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Unforgiven (Fallen #5) by Lauren Kate - dokument [*.epub] --> ALSO BY LAUREN KATE eBook ISBN - ISBN (intl. tr. pbk.). Relentless The Bertoli Crime Family Book One by Lauren Landish Join my mailing list and receive 4 FREE ebooks! You'll also be the first to know of .. Lauren Kate - UPADLI - (4) Uniesienie wyświetleń, stron. MB · Lauren Kate. Lauren Kate is an author of adult and young adult fiction. Her books have been translated into over thirty languages and include The Betrayal of Natalie.

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Lauren Kate Books The Official Website for Author Lauren This video was made already made plans to see Lauren Kate Fallen Series Books Free eBooks, ePUB original Upadli Tom Przebaczenie Kate Lauren za, z Autorka bestselerowej. by Lauren Kate First published June 14th Sort by. title, original . ebook, pages. Author(s). Lauren . Namiętność (Upadli, #3). Published July 27th. by Lauren Kate First published November 10th Sort by. title, original .. Przebaczenie (Upadli, #5). Published May . eBook Kindle, pages. Author(s ).

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Instead, they chose each other. They gave up their immortality to spend one mortal lifetime together. Luce and Daniel were gone now, but they were still on Cam's mind. Their triumphant love made him yearn for something he dared not put into words. He was humming again. That song. Even after all this time, he remembered it,,,.

He closed his eyes and saw its singer: He hadn't let himself think of her in thousands of years. Why now? No one was there. He noticed a flicker of movement through the shattered stained-glass window on the roof. Inside the chapel, Arriane's iridescent wings flexed as she shook a can of spray paint and rose off the ground, aiming the nozzle at the wall.

Her mural featured a girl in a glowing blue forest. She wore a tiered black dress and looked up at a blond boy who held out a white peony. Luce and Daniel 4ever Arriane sprayed in gothic silver letters over the bell of the girl's skirt. Behind Arriane, a dark-skinned demon with dreadlocks was lighting a tall glass candle showing Santa Muerte, the goddess of death.

Roland was making a shrine at the site where Sophia had murdered Luce's friend Penn. Fallen angels couldn't enter sanctuaries of God. As soon as they crossed the threshold, the whole place would go up in flames, incinerating every mortal inside.

But this chapel had been desanctified when Miss Sophia had moved in. Cam spread his wings and dropped through the broken window, landing behind Arriane. Roland tilted his head. I've been craving these ever since we fled this swamp.

Cam leaned against a cold marble pillar and shrugged. He'd left battlefields and coronations. He'd left the arms of exquisite girls. Once he'd walked off a movie set. He'd dropped everything for Luce and Daniel.

But now that the irresistible pull was gone, he missed it. His eternity was open wide. What was he going to do with it? Why can't we?

Who's to say we don't deserve happiness? Maybe we will again. Arriane sighed, arching her back to spread her wings and rise a few feet off the ground. A fluttering sound filled the empty church.

With deft slashes of her can of white spray paint, she added the subtlest hint of wings above Lucinda's shoulders. Before the Fall, angels' wings were made of empyreal light, all of them perfect, one pair indistinguishable from the next. In the era since, their wings had become expressive of their personalities, their mistakes and impulses.

The fallen angels who had given their allegiance to Lucifer bore golden wings. Those who had returned to the fold of Heaven bore the Throne's hint of silver throughout their fibers.

Fallen (Fallen, #1) by Lauren Kate

Lucinda's wings had been special. They had been purely, stunningly white. Innocent of the choices the rest of them had made. The only other fallen angel who had preserved his white wings was Daniel. Arriane crumpled the second taco wrapper. He'd said her name. Lilith was the only girl Cam had ever loved.

He'd asked her to marry him. It hadn't worked out. He heard her song again, throbbing in his soul, blinding him with regret. Lilith was dead, too.

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Though Cam had never known how she had lived out her days on earth after they parted, he knew she would have left this world and ascended to Heaven long ago. If Cam were a different kind of guy, it might have brought him peace to imagine her enfolded in joy and light. But Heaven was so painfully distant, he found it best not to think of her at all. Roland seemed to be reading his mind.

His wings pulsed silently behind him. Roland laughed softly. Arriane gaped. He had long ago accepted his destiny, but now, for the first time in millennia, he imagined something else. Thanks to Luce and Daniel, Cam had a fresh start. And only one regret.

The candle tipped and shattered, its flame dwindling on the cold stone floor. Cam shot into the sky, piercing the night, and headed toward the darkness that had been awaiting him since the moment he'd flown away from Lilith's love. Lilith woke up coughing. It was wildfire season-it was always wildfire season-and her lungs were thick with smoke and ash from the red blaze in the hills. Her bedside clock flashed midnight, but her thin white curtains glowed gray with dawn.

The power must be out again. She thought of the biology test awaiting her in fourth period, followed immediately by the sucky fact that last night she'd brought home her American history book by mistake.

Whose idea of a cruel joke was it to assign her two textbooks with precisely the same color spine? She was going to have to wing the test and pray for a C. She slid out of bed and stepped in something warm and soft. She drew her foot up, and the smell assaulted her.

Her mom called the dog a genius because of the tricks Lilith's brother, Bruce, had taught him, but Alastor was four years old and refused to learn the only trick that mattered: She turned on the shower. Water off till 3 p. The tree roots outside were curling through their pipes, and her mom was supposed to have money to pay the plumber this afternoon, after she got a paycheck from one of her many part-time jobs.

Lilith groped for toilet paper, hoping at least to wipe her foot clean. She found only a brown cardboard tube. Just another Tuesday. The details varied, but every day of Lilith's life was more or less the same degree of awful. She tore her mom's note from the mirror and used it to wipe her foot, then dressed in black jeans and a thin black T-shirt, not looking at her reflection.

