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Read "Nowhere but Here" by Katie McGarry available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. **An unforgettable new series from. Nowhere But Here book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An unforgettable new series from acclaimed author Katie McGarry. KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those Katie McGarry Author cover image of Nowhere But Here.

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But sometimes the right person is the one you least expect, and the road you fear the most is the one that leads you home. Praise for NOWHERE BUT HERE. Read Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road, #1) PDF. An unforgettable new series from acclaimed author Katie McGarry about taking risks, opening your heart and . You ran out of Nowhere but Here (Thunder Road) PDF Online books in bookstores??? Now no need to worry, you do not have to go all the way to the bookstore.

I like happy. I like simple. I like predictable and I hate surprises. Dad and I continue to stare at one another as we listen to Mom race up the stairs then close the door to their bedroom. Dirty dishes are piled in the sink. A stack of unopened mail is tossed across the island. A pile of balled tissues creates a mountain on the wooden oval table. The yellow kitchen that seemed cheery this morning is darkened with emotional storm clouds. The awkward silence between me and Dad has officially stretched into painful.

This story is about loyalty, love, hate, death and family. I very much enjoyed the characters in this book.

I really want to know more about what is going to happen now that all of the things are out in the open. I want to know what is going to happen to Oz and Emily when she goes back to her real home. All in all this is a great book! View all 11 comments. You know the truth. This story leads into some great new characters in an exciting new series centering around get this… a legit motorcycle club!!

Along the way, she meets Oz the hot prospect who is working on getting patched into the club with his biggest job of protecting her while slowly falling for one another. I hate this connection. I crave this connection. I hope that the author plans an adult book about Eli because he was wonderful!!! View all 74 comments. This book is damn stupid. I've been picking it up and throwing it down and finally even the boy child said to give it up. View all 10 comments. Mar 27, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this first installment, that focuses on the bonds of family, secrets and finding the truth.

While Oz and Emily didn't really wow me, and their romance felt more like a side story, I adored the secondary characters. Olivia and Eli were excellent, they truly made the story for me. I would love to see Katie write Eli's story, and try something a little more adult.

Sometimes I feel cursed. Like I get to watch everyone I love slip through my fingers. Arriving in Kentucky, Emily finds herself thrown into the family she thought didn't want her, she discovers that things aren't what they seem. She is curious about her biological father, Eli, a member of the Reign of Terror MC, but she is reluctant to open herself up to his world. This family is full of love and our love story contains you. Oz lives and breaths the club, growing up with the Reign of Terror, all he wants is to join the club he loves.

At 18 with a prospect vest within reach, Emily shows up and things get complicated. A rival club sets its sights on Emily, Eli ask Oz to keep her safe. No one expects these two to fall for each other, but sometimes what you least expect ends up being the best surprise of all.

I love how you trust. View all 36 comments. It was a struggle. This book offered a lot of potentials but unfortunately it lacked on so many levels. The plot was too weak and the pacing was too slow. I had very high expectations for this book because I enjoyed Pushing the Limits a lot that I was really certain I will enjoy this, too. Nowhere But Here begins when Emily went to Snowflake and discovered that there are secrets that were being kept by her biological father Eli who is a member of a motorcycle club called Reign of Terror.

While in Snowflake, her whole life shifted when she met her relatives and the people inside the Reign of Terror, including the brooding biker Oz who became her instant bodyguard. She became aware of how different her life has been while growing up with her mom and her step-dad in Florida compared to the way things were at Snowflake. This book was really promising, but then, as I read more and more I became really exhausted with the way the author seemed to make everything lengthy.

Too many secrets. Too little revelations in every chapter. I grew really impatient. Worse, I discovered that the major secret everyone was hiding from Emily just turned to be light. It didn't even get any reaction from me.

When it came to the characters, I admit I didn't like both MCs during the first parts of the book. Emily was a brat. She was also judgmental, whiny, and a bit sarcastic at times. And Oz-- he had an attitude.

He was a dick to Emily and he complained a lot. Glad their characters improved in the middle up to the last parts of the book. All in all, this book was not a great experience for me. Although it has a melodramatic and meaningful ending, still, I decided it was a little too late for that. View all 38 comments. Jun 10, Lainey rated it really liked it. This was my first Katie McGarry book I've read. Prior to meeting her at BEA, I remember reading the description to this book and knew I had to eventually get it.

After finishing this book, I am not disappointed. Another thing about the structure I really enjoyed was that it was told in a dual perspective. When it comes to stories like these, I like being in the head of both the girl and the boy because I like learning about each character separately, but also getting perspective and insight from both sides as they build their relationship. Quickly, this story takes place in Kentucky, where Emily goes to the funeral of a grandmother she's never met by her biological father she rarely sees.

