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laws and cosmic pinciples. Consult Man's Higher Consciousness constantly, as your perpetual help and stimulus. Tell others of Mon's Higher Conscious-. Hilton Hotema - The Genesis Of Hilton Hotema - Ancient Secret of Personal Power, Tetragrammaton. Hilton Hotema - Mystery Man of the Bible Appolonius the Nazarene. Click link bellow and free register to download ebook: MAN'S HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS BY PROF. HILTON HOTEMA. DOWNLOAD FROM.

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Mans Higher Consciousness Pdf

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Mental Meditation - Mental cheerfulness, humility, observance of Silence , mastery of the sense organs, purity of heart - all these constitute Mental Meditation. He still keeps to the high and difficult road That soul leads to the Eternal's peaks! Without knowledge, without service, without psychic control and finally Love, who has ever realised his Self? What is prerequisite for this Self-Realisation? Only by hard sacrifice is high heaven earned Aurobindo. Attachment to the sensory world is Bondage. Sacrifice alone can give us Liberation or Self-Actualisation and the Ultimate Bliss Earth's pains are the ransom of its prisoned delights For Joy and not for sorrow was earth made Aurobindo. By sacrifice, we become the Self-Actualising person of Abraham Maslow living in the widest possible frame of reference. He who to none and nowhere overbound by ties of flesh, takes evil things and good Neither desponding nor exulting such Bears Wisdom's plainest mark! Mother India is, in many ways, the mother of us all. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts.

Acts driven by spiritual realizations of higher consciousness are not decoupled from their perception. Just as the act of seeking food is not decoupled from experiencing pangs of hunger at the most primitive level of consciousness. Higher consciousness must culminate in commensurate acts driven by spiritual hunger in order to satiate it just as the stomach's hunger culminates in seeking food to satiate it.

When one is unconscious, one does not seek even physical sustenance and dies if not intravenously fed by others. Similarly, one can be spiritually and mentally unconscious while fully conscious at the physical level, seeking only to fulfill the physical needs of the body.

When one acquires greater levels of consciousness to the next cognitive level, one seeks intellectual sustenance to meet the needs of the hungry mind.

Man's Higher Consciousness by Hilton Hotema

The next hierarchy of that path to increasing consciousness is in seeking spiritual sustenance to feed the hungry soul. The desire to satiate its cravings principally leads to striving for a well lived life as outlined in the many moral recipes from antiquity to modernity.

That well lived life, a concatenation of acts by definition, and arguably orthogonal to personal beliefs, is always predicated on the existence of higher levels of consciousness. Without the latter, there is no spiritual hunger, no striving to satiate it, no acts, and consequently no transformations at any level, personal to macro social. The omission of that transformation, by its very nature of absence, seeds evil in society because man's natural instincts for unbridled primacy subsequently flourish.

These two have been balanced like yin and yang of Chinese philosophy to counter each other: instinct for primacy vs. The former comes built-in at birth just like all the other tangible and intangible properties of each individual's physical and natural makeup. The latter has to be nurtured, cultivated, nourished, and developed just like the mind. The modern scientific world tends to accept the development of the mind, both halves of the brain, as both natural and necessary to reach full human potential.

But it calculatingly ignores the development of what in fact makes us the most human. There is a very good practical reason for that omission as will become apparent below.

In Islam Reaching higher levels of consciousness is a long and arduous journey which commences by following the spiritual recipe outlined in Surah al-Asr PDF for living a life that is not judged to be of a total loss in the celestial place.

Journeying on that path, one progressively moves farther and farther into realizing greater and greater states of consciousness. It is a journey which feeds upon itself like the practice of any skill craft. Spiritual craft is no different in that and many other respects.

It must be developed and perfected.

Since not all among mankind are endowed with identical capacities but fall on a bell curve, some journey for the lure of the prize alone, while others find little meaning in the prize when the journey itself is the reward. We focus on the journey and why it's both necessary, as well as the first-cause predicate, for the macro social evolution of mankind to free itself from the bondage of fellow man; for the desire to strive to reach the pinnacle of life's existence despite the daily needs of the stomach.

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Even the successful struggle for survival of the freedom of the natural man in the social Darwinian jungle depends on it. For we know all too well how easily conscience can be put at rest. It also does not say: O intelligence that art at rest!

For we also well understand how reliance on superior intelligence to craft the mission statement of life, and the morality that governs it, can easily lead to the enslavement of the masses.

All theistic world religions which propound the existence of the soul offer some prescription to elevate its state to its highest level of existence for the masses. For Islam, one cannot claim that the aforementioned state of the highest level of consciousness whereby the soul, no longer in a state of turmoil, expressed metaphorically in these verses, isn't an all encompassing and most general specification for the real purpose of life's journey!

Provided of course, one believes that man's life has some inherent purpose, and which the secular humanists who posit the wholly material conception of man, do not accept. Nor do they accept the notion of Revelation.

The empirical role of the superior intellect — and not merely the abstract thought expounded by secular humanists to sell it to the world — in crafting mankind's value system, and thus its direction of evolution, is examined in the essay: Morality derived from the Intellect leads to Enslavement!

