In honor of the 20th anniversary of her death, check out our roundup of books about Princess Diana, the "people's princess.". The sensational biography of Princess Diana, written with her cooperation and now Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers . Books about Princess Diana are some of our favorite books to read. There's no question that the beloved late royal lives on in our hearts and in.

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Princess Diana Book

Lillian Saade I couldn't finish this book, first chapter, when used Diana's own to talk . I've always been interested in Princess Diana but at the height of her. Results 1 - 25 of download princess diana books and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on site! Great Savings ✅ Free Delivery / Collection on many. Biograhy of Princess Diana. Her early years, marriage to Prince Charles. Charity work, personal relationships. Her tragic death and lasting legacy.

More Articles May 01, While we all think we had Princess Diana figured out years ago — even when still alive — we continue to learn more about the pain she went through as a royal. It turns out she was more miserable than we realized while married to Prince Charles , something mostly repaired with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. The book Diana: Her True Story released to mixed reviews and criticisms from more than just the royals. Recent reports say Morton has revealed more of what was on those clandestine tapes that Diana delivered through an intermediary friend named James Colthurst. In a British documentary, Morton opened up about the haunting things he heard on the tapes, which he apparently still has in his possession. No doubt the real reason Morton withheld this damning information from the tapes is fear of how the royal family would respond. Perhaps he wanted to wait past the year mark to reveal more, despite the fact that everyone involved at the time is still very much alive. These secret tapes were eerily adapted into a play that had some minor critical acclaim in Scotland a few years ago. This is purely conjecture, yet imagine Kate and Meghan having access to those tapes so they can use them as harsh history lessons. Ironically, Morton wrote a biography about Meghan, no doubt making these Diana revelations a bit of a promotional tie-in.

Her relationship with Charles. I learned so much about how it began, how it evolved, and how it ended. I was horrified to hear just how involved Camilla Parker-Bowles was from the very beginning. I always thought Parker-Bowles was introduced into the love triangle much later. I was mistaken. I felt the sadness, frustration, anger, resentment, and all other feelings that Diana felt as she watched her husband carry on an affair with Parker-Bowles during their marriage.

There were dozens of meetings behind closed doors, romantic letters exchanged, phone calls had, all to knowledge of the tortured Lady Diana who had no other option but to sit idly by and allow this to go on. I, myself, am clinically diagnosed with anxiety. So, when I read about her eating disorder, I couldn't help but empathise with her, because I know what it's like to be at the complete mercy of your own brain. But, the book is written well enough that you don't need to personally have been affected by a mental disorder to understand that it is painful and tortuous.

And it certainly doesn't help when you're being dragged through a troubled marriage in front of billions of watchful eyes.

We all have our down days. Now, amplify it to the size of the entire planet; Diana's survival shows the triumph of an incredible woman and human.

I think it's the love she shared, and received, from complete strangers that saved her. And a little love here and there might just be what saves us all. Andrew Morton brilliantly captured the mood of Diana's tenure as Princess of Wales. I understood just how lonely and isolating it was for Diana, and I found myself just wanting to jump into the pages, back in time, to grab her hand and take her with me somewhere safe.

Imagine having your every move followed, literally photographed, every second of every day of your life. I am not sure there is a person alive today who understands what she went through perhaps Monica Lewinsky. Her rise to infamy played out during a time when technology was just beginning to flourish into a mass media-instant communication frenzy. In this story I felt the real Diana, the woman who just wanted to be loved, and yet had so much love to give. She famously said, "Someone's got to go out there and love those people and show it.

And isn't it true, that often the people who are most loving and happy on the outside, are often the most unhappy inside. It's the mark of a true heroine to have been able to get on with each day spreading the love she felt the world deserved, regardless of her own internal conflicts. It takes courage to put on a smile when every muscle in your body is telling you to frown. She had an uncanny gift with comforting the ill and dying.

Yet, as it so often happens today with successful women, Diana's accomplishments were often overshadowed by trivial and meaningless things such as what she was wearing, or something Charles did or said, no matter how minor.

How can you dislike a book about a humanitarian, who is also a princess?! Well, you can't.

Who Was Princess Diana?

This book really didn't tell me anything about Diana Spencer that I did not know already, however, it was one of the best books I have seen in regards to her in factual form. Very well written and illustrated, a book that anyone should read, and enjoy her life once again. Nov 23, Denise Junker rated it it was amazing Shelves: I hesitated to download this book because I didn't want to get caught up in a media image of someone.

Since Diana, Princess of Wales, was so recently alive amidst much media frenzy, I wasn't sure if an honest and realistic portrait of her could be portrayed. But, as I have been following KensingtonPalace and RoyalFamily on Twitter lately, I have gotten curious again regarding her life and how she affected the current leaders of one of today's global countries.

