, the evaporated films were piezoelectric, thereby suggesting that the effect originates either at the level of the tropocollagen molecule or, at most, with aggregated structures no larger than 50 A in diameter. By histologic evaluation it was found that the healing rate was retarded by the field.

The effect which was replicated occurred at much lower power levels than are presently employed in electrical osteogenesis. All were effective, but Ag2SO4 was especially so, even after 7 weeks of incubation in normal saline. Compressive strength of the cement was not affected by these additions, except in the case of Ag2O. Biocompabibility tests in rabbit muscle for up to 12 weeks showed no significant difference between the Ag -PMM and plain PMM in tissue reactivity, both being minimal.

The ensuing frequency domain data were compared to the results of an identical analysis for two anatomically similar controls on either side of the meridian. The resistance of the meridian was significantly lower than either control. Becker RO, The significance of electrically stimulated osteogenesis: more questions than answers, Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research, Jun; , PMID: The present technique of electrical osteogenesis represents the rediscovery of a method in clinical use over years ago.

That technique while reported to have excellent clinical results, was empirically applied and was totally discredited as having no scientific basis.

Modern techniques report similarly useful clinical results, but similarly lack an accepted scientific basis. The techniques in present use differ so greatly among themselves that a common mechanism of action seems highly unlikely.

Yet all report excellent clinical results. Serious questions are raised concerning the validity of the claims, the mechanism of action and the possibility of long-term undesirable side effects. These questions are not insoluble and the newer physical science disciplines seem well suited to reveal the mechanism of action. Appropriate research projects must be mounted and answers to these questions obtained before the technique is made available for wide application.

The importance of this procedure far transcends orthopedic surgery and bone growth stimulation and if properly pursued, it may lead to revolutionary changes, not only in basic biology, but in the practice of clinical medicine in general.

This loss does not appear to be caused by a deficiency in diet or exercise. The idea is advanced that the altered electromagnetic environment experienced in space may be at least partially responsible. We show that the electric field induced inside astronauts because of their motion in the geomagnetic field is greater than that which has produced a wide variety of biological effects in earth-bound experiments.

Reichmanis M, Perry FS, Marino AA, Becker RO, Relation between suicide and the electromagnetic field of overhead power lines, Physiological chemistry and physics, ;11 5 , PMID: Laboratory studies have shown that electromagnetic fields similar to those from high-voltage transmission lines can produce biological effects.

Surveys of the actual effects of such lines on exposed individuals usually have been hampered by complicating factors tending to blur the data. By means of a new approach, however, correlation has been established between the presence of transmission-line fields and the occurrence of suicides in part of the Midlands of England.