Nowhere but Here (Thunder Road) pdf by Katie McGarry Download - broxuamleree

Things happen, and a quick trip turns into more of a summer where Emily learns more about the side of the family she doesn't know. Oz is a prospect-hopeful in the motorcycle club Emily's biological father and grandfather are a part of. This is the only life Oz knows and wants nothing more than to be a part of it. Oz and Emily - they start out hating each other so I was pretty much in love with these two when I discovered that because that is my favorite kind of relationship-starter.

I really loved Emily. I really related to her and really felt for her. We've gone through similar things and her conflictions with her adoptive father and her biological father were feelings that hit extremely close to home for me. I just really enjoyed this chick. I also really enjoyed Oz, he was awesome, I loved his chapters, especially the ones that tied closely to the motorcycle club and the inner-workings of it. It also got me extremely excited for the companion novels. We're introduced to other side characters like Violet, Chevy, and Razor where while I was reading it I knew that they would be the focus of the other companion novels.

I enjoyed them so much, I was trying to guess which characters would be the focus next novel. Omg, Violet and Chevy break my damn heart. I want to know about that whole relationship, but I am SO excited that the next novel has to do with Razor.

I love him and his dark, reserved behavior. Another thing I loved was the length of the novel. At nearly pages, this has got to be the biggest ya contemporary romance I ever read.

And it didn't even feel that way! I inhaled this book and wanted more and when I finished, I thought I had read something that was more pages in a good way. There's so much story in here, that I was so absorbed in not only Emily and Oz's, but everybody else's. Of course, there were a few things I didn't like because if I liked everything, it would have been a 5 star book for me. I know the relationship between Oz and Emily has a lot of angst, but I wanted a little bit more romance on both ends.

They built a good emotional connection, but hey, I came here for the romance and felt like there could have been more.

Maybe I am just too used to NA at this point. Also, the pacing had some hiccups for me. Scenes would be skipped over or there would be some deal of summarizing. It's a hard balance to have and I just wanted some of those "few days" "the following week" transitions to be less that and more of the reader seeing Emily interacting with this side of her family she knew little about. And while everything made sense in the end with the mystery surrounding what happened in the past, getting there was tough for me.

I was getting frustrated. Bring it. View 2 comments. May 17, Lani rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'll write my thoughts later when I stop sobbing. And yes, I was right. Isaiah's dad, James, IS in fact a part of this story. Well not really a part of it since he is dead, but he is mentioned a few times Okay, so overall I liked this enough to give it five stars, but I didn't love it as much as the PTL series specifically Crash Into You.

With that said, I'd like to add that this was quite different from Katie's other books Crash Into You. As always, there's the dual point of view, the sweet I'll write my thoughts later when I stop sobbing. As always, there's the dual point of view, the sweet and sizzling romance, the enemies to lovers relationship, but unlike PTL, Nowhere was really all about family and sticking together which I enjoyed very very much. Yes, I do recommend this if you liked Katie's other books.

I'll go into details now, so be aware because it'll get spoilery. I'm sad to say that Oz didn't wow me like I was hoping he would. I didn't feel that love for him like I do for Isaiah, which mostly disappointed me. His fantasies are what really put me off, though I did learn to love him by the end of the book and only because of the scene with Emily in his room.

I like how you challenge me. It started so nice and sweet but it ended up being so ew. I still don't know how I actually feel about the whole I-really-like-you-so-lets-make-out-and-take-off-our-clothes-and-dry-hump-even-tho-we-kissed-only- once -before thing going on. She was just too bland and unspecial so I couldn't connect with her in any way.

BUT I did really love all the other amazingly cool side characters!!! I lovelovelove Chevy! Just imagine a really sad Isaiah, Dylan O'Brien and a magical fluffy unicorn all mixed into one and boom you got Chevy. Eli is Emily's dad. James is Chevy's dad. You look exactly like him, Isaiah.

A little odd, but great people. I wish I had known then that you belonged to him. They would have taken us both in. You should find them. Somewhere in Kentucky, I have a big family. Right down to the earrings and tattoos. James was good to me. We were friends, and I got stupid and took advantage of him.

I never forgave myself for hurting him, and I feel awful that he never knew you existed. Emily, Chevy and Isaiah are cousins. Even though Isaiah didn't appear in Nowhere, I'm hoping he'll appear in one of the future books, though I doubt it'll be the next one since it's going to be Razor's and Brianne's story, and it would only be fair that we see it all unravel through Chevy's eyes, since he would be meeting his half brother.

