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Fermate gli sposi! (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Sophie Kinsella. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Read Fermate gli sposi book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Visit site's Sophie Kinsella Page · Sophie Kinsella. Follow . Fermate gli sposi! book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sarà una luna di miele molto strana Lottie non vede l'ora.

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Sophie Kinsella Fermate Gli Sposi Ebook

Sophie Kinsella Download Free eBooks from NoiseTrade. Sophie Kinsella is the author Scaricare fermate gli sposi libri gratis pdf epub mobi. Issuu is a digital. (), La ragazza fantasma (), Ho il tuo numero (), Fermate gli sposi! ( ), La Io e fata mammetta è il primo libro per ragazzi di Sophie Kinsella. Choose from millions of great eBooks at Rakuten Kobo. See reviews, enjoy a free preview and Fermate gli sposi! ebook by Sophie Kinsella. Fermate gli sposi!.

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View 1 comment. This book was a blast. I finally gave up on the other novel I was reading - just didn't care what happened next - and read this is in two days.

Obviously, I didn't give it five stars for being an intellectual masterpiece, but when I need a fun escape with winning characters, this was the perfect read. I loved the misplaced loyalty of the sister - although the alternating voices were tricky at first, and I loved that the men were complex enough to be both good and bad for the girls, depending on This book was a blast. I loved the misplaced loyalty of the sister - although the alternating voices were tricky at first, and I loved that the men were complex enough to be both good and bad for the girls, depending on the situation.

I also enjoyed how each sister's professional expertise was well written,in that their knowledge added quite a bit to the storyline, That's the basis of a character driven novel, even in the romantic comedy genre, which this is. The best part is that the hijinx were not of the soap opera misunderstanding kind, where one person's admission would have made the whole story moot. No, these twists and turns were all justified and hilarious. So yes, five stars for fun. And who doesn't want that? If you like chick-lit, this cannot fail to please.

It pleased me no end. Two sisters at either end of the marriage spectrum - Fliss, desperately trying to get to the end of a toxic divorce, Lottie, desperately hoping for a proposal from her partner of three years which she has waited patiently for because from experience she knows - ' It causes all kinds of reactions in a relationship, mostly of the breaking-down kind. But when the If you like chick-lit, this cannot fail to please.

But when the proposal does not come, Lottie makes what Fliss calls an 'Unfortunate Choice'. Lottie has form for 'Unfortunate Choices' which Fliss has had to deal with in the past. This time she determines to stop it in its tracks. But this raises a question - How far does a person have a right to meddle in someone else's life? When does 'caring' become 'controlling'? Both sisters have to face up to the consequences of their actions.

How they do so makes for a hilarious story that I totally recommend. I have never read a Sophie Kinsella book and was slightly dubious to read Wedding Night as chick-lits and romantic comedies are not always my favourite genres. But this was brilliant, Way better than I expected and I am so glad that I finally decided to pick it up and read it.

I thought both Lottie and Fliss were very down to earth characters who were real and charming and loveable.

Fermate gli sposi! by Sophie Kinsella (5 star ratings)

Yes, their decisions were often rash and came with consequences but they didn't do anything a normal human wouldn't I have never read a Sophie Kinsella book and was slightly dubious to read Wedding Night as chick-lits and romantic comedies are not always my favourite genres.

Yes, their decisions were often rash and came with consequences but they didn't do anything a normal human wouldn't do. In fact, I'm glad that they had their fair share of flaws and, for Lottie, Unfortunate Choices, because it made the book so much funnier and relatable. For an easy-read romance novel, I hadn't expected to be on the edge of my seat, wishing and hoping that it all turned out ok in the end.

I wanted it to be a happy ending. I wanted it to all turn out perfectly for Lottie and Fliss and I can tell you that I was suitably impressed. And very pleased. The ending was perfection. It was funny, cute and an amazing way to end a great novel. With every page I read of Wedding Night, I couldn't help laughing out loud at how unlucky Lottie and Ben were as a result of Fliss' sneakings.

It was hilarious! I am definitely going to be reading more of Kinsella's book because I fell in love with her writing style and her ability to make me laugh, gasp and smile with every word. View all 4 comments. This is actually one of my all-time favorite books. I just finished reading it again and the magic was still present! The first time I read it was actually on the way to my own destination wedding so it holds a special kind of importance to me.

