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Suddenly Last Summer is a one-act play by Tennessee Williams. It opened off Broadway on Find sources: "Suddenly Last Summer" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (November ) (Learn how and when to remove this. Suddenly Last Summer book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kerr, in the NY Herald-Tribune, describes: This, says Mr. Wi. Complete summary of Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Suddenly Last Summer.

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Suddenly Last Summer Book

The Suddenly Last Summer Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Share. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics) by [Williams, Tennessee. - download Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics) book online at best prices in India on Read Suddenly Last.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Inside a creepy, Southern Gothic New Orleans mansion, another aging Dixie aristocratic similar to—but even more significantly different from—Blanche DuBois is meeting Dr. Violet Venable is attempting to talk the physician into lobotomizing her niece, Catharine. The legacy of Southern families was unalterably tarnished by the specter of slavery whether one owned human beings or not and thus a tendency arose to protect what remains of the reputation of those families at all cost. At least to Violet. The doctor, however, remains less the fully convinced. Catharine spots him and cries out the name of the hospital which is being used as bait by her Aunt to secure her own lobotomy. This is her way of letting Dr. Sugar she knows the score. Catharine, however, as always, never varies from a single detail in her tale of horror.

Drumming the message home took another twenty minutes.. Sean sat for a moment, summoning the energy to drive the distance to his waterfront home. The weekend lay ahead, a stretch of time filled with infinite possibilities. For the next forty-eight hours his time was his own and he was ready to savor every moment. But first he was going to sleep. The phone he kept for his personal use rang and he cursed for a moment, assuming it was Veronica, and then frowned when the screen told him it was his twin brother, Jackson.

Along with the name came the guilt. It festered inside him, buried deep but always there. He wondered why his brother would be calling him late on a Friday.

A crisis at home? Snow Crystal Resort had been in their family for four generations. The sudden death of his father had revealed the truth.

The business had been in trouble for years. The discovery that their home was under threat had sent a ripple of shock through the whole family. It was Jackson who had left a thriving business in Europe to return home to Vermont and save Snow Crystal from a disaster none of the three brothers had even known existed.

Sean stared at the phone in his hand. Breathing deeply, he settled back in his seat, ready to catch up on news from home and promising himself that next time he was going to be the one who made the call. He was going to do better at staying in touch. He wants you to knock down the lodges? Close the spa? He was as strong as the mountains that had been home for all his life.

And he was eighty years of age. Cardiac or neurological? Stroke or heart attack? Tell me in medical terms. He had that pain last winter, remember? I can handle the business but this is your domain. You need to come home, Sean. Home was his apartment in Boston with his state-of-the-art sound system, not a lake set against a backdrop of mountains and surrounded by a forest that had their family history carved into the trees. Sean leaned his head back and stared up at the perfect blue sky that formed a contrast to the dark emotions swirling inside him.

He imagined his grandfather, pale and helpless, trapped in the sterile environment of a hospital, away from his precious Snow Crystal. She acted very quickly.

Sean stared straight ahead, thinking about that single night the summer before. For a brief moment he was back there, breathing in her scent, remembering the wildness of it. That was something else his brother knew nothing about. He swore under his breath and then realized Jackson was still talking. He made some rapid mental calculations.

Suddenly Last Summer - Theater - Review - The New York Times

The journey would take him three and a half hours, and that was without counting the time it would take to drive home and pack a bag. And drive carefully. One member of the family in hospital is enough. When the place had started to irritate and chafe everything from his skin to his ambitions. Except to his father. His father was the one person who would have understood.

This is all my fault! I was so desperate to have the old boathouse finished in time for the party, I let an eighty-year-old man work on the deck. Jackson should fire me. The restaurant is the one part of this business that is profitable.

Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays

You put a horse in a stable. Are all French people as dramatic as you? I cannot help it. For a while I manage it, but then everything bursts out and I explode.

Fortunately your staff adore you. Go and make pizza dough or whatever it is you do when you want to reduce your stress levels. I love him like a grandfather. Not like my real grandfather because he was a horrible person who refused to speak to my mother after she had me so I never actually met him, but how I think a grandfather should be in my dreams.

I know you understand because your family, they were also rubbish. And Jackson, of course. It makes me very happy to think he will marry you soon. And Elizabeth and dear Alice. And Tyler is like a brother to me, even though sometimes I want to punch him. It is normal for siblings to sometimes want to punch each other, I think. I love you all with every bone in my body. Loneliness, fear and deep humiliation were a distant memory.

She was safe here. Safe and loved. Presumably not as another brother. Was it because of what had happened between them? Because of last summer? It was just one night. Sean is un beau mec. A hot guy. Sean is very sexy. We are two adults who chose to spend a night together. We are both single. Why would it feel awkward? No ties. No complications. Never again would she allow her heart to be engaged.

No risks. No mistakes. I saw him at Christmas. Do you know how many people I fed in the restaurant? I had more important things to worry about than Sean. And it is the same now. All he thinks about is work and I am the same.

He should have shown more responsibility. He should have finished my deck before he crashed! Of coure he is going to indulge in dangerous sports and have accidents. Sadness seeped into her veins and she breathed deeply, trying to block the spread.

