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N. N. Mohsenin: Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials. Structure, Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties. 2. Aufl. Seiten, zahlr. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials: Structure, Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties | graphs, . Physical properties of plant and animal materials by Nuri N. Mohsenin, , Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University.

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Physical Properties Of Plant And Animal Materials Pdf

Nuri N. Mohsenin is the author of Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials ( avg rating, 28 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Thermal Pro. green movements. Download Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials pdf · Read Online Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Material pdf. Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials: Structure, Physical Characteristics, and Mechanical Properties. Front Cover.

More significant deviations from this relation are explained by the participation of buckling strength in the deformation by compression of the materials consisting of large thin-walled cells filled with air. A marked dependence of Young's modulus and strength of plant tissues on the crude fibre content is also demonstrated. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Preview Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. References 1.

Modelling of Grain Drying in Silos.

Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials by Nuri N. Mohsenin

Thermal Properties of Plant Materials. Warsaw: Warsaw Agricultural University Press. Google Scholar Kudra, T. Properties of bio-materials.

In Kudra, T. Amsterdam: Gordon and Breach Science, pp. Bio-materials as drying object. Google Scholar Mohsenin, N. Thermal Properties of Foods and Agricultural Materials. New York: Gordon and Breach Science. Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials. Google Scholar Pabis, S. Grain Drying: Theory and Practice.

New York: Wiley. Google Scholar Rizvi, S.

Thermodynamic properties of foods in dehydration. In Rao, M. Keywords: Cowpea Vigna sinensis L. Introduction marily in California and is marketed as California black- eyed peas. Cowpea seed Vigna unguiculata L. There is much variability The Cowpea originated in Africa and is widely grown in within the species. Growth habit ranges from indeterminate Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in the southern to fairly determinate with the non-vining types tending to United States.

Cowpea generally is strongly tap- fodder, or as a vegetable. The history of cowpea dates to rooted. Root depth has been measured at 95 inc 8 weeks ancient West African cereal farming, 5—6 thousand years after seeding. Seed shape is a major cally in the last 25 years.

Cobalt - Co

The US production of dry cowpea characteristic correlated with seed development in the pod. The blackeyed cowpea type is grown pri- pod. When seed growth is restricted by the pod the seed becomes progressively more globular. The seed coat can be either smooth or wrinkled and of E-mail address: okabas akdeniz. Kabas et al. Seeds may also be speckled.

Cowpea seed is a nutritious component in the human Many studies have been reported on the physical proper- diet, as well as a nutritious livestock feed. Nutrient content ties of fruits, grains and seeds, such as Juniperus drupacea of cowpea seed is summarized in Table 1.

Therefore, deter- Sawarkar, and white lupin Ogut, but no mination and consideration of these properties play an detailed study concerting physical properties of Turkish cul- important role in designing these equipments. These phys- tivar cowpea seeds have been performed. The seeds were obtained from the local market design of cowpea seed processing equipment. The function during January—February, in Antalya.

Size, shape, projected area and porosity of the fruit well as immature and damaged seeds. The initial moisture is the most important for packing, packed dimension etc. The volume and density of the fruits use. Methods Table 1 Nutrient content of mature cowpea seed average of eight varieties The physical and nutritional properties of cowpea seed Protein The three linear dimen- Niacin 0.

The mass of seed was determined O. Seed unit mass M and seed mass M were measured by using an electronic balance of 0.

Databases on Physical Properties of Plants and Agricultural Products

Air column. This equation was used to calculate the sphericity of the seeds in the investigation. The seeds The surface area S of the seed was calculated by using were not compacted in any-way. Projected area P of seeds were determined using a dig- The seed volume V and seed density Pk , were deter- ital camera Kodak DC and Sigma Scan Pro 5 pro- mined using the liquid displacement method. C7H8 was used in place of water because it is absorbed For the determine, the angle of repose h of seed, a fun- by seeds to lesser extend.

The Terminal velocity Vt was measured by using an air col- gate was quickly removed. The height of seed pile above umn Fig.

The angle of blown to suspend the material in the air stream. The air repose was calculated with the measurement of the height velocity near the location of the fruit suspension was mea- h of conical shape at the centre and radius r of the free sured by an electronic anemometer having a least count of samples over the surface.

Axis and three major dimensions of cowpea seed. Add another edition? Physical properties of plant and animal materials Nuri N. Physical properties of plant and animal materials Close. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Physical properties of plant and animal materials from your list?

Physical properties of plant and animal materials structure, physical characteristics and mechanical properties by Nuri N. Mohsenin 3 Want to read Published by Dept. Written in English.

Subjects Food , Matter , Properties.

Table of Contents v. Structure, physical characteristics, and rheological properties.

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