and ethics as well as the early history of the faith in fifty lessons. prominent organization in the United Isl How to make your faith work. Pages·· John Erling: Granville Oral Roberts was the Founder of Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University. Oral Roberts died December 15th. These Things. 3rd. ed. Tulsa: Oral Roberts, by ORAL ROBERTS. Oral Roberts .. board of elders out to the Oral Roberts University and have us share with.

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bring his board of elders out to Oral Roberts University and have us share with them And it illustrates the tremendous impact Oral Roberts University will have. - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Oral Roberts lays hands on a man at a healing crusade. He once said he had laid hands on 1 million people over his years of ministry.

Do you know what your real problem is as a Christian believer? Getting to heaven? Avoiding hell? The national government budget deficit? Threat of nuclear war?

The Lord has told me that someday I was to be a missionary to the Jews.

Books by Oral Roberts

I feel deeply that God is going to visit his ancient people soon, and that we are to have a definite part in this. This call has been on my life ever since God saved me and it must be fulfilled. This is the big one. We feel the success of or failure of our ministry hinges on the Jewish work. We are going to distribute the Bible among the Jews of the world, but principally in Israel. Myron Sackett has just joined forces with us. Brother Lester Sumrall is going to set up our national headquarter in Jerusalem.

But if you curse them, you will be cursed. The Bible says it. History proves it. They are a wonderful people and I love them. I love them and make no apology for it. Roberts was keenly aware that many Jews did not trust Christians due to Christian anti-Semitism and the Nazi Holocaust. Corrie ten Boom, one of the great Christians of all time, hid Jews in her native land, Holland. Corrie ten Boom is just one of thousands of Christians who did this.

All over the world today there are so-called Christians who hate the Jews and there are Christians who love the Jews. The Jews are caught in the middle.

The Jews will then believe in Jesus of Nazareth, the only way to salvation for Jew and Gentile alike. During the nineteenth century biblical scholars associated with the Christian mission to the Jews translated the Greek New Testament into Hebrew. Hallzon contributed large sums to fund Jewish immigration to Israel and subsidized the publication of a Hebrew version of the Bible, Old and New Testaments, for distribution by mission organizations.

The British and Foreign Bible Society in London also published Hebrew Bibles, but was not able to meet the growing demand after the founding of the state of Israel in Syvanto obtained Hebrew Bibles from Evangeliipress and in started giving them to Israeli public schools. During his forty years in Israel Syvanto was credited with distributing over , Hebrew Bibles. Hallzon was glad to do so at a cost of two dollars apiece. In , he spoke with a Messianic Jew who believed that God had called Sackett to a ministry of Jewish evangelism.

Instead of reaching scores of Jewish people with the gospel message, I am reaching hundreds. They are interested and want to know more about this ministry. We got a few dozen to sell, but the people will not download them.

Then everyone believes about it what he desires to believe. Myron Sackett and I worked in this land, beginning with the government leaders, the students could not have had this open door.

When asked if they could confirm that the Hebrew Bible published by ORU was in fact placed in caves in Petra and remote locations in Israel or that these Bibles were located by anyone, they answered in the negative.

It is likely that the Jewish outreach resonated with evangelical Spiritus Vol 3, No 2 Christians worldwide who embraced pro-Israel sentiments, thereby raising the stature of Oral Roberts and his ministries.

One could argue that Oral Roberts made a contribution to the growth of Christian Zionism worldwide. They also provided exhilarating religious experiences that Roberts would report with intense emotion. I hope to see a tremendous nation-wide healing campaign.

We have been in the upper room. We are now out of the upper room with fire in our souls. Roberts, I would be very proud to have it. Come, Messiah. Let me go back to America and warn the people of your soon coming.

Give me and others a little more time to tell the people to get ready. Give us time to save souls and heal the sick. Give us a little more time, Jesus. He viewed the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel as a sign of the imminence of the end times. And when it does, thousands of Jews will avidly read the Bibles which have remained unread in their homes. The Holy Spirit will then reveal Jesus to them as their true Messiah. Neither man nor woman will be spared.