The whimsy and fun is easy to get into and keeps you coming back for me. One of Sophie Kinsella's finest pieces! I love this author. She's the true meaning of what chick-lit is all about. I love her writing style and her quirky characters. From beginning to end I was hooked. I'm just sad It's over now View 2 comments. Mar 08, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book so much! It was so good! Stay tuned for reviews on my channel and blog: One of my favourite Kinsella books ever.

View all 3 comments. Io adoro i romance di questa autrice per un motivo: Anche con "Fermate gli sposi" ho passato momenti meravigliosi nella vita di personaggi inventati.

Le protagoniste del romanzo sono Lottie e Fliss, due sorelle con un rapporto davvero bizzarro. Se volete passare dei momenti di spensieratezza, leggetelo! Sophie Kinsella hit another home run with this one. Her character development is ideal. I seriously feel the breathes life into these people. They are all human with various flaws, but the manage to work things out. The ending was quite surprising and brought a tear or two to my eyes. I thank Sophie Kinsella for writing these books. She brightens many a day.

I officially announce Sophie Kinsella as my all time favorite author. She is one of the best humor genre author I have read in a long time. Immensely loved the story, the factor of humor is uniform throughout the book and there is not a single paragraph with boredom in this book.

Fliss and Lottie lead the show. Come and dive into this ocean of laughter. I read this in one day today and love it. Have heard from different people that this book isenmt as good as her other books,so I went into it not excepting much. Wow, was I plasantly surprsed. This book is comic gold,it has multiple povs,interesting characters and plot. Put simply,a perfect happy book. Defently recomend t to anyone needing a good book,or a pick me up book.

I love Sophie Kinsella. I was so excited when I saw a new novel of hers up for pre-order on site and as soon as I heard the synopsis for Wedding Night and saw the beautiful cover, I fell in love. I was so pleased to receive a copy to review — I nearly die I love Sophie Kinsella. I was so pleased to receive a copy to review — I nearly died of happiness, that is how much joy comes from receiving a Sophie Kinsella book and I dived in as soon as I had some free time.

Wedding Night is the first Kinsella novel to split the narration. Instead of just being from the point of view of one character as with the rest of her novels, Wedding Night is told from the viewpoint of two sisters, Fliss and Lottie. I absolutely loved Wedding Night!

The dual narration was awesome at letting us follow each sister, as Lottie and Ben try to consummate their marriage and as Fliss does everything in her power to stop that happening, whilst chasing them down to their Greek honeymoon in Ikonos. Utterly brilliant. She must have had such fun plotting what Fliss would do to stop Lottie and Ben, she must have had a cat on her lap as she did it and kept laughing evilly! Honestly, it was mad-cap but it was so, so good.

The characters were ace. I was never truly convinced about Ben, he seemed to have some hidden, sneaky depths and I never felt we got to see the true Ben. Lottie and Fliss were fabulous, I loved Fliss, even if her methods were unorthodox. One character I did absolutely adore was Lorcan! Lorcan was ace. I adored him. Wedding Night is just totally Kinsella. I just adored it. It had me chuckling on numerous occasions, as only Kinsella is capable of doing.

This book will be a hit and rightly so. I loved Wedding Night and you will, too! I really liked this book.

I don't like that Fliss tried to ruin things. I don't like how Lottie aggreed to get married only after seeing Ben for a few days. I think that it is funny how Noah comes up with absurd ideas and then makes up stories. I like that Lottie finally accepted that Richard was the right guy and that Ben wasn't. Non conosco vie di mezzo: O bianco o nero. Le sfumature di grigio le lascio volentieri ad altri.

Fermate gli sposi, di Sophie Kinsella, regina del rosa, e delle commedie esagerate. Un libro che fa una promessa: Una promessa che mantiene con tutti gli onori. La scelta per me era obbligata: La medicina prescritta dal dottore.

Si ride, davvero. Recensione completa qui: Ela termina e acaba recebendo um telefonema de um antigo namorico de 15 anos atras e eles resolvem se casar. Adorei e ri muito. Feb 23, Zach rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hilarious read. Both the sisters are crazy. I liked Lorcan in that he was the only sensible one around. Richard was nice, but man Even if he is a bit of a loser. Noah was great. Overall though, the story is hilarious. I like how it bounced between both perspectives, but I think I liked Fliss more.

