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you enjoy exploring these recipes and make some great restaurant meals at home for your Appendix The Everything Restau. Oracle JDeveloper 11g Cookbook RAW BookOver simple but incredibly effective recipes for using JDeveloper 11gR2 to. PDF下载地址( MB) “Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook” is a task- based guide to the complete lifecycle of Fusion Web Application development using.

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Oracle Jdeveloper 11gr2 Cookbook Pdf

Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook - Nick Haralabidis .. offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available?. Oracle J Developer. 11 gR2 Cookbook Oracle JDeveloper llgR2 to build ADF applications . EN_Chapter 13_Miscellaneous Index. oracle data integrator 11g cookbook pdf - wordpress - Скачать oracle jdeveloper 11gr2 cookbook raw book. along the way you will leverage products like oracle.

Understand the fundamentals of C programming and get started with coding from ground up in an engaging and practical manner. Artificial Intelligence. Data Analysis. Deep Learning. Graphics Programming. Internet of Things. Kali Linux. Machine Learning. Mobile Application Development. Penetration Testing. Raspberry Pi. Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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What makes them even more incredible is their sheer complexity and the amount of knowledge and effort put into them which lays covered underneath the declarative — almost magical - front.

What amazes me is that once you scratch the surface, you never stop realizing how much you really don't know. Given this complexity, it becomes obvious that certain development guidelines and practices must be established and followed early in the architectural and design phases of an ADF project.

Establishing these development practices and following them consistently throughout the development process will ensure that things are done consistently and according to these practices and standards. This chapter presents a number of recipes that are geared towards establishing some of these development practices. In particular you will see content which serves as a starting point in making your own application modular when using the underlying technologies.

You will also learn the importance of extending the Business Components framework base classes early in the development cycle. We will talk about the importance of laying out other application foundational components, again early in the development process, and continue by presenting a helper class that you can use for calling database stored procedures in the Using a stored procedure helper class recipe. Finally we will address reusability and consistency at the ViewController layer.

The chapter starts with a recipe about installing and configuring JDeveloper on Linux. So, let's get started and don't forget, have fun as you go along. So, "why have a recipe for this? Did you notice the title? It says "on Linux". Besides, in this recipe we will also talk about configuration options and the usage of bit JDK along with JDeveloper. Getting ready You will need a Linux installation to go along with this recipe.

For the bit configuration you will need a bit Linux distribution and a bit version of the Java SDK. We will install the latest version of JDeveloper which is version Accept the license agreement, select Linux Install, and click Download to begin with the download. Once the file is downloaded, open a console window, give the file execute permissions, and start the installation as shown below: Once you confirm your selections, proceed with the installation.

Upon a successful installation you will see the Installation Complete page. Uncheck the Run Quickstart checkbox and click Done. To make things easier, create an application launcher on your Linux desktop for the specific path indicated above.

You simply have to download the binary executable archive and run it. Ensure that you give execute permissions to the installation archive file and run it as noted. The important thing to know here is the name of the file to execute in order to start JDeveloper. There's more Now that you have successfully installed JDeveloper, let's spend some time to configure it for optimal performance. Configuration parameters are added to any of the jdev.

Here is a list of the important tuning configuration parameters with some recommendations for their values: This is the amount that will be allocated initially by JDeveloper and it can grow up to the amount specified by the —Xmx parameter above.

When setting this parameter consider whether you want to give JDeveloper a larger amount in order to minimize frequent adjustments to the JVM heap.

Setting this parameter to the same value as the one indicated by the —Xmx parameter will supply a fixed amount of memory to JDeveloper. In plain words the maximum memory that JDeveloper will consume on your system. When setting this parameter consider the available memory on your system, the memory needed by the OS, the memory needed by other applications running concurrently with JDeveloper and so on. MaxPermSize This parameter indicates the size of the JVM permanent generation used to store class definitions and associated metadata.

Increase this value if needed in order to avoid java. PermGen space errors. First download and install the bit JDK. This parameter should be changed to point to the location of the bit JDK. Configuring the JDeveloper user directory This is the directory used by JDeveloper to identify a default location where files will be stored. JDeveloper also uses this location to create the integrated WebLogic domain and to deploy your Web applications when running them or debugging them inside JDeveloper.

It is configured via the SetUserHomeVariable parameter in the jdev. These files include, among others, the JSF pages, the Business Component metadata files, application configuration files, and so on. Select the Environment node on the left of the Preferences dialog and the encoding from the Encoding drop down.

The recommended setting is UTF-8 to support multi-lingual applications. The minimum recommended open file descriptors limit for JDeveloper on a Linux system is Use the command ulimit —n to determine the open file descriptors limit for your installation and change it if needed in the limits.