Islam's conception of higher states of consciousness commences with the recipe outlined in Surah al-Asr, and culminates in the soul that art at rest, for every spiritual being who defines itself as more than just the materialist collection of physical atoms and bio-chemical reactions.

Anyone, of any persuasion and belief system, except the Richard Dawkins variety of course, can strive in that path of the well-lived life which is Islam's prescription for the journey to increasing levels of consciousness, without giving up their own natural socialization into their respective tribes, nations and religions.

This often neglected aspect of a profoundly spiritual world religion which claims to be moral guidance for a well lived life, is examined in the article: Islam and Knowledge vs. Socialization PDF. It is evidently easy to miss this higher state of spiritual consciousness in which material striving is now first-cause driven by spiritual realizations rather than by the Darwinian instinct for survival, when the propaganda machinery worldwide is so brazenly distorting the religion of Islam.

The tortuous beliefs and practices of the Muslim world, so ensconced in the straight-jacket of socialization and culture, betraying their own bankruptcy in higher states of consciousness, does not help absorb and expatiate the religion of Islam either. Subversion of Spirituality This subversion of preventing the public from seeking higher states of consciousness to increase their spirituality coefficient has evidently been necessary in all organized religions which have been adopted as state religions of empires.

Its legacy is found in the many vestigial of what speciously passes as the moral code of conduct taught by Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Muslim Caliphates distorted Islam to dominate the world with dynastic empires of their own that came to rival and surpass the Roman empire for over seven hundred years. The white man's burden replaced that for the next seven hundred years. Today, the creed of Secular Humanism is distorting all religions to construct world government, a new global empire of the oligarchy that goes by the name of New World Order.

Once that capacity is developed, everything else naturally follows; like being free and able to add two plus two correctly, and to proclaim the result publicly without fear, from which all freedoms naturally follow. The new meaning imparted by virtually every organized religion to spiritualism is in fact pretty standard. It is to limit spirituality to rituals of personal worship even if practiced collectively in congregations , to personal loving of personal God, to personal piety, to personal morality, to personal charity, etc.

The principal motivation for the practice of religion and spirituality has been most diabolically pushed off to merely seeking selfish rewards in some afterlife for one's personal morality. This has an immediate and direct impact on society. Primacy of the sociopaths and empires now comes to flourish at the macro social levels because the public mind is primed not to interdict it. A nd right here is the most neglected spot in the entire health field.

Why is that so? First, ignorance;.. This is the discouraging condition we found sixty years ago, when we set out to learn how to live healthy and long. And so, we began almost alone to learn something about' B breathing and the Breath of Life.

The first valuable hint came when We found this: "If we maintain our blood in normal condition and circulation. The blood is the life of the flesh. We are what we are by the influence of our blood flowing thru our body" Bernarr Macfadden, in Vitality Supreme, Then there came another surprise when we di scovered that blood is made of gas.

The gases of the air constitute the total composition of the blood.

Man’s Higher Consciousness Pdf

We know that water is the product of the uniting of hydrogen and oxygen ga se s. When we drink water, we drink gases in fluid form. Blood is gases in fluid form.

Everything can be transformed to gas by heat. The earth itself is constituted of condensed gas. There is the source and origin of all thing s. We have heard of fire damp, ignis fatus. That fiery element is the Living Gas in what we eat and drink. That Living Gas is all the body uses of what we eat.

Of that Living Gas the blocxi is made. This is the first valuable lesson in dietetics. Scientists talk lear. Remember this one: Creation never uses second-hand material in its building work. The protein in the food we eat never becomes the protein of our body.

That protein has served its purpose, is a used product, and is never used again by Creation in its constructive worle The living gas in what we eat is all the body uses. C The rest is useless waste, and cast off by the body as feces.

Hence, most of what man eats goes down the sewer. As gases are all the body uses in making blood and bone and building flesh, consider the.. If a chemist analyzed the air we breathe and gave us his report, we would be shocked to learn the great amount of POl SO the body must endure to live in our polluted environment.

This subject is so broad and vital, it would take a large book' discus s it adequately. But enough has been said to make a thinking person be more careful about the kind of air he breathe s, the condition of the air in his home, and especially in his bedroom, where lack of activity during the night allows the air to stagnate and grow extra foul.

That's another reason why people die in their sleep. The polluted, stagnant air in their bedroom paralyzes the breathing center of the brain, and they just stop breathing. Stagnant air gets foul, like water in a stagnant pool. Keep the air in circulation in homes and bedrooms. Use electric fans for that purpose.

Hilton Hotema "Mans Higher Consciousness"

Fewer people would die in their sleep if they had an lectrl " fan in operation in their bedroom. This writer is only fifteen years under the century mark, which he expects to pass by many years, as he feels as fit as he did forty years ago. And he 1s telling the world here, in this work of his, some of the secrets of how he has done it.

D To an intelligent, unprejudiced person who can and does think, the information contained in this work may seem simple. But it is the fundamental simplicitie s that are always difficlut to accept, because they are so very simple, and, therefore, unbelievable on that account. Hilton Hotema Tequi squia pan, Qro. Danger of Smoking. Toleration by the Body Immunity Lesson No.

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