- Download as PDF File ( .pdf) or read online. Download O Violão de 7 Cordas - Marco Bertaglia. PDF | Rapidly declining biodiversity has made international and national policies focus on the question of how best Marco Bertaglia at European Commission.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , M. Bertaglia and others published Conserving Marco BERTAGLIA*,1, Marc MORMONT2, Michel TROMMETTER3. Innamorati, Alberto Orgiazzi, Marco Bertaglia, Anne Teller, Valeria Forlin, Josiane . Masson, Jacques Delsalle, Claudia Olazabal, Bavo Peeters. The Geographic Distribution and Characterisation of EU Arable Land Affected by the 'Greening' of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Service-Leaning for Sustainability at the University of Vechta. Enhancing Good Practices, Marco Rieckmann. Enhancing Good Practices Coordinator Dr. Luis Eduardo Velazquez Contreras D. Since , the University of Sonora has promoted sustainability and encouraged climate friendly behaviors inside and outside the uni- versity. Because of these fruitful eforts, the university has been considered an international icon of sustainability. I really hope that by reading this e-book, students will gain knowledge about how to foster and de- velop stewardships around sustainability. One of the issues that is especially interesting and timely in this e-book is its multidisciplinary approach to the issue of sustainability. For this, I cannot thank them enough.

If you want to contribute some ideas of what you've learned over the past year or your lifetime , then feel free to complete the last December survey here: Update 8. Jan 20, We're done! Please visit the Water Smarts Calendar webpage to learn more about this project or download the free PDF version of the calendar. A big thanks to all my Kickstarter backers: Anonymous, Benjamin Pink, Bill A.

Update 7 For backers only. For backers only.

[PDF] O Violão de 7 Cordas - Marco Bertaglia - Free Download PDF

If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post. Update 6. Jan 14, After some crackerjack support from Brian at Lithomasters Printing, I received 60 lovely calendars. Most of them are going out in the mail today.

Hopefully, you will be enjoying them soon. There will be letter- and A4-formatted sizes. I will also do a "digital" version for people who want to view it on screen. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The Water Smarts Calender.

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This calendar will improve your "water smarts" with monthly activities that will illuminate the many ways water flows though your life. David Zetland.

Share this project. Recent updates Care to support another project -- life plus 2 meters -- about adaptation to climate change? Posted Jan 11, Posted Dec 31, Posted Jan 20, Posted Jan 14, Posted by David Zetland Creator. Dear Water Smart Calendar Backers With the improvement of technology, the development of additional imaging tools and the widespread of 3D electroanatomic mapping systems EAM , near-zero fluoroscopy AF ablation procedure is becoming a reality, limiting fluoroscopy use mainly to guide transseptal puncture.

In the present paper we reviewed the risks to health related to x-ray exposure and we discussed the current state of knowledge of catheter ablation of AF without fluoroscopy in the 3D EAM system era.

Introduction Catheter ablation is nowadays a well-established therapy for treatment of atrial fibrillation AF.

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This risk of radiation-related dermatitis, cataracts, reproductive system damage and malignancy is cumulative and lifelong, and is of a greater concern for particularly sensitive population groups like children and pregnant women, but also for patients who are potentially exposed to multiple ablation procedures, as for AF ablation. The main limitation in fluoroscopy reduction or complete x-ray elimination for AF ablation is due to safety concerns, mainly related to transseptal puncture.

With the improvement of technology, the development of tools like intracardiac echocardiography ICE and the widespread of 3D electroanatomic mapping systems EAM , near-zero fluoroscopy AF ablation procedure is becoming a reality. Radiation risks Biological Effects Of Radiation Nowadays, we are exposed to a variety of radiation sources in our everyday life, at least in the developed countries.

Harley et al.

Two injury mechanisms to DNA have been described: the stochastic mechanism caused by unrepaired damage of a single viable cell, and the deterministic effect, in which a significant number of cells are involved and sufficiently damaged so as to cause observable injury.

The stochastic effect occurs by chance and without a threshold level of dose.


The main stochastic effect of radiation exposure is cancer, whose probability is proportional to the dose of radiation but its severity is independent of the dose.

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