ADF Project Setup and Foundations Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces When dealing with large enterprise scale applications, the organization and structure of the overall application in terms of JDeveloper workspaces, projects, and libraries is essential.

Organizing and packaging ADF application artifacts such as Business Components, Task Flows, Templates, java code, and so on in libraries will promote and ensure modularity, and the reuse of these artifacts throughout the application. In this recipe we will create an application that is comprised of reusable components. We will construct reusable libraries for shared components, business domain specific components, and a main application for consuming these components. How to do it 1.

To create the shared components library, start by selecting New Application… in the Application Navigator. This will start the application creation wizard.

Accept the defaults in the Configure Java settings and click Finish to proceed with the creation of the workspace. Now in the Application Navigator you should see the two projects comprising the shared components workspace on for the BCs and another for the ViewController.

You will be using this workspace to add reusable BC and ViewController components. In order to do this you will need to first setup the project dependencies. Double-click on the ViewController project to bring up the Project Properties dialog and select Dependencies.

Click on Edit Dependencies the small pen icon to bring up the Edit Dependencies dialog and then click on the Build Output checkbox. Click OK to close the dialog and return to the Project Properties dialog. The next step is to set up the Deployment Profile. Since we will not be deploying this application as a WAR, select the default WAR deployment profile that was generated automatically by JDeveloper and delete it.

Then click New… to create a new deployment profile. For this recipe we have called the deployment profile SharedComponents. Click OK to proceed with its creation. When done, exit completely from the Project Properties dialog, saving your changes by clicking OK. You do this by right-clicking on the ViewController project in the Application Navigator selecting Deploy and then the name of the deployment profile name SharedComponents in this case.

The deployment progress will begin. Its status is shown in the Deployment tab of the Log window. Follow the same steps as above to setup the project dependencies. We will not be placing any components yet in this library. Now create another Fusion Web Application, which will be used as the main application.

In the Create File System Connection dialog that is displayed, enter the name of the connection and the directory where you have deployed the reusable components in the previous steps.

Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook

Click OK to continue. By setting up the dependencies among the BC and ViewController projects in the way that we did, i. The consuming project can then use any of the components in library.

The same happens when you drag and drop a reusable component into your project. If this strategy is not working for you, you have other options such as adjusting the dependencies among the two and packaging each project in separate ADF Library JARs. In this case you will need an additional deployment profile and a separate deployment for the Business Components project. Select the Libraries and Classpath node and click on the Add Library… button.

This will display the Add Library dialog. On it, click the New… button to display the Create Library dialog. Enter a name for the library, select Project for the library location, and click on the Deployed by Default check button.

The Deployed by Default check box when checked indicates that the library will be copied during deployment of the consuming application to the application's destination archive.

If you leave it unchecked, then the library won't be copied and it must be located in some other way deployed separately as a shared library on the Application Server. Defining the Application Module Granularity One related topic that also needs to be addressed in the early architectural stages of the ADF project is the granularity for the Application Modules. By granularity it is meant how the data model will be divided into Application Modules.

As a general rule of thumb, each Application Module should satisfy a particular use case. In general, avoid creating too few monolithic Application Modules that satisfy a large number of use cases each.

Structuring of the overall ADF application in reusable components should be well thought and incorporated in the early design and architectural phases of the project. ADF Project Setup and Foundations As your application grows it is important to watch out for and eliminate circular dependencies among the reusable components that you develop.

When they occur, this in most cases indicates a flow in your design. Use available dependency analyzer tools, such as Dependency Finder it can be downloaded from http: Setting up BC base classes One of the first things to consider when developing large scale enterprise applications with ADF Business Components is to allow for the ability to extend the framework's base classes early on in the development process.

It is imperative that you do this before creating any of your business objects, even though you have no practical use of the extended framework classes at that moment. This will guarantee that all of your business objects are correctly derived from your framework classes. Getting ready You will be adding the Business Components framework extension classes to the shared components project. See the section Creation of the shared components library in the previous recipe for information on how to create one.

To create framework extension classes for the commonly used Business Components, start with the creation of an extension class for the Entity Objects. Open the shared components workspace in JDeveloper and right-click on the Business Components project.

From the context menu select New… to bring up the New Gallery dialog. On the Create Java Class dialog that is displayed, enter the name of the custom Entity Object class, the package where it will be created, and for the Extends enter the base framework class, which in this case is oracle. Now repeat the same steps to create framework extension classes for the following components: EntityDefImpl View Object oracle.

ViewObjectImpl View Row oracle. ViewRowImpl Application Module oracle. DatabaseTransactionFactory Database Transaction oracle. DBTransactionImpl2 5.