Oh and one other thing! If by any chance the third book turns out to be Chevy's, I want him with Violet because she's just pure awesomeness. It was sweet and funny and badass. Everything I wanted. But then things went from complicated to sad to intense to really fucking intense, that my hands started shaking which was shortly followed by disgustingly horrible sobs.

I did NOT see that type of ending coming. But I was really hoping she'd at least survive this book and get to meet Isaiah. Isaiah strolling in with his Mustang Isaiah reminding everyone of James because they look alike Isaiah having a family Yes, this book made me cry a lot.

And yes, I will definitely read Razor's story. But for right now, here's Olivia at her best: We have fine asses. Be proud of your body, honey, it sags with time. Well, the cover looks way better than I expected: Is that the beginning of a cover I see? I am still very patiently waiting for this book. View all 14 comments. Jan 30, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis.

The one on the left belonged to you. You used to lie in your crib and watch the sunrise with a smile on your face. This story in itself was okay, but the pace was way off for me.

I felt like this book just moved so slowly, and it needed to be about half as long as it actually was. We will protect you. This felt a long time coming though. View all 15 comments. Oct 22, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this to be a solid 4 star read for me. My love for motorcycle romance started years ago after watching the tv show - SOA which really isn't a romance tv series.

I was drawn to the gritty world of bikers.

So, when I discovered there were books that were about motorcycle clubs and they had romance in them, I knew I found a genre I'd be reading a lot of. Emily is a 17 years old who has spent her life in the dark about her mother and biological father's past. She's met her father a few ti I found this to be a solid 4 star read for me. She's met her father a few times but she's been indifferent towards him. He gave up his rights to her when she was little and so she's given up really caring who he is.

Emily's world is full of secrets she's not privy to. Everyone around her feels it's in her best interest to leave those secrets buried except for one person. That person can't divulge the secret but they become the guiding light in helping Emily uncover what has been kept from her all her life. I try to avoid books that have cancer in them and when I found out one of the side characters had cancer I was already invested in the story. So, I made the decision to continue on.

I appreciated that even though the character had cancer the reader didn't have to go through all the symptoms of cancer with that character.

We never even find out what type of cancer the characters has because it wasn't about the tragedic effects of cancer but instead how it brought an estranged family together. This is my first young adult mc romance. For those who like the atmosphere of the club life but want a tamer version of that environment, this is a good one try.

Each one can be read as a standalone but the characters are interconnected. Follow Foxy Blogs at: Aug 10, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: VERY excited for this new series!

Old school Katie McGarry, where did you go?? I usually love Katie McGarry. Her Pushing the Limits series was like popcorn for my angsty, YA-loving self. It was pure misunderstood teenagers living hard lives and battling their demons. This book felt like one giant tantrum. I didn't like the MC, Emily, at all. She came across as spoiled, whiny, and judgmental, and I hated how she was all "purer-than-pure.

I also didn't really like Oz, who seemed like a caricature Old school Katie McGarry, where did you go??

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I also didn't really like Oz, who seemed like a caricature to me. It all felt so, so FAKE. I didn't get why the two MCs were so drawn to each other, since they both seemed really critical and set in their ways. To top it off, they went from hot and heavy, but basically platonic, to luuuurrve in only a few days.

I can deal with characters that I don't really mesh with if the pace of the book is good and exciting, but this just dragggeed. It seemed endless and I couldn't wait to finish. I'll give this book 2 stars because there were some moments of brightness there. I enjoyed the secondary characters, like Eli and Olivia, and I thought that they added a lot to the story.

However, the book as a whole was not at the level I was expecting. View all 6 comments. Mar 28, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it liked it Shelves: Overall I still really enjoyed it, but it needed to be a lot shorter and there was some last minute drama thrown in at the end that I didn't enjoy. What I mean is the pacing was all off, very slow and then super fast!

I did love the writing and the characters and I want to read the other books in the series. This just isn't McGarry's strongest work. Remember, as per Goodreads rating 3 stars means I liked it! So that's how 3 stars This is a book that started out strong but then fizzled out a bit. So that's how I am rating. View all 4 comments.

Oct 04, AJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: She writes wonderful YA romantic drama, and when I heard that she was starting a new series featuring the younger generation of a motorcycle club, I knew I had to read it. The st 5 stars - I love this book! I was hooked from the very first page and devoured it, loving every moment. Sweet and mostly innocent, she has a great life, she does well at school, and she has a loving family that she loves in return.

The man she calls her Dad adopted her when she was 5, when he married her mother. Her real father, Eli, is part of an MC, and she was told that he left her mother when she was pregnant. And so, a quick visit turns into a summer to be spent with a family and a life that she has never known.