Upon [their] refusal to worship the Antichrist, they shall be slaughtered like sheep with the exception of those fortunate enough to escape to the mountain fortresses. He will open the eyes of his ancient people to see that Jesus is their Messiah. In the caves and dens of the earth the Jewish people will realize that they have rejected their own beloved Messiah. Then will every Israeli have his eyes opened. He will know that he has been deceived. We will leave it to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

This much can be said: Oral Roberts viewed the Hebrew Bible project as crucial to the conversion of the Jews in the end times. You start feeling sorry for yourself. Lethargy takes over. You just don't feel like getting up, getting dressed, and going out of your home. Suddenly you find yourself ill. Something doesn't feel right in your body.

You stop to think, "Nobody cares. I don't have any friends who care. Your depression gets darker and deeper. By now you have a major problem. You have a great need. Then what happens? Your sickness drives you to seek medical help. Bills come. There isn't enough money. You begin to worry. The worry piles in on top of the loneliness, depression, and sickness.

Do you see how it is? And it all stems from a LACK in your life. Your need has rushed in because of a void of something good. Let me point out something to you. Think about it. What about another example? Your employer needs to cut back. You lose your job. You have a LACK of work. You have a LACK of wages. You suddenly have a LACK of money. Why did I lose my job? Why not someone else? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with God? You start to look for another job.

Nobody has anything. You get more depressed about it. You try to put on a cheery attitude, but somehow your depression shows through. Is it what is keeping you from finding another job? Your wife and children get discouraged too. More pressure. The angry words start. The frustrations pile up. The cupboards get bare. The bills multiply. You need even MORE money. You get more discouraged. Then sickness starts to take hold. Even more bills. You have a major problem. You try alcohol or drugs to get rid of the reality.

That doesn't help. You still feel miserable, but now you're hooked. Your problems begin to have problems! I know a way to get at your need in its changing forms, yet deal with it as one continuous need During the dark days of the Civil War, the bloodiest war in our nation's history, when General U. Grant, commander of the Federal forces, saw his armies being thrown back time and time again, he sent word to his officers, "Attack!

He's the only general I have who will fight. Through the kind offer of a friend he went to a house up in the mountains north of New York City. He went there alone to write his memoirs, which still provide the best history and description of the Civil War conflict. Suffering agonizing pain, and often so cold he had to wrap himself in blankets as he wrote, he hung on to life by sheer faith and determination.

He held off cancer until he had finished the last page, assured that all his debts would be paid by the sale of the 21 Attack Your Lack book.

With a knowing in his heart that he had helped save the nation, he bowed his head and let his soul go to God. There was a lack in General Grant that had dogged him all the days of his life. It was the belief of people that he was a no-good, a man without ambition or goals, a person who was destined to be a failure and fade into oblivion.

It caused a LACK of feeling self-worth. Again and again he attacked that lack. He attacked and attacked and attacked. He never quit until on that lonely mountain he gathered his last strength to push his pen across the pages until the final detail was written, the last word said. Looking the last time at the sun muted by the mist over the valleys, he bowed his head and died, a man of faith and courage.

The lack he had attacked all his life was gone. What is your need today? What LACK did it grow out of? What does God say about your lack?

What does that mean? It means God is on your side. He doesn't want you to have lack. Second, God has set in motion the power to "supply your lack" Philippians He shows us here that He sends men and women of God across your path to show you His provision for your lack and to show you how to get it.

It is no accident you are reading this book.

Third, God calls to your attention the time when His people believed and "they lacked 23 Attack Your Lack nothing" Deuteronomy After Jesus' death, resurrection, ascension, and His sending the Holy Spirit, we are told "neither was there any among them that lacked Yes, it's possible to overcome your lack. It doesn't happen automatically or even easily, but it is possible to attack and win. It is your faith. But, you say, how do I get faith?

