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Gajah Mada Perang Bubat 4 Langit Kresna Hariadi - [PDF] [EPUB] Gajah 4 Langit Kresna Hariadi Tragedi Bubat adalah tragedi tewasnya. Perang Bubat Tragedi Di Balik Kisah Cinta Gajah Mada. Dan Dyah Pitaloka Aan Merdeka Permana the culture of critique an evolutionary analysis of jewish. Gajah Mada book. Read 60 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi tersudut karena tidak mampu mengelak dari pinan.

The name of Bubat alwaysled to emotional impression for the Javanese and Sundanese society. The war of Bubat left not only a deep sadness for Sundanese and Javanese society, but also a long revenge between them. The film will be planned to be an effort of reconciliation for the history of two provinces, East Java and West Java. The film will be planned to open another side of conflict between the Kingdom of Majapahit in East Java and the Kingdom of Sundanese Galuh in West Java in the past time. Is is hoped that the film can be the mission of reconciliation for the two provinces. This plan can lead to pro-contra in Javanese society. In this context, the problem of this writingis: How did the literature of Majapahit Kingdom tell about Bubat story? Was there the war of Bubat? Can the film of the war of Bubat unite the two cultures, Sundanese and Javanese? Or it will unearth the past injury between these two cultures? This writing is only an early investigation for the work of art to unite the two cultures, Sundanese and Javanese.

As a Sundanese, the aforementioned Prof.

Gajah Mada: Perang Bubat

And in all likelikehood, Prof. In other words, the 11 On this, see Dr. Padmadinata born: Abun is a Tasikmalayan, one of the major cultural cen- 13 Conversation with Dr Yayan Sofyan at the ters of the Sundanese. Dharsono reveal that the auman sejarah the roaring born: , a Javanese, becomes the pride of history , using the phrase coined by the of the Sundanese for his smartness and bright poet Sitor Situmorang, remains echoing military carreer in leading the Siliwangi West today among the Sundanese people?

This is also the case that he wanted to boycot the nomination with Gen. Witono also a Javanese , of the pair Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono- when the later led the Kodam Siliwangi in Boediono, the presidential hopeful, It is no wonder then if Tjetje Up to this second, the enigmatic that Padmadinata intentionally calls himself as characterized the psychological-historical the Siliwangi Sipil Civilian Siliwangi.

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This, in part, has been united with the Sundanese. Although he is a identiied. For Road in all Sundanese cities up until today. Who bitterness has been conserved in the is among Ali Sadikin and Amir Sundanese public lanscape. Majapahit-related traits in the Sundanese Who is closer to the nature of cities also a political expression?

Sjafruddin Prawiranegara? Pers, , p. However, this job though there were never enough schools is increasingly face the headwind. These penetrative and dismantling all it was a passport to a small number of forces resulted in the transformation process better jobs made possible by the developing that impersonally and arbitrarily have economy: as clerk in private businesses and been uprooting individuals as well as wider government ofices, and civil servants, as groups from their original socio-cultural soil.

For, since due to the Sundanese power centers , the Sundanese had been under the Tarumanegara in the 5th to the 7th centuries power of Western forces: the East Indies and Pajajaran in the 14th century left no Company VOC. This is because, through the Western rule the process of socio-cultural this typical history, the past for the Sundanese changes whithin this society had run rapidly. And third, by the transformed into a Westernized city.

The most other ethnic groups of Indonesia. Smail, Bandung in the Early Rev- p. September Being collectively into modern Indonesian nasionalism. Java, but national-wide community as a whole. Conclusion landscape much larger than Java the It is relatively clear now that Indies that then transformed to be the Sundanese nationalism character Indonesia and being the member of inclined more to the one proposed the shared culture produced by Islam.

Jakarta: bitter historical collective memory, it Yayasan Obor Indonesia. Nusantara: A the shape of a much larger community: History of Indonesia.

To be sure, what is Bandung: W. For, historically these Asia. But it represents only who, in a discussion in Canberra, Australia, gave this interesting theoretical speculation.

Perang Bubat Dalam Literatur Majapahit

Jakarta: Pustaka Jaya. Padmadinata, Tjetje H. Siliwangi Militer di Mata Siliwangi Sipil. Bandung: Rumah Baca Buku Sunda. Rosidi, Ajip. Manusia Sunda.

Majapahit troops who resisted the attack won the victory. Sundanese who attacked to the southwest were killed. Like a sea of blood and a mountain of carcasses, there is no Sundanese left. It was uneven and unfair match, since the Sundanese party was composed mostly of royal family, state officials and nobles, accompanied by servants and royal guards.