Once you are done, your project should look like this: The next step is to configure JDeveloper so that all new Business Components that you create from this point forward will be inherited from the framework extension classes you've just defined.

Then enter the framework extension classes that you created previously, each one in its corresponding category. This is true for both XML-only components and for components with custom java implementation classes. There's more You can configure your Business Components framework extension classes at two additional levels. At project level and at the individual component level. These configuration changes will affect only the components created for the specific project.

The changes will only affect the specific component. ADF Project Setup and Foundations Do not directly attempt to change or remove the extends Java keyword in your component's implementation class.

By doing so you will be making half the change because the component's XML definition will still point to the original class. Instead use the Classes Extend… button on the component's Java Options dialog to make the change. See also Creating and using generic extension interfaces, chapter 5 Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces, chapter 1 Setting up logging Logging is one of those areas during the initial phases of application design that does not necessarily take the merit that it should.

There are a few obvious logging framework choices to use in your application — one commonly used is Apache's log4j - and others less obvious. In WebLogic, the logs produced conform to and integrate with the diagnostics logging facility.

Diagnostic logs include, in addition to the message logged, additional information such as the session and user that produced the log entry at run-time.

This is essential when analyzing the logs. Getting ready We will be adding logging to the Application Module framework extension class that we developed in the previous recipe.

Here is an example of adding logging support to the Application Module framework extension class we developed in the previous recipe: ADFLogger; import oracle. The next step involves the configuration of the logger in the logging configuration file logging. The exact location can vary slightly depending on the version of JDeveloper that you use.

Open the file in JDeveloper and create a custom logger called com. This will display the Add Persistent Logger dialog to add your logger. Enter com. You will need to repeat this step to add another logger named com if one with that name does not exist.

The final result should look like this: One more step that is required to complete the configuration is to use the -Djbo. Then select the appropriate Run Configuration on the right and click on the Edit… button. We declared the ADFLogger static so we don't have to worry about passivating it. We then used its log method to do our logging. The log method accepts a java. Level parameter indicating the log level of the message and it can be any of the following values: Because standard Java Logging is used, it can be configured through the logging.

The file is opened and a logger is added. Logging is controlled at the package level. In the example above we added a logger for the com. The class name that we passed as an argument to the ADFLogger during its instantiation, i.

There are a number of handlers defined in the logging. There's more You can also use the ADFLogger methods severe , warning , info , config , fine , finer and finest to do your logging. When you configuring logging, ensure that you make the changes to the appropriate logging. See also Configuring diagnostics logging, chapter 11 Dynamically configure ADF trace logs on WebLogic, chapter 11 Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces, chapter 1 Using a custom exception class In this recipe we will go over the steps necessary to set up a custom application exception class derived from the JboException base exception class.

Some of the reasons why you want to do this are to: Start by opening the shared components workspace. Enter ExtJboException for the Name, com. JboException for the Extends. Click OK to proceed with the creation of the custom exception class. The next step would be to add two additional constructors to allow for the instantiation of the custom application exception using a standard error message code with optional error message parameters.

This is what the additional constructors look like: Now click on the Override Methods… icon on the top of the editor window and select to override the getMessage method as it shown below.

Enter the following code for getMessage: For testing purposes add the following main: In order to use application-specific error codes, we introduced two new constructors. Both of them accept the error code as a parameter. One of them also accepts the message error parameters. Then we overrode the getMessage in order to construct the exception message.

In getMessage first we got access to the error messages resource bundle by calling ResourceBundle. This method accepts the name of the resource bundle and the locale. This is the ErrorMessages. For the locale we used the default locale by calling Locale.

Then we proceeded by loading the error message from the bundle: How you form the error message identifiers in the resource bundle is up to you.

You could for example use a module identifier for each message and change the code in getMessage appropriately. Also we used braces, i.

Based on all these, we constructed the message identifier by adding the message prefix to the message error code as in: Then we proceeded with iterating the message parameters. In a similar fashion we called getString on the parameters bundle the load the parameter values. The parameter definitions in the parameters resource bundle look like this: The last step was to replace the parameter placeholders in the error message with the actual parameter values.

We did this by calling replaceAll on the raw error message loaded as it shown below: You will throw the exception in your BC code similarly. By bundling of exceptions it is meant that all exceptions during attribute and entity validations are saved and reported once the validation process is complete.

In other words, the validation will not stop on the first error, rather it will continue until the validation process completes and report all exceptions in a single error message. Bundled validation exceptions are implemented by wrapping exceptions as details of a new parent exception that contains them. For instance, if multiple attributes in a single entity object fail attribute validation, these multiple ValidationException objects are wrapped in a RowValException.

