Webpage to PDF allows to convert any web page to PDF format online. No need to install anything, it's free and easy to use. Easily convert web pages to PDF using free online converter. PDFmyURL turns your web pages into PDF with a single click. Easy to use for anyone. HTML to PDF API for developers with many options and clear examples.

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Pdfcrowd is a Web/HTML to PDF online service. Convert HTML to PDF online in the browser or in your PHP, Python, Ruby,.NET, Java apps via the REST API. Convert PDF to HTML online free. upload a file for conversion, it will be converted within seconds and you will be able to download it directly from our website. Edit PDF files with PDFescape - an online, free PDF reader, free PDF editor & free PDF form filler. View PDF documents on the web. Fill out PDF forms quickly.

Several web-based converters have sprung up online, all promising to do the job in just a few seconds. But are these tools as good as they seem? Online PDF converters have their fare share of drawbacks. Using an online converter for a Word document means that your documents must pass through a third party before you get the finished product. And unless you inspect the small print, you may not be fully aware of how your document is being stored or processed.

The archive can contain external files like images, stylesheets and scripts. Learn more about Conversions in Browser Browser License. Conversion in progress Enter a web page to convert: Choose file.

Convert To. Show Options. Image Size Image width px: Auto height. Image height px: Do not print images. Do not print backgrounds. Use the print version of the page if available.

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Readability Try to block ads. Remove obscuring content with high z-index. New Converter Original Converter.


Page Size Predefined page size. Custom page size. Single page PDF. Page format: Page width: Page height: Margins Margin type: Default margins Custom margins No margins.

Top margin: Right margin: Bottom margin: Left margin: Horizontal margins: Vertical margins: Although this is highly appropriate for printed documents, it causes severe usability problems online. PDF pages lack navigation bars and other apparatus that might help users move within the information space and relate to the rest of the site.

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Because PDF documents can be very big, the inability to easily navigate them takes a toll on users. PDF documents also typically lack hypertext, again because they are designed with print in mind. In a recent study of how journalists use the Web , we found that PDF files sometimes crashed the user's computer. This happened most often to journalists working from home on low-end computers especially old Macs.

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The more fancy the company's press kit, the less likely it would get quoted. Because PDF is not the standard Web page format, it dumps users into a non-standard user interface.

Deviating from the norm hurts usability because, for example, scrolling works differently, as do certain commands, such as the one to make text larger or smaller. Also, after finishing with a PDF document, users sometimes close the window instead of clicking the Back button, thus losing their navigation history.

Although this behavior is not common, it is symptomatic of the problems caused when you present users with a non-standard Web page that both looks different and follows different rules. Which documents fall in this category?

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Anything with five pages or more is a good candidate, since users don't want to read a lot of text on the screen. Usually, it's best to break up a long, linear document into multiple hypertext pages so that you avoid having a fat report in the first place.

Sometimes big documents are needed, however, either because you have a lot of content or prefer a linear presentation. Classic examples of this are textbooks and manuals. Sometimes it even makes sense to create a single PDF document that unifies multiple Web pages into a single printable download.

If users typically need all of the information in a single session, they might prefer to print it out. This will let users decide whether it is worth downloading. State clearly that the PDF file is for printing only.

Present the same content on other Web pages in traditional formats, and provide links to them for readers who prefer to read online. From any other part of the website, link only to the gateway page , not to the PDF document.

Never let your search engines index the PDF file.

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