Talk about something else? We have included the projected revenue in our forecasts. We have a party planned!

And now it cannot happen. The evening sun sent flashes of gold and silver over the still surface of the lake. It was rare that she saw the place at this time of day. Usually she was in the restaurant preparing for the evening. The only time she sat on her own deck was in the dark when she returned in the early hours, or immediately on rising when she made herself a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sipped it in the dawn silence. Morning was her favorite time of day in the summer, when the forest was still bathed by early morning mist and the sleepy sun had yet to burn off the fine cobweb of white shrouding the trees.

It made her think of the curtain in the theatre, hiding the thrill of the main event from an excited audience. At Snow Crystal she lived right on the lakeshore, her lodge sheltered by trees. At night in the summer she slept with the windows open. Even when it was too dark to see the view, there was beauty in the sounds.

Suddenly Last Summer Summary

On nights when she was unable to sleep she lay for hours breathing in the sweet scents of summer and listening to the call of the hermit thrush and the chattering of the black-capped chickadees. Paris was loud and busy. A city with the volume fixed on maximum while everyone rushed around trying to be somewhere yesterday. Snow Crystal was muted and peaceful. Never, in the turmoil of her past, had she imagined one day living in a place like this.

She knew things were still far from secure and that losing it was still a very real possibility. You have invited so many important people.

People who could spread the word and help grow the business.

Another Magnolia Blossom at Risk

The Boathouse is my responsibility. Jackson asked me for an opening date and I gave him one. I anticipated a busy summer. Now if Snow Crystal has to close we will all lose our jobs and our home and it will be my fault.

They will be hungry. Calm, strong Jackson. He was the reason she was here, living this wonderful life. Rescued her from the ruins of her own life.

He was the only one who knew the truth about her. She owed him everything. Now her dream was almost reality. During the winter the doors would be kept closed, but in the summer months when the weather allowed, the glass walls could be pulled back to allow guests to take maximum advantage of the breathtaking position. In the summer most of the tables would be set on the wide deck, a suntrap that stretched across the water.

The building should have been finished in June, but bad weather had delayed essential work and then Zach had crashed the bike. Kayla slid behind the wheel and drove carefully out of the resort.

And they never would be. Venable — who promptly put her in an institution, and set the lobotomy wheels in motion. Venable, a true fantasist, refuses to believe the tale that Catherine tells.

She cannot live without her fantasy of who her son was. They ate Sebastien alive. So — the basic plot structure of the book is Catherine defending her story to Dr. Sugar played by Montgomery Clift in the film — he is the one she needs to convince, because he is a lobotomy expert.

He is one of its pioneers. He has been hired by Mrs. Venable to examine Catherine, and see if she is lying. More than anything, Mrs. The other thing that becomes apparent as Catherine tells her tale — is that Sebastien was not the golden-boy that Mrs. Venable remembers — we all remember things the way we want them to.

It slowly becomes clear that Sebastien was actually a high-class gay gigolo Mrs. Venable is completely unaware of this. He would always travel with good-looking women — so that he could attract male attention. Let the men come close … so that Sebastien could then pounce on them. The whole story is completely grotesque — a bit hard to take … but there is some startlingly good writing in it.

Venable and the doctor. In it, Mrs. Venable tells her version of Sebastien — the version that she insists is the true version, the only version that should be allowed to exist.

Yes, indeed I do, before I fall down. He assists her into wheelchair —Are your hind-legs still on you? Oh — hind-legs! My son, Sebastian, was not a family snob or a money snob but he was a snob, all right. He was a snob about personal charm in people, he insisted on good looks in people around him, and, oh, he had a perect little court of young and beautiful people around him, always, wherever he was, here in New Orleans or New York or on the Riviera or in Paris and Venice, he always had a little entourage of the beautiful and the talented and the young!

Your son was young, Mrs. Both of us were young, and stayed young, Doctor. Could I see a photograph of your son, Mrs. Yes, indeed you could, Doctor. Here is my son, Sebastian, in the same costume at a masked ball in Venice.

These two pictures were taken twenty years apart. Now which is the older one, Doctor? This photograph looks older. The photograph looks older but not the subject. It takes character to refuse to grow old, Doctor — successfully to refuse to.

It calls for discipline, abstention. One cocktail before dinner, not two, four, six — a single lean chop and lime juice on a salad in restaurants famed or rich dishes.

Hi, Aunt Vi! Wait upstairs in my upstairs living room for me. Did your son have a — well — what kind of a personal, well, private life did — MRS.

I have to be the defender. Sit down. My son, Sebastian, was chaste. Not c-h-a-s-e-d! Oh, he was chased in that way of spelling it, too, we had to very fleet-footed I can tell you, with his looks and his charm, to keep ahead of pursuers, every kind of pursuer! I understood what you meant, Mrs. Chastity at — what age was your son last summer? Forty, maybe.

He lived a celibate life? This sounds like vanity, Doctor, but really I was actually the only one in his life that satisfied the demands he made of people.

Time after time my son would let people go, dismiss them! Not pure as — MRS. My son, Sebastian, demanded! We were a famous couple. I see.