My friend, you already have it. Paul said in Romans , "God hath given to every man the measure of faith. I used to pray for God to give me faith. I pleaded, I begged, I cried for it. Then one day I opened my Bible and read Romans I was so excited that I took my pen and wrote my name next to the verse so it read, "God has given every manthat includes Oral Robertsthe measure of faith. I have faith, you have faith, we know it because God says we do. We know it because we see other ordinary people, warts and all, do mighty works for God because they release their faith.

Faith in what? Actually it's faith in WHOM. It's having faith in a good God, who is the Source of your life, now and forever. Another Scripture that opened my eyes to the faith I already had is Hebrews , "For he that cometh to God must believe that he [God] is Faith is that part of you that responds to GOD and to God alone.

It's that part of you that longs to communicate with God It's that part of your will that you can commit to doing things GOD'S way. Your faith is, therefore, your number-one tool to attack your lack.

You already know your lack is attacking you, causing needs to rise up that will destroy you if you don't do something about them. Now you know something greater. You can attack your lack God intends for you to win! You have what it takes. I urge you: Attack! The people of the city were shut up inside the walls, slowly being starved to death by the Syrian blockade.

They had given up and were now eating the flesh of their own children. No more hideous scene of lack is described in the Bible. Five men rose up and struck a blow for deliverance. These five men attacked their lack! Four of these men were lepers sitting at the entrance of the gate of Samaria and the fifth was a man of God living inside the walls where all the giving-up was. The man inside was Elisha the prophet who was sent there by God to sit where the people sat, to feel what they felt, to give a word of 27 Attack Your Lack Revelational Knowledge that would destroy the brutal forces starving the city into submission and to save the peopleif only someone would ask for his help.

When all human hope was gone, someone in the king's court remembered God and His prophet, Elisha. Several people finally felt their need enough to ask for divine intervention. They called on Elisha. Immediately he interceded before God and received the word of deliverance by Revelational Knowledge.

He boldly said to the king and the people: "In 24 hours God is going to send deliverance. Food that is now so scarce no amount of money can download it, will be so plentiful by this time tomorrow that you can download all you need for pennies. In 24 hours you will SEE the deliverance of the people with your own eyes, but you won't get any of it! It was his choice to make. Meanwhile the four lepers were sitting at the gate of the city.

They were doomed to die. As lepers, they were not allowed inside the city. They relied on those going in and out of the city gates to toss them morsels of food. But now the invading armies surrounded the city. Nobody was going in or out. Nobody inside had food. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! These men lived on the edge of disaster caught between a cruel enemy army and a starving citywith bodies riddled by disease and discouragement overwhelming their souls.

Finally they asked themselves, "Why sit we here until we die? If we go back into the city, we will die.


Come, let us march to the enemy camps. If they save us, we will live. If they kill us, well, we're going to die anyway! They didn't know about the Revelational 29 Attack Your Lack Knowledge of the prophet Elisha promising deliverance in 24 hours. They didn't even have the hope of his prophecy in their hearts. All they knew was that if they did not attack their lack at that very hour, they would die. What did they know?

They knew theyas four men, all lepers were no match for the , fighting men of the enemy army. They also knew twilight was not a good time to march. The brief time between sundown and dark made it hard to see where they were going.

Even facing all these negatives, they knew they must attack their lack! So they took a step of faith. By the sheer force of their will and their faith, they went from a step of faith into a march of faith.

Had you seen them as the sun was going down leave their so-called "safe" place at the gate of the city and go stumbling in their hunger and disease toward the enemy, it would have been hard to believe theirs was a march of faith through which they were attacking their lack. They're going to get themselves killed. They were scared to death, but they attacked. It was twilight, the worst time of all, but they attacked. Remember the Bumblebee The scientists tell us that the bumblebee cannot fly.

Its wingspread is too small for the size of its body. But the bumblebee doesn't know it, so it goes ahead and flies anyway. The four gaunt, hungry, sick, and weak men didn't know they couldn't make their march of faith. They didn't know they didn't have what it takes to attack, so they attacked anyway.