The numbers of Sundanese party were estimated at fewer than a hundred. On the other hand, the armed guards stationed within Majapahit capital city under Gajah Mada commands were estimated at several thousand well-armed and well-trained troops. The Sundanese party were surrounded in the center of the Bubat square. Some sources mentioned that the Sundanese managed to defend the square and strike back the Majapahit siege for several times.

However, as the day went on the Sundanese were exhausted and overwhelmed. Despite facing the certain death, the Sundanese demonstrated extraordinary courage and chivalry as one by one, all of them fell.

Despite courageous resistance, the royal family were overwhelmed and annihilated by the Majapahit army.

Gajah Mada: Perang Bubat by Langit Kresna Hariadi

The Sunda king was killed in a duel with a Majapahit general as well as other Sundanese nobles with almost all of the Sundanese royal party massacred in the tragedy. Aftermath[ edit ] The Sunda Kingdom occupied western half of Java island, it was Majapahit 's western neighbour According to tradition, Dyah Pitaloka's death was mourned by Hayam Wuruk and the entire population of the Sunda kingdom who had lost most members of their royal family.

Later king Hayam Wuruk married to Paduka Sori, his own cousin instead. Pitaloka's deed and her father's courage are revered as noble acts of honour, courage and dignity in Sundanese tradition.

Her father, Prabu Maharaja Linggabuana Wisesa was revered by the Sundanese as Prabu Wangi Sundanese : king with pleasant fragrance because of his heroic act to defend his honour against Majapahit. His descendants, the later kings of Sunda, were called Siliwangi Sundanese : successor of Wangi.

Gajah Mada faced opposition, distrust and sneering at the Majapahit court because of his careless act which was not to the taste of the Majapahit nobles has cast shame on Majapahit dignity, and undermined king Hayam Wuruk's influence. This unfortunate event also marked the end of Gajah Mada's career, since not long after this event the king forced Gajah Mada to an early retirement through awarding the prime minister the lands in Madakaripura today Probolinggo thus exiled him far from capital city courtly affairs.

This tragedy severely harmed the relationship between the two kingdoms and resulted in hostility for years to come, the situation never again returning to normality. His policies after ascended to throne among others are severed Sundanese diplomatic relations with Majapahit, imposed isolation policy upon Majapahit, including edicted the law Larangan Estri ti Luaran, which forbade Sundanese people to marry Javanese.

These reactions reflected the Sundanese disappointment and anger towards Majapahit, and later contributed to the Sundanese-Javanese animosity, the sentiments that even may still runs to present day.

The Balinese reverence and admiration to Sundanese heroic act by courageously facing certain death was probably in accordance with Hindu code of honour of kshatriyas caste , that the ultimate and perfect death of a kshatriya is on the edge of sword; to die on the battlefield.

The practice of demonstrating the act of courage has its Balinese counterpart in their puputan tradition, a fight to the death by men and followed by mass ritual suicide by the women in preference to facing the humiliation of surrender.

Legacy[ edit ] The map of Trowulan , the Bubat square suggested was located on northern parts of city The tragic battle believed has caused the ill sentiments of Sundanese-Javanese animosity for generations. For example, unlike most of Indonesian cities, until recently in Bandung , West Java capital city also the cultural center of Sundanese people, there is no street name bearing the name "Gajah Mada" or "Majapahit".

Although today Gajah Mada is considered as one of Indonesian national hero , Sundanese people still did not find him deserving based on his wicked deed in this incident. And vice versa, until recently, there was no street bearing the names of "Siliwangi" or "Sunda" in Surabaya and Yogyakarta. The tragedy also caused a myth to revolve around Indonesians, which forbids marriage between a Sundanese and a Javanese, as it would be unsustainable and only bring misery to the couple. Tales based on Battle of Bubat is performed as wayang golek puppet performance, [13] Sundanese sandiwara drama, [14] and Javanese Ketoprak traditional drama.

Among others by renaming the city streets. They agreed to end the post-Bubat problem by renaming the arterial roads in Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung.

Thanks God, both me and Pak Aher finally able to find a common point" said Soekarwo. The replacement of these two roads is estimated to take place in April or early May ," said Aher. Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X added, the naming of these roads is expected to break the dark history that lay on the relationship between the Sundanese and Javanese people. The Yogyakarta Provincial Government will also do the same.

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