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In NSUI central zone, which comprises 21 districts, the last day of submission of membership forms is February After that, elections will be. NSUI full form, stands for, meaning, what is, description, example, explanation At the ground level, the members are organized through educational institutions. NSUI Membership. NSUI Membership / NSUI Membership. NSUI Membership · Check Membership Status · Download Form.

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Nsui Membership Form Pdf

proactive member of both NSUI and IYC since when the author has had close .. furthers deference to one's superiors in the form of obedience. This in. Chandigarh: Dr. Ashok Tanwar, President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee launched the month-long memberships drive of NSUI in. The National Students' Union of India (NSUI) is the student wing of the Indian National Congress, established on 9 April The organisation was founded by Indira Gandhi after merging Kerala Students Union and West Bengal State Chhatra Parishad to form a national students' organisation. An aspiring member who applies for NSUI Membership, becomes a Primary.

The drive will conclude on April 23, Tanwar exhorted people to enroll in maximum numbers in Haryana and for this NSUI should reach out to all the higher education institutes in Haryana. He said that NSUI is the breeding nursery for future leadership. D proof of his date of birth and residence. Only the students born on or after December 31, will be eligible for enrollment. The membership can be enrolled online or offline.

Only regular students can become members of NSUI, he said, while making it clear that students learning via correspondence courses are not eligible to apply. A minimum of 25 members is a must for any college to be valid for taking part in the elections, he said. He further added that the college committee shall comprise of 5 members, while the district and state committees must have 15 each and national delegate committee 4 members.

The cutoff date for age eligibility is December 31, , he said. He also said that the NSUI commission has now introduced a new election model in which nomination at district or state level will be done for 3 posts that of President, General Secretary, and Secretary.

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Amaco Builders. NSUI asks students to submit membership forms for elections before Nov 5. In The News. It is only the Indian National Congress that is anchored in the larger vision of India as a nation, while at the same time being sensitive to regional and local sentiments.

National Students' Union of India

It is only the Indian National Congress that has demonstrated its commitment to a strong Centre, to strong States, and to strong panchayats and nagarpalikas. Each has a vital and specific role to play. The Indian National Congress is fighting these elections in alliance with like-minded parties in some States.

These parties share the progressive vision and values of the Congress.


Over the past five years, the Indian National Congress has managed a coalition government at the Centre, accommodating the views of its partners but without compromising on any of the essential principles of nation-building. Even so, what India needs most today -- what every Indian needs most today — at the national level is a party with an All-India perspective and with an All-India presence. The Indian National Congress is the only such party.

The Indian National Congress is the party that, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, led our people into freedom from colonial rule. It is the party whose leadership, by the admission of Dr.

Ambedkar himself, made our Constitution possible. The Indian National Congress is the party that, under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru, established the foundations of the modern Indian nation-state with its abiding commitment to parliamentary democracy, secularism, economic development, and science and technology.

Learning from experience at every step, the Indian National Congress is the party that has responded creatively to the challenges of the times through the establishment of a vast public sector manufacturing base in the fifties; through bank nationalization and the Green and White Revolutions spearheaded by Indira Gandhi in the late-sixties and seventies; through prudent liberalization and the IT Revolution created by Rajiv Gandhi in the eighties; bolder economic reforms in the nineties; and unprecedented economic growth over the past five years.

It is the only party that is forward-looking, the only party that believes a better future is the right of every Indian.

The achievements of India since are the achievements of its people — of its farmers and farm labour, its organized sector and unorganized sector workers, its managers, its scientists and engineers, its teachers, doctors and other professionals, its entrepreneurs and businesspersons. Manmohan Singh. At the national level, the BJP has sought to position itself as the main political rival of the Indian National Congress.

The Indian National Congress rejects this presumptuous posturing since the BJP is simply not present in large parts of our country. Even so, the contest between the Indian National Congress and the BJP is not just a fight between two political parties.

It is, in essence, a clash between two competing visions of Indian nationalism, between two competing visions of what India should be. It is an inclusive vision.

'Complain Box' in every Mizoram college

It is an exclusionary doctrine. The Indian National Congress practices the politics of consensus and cooperation.

The BJP practices the politics of divisiveness and discord. Third Front — a recipe for chaos There is also the so-called Third Front, a grouping of opportunistic parties.

These parties have neither consistency nor clarity. They have neither competence nor commitment. This Front, grounded in the politics of convenience, is nothing but a platform for personal ambitions. Parties of the Third Front do one thing when they are in power and quite another when they are rejected by the people. They attempted to exercise authority without taking on any responsibility.

At every step, they violated the discipline, restraint and sobriety so very essential for running a coalition smoothly.

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