When You See the Invisible, You Can Do the Impossible

As they approached the tents of the Syrians, all the soldiers lay asleep, not fearing an attack. But God who never sleeps saw the four faith attackers coming against the army of Syria. God spoke to His angels to hook "horses of fire to chariots of fire" and pull them above the tents of the Syrian soldiers and make them sound like the noise of a mighty conquering army.

The Syrians suddenly awakened and heard the sounds of the drumming hoofbeats of horses, the marching feet of soldiers, the rumbling roar of chariots, and in panic, "every man fled in the 31 Attack Your Lack night," leaving everything behind.

When the four men who came marching in faith to attack their lack reached the first row of tents, they found them empty! Yes, empty! I tell you I'm talking about your faith There was plenty of food and gold and clothes and everything they lacked. They went to the next row of tents. They were empty too! And the next and the next.

The entire camp was empty! After they had eaten and loaded themselves with gold and silver, they said, "Let us rush back to the city and tell the people. Things were happening exactly as he had predicted. The people rushed out of the city and plundered what the Syrian army had left behind.

Food was so abundant it was just as the prophet had said-pennies would download all the food a person needed.

Download 131933498-Attack-Your-Lack-Oral-Roberts.pdf

The king's aide who had sneered at Elisha's prophecy of deliverance in 24 hours, and doubted it in his heart, tried to stop the rush of people out to the Syrian camp.

In his doubt he was crying, "It's not real. Don't be deceived. He had failed to attack his lack because he refused to believe the Word of God from the mouth of the man of God What does this mean to you today? Are you desperate? Are you caught in a crisis that crowds you in from all sides? I've got good news from the Word of God. The fact is, God is at the point of your need.

Your lack is His concern even more than it is yours. He cares more about you than you can possibly care about yourself. God is that good!

God gets no pleasure out of your lack. And He has made a way for you. What must YOU do?

You must start to attack. You must start to arouse your faith inside you and start your march against your lack. You must rise up and take actionnow! Read the story in 2 Kings 6 and 7 for yourself. You'll discover something important.

These men did something with their faith before God moved in. As these men rose up, a miracle was put into motion in their personal behalf. When these men rose to their feet and set their face toward the Syrians, it was like the key being put into the ignition of a car God's delivering power began to flow toward removing their lack.

When you turn all your faith loose and start to march against your lack, a miracle of God is literally poured out to sweep the enemy forces away But the opposite is also true. Again I say to you: Attack! Chapter 4 When a mother came before me with her little son in the healing line in the Jacksonville, Florida, crusade and asked me to pray for God to give him a new hip socket, it just blew my mind.

She was asking me to pray and believe for a creative miracle. There is a difference. A healing is a recovery of something in the physical body that has been damaged or weakened by sickness or disease.

A creative miracle is when God creates something that has never been there before.

The Lord speaks of prayer for "the sick to recover" and for "the Lord to raise them up," or to "heal them. I reached down and placed my hand on this 35 Attack Your Lack young boy's right hip and it was flat. I asked his mother why it was flat. I said, "Well, I have to tell you that I do not believe God will give a creative miracle in this life. But in the resurrection, whatever is missing will be completely restored and he'll have a new body.

So in all honesty, I can't pray for your son because I don't believe God will give him a new hip socket. The tears were flowing down her cheeks, her lips were quivering. Suddenly her eyes flashed and she said with indignation, "Oral Roberts, I don't ask you to believe for my son.

All I ask is that you pray as a Point of Contact. I'll do the believing. I was unmoved by what she said. But the 10, people witnessing this were moved. I heard a sound coming from all over the audience. It was like a deep sigh, like a release of pent-up emotions they'd had all their lives. I said to the crowd, "Because this mother has asked me to pray, I'll do it. This time I didn't ask the audience to release their faith and use that Point of Contact.

I simply said a few words of prayer. But the people touched the chairs anyway and their prayers ascended like a powerful gust of wind. The next night when I arrived for the service, one of my associates met me as I got out of the car. And we've had him walking back and forth on the platform without his crutches. He's not only walking but running and leaping like any normal boy. The crowd has been crying and praising God.

