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Items 1 - 14 of 14 Ancients in an Ancient City Older than both of the warring sects combined, Cairo sits perched atop the Nile like a pharaoh upon a throne, but all. Documents Similar To Mummy the Resurrection. Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Changeling, Hunter, Demon, Mummy & Kuei-jin - Laws of Judgement. World of Darkness, Mummy the Resurrection - Core Rulebook. Mummy The Resurrection - Players wod - demon - the fallen - core Dark Ages - Vampire - Core Rulebook.

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Mummy The Resurrection Pdf

From publisher blurb: Osiris Awakens. The Undying Rise Anew Given the choice of life or death, we choose to live again as soldiers of Osiris. We are stronger. the East, Kindred of the East Companion, Mummy the Resurrection,. PUBLISHING. Mummy Players Guide, The Thousand Hells, Axis Mundi the Book of. Spirits. One of the last and least-desired releases of the original World of Darkness, Mummy: The Resurrection was an attempt to expand the Mummy.

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Mummy The Resurrection - Players - Free Download PDF

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The core book for playing Mummies was excellent, so its hard to believe that there was anything they needed to improove upon.

Nonetheless, they did. And it is all the better for it. This book expands on what was written, giving all sorts of details for fleshing out the Egyptian Amenti, as well as non-Egyptian Mummies.

The book starts out with two chapters of fiction, giving players a better chance at understanding how to portray an Egyptian Mummy. The next chapter gives some more juicy stuff for fleshing out the various splats and factions in Mummy. All of the Amenti splats including the Udja-sen are fleshed out, giving us their beliefs, practices, factions, weaknesses and strengths. Following that, we get some other minor factions for Mummies to join, from the mystics of the Unbound Scroll to the Spiders of the Sands, who seek to expand the Web of Faith.

While not as big as, say, the Cult of Isis or the Eset-a, these factions are still pretty cool. After getting through the basics of what these non-Egyptian Mummies can, and can't, do, we are presented with two-page splats for both of them four suyu for the Capacocha, and two incarnations for the Wu T'ian , followed by some expanded info on all of the splats, much in the manner of the Amenti splats in the previous chapter.

Theres some pretty juicy things hinted at in this chapter as well, including the possibility of "Other" Mummies, such as bog mummies or the ice man. The next chapter is more mechanical, giving us expansions of the backgrounds from the core book, and examples of how they can be reworked for Amenti, Capacocha and Wu T'ian.

Theres also some stuff on concepts, nature and demeanor, a new background, aspects of rebirth, a new ability Martial arts and tons of new merits and flaws. Most are Amenti specific, but can work for others, while a good number are tied to other cultures.

Unfortunately, they aren't grouped in any particular way. While we can figure out that things like "Andean Native" or "were-llama" are probably Capacocha traits, it wouldn't hurt to tell us that anyway. Finally, the chapter closes with new Hekau. Four are presented for the Capacocha one for each suyu , while two are presented for Wu T'ian yin and yang; one for each incarnation.

This ties in nicely with the next chapter, the legendary Greater Hekau. First it explains how the advanced Hekau work, and then we are presented with some examples. All of the Amenti Hekau are given several spells, going from level 6 to level 8.

The next chapter gives some more stuff for running Mummies, talking about major themes such as faith, passion, duality and death. The concept of balance is explored, along with each of the Amenti splats.

Even some stuff for the Wu T'ian and Capacocha is in this chapter. The chapter closes with a word on cross-over, which, conveniently enough, ties in with the next chapter.

Surprisingly, Chapter Seven handles cross-overs pretty well. We are told, in plain English, that Mummies don't know the various factions in the World of Darkness, which makes cross-overs that much more believable. Two new Cults of Life are given: Death itself cannot turn aside our wrath.

Mummy: The Resurrection books

The Resurrection brushes aside the veil of mystery and delves into the Middle Eastern World of Darkness to bring you completely revised and updated rules for playing mummy characters.

Contained within are new spells, new horrors and new insights into the mysteries of Arabia, Egypt, and other lands of the Middle East that will open your eyes to facets of the World of Darkness that you've never seen before. Board Games. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Geek Market Trades. The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition. Blades in the Dark.

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Mummy The Resurrection - Players Guide.pdf

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