I had mourned her death; she had been I hesitated to download this book because I didn't want to get caught up in a media image of someone. I had mourned her death; she had been seen by me in a personal way when I saw pictures of her when I was growing up I had watched her wedding and was highly impressed by her humanitarian work. I wanted to know the truth. I feel this book does that. Like other books in the DK Biography series, the pictures were well chosen and the text honest, to-the-point, and informative.

I mourn her still but, due to this book, I see that her sons do a fantastic job of carrying out her legacy and wishes while both maintaining and changing their Royal heritage. Nov 16, Leelah rated it really liked it. I cannot marry him even if I could be a princess because it would be hard for me to have responsibilities for people of the country. I thought he was like a devil. No, I can't. It's more important to wait for the operation than going to jobs. To think about my own children is a much more important job than others.

Parents should worry about their own children, but he didn't. Diana decided to hold an auction for charities and she sold her dresses because of her son's advice.

Princess Diana Books & Gifts | Diana: Her Fashion Story

Have you ever advised to your mother and did she hear the advice and try to do so? Yes, I sometimes advise to my mother. My mother often takes me to a shopping mall and I have to give her advice, which clothes are better.

It was really nice. However, she was always followed by paparazzi even though she was just a citizen.

When I read her last day, I was really surprised and became sad because paparazzis did just take pictures even though she was dying. If I met with an accident, I would try to find survivors and help them. Diana was alive when the accident happened.

If paparazzi had tried to help her, she would be still alive. I cannot believe those who just took pictures for getting money. View 2 comments. Apr 21, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Princess Diana by Joanne Mattern was a fantastic read!

The author went into detail about Diana's life from when she was a child up until she passed away. She provided actual pictures of Princess Diana that matched the text. Therefore, this book is very engaging because it is loaded with a lot of information people may not have known about and also has real life pictures.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the royal family. In particular, I would think this book would be b Princess Diana by Joanne Mattern was a fantastic read! In particular, I would think this book would be best accommodating for middle schoolers' because it is a chapter book, but the vocabulary isn't too difficult.

This book is classified as a biography. It is told in third person, by the author, and is set up chronologically following the different events throughout Princess Diana's life. Like I stated earlier, there are real life pictures that help the reader vision what was written. Also, the author provides footnotes with different vocabulary that readers might not know such as monarchy or fox-hunting. Also, a timeline is provided at the end which highlight the main events in her life.

Lastly, the author had a bibliography at the end along with a works cited page. Apr 25, Joanna Branson rated it really liked it.

Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words

My daughter actually checked it out in the children's room of our public library and it is written for pre-teen readers. It is well done and includes a good selection of photos which illustrate the princess' life effectively.

Princess Diana was a few years older than me, and I remember looking up to her and admiring her spirit and her grace. Reading this book and learning more about her I read this book in preparation for visiting the Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor. Reading this book and learning more about her life was an affirmation that one person can make a difference, and made me grateful for the time I still have to serve others and carry on a legacy of service, following the example set by this amazing princess.

Jan 06, Joanne rated it it was amazing.

This book was really interesting. I knew almost everything about Princess Diana, but thanks to this book, i knew more now. This book is a biography about Princess Diana's life and childhood. She had a rough time.

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No matter how many times she turn her life over and starts something new, she never thought that she belong. She became famous by the photography. Princess Diana went through many stress and depression because of her husband and the press. When all this became too much, Diana begins to This book was really interesting. When all this became too much, Diana begins to give up.

She died in the car accident. The story about her is touching and devastated. This book is recommended to be read. Nov 30, Lindsey rated it liked it.

In this book I would have liked to see more detail about the royal family, however over all this book I'm giving a four out of five stars. Grant, if you were to read this book you would think its a good book, but not the worlds greatest book ever. This book was more of Princess Diana's life and how he had the troubles with her husband. Moreover this book had more sides notes to help you interpret British language, more detail about the kids lives, Britain tabloids and more. Over all this book is In this book I would have liked to see more detail about the royal family, however over all this book I'm giving a four out of five stars.

Over all this book is giving you a full life journey of Princess Diana from start to end. Jul 08, Nadya Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a wonderful biography. This was about her life story! It included her early life and her present life until she go "murdered". No one really knows what happened and this book talks about all the speculations that could have occurred! The main character, of course is princess diana.

The illustrations and photographs in this book a wonderful,the pictures are also in chronological order. The whole book is actually. It was very interesting learning about her life, and this book gives that t This was a wonderful biography. It was very interesting learning about her life, and this book gives that to you! May 15, Julia rated it it was amazing. I was Princess Diana for the Wax Muesum.

This book will give you all the information about Princess Diana.

This book is not hard to read either. Also I just love Princess Diana. I hope you read this book. View 1 comment. Sep 09, Charlie rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing book, with loads of pictures, but also a detailed description of the people's Princess.

I really enjoy this book, since the author made it look like you were really in the time of Princess Diana. Oct 19, Children's Literature Project rated it liked it Shelves: Wonderful biography about Princess Diana's life as princess and humanitarian.