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Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition – D. Roy Choudhary The Surpisingly Simple Truth. This Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits: Theory and Application, by James M. Fiore is copyrighted under the terms of a Creative. Download Linear Integrated Circuits By D. Roy Choudhury, Shail B. Jain – Linear Integrated Circuits is a completely revised and thoroughly updated edition of.

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Linear Integrated Circuit Pdf

Download Linear Integrated Circuits Books – We have compiled a list of Best & Standard Reference Books on Linear Integrated Circuits Subject for Electrical. for more visit: Page 2. Hidden page for more visit: www. Page 3. for more visit: Page 4. for more visit. Choudhry, Shail Jain, “Linear Integrated Circuits”, New Age Ramakant A . Gayakwad, “OP-AMP and Linear ICs”, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall / Pearson.

The most commonly used instrumentation amplifier circuit is shown in the figure. The two amplifiers on the left are the buffers. The buffer gain could be increased by putting resistors between the buffer inverting inputs and ground to shunt away some of the negative feedback; however, the single resistor Rgain between the two inverting inputs is a much more mo elegant method: it increases the differential differential-mode mode gain of the buffer pair while leaving the commoncommon mode gain equal to 1. This increases the common common-mode mode rejection ratio CMRR of the circuit and also enables the buffers to handle much larger common common-mode signals without clipping than would be the case if they were separate and had the same gain. Another benefit of the method is that it boosts the gain using a single resistor rather than a pair, thus avoiding a resistorresistor matching problem although the two R1s need to be matched , and very conveniently allowing the gain of the circuit to be changed by changing the value of a single resistor. A set of switchswitch selectable resistors or even a potentiometer can be used for Rgain, providing easy changes to the gain of the circuit, without the complexity of having to switch matched pairs of resistors. The ideal common-mode mode gain of an instrumentation amplifier is zero. In the circuit shown, common-mode mode gain is caused by mismatches in the values of the equally equally-numbered.

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Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition – D. Roy Choudhary

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(PDF) Linear Integrated Circuit 2nd Edition - D. Roy Choudhary | B Omkar -

Transistor current sources are widely used in analog ICs both as biasing elements and as load devices for amplifier stages. Justify the reasons for using current sources in integrated circuits. What is the advantage of widlar current source over constant current source?

Using constant current source output current of small magnitude microamp range is not attainable due to the limitations in chip area. Widlar current source is useful for obtaining small output currents.

Sensitivity of widlar current source is less compared to constant current source. Mention the advantages of Wilson current source.

Linear integrated circuits & applications PDF lecture notes, eBook download

Define sensitivity. Sensitivity is defined as the percentage or fractional change in output current per percentage or fractional change in power-supply voltage. What are the limitations in a temperature compensated zener-reference source?

A power supply voltage of atleast 7 to 10 V is required to place the diode in the breakdown region and that substantial noise is introduced in the circuit by the avalanching diode. What do you mean by a band-gap referenced biasing circuit? The biasing sources referenced to VBE has a negative temperature co- efficient and VT has a positive temperature co-efficient. Band gap reference circuit is one in which the output current is referenced to a composite voltage that is a weighted sum of VBE and VT so that by proper weighting, zero temperature co- efficient can be achieved.

In practical op-amps, what is the effect of high frequency on its performance? The open-loop gain of op-amp decreases at higher frequencies due to the presence of parasitic capacitance.

The closed-loop gain increases at higher frequencies and leads to instability. What is the need for frequency compensation in practical op-amps?

[PDF] Linear Integrated Circuits By D. Roy Choudhury, Shail B. Jain Book Free Download

Frequency compensation is needed when large bandwidth and lower closed loop gain is desired. Compensating networks are used to control the phase shift and hence to improve the stability.

Mention the frequency compensation methods. What are the merits and demerits of Dominant-pole compensation? Define slew rate. The slew rate is defined as the maximum rate of change of output voltage caused by a step input voltage.

Why IC is not used for high frequency applications? IC has a low slew rate because of the predominance of capacitance present in the circuit at higher frequencies. As frequency increases the output gets distorted due to limited slew rate. What causes slew rate?

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