This wrapping exception contains the row key of the row that has failed validation. At transaction commit time, if multiple rows do not successfully pass the validation performed during commit, then all of the RowValException objects will get wrapped in an enclosing TxnValException object.

Then you can use the getDetails method of the JboException base exception class to recursively process the bundled exceptions contained inside it. Bundling of exceptions can be configured at the transaction level by calling setBundledExceptionMode on the oracle. Note that in the Using a generic backing bean actions framework recipe in this chapter we refactored the code in getMessage to a reusable BundleUtils.

Consequently we changed the ExtJboException getMessage in that recipe to the following: We will call the helper class SQLProcedure and we will make it general enough to support calling procedures and functions accepting and returning any number and types of parameters.

Getting ready You will add the stored procedure helper to the shared components project that we developed in the Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces recipe. You will also need a database connection to the HR schema so you can test the helper class. Start by right-clicking on the shared components project in JDeveloper and selecting to create a Java class. This class is the wrapper class for the database stored procedure or function.

This class represents a parameter passed to or returned by the database stored procedure or function. We will start with this class because it really simple. Add the following declarations to the SQLParameter: NULL; Also add the following constructor: Now add the following member variables to the SQLProcedure class: The class is constructed by specifying the stored procedure or function in the procedure parameter and supplying the associated Application Module transaction.

This is what the constructor looks like: Next you will need to provide a number of setters, one for each parameter type. To set a parameter of type IN for instance, you will need to implement a setIN method. This is what the setIN method looks like: Also we did some additional work to ensure that the RETURN parameter is always the first parameter in the callable statement.

This is done by calling shiftParameters. To execute the stored procedure we call the execute method, as expected.

This is what execute looks like: We need to also provide methods for retrieving the output data. DBTransaction associated with the Application Module. An example is shown below. The class uses an ArrayList called parameters to store the procedure parameters. It also keeps track of the number of parameters that you specify. Each time you call any of the set… methods to set a parameter a new SQLParameter is created and added to the parameters ArrayList.

As noted earlier, we take special care not to add a RETURN parameter more than once and that it is always the first parameter. The method iterates all the parameters specified, builds the statement string and finally the callable statement. The retrieveData iterates all parameters for any output type parameter calls getObject on the CallableStatement to retrieve the data returned by the procedure. For the getOUT , the parameter number must be specified in order to identify the parameter.

Run this script in the HR schema. As stated earlier when we instantiate the SQLProcedure wrapper class we pass to it the oracle. We then store it in the transaction member variable and use it in createStatementFromParameters to create a CallableStatement by calling its createCallableStatement method. This will only work as long as we construct and execute a SQLProcedure during the same user request. Thus there is no guarantee at runtime that the same Application Module instance will be used across multiple requests.

Integrating these classes in your ADF application early in the development process, and subsequently using them, will be of great help to you as a developer and contribute to the overall project's clarity and consistency. You will have to locate them, configure them, and possibly maintain them yourself for your project.

There is no official version for them either. To get the latest version of these classes, download and extract in your PC the latest version of the Fusion Order Demo application. The latest version of the Fusion Order Demo application is R1PS3 at the time of this writing and is bundled in a zipped file. If multiple versions of the same class are found, compare them and use the ones that are most up to date. Then copy them to a specific location in your shared ViewController components project.

Once copied, open both files with JDeveloper and change their package to to reflect their new location, in this case to com. Here are some of the methods commonly used.

The method accepts the bound iterator's identifier and returns an oracle. Here is an example: This method accepts the bound operation's identifier and returns an oracle. This method accepts the bound attribute's identifier and returns an oracle.

Both of these methods accept the identifier of the attribute binding as an argument. The getBoundAttributeValue method returns the bound attribute's data value as a java.

The setBoundAttributeValue accepts the value to set the attribute binding to as a java. These methods accept the message to display as a String argument. This method returns a javax. UIComponent if one matching the specified component identifier is found. These methods both accept the managed bean name. The JSFUtils. It is very likely that for a large enterprisescale application you will need to construct and use a number of different templates each serving a specific purpose.

Using templates to construct the actual application JSF pages will ensure that pages throughout the application are consistent both in structure and content, and provide a familiar look and feel to the end user. You can follow the steps presented in this recipe to construct your page templates and adapt them as needed to fit your own requirements.

Getting ready We will be adding the JSF template to the shared components ViewController project that we developed in the Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces recipe. Start by right-clicking on the ViewController project in the shared components workspace and selecting New….