Sure enough, the little boy was holding his crutches high over his head and walking and running. I asked that he be brought behind the stage. His mother came with him and stood there triumphantly. The little fellow threw his arms around my legs and began to cry. I was still not impressed. I put my hand on his right hip as I had done the night before when it was flat.

To my absolute amazement it had filled in and as I touched it and the left hip, they felt exactly the same. When we got up this morning and found my son's hip was restored, I called the doctor and he said to bring him in immediately.

SEMO-Oral Roberts Game 3 (PDF) - Southeast Missouri State University Athletics

He examined him every way possible. He said he didn't understand it, but from all he could determine, a new hip socket had formed! When she told me this, I said, "Bring him on the platform again.

I said, "Well, here he is with a new hip socket! I joined in with them, weeping and telling God I didn't understand it but I thanked Him for it. In this case, it was not the mother who was out of options. All she wanted was for the prayer of a man of God to be her Point of Contact to release her faith to God for this miracle. It was I who thought this boy was out of options, but he wasn't.

During the duration of that day crusade, she brought her little son each night and let the people see him as he walked normally for the first time in his life. A Mass Miracle 39 Attack Your Lack After I finished my sermon and made the invitation to the people to receive Christ as their personal Savior, I sat down in my chair at the front of the platform and began praying for the sick as they came one by one up the ramp to stand before me. This woman had been looking for a creative miracle for her son's hip socket.

I believed it and was preaching it and expecting it. It's strange how our faith works, what we find ourselves able to believe for and not to believe for. We're human. We have faith, but it's limited by our humanness. But God isn't limited to our faith. He is greater and He sometimes leaps over our faith in a sovereign act of His own nature.

I was nearing the end of a line of people who were coming for prayer, when suddenly I felt the Spirit of God touch my entire being and rush through me. It had happened before but not with the force it did this time. In a few moments it happened again, only this time it was so strong I yelled at the top of my voice.

I remember I thought I was seeing thousands of lights flashing on and off and the power of God was going through me like an electrical current although it was not hurting me like electricity would. Instead, I was feeling something like a burst of light and energy totally engulfing me, making me feel as if I could lift that entire audience of 10, people with my hands. The third time God's power hit me, it lifted me off my chair and I heard myself shouting, "People, it's here.

The audience rose up together like a covey of quail and began rushing forward. It seemed in seconds the entire front was filled and dozens of wheelchairs were packed together before me. I stood there not saying a word but experiencing the power of God flowing in my body and spirit in powerful currents.

As suddenly as the power of God swept down on that crowd, just that suddenly it lifted. A calm, like that which follows a fierce wind, settled on us and soon we dismissed the service.

The next morning my associates in the tent crew gathered up armloads of crutches, hearing aids, and eye glasses. They parked dozens of wheelchairs in a section where those who no longer needed them could come and get them later. She got hers and I got mine. That's when I began to believe for the first time that when we think we're out-believing what God can do when we think that what we're asking for is beyond God's abilityit's not.

You can never out-believe God. You can never believe for something that is beyond God's ability to do. The Bible tells a story of a young man who was born blind from birth. See John 9. He had never had sight. In fact, the original Greek words that the Bible was written in give the impression that there were no eyeballs in this man's eye 42 How a Mother's Faith AttackedAnd Won! Jesus took clay and put it in that man's eye sockets.

Oh, can't you see Him. Just as in the beginning God took the clay and molded Adam and breathed His life into him Jesus now takes the clay, forms eyes for this man, and says, "Go wash now. The Bible tells about a man who had a withered hand. See Mark 3. The muscles had shriveled. The tissues had become twisted and gnarled. Jesus spotted this man while He was in the middle of preaching a sermon.

He called to him The Bible tells about Lazarus, who had been dead for four days when Jesus arrived on the scene. See John Lazarus' body had been wrapped in long strips of cloth, spices packed around it. The tomb was sealed with a stone. It stinks," she said. When you feel your problems are out of control and can never be solved When you feel that you're asking God to do something He can't do He can. That's why we never stop attacking. We always

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