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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Chicks, Dicks, and Contradictions: Andrew Owens. Reading Porn for Women in Playgirl. This art icle was downloaded by: Owens Published online: To cite this article: Feminist Media St udies

They just were well proportioned. Now, every year-old has abs. Centerfold Don Stroud in November Nobody told me it was a nude centerfold!

But I was game. We were doing the shooting and [the photographer kept saying], "Well, you can't show that. Greg Louganis Olympic gold medalist, August model : My mom loved [my pictures]. At her memorial, her bridge club mentioned Mom had brought the magazine out, boasting, "This is my son.

Ira Ritter: Our biggest problem was [that our male models] had only a history of Playboy, so our photographers and the men themselves would pose like they had seen in Playboy. Dian Hanson: They were photographing men as if they were women, lounging around on sofas. He's waiting for you to pay him, I'm assuming. A lounging man from November Neil Feineman: In , at my first meeting with the editors, there was this huge argument about whether [models] should have hard-ons.

We were in a restaurant and I'm sitting there with all of these women, three martinis into it, listening to them fight. I remember the waiter looking at me like, "What the hell is going on here? I have no idea. And I'm mortified. I said, "I'm looking at your photograph and you have nothing to be ashamed of. But bowing to the prevailing negative view of gay men — homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association until — Playgirl aggressively downplayed that crossover in its press and marketing.

In its first year, the magazine claimed 94 percent female readership.

Over time, that number has been internally described to employees as more like 80 percent Ira Ritter: I can assure you I tried to not have gay men in the magazine. Neil Feineman: The art directors, [most of whom] were straight, were going to the bathhouses with business cards to get the centerfolds.

Randy Dunbar designer, —79 : Photographers like Herb Ritts used to shoot for Playgirl all the time using noms de plume. You weren't out and proud; you were talented and inside. At first, the magazine didn't overtly market to gay men. My girlfriend at the time agreed to be in the pictorial. It was pretty no-holds-barred. The photographer was a client of mine.

When I was 18, that was more money than I made in a year. We shot it. He went through the roof and got a sharp attorney who went to Playgirl and said they could not release the photos.

They said, "We have a contract," but the attorney said, "I don't care. It has the potential of ruining whatever clean-cut image he has as an actor. I think she showed my dad the pictures and he burned them.

My dad thought the magazine targeted gays.

Playgirl - Summer 2015

He thought that would be harmful to me. One guy called me up and said, "Money's no object, I wanna fly you out to Europe and do some shots. Christopher Atkins: There was supposedly one shot where I was standing in the pool and it was something about a shadow at the bottom of the pool that made me look "massive" and… [the photographer] was offered lots of money for that slide. I always thought that it was a magazine for women, but men were trying to download the slide.

Neil Feineman: Management was in massive denial over it. Closeted men comprised…certainly a very large part of the readership. Subscriptions weren't in people's right names — it was always initials. It was "M.

I had no clue. My goal was to create a magazine that reached women. Randy Dunbar: Why was there such a large gay audience if there was gay pornography? I think a lot of guys who were probably still in the closet could go to the supermarket and say, "It's for my girlfriend. George Maharis: A lot of guys came up to me with [my centerfold] and asked me to sign it for their "wives.

Following a split with his business partner, Ritter sold his share in Playgirl in After a brief experiment banning frontal nudity in , Playgirl pivoted back to sex and moved from Century City to Manhattan. The magazine began a tumultuous transformation from what then-editor-in-chief Charmian Carl deemed "a fun, quirky feminist statement" to unapologetic soft-core porn. In the eighties, Playgirl changed direction, favoring celebrity covers.

Charmian Carl art director and editor-in-chief, s : When I first got promoted [to editor-in-chief], Ruderman said, "Congratulations, Mrs. Carl…I hope you don't think you're gonna make this Cosmo. Charles Hovland prospective photographer, s : Playgirl's staff changed a lot.

One female art director said, "The dicks are too big. Women don't like to look at big dicks. It's like a weapon. Women don't like the whole butt thing. When I came back, they said, "These dicks aren't big enough. Looks like somebody took a hammer to 'em. He said, "What women want is hairy asses. We're all women here. We don't wanna see that. Trust me.

I'll leave it at that. Douglas Cloutier photographer, s—00s : It was a lot of candles and flowers and stuff. Women don't really care to see it. They would rather read about it. Girls don't wanna see a guy's asshole. Gay guys? Different story. I told her it was unfair that Playgirl was not going in the direction it should after 21 years…Women have never been empowered to feel free to explore their sexuality; they feel dirty if they do.

Women need a place to be able to explore and get excited.

I still think we deserve it. I said, "Woman to woman, we should not let this disservice happen. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Playgirl Hard Bodies -

Dian Hanson: They tried to hire me to edit Playgirl in and again a few years later. The guys who ran the magazine, asked, "Okay, what would you do to make girls download Playgirl? We don't want to make a magazine for men to jack off to! Mainstream magazines have always shied away from black cover subjects for fear of turning off white readers, and Playgirl was no exception.

While a small handful of black celebrities won covers, including L. Law's Blair Underwood July and Days of Our Lives actor Marcus Patrick September , black male models were usually consigned to small spreads inside the magazine. By the mid-nineties, black men were featured on group covers, including the magazine's popular roundups of college guys. Dean Keefer photographer, —present : We never found that many handsome black men wanted to pose for the magazine.

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Budget was the biggest issue about getting models. Douglas Cloutier photographer, s—s : There was never talk about it. Maybe it was the mind-set at the time that black guys weren't as prone to take their clothes off for publication? A collection of spreads from the seventies and eighties featuring black men. Charmian Carl: Blair Underwood was very proud to have done it. I bumped into him a few years later at a [Directors Guild of America] Awards dinner.

He was so ebullient and thrilled to introduce me to his wife. I loved that he did not have regrets. Dian Hanson: The notion at all the sex mags I worked for was that blacks were a much smaller demographic than whites. And if you put a person from any small demographic on the cover — be it black, Latin, or Asian — you risked driving away the majority of white downloaders. They just never wanted to accept that fantasy crosses racial lines. I can imagine the older white men running Playgirl thinking, "White women don't want to see that," when deep down they really thought, "We don't want to know that white women want to see that.

It limped forward until calling it quits on the print edition in early , amid the industry-wide decline in magazine sales spurred by the explosion of free porn on the Internet.

A year later, the magazine returned with a highly touted cover and layout featuring Levi Johnston, the father of one of Sarah Palin's grandchildren.

The magazine went all-out to promote Levi's cover, hosting one of their legendary issue-release parties. We calculated the body mass index BMI and fat-free mass index. New erotic fiction offers free sex stories for all tastes and sexualities. My blog is read by more women than men, so this is why im trying to push some Playgirl content to you.

English Pages 90 PDF From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For men who have been selected as Playgirl magazines Man of the Year, the male.

Lou Zivkovich.


He is widely known for appearing as the July centerfold in Playgirl magazine, at the age of Received from gay men, specifically after his photoshoot for Playgirl magazine. Rights at odds: The magazines constitutionally el cuervo comic pdf guaranteed right to free. Dec 19, We calculated the body mass index BMI and fat-free fish breeding pdf mass index.

The history of men underwear I editorial illustration client: Playgirl magazine as if digital paint. This memorandum concerns whether the City of Willamette violated the free. Your right to free speech when it prohibited the reading of Playgirl magazine at the.

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