Click OK to proceed. Enter the name of the template on the Page Template Name. Note that as you change the template name, the template File Name also changes to reflect the template name. For this recipe we will simply call the template TemplateDef1. Now click on the Browse… button and select the directory where the template will be stored. We will not be using any of the pre-defined templates, so uncheck the Use a Quick Start Layout checkbox.

Next you will be adding the template facets. You do this by selecting the Facet Definitions tab and clicking on the New icon button. Enter the following facets: Facet Description mainContent This facet will be used for the page's main content. Once the template is created it is opened in the JDeveloper editor. If you followed the steps above, the template should look similar to this: As you can see, at this point the template contains only its definition in an af: We will proceed by adding the template's layout content.

From the Layout components in the Component Palette, grab a Form component and drop it into the template. Remove the top, bottom, start and end facets. From the Layout container, grab a Panel Splitter component and drop it on the center facet of the Panel Stretch Layout. Also adjust the SplitterPosition to around Add your application logo by drag and dropping an Image component from the General Controls onto the first facet of the Panel Splitter.

Let's proceed by adding the main page's layout content. We will not be using the Decorative Box's top facet, so remove it. OK, we are almost there! Remove the start and end facets since we will not using them. On the Insert Facet Ref dialog select the mainContent facet that you added during the template creation. Finally add the following code the Panel Stretch Layout topBar facet: How it works When the template was created there was no layout information in it, so we had to add it ourselves.

We did this by using a variety of layout components to arrange the contained UI. Also, notice the usage of the af: It is used to reference a template facet in the specific place within the layout content.

The facet then is available to you when you create a JSF page from the template. This will become obvious when we generate a JSF page from the template. Then we will be able to use it from other consuming projects. How we do this was explained in the Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces recipe earlier in this chapter. When you do so, the template will be visible to all consuming projects as it is shown below.

You can see in the page listing that the page references the template via the af: The template facets that you had defined are available so you can enter the page-specific UI content. After adding an af: Using a template that contains a Form component to create page fragments will result in a problem when a consuming page already contains a Form component itself.

Using a generic backing bean actions framework In this recipe we will create a base backing bean class that we will use to encapsulate common functionality for common JSF page actions such as committing and rolling back data, creating new records, deleting records and so on. Creating and using such a generic backing bean actions framework will guarantee that you provide consistent functionality throughout the application and encapsulate common functionality at a base class level.

This class is not intended to be used as another utility class.

Any new helper methods that were developed to demonstrate the case were added to the ADFUtils utility class discussed earlier in this chapter. Getting ready We will be adding the generic backing bean actions framework to the shared components ViewController project that we developed in the Breaking up the application in multiple workspaces recipe.

Right-click on the shared ViewController project and select New…. Let's go ahead and add these methods to provide consistent commit functionality: We have also added similar methods for consistent rollback behaviour.

Similar methods were added for consistent record deletion behaviour. In this case, we have added functionality to show a delete confirmation popup. How it works To provide consistent functionality at the JSF page actions level, we have implemented the commit , rollback , create and remove methods.

Derived backing beans should handle these actions by simply delegating to this base class via calls to super. The base class commit implementation first calls the helper ADFUtils. If there are, then the onBeforeCommit is called to allow derived backing beans to perform any before commit handling. Commit processing continues by calling onCommit. Again, derived backing beans can override this method to provide specialized commit processing. The commit processing finishes by calling the onAfterCommit.

Derived backing beans can override this method to provide any after commit processing. The default base class implementation displays a Changes were committed successfully message on the screen. The generic functionality for a new record creation is implemented in the create method. Derived backing beans should delegate to this method for default record creation processing by calling super. In create we first check to see if we have any changes to the existing transaction.

If we do, we will inform the user by displaying a message dialog. We do this in the onCreatePendingChanges method. The default implementation of this method displays the CreatePendingChanges confirmation popup.

The derived backing bean can override this method to handle this event in a different manner. If the user chooses to go ahead with the record creation, the onContinueCreate is called. This method calls onBeforeCreate to handle pre-create functionality. The default implementation commits the current record by calling ADFUtils.

The default implementation of this method creates and inserts the new record by calling ADFUtils. Finally onAfterCreate is called to handle any creation post processing. The generic rollback and record deletion functionality is similar. For the default delete processing, a popup is displayed asking the user to confirm whether the record should be deleted or not. The record is deleted only after the user's confirmation.

There's more Note that this framework uses a number of popups in order to confirm certain user choices. In order to avoid adding these popups to all JSF pages and provide reusable popups for all of your JSF pages, these popups should be added once to your JSF page template.

In order to support this generic functionality, additional plumbing code will need to be added to the actions framework. Your practice reserved an key Check.

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