The story is set at the very tame end of the MC world. The club is legit, and do not engage in criminal activity. And being a part of the club is all 18 year old Oz has ever wanted. The club is a brotherhood, a family. It means belonging to something bigger than yourself. His father is a member and Eli and his family were his mentors growing up, and remain the people that he is closest to. From the very beginning, I loved the dynamic between Emily and Oz. The story is written in dual POV, so we get to see everything that is going on with them, and I adored them both!

Of course, they are both attracted to each other, but Emily initially wants nothing to do with the gorgeous bad boy from the MC, and Oz is mad at her for rejecting the family and the life that he loves.

Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry - Chapter Sampler

The fact that both of them are frustrated with the simmering chemistry between them just makes it so much better. Their enforced time together leads to them getting to know each other and as Emily opens up to Oz, he helps her learn about his life, and by extension — her family. She begins to accept that everything she thought about these people may not be true.

And as they begin to understand each other, their early antagonism slowly becomes a friendship. And as Emily tries to unravel her past, Oz is there with her. This is an absolutely beautiful love story! Slow moving and natural, innocent yet passionate, I loved watching Emily and Oz open up to each other as their mad attraction become something incredibly deep.

My heart bursts as the words tumble out. I laughed, I cried, and I got completely swept up in this book. The multiple storylines fit together brilliantly with family drama, mystery and romance all tied in with a sort of coming-of-age story as both Emily and Oz learn from all that they go through and find their way forward. It forms an incredibly important part of the story, and it adds a lot of depth and emotion.

I also loved getting to know the characters that I am assuming will make up the rest of this series. I absolutely loved it — 5 stars. An Advanced Reader Copy was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

View all 20 comments. Jan 16, Elena marked it as to-read Shelves: OH MY- No However his loyalty is put on the test when he is forced to babysit Emily, the daughter of one of the MC members. Emily is seventeen years old, living in Florida she grew up with no worries or care in the world.

She was an only child and she kinda got on my nerves at the beginning haha but I slowly warned up to her. This story was different and refresh 4. This story was different and refreshing once I started I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed everything about it. The slow tension between the main characters, the side characters were likeable. The entire plot was interesting and overall I really wished I would have read this sooner because I can honestly say i won't be forgetting this any time soon.

View all 16 comments. May 26, Lindsey Rey rated it liked it Shelves: I found these characters very difficult to relate to and they were very frustrating to read about. It needs to be said that I went into this book with the best of intentions. I was hoping that a new series would mean a clean slate, a new opportunity and a chance to build a very different opinion. Alas, it was not meant to be. I have to say that I fully understand the appeal of Katie McGarr 2.

The effect on me, however, is precisely opposite. It is awfully nice to see McGarry move to a different settings, with different characters and different circumstances.

Nowhere But Here takes us to the world of motorcycle clubs, be it legit or otherwise, and people who live within these brotherhoods and consider them to be more important than anything else in the world. A womanizer and a bad boy all around changed his ways the second he met a beautiful, innocent girl.

But what really made me pause was how he seemed brainwashed at certain times, a club drone with no thoughts of his own. I understand now it was a journey he needed to take, but at times it was pushed too far.

She may re-write the same formulas, but she does it exceptionally well. Her style is clean, precise and capable of evoking just the right emotions at exactly the right time. View all 3 comments. Dec 12, Shannon leaninglights rated it it was amazing Shelves: I laughed, I cried and so many things in between. I wasn't sure how I would feel about a new series by Katie, since I really love her Pushing the Limits series but I am happy to say I loved it.

I fell in love with these characters, each and every one. I felt like I was a part of the family and I was deeply invested in their fates.

This book borders the line between the line of YA and NA, which I think was refreshing and realistic. I appreciated the fact that there were young people of all different walks of life and levels of experience. There are elements that reminded me of the show but it is a really different story and setting and I just wanted to put that out there in case you were like me and wondering how it compared.

I loved our main characters - Oz and Emily - the book worked perfectly as dual perspective, just as all of Katie's books have in the past. She is one of the authors who really knows how to execute dual narrative well. And ultimately, I just loved this story. There were elements that some people might find cheesy, it's obviously not realistic for most teens, BUT that being said, I think it accomplished everything it set out to and I think it's a fantastic first book in Katie's new companion series.

If I nitpicked, I might be able to find a moment or two to knock my 5-star rating, but honestly, I simply don't want to because my love for the characters and the story outweigh any minor issues. And it doesn't hurt that Ms. Can I be a Terror Gypsy?

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