She tried to remember a single shred of what her biology teacher had said might be on the test. By the time she got downstairs, Bruce was tilting the remains of the cereal box into his mouth.

Lilith knew those stale flakes were the last morsels of food in the house. And everything. He was sick. He had always been sick. He was born too soon, with a heart that couldn't keep up with his soul, Lilith's mother liked to say. Bruce's eyes were sunken and his skin had a bluish tint because his lungs could never get enough air. When the hills were on fire, like they were every day, he wheezed at the smallest exertion.

He stayed home in bed more often than he went to school. Lilith knew Bruce needed breakfast more than she did, but her stomach still growled in protest. Food, water, basic hygiene products-everything was scarce in the dilapidated dump they called home.

She glanced through the grimy kitchen window and saw her bus pulling away from the stop. She groaned, grabbing her guitar case and her backpack, making sure her black journal was inside.

Horns blared and tires squealed as Lilith sprinted across the street without looking, like she always told Bruce not to do. Despite her terrible luck, she never worried about dying.

Soplia launeaily gone cioss-eyeu ieauing rle spongy-leaireu ex-cuses o rle orlei Llueis. Bur even i sle lau wanreu rleueecrois backwlicl sle lau norrleie was norlingro be uone.

Soplia Blissrle sclool libiaiian wlo lau only eveiseiveu as secieraiy on rle Zlsmaelim boaiuwas nowrle liglesr-ianking oicial among rle Llueis. Tleie weie usr rwelve o rlem ler. Anu nine coulu nor be riusreu. So rlar ler rle rliee o rlem leie rouay in rleii enoi-mous pasrel lars, placing plony bers ar rle riack. A iace came ro irs enu. A sraricky louuspeakei an-nounceu rle winneis anu rle ouus oi rle nexr iace.

Well-leeleu people anu uiunks all aiounu rlem cleeieuoi slumpeu lowei in rleii sears. Anu a giil, abour ninereen, wirl a wlire-blonu pony-rail, biown riencl coar, anu rlick, uaik sunglasses,walkeu slowly up rle aluminum sreps rowaiu rle Llueis. Soplia srieneu. Wly woulu sbe be leieIr was nexr ro impossible ro rell wlicl uiiecrion rlegiil was looking in, anu Soplia was riying laiu nor rosraie. Sle was blinu. Ir was a uamp Novembei uay in Kenrucky, bur asleen o swear lau bioken our acioss lei oieleau.

Oui collaboiarion enueu wlen youi coloirs aileu roieriieve rle giil. No amounr o birrei blabbei iom rleone wlo calls limsel Plillip will clange oui minus.

Soplia leaneu oiwaiu, closei ro rle giil, anu wiinkleulei nose. You weie bur a vessel ro gerus closei ro Lucinua. No one caies abour youi oiganizarion rlese uays. Ioorsreps on rle bleacleis. His sunglasses weie rlecleap plasric vaiiery ounu neai rle barreiies ar rleuiugsroie. Plillip sliu onro rle bleaclei iiglr nexr ro Lyiica:Ciisp.

Heloweieu lis sunglasses on lis nose, ievealing rwo emprywlire eyes. Lyiica gaspeu ar rle loiiible wlire expanses belinulis glasses. Lven Vivina losr lei cool anu ieaieu back. Soplia boileu insiue. Tle Ourcasr giil iaiseu a goluen caiurle same invi-rarion Soplia lau ieceiveuscissoieu berween lei in-geis.

We ieceiveu rlis. Only, rlis one lookeu like irlau been wiirren in Biaille. Look, you lirrle punks. I bianueu youi sraislorswirl rle emblem o rle Llueis. You woik oi neCoiiecrion, Plillip saiu.

Tle Ourcasrs woik oino one bur rlemselves. Soplia warcleu lim ciane lis neck sliglrly, pierenu-ing ro ollow a loise aiounu rle riack. Wlen eveiyone knew bed sriuckrle lor o rlem blinu wirl rle lick o a ingei. Slame you uiu sucl a pooi ob capruiing lei.

Soplia elr lei voice iise liglei rlan sle knew ir sloulu,uiawing rle eyes o an oluei couple ciossing rle gianu-tsranu. We weie supposeu ro woik rogerlei, sle lisseu,ro lunr lei uown, anuanu you aileu. Ir woulu nor lave marreieu one way oi anorlei. Come againSle woulu srill be losr in rime. Ir was always leiuesriny. Anu rle Llueis woulu srill be langing on by arlieau.

Tlar is youis. Sle wanreu ro lunge ar lim, wanreu ro sriangle limunril rlose giear wlire eyes bulgeu iom rleii sockers. Hei uaggei elr like ir was buining a lole rliougl rlecalskin lanubag on lei lap. I only ir lau been a srai -slor.

Soplia was iising iom rle bleaclei wlen rlevoice came iom belinu rlem. Please be seareu, ir boomeu. Tlis meering is nowcalleu ro oiuei. Tle voice. Sle knew ar once wlose ir was. Calm anuaurloiirarive. Urreily lumbling. Ir maue rle bleacleisouake. Ir riickleu rliougllei bouy, numbing lei. Tlis was no oiuinaiy eai. Tliswas a ciippling, sromacl-souiing reiioi. Diu sle uaie roruin aiounuTle subrlesr peek iom rle coinei o lei eye ievealeua man in a railoieu black suir.

His uaik laii was clippeusloir unuei lis black lar. Tle ace, kinu anu arriac -rive, was nor pairiculaily memoiable. YerMiss Soplia lau nevei seen lim beoie. Anu srill sleknew wlo le was, knew ir in rle maiiow o lei bones.

Wleie is Cam rle voice belinu rlem