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NUMENERA and its logo are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the The Devil's Spine is an adventure in many parts—a mini-campaign in its own right. The Devil's Spine PDF, $ covered in the Numenera corebook, The Devil's Spine also offers new creatures, characters, and items to add to any campaign. Numenera - The Devils Spine - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Numenera - The Devils Spine sourcebook adventures.

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Numenera Devils Spine Pdf

The Devil's Spine - Three lengthy adventures wrapped in a thrilling frame Monte Cook Games. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Numenera - The Devil's - download direct at download4share, Numenera - The Devil's Size: MB on. BUT my next game is going to be Numenera, i already have my players picked out. I was thinking of running the Devils spine rather than doing a homebrew adventure, . Ill have to pick up Weird Discoveries, i hvae it on PDF but i rather the.

It begins simply enough. But what secrets lurk in its shadows? What deals has this man made with whispered voices in that darkness? And once such a discovery is made, can it be undone? Removing it will send the characters to the depths of the Mechanized Tomb, into a web of Viral Transmissions, and ultimately off the corebook map and into uncharted territory when they go Beyond the Maelstrom. Run these adventures in any order as a mini-campaign, or ignore the frame story and use them as standalone adventures. The product also contains 16 full-color illustrations to show to players to illustrate important and evocative encounters. You'll want to get and run this adventure for the amazing art alone! Log In. New Account or Log In.

The Devil's Spine - Monte Cook Games | Numenera |

The journey could take weeks, unless the PCs can harness some ancient technology to transport them at speed through the underground — specifically, a maglev train fallen into disrepair. The process required to release the train made me grimace. The PCs must find and activate a number of control levers, but no reasonable engineer or architect would locate them in such an obtuse fashion. The second half of the adventure takes the PCs through the wilderness, seeking out their terrible foe.

The journey demands exploration, diplomacy and increasing danger in battle against the swarming enemy. Oddly, the enemy stronghold sits in the shadow of Mt. One of the key locations, Barrow-Town, appears to lie within plain sight of the Scorpion Sanctum, one of the key citadels of the Convergence.


The adventure concerns recovery of the Impossible Blade from the depths of the tomb of Queen Starloscet. To all intents, this is a dungeon, filled to the brim with traps and the hint of great numenera. Why would the Convergence, an organisation with designs on recovering all relics of the past to selfish ends, not try to enter the tomb to claim the Impossible Blade for themselves?

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The final adventure takes the PCs to the coast and beyond the Sea of Secrets. After an overland trip, they must seek out assistance from an expert in matters oceanic, then journey out across the waves. Despite encounters with salty sea folk and great whales, the adventure boils down to an assault on the stronghold of an enemy far beyond the PCs power to defeat.

The characters must snatch and run, or suffer the consequence. The supplement rounds off with The War Effort, a secondary plot provided for even greater complexity and depth, should the GM feel the campaign warrants it and the PCs can handle it.

[Numenera] The Devil's Spine: I has it

Baron Tichronus aspires to assure the safety of his realm at all costs and that means trusting no one. While events engage him in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, his minions seek out viable weapons of mass destruction.

My hope is that these adventures are not indicative that future releases will be equally hack and slashy, but only time will tell.

Here the PCs will be in the home of a wealthy noble reasons why may vary when they discover a secret passage that leads to untold discovery, one of the most memorable creatures in the Ninth World yet as well as a ticking time bomb that gives this collection its title. Besides, a threat to the PCs lives makes for good motivation and little wiggle room to get out of the campaign. It happens.

GM Rules, PCs drool. But I digress. The three adventures have very different goals and locations. As I found Oblivion to be more than a little dull and repetitive, this was easily my least favorite of the four adventures in this collection.

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I did find the virus to be an interesting antagonist and many of its creations made for oft-kilter battles that forced characters to think rather than just use brute force to get by. The tomb is full of many traps and puzzles and so this adventure tests the PCs brains and dexterity more than their brawn.

The Devil’s Spine PDF

Of course once you get to the end of the tomb, you get a twist and then have to deal with copious amounts of combat. This adventure has the least amount of combat, but it does hit in large gluts. As well, as this adventure takes place under the sea, this is a great chance to really make the experience for your players stand out.

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