Anyway, a very fun read. Too funny! A wonderful break from my usual more serious fare. Aug 18, Joy H. It's almost like a "screwball comedy". I enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it!! So I was eagerly awaiting her latest release, and I was so excited to be able to spend a weekend delving once again into the stories that Sophie Kinsella creates. After telling everyone that a proposal is imminent, she is crushed when it all falls apart. But soon old boyfriend Ben appears, reminding her of the pact they had together.

A lot earlier in their lives, Ben and Lottie had made a pact that if they were both still single at thirty, then they would get married. No long engagement, no plans, no fuss — a straight wedding as soon as possible! But not everyone is pleased about this. Will Lottie and Ben have a wedding night to remember?

Fermate gli sposi!

Sophie Kinsella has once again created the perfect book that will have you hooked to the pages in delight at being reunited with her wonderful stories. Wedding Night is not just funny, but it is hilarious! On many occasions I had tears rolling down my face and was shaking where I was so overcome with laughter! The characters and settings are brilliant. I absolutely loved Lottie!

She is so likeable, from page one I was on her side, and even though she had a few wild ideas, I could definitely see her logic in her decisions!

With Fliss I really admired her, she is a woman with a lot to juggle in her life — trying to get through a difficult divorce whilst looking after her child, and at the same time having to keep on top of her career as well as looking out for her sister Lottie.

Lottie and Fliss. I think Sophie did an excellent job with this as I really enjoyed getting to know both of the sisters individually, and I liked in this case seeing things from both sides. The narrative had me rooting for both sisters, and thoroughly enjoying the time that I spent with both of them — I would LOVE to know Lottie and Fliss in real life.

Wedding Night is a hilarious, fun read that will brighten your day! The story is captivating, it will have you laughing, smiling and wanting to re-read it straight away as soon as you have turned the last page! No meu caso era uma narrativa leve e despretensiosa que me fizesse gargalhar e me divertisse por dois dias tempo que levei para ler. Sophie Kinsella nunca me decepciona e agora mais uma obra sua entrou para os meus favoritos.

Jul 22, Marie rated it it was amazing. Some of the characters. She was also really funny and appealing character, much more that I expected when I started the book. One of my favorite moment with her is when she calls Lorcan for the first time and that she can't stop thinking that Lorcan's voice sound just like a narrator from a movie trailer. She had a flaws but she was able to admit it when she made mistakes.. I loved him and Fliss together.

C'mon it's a Sophie Kinsella book! I love them and I think it really added to the story. I ''almost'' hated her and I almost never use such a strong world to describe a character.

Wedding Night

Specially a female character because I feel that often, readers seems to judge them harsher than male characters. I feel like a male character could almost lock a women in a room for days and people would call me ''passionate'' and complex but if a female character cry once or twice in a book, or is a little confused about her feelings, it's the end of the world and she's so weak and annoying But maybe that's just me.

However, I have to admit that I came pretty close to hate Lottie a lot of times in this book. She was just ''stupid''! Okay, Stupid is a strong world but she was one of the most immature, self-centred and impulsive character I've read about. And I thought it was a little ridiculous from reading her diaries that her 18 years old self sounded exactly the same as her 33 years old self. Then I thought about it and realized that Yeah, sadly sometimes people never changes In fact, there wouldn't be a book at all.

La famiglia prima di tutto!

It felt like Richard was two different characters. That two parts of his personnality didn't seemed to blend together. I loved his poem to Lottie however! In the end, I would give this book 4. I would talke half a star because of Lottie.

Like I said earlier, she also added a lot to the story but still, she was too much over the top for me not to take off at least half a start. However, I really don't undertsand why the reviews of this book are so terrible. Wedding night may not be my favorite Sophie Kinsella's book but it's not my least favorite either.

It was a quick and fun read like every S.

This was an amazing read. This is my seventh Sophie Kinsella story and I loved it yet again. The humor in her story makes the book more enjoyable. I loved this book. I loved the sisters and their relationship. I love the way Fliss and Lottie's sisterly bond was shown. It really describes the relationship that every sibling has and it is really relatable.

As the main characters, they made the story unique and funny. Lottie is waiting to get married and have kids. My my For the male characters, Richard and Ben are complete opposites. Richard is the one who had to realize that he could not live without Lottie and did everything to get her back.

Ben is a likable character, but he was to naive and he started to act like a loser. Prima o poi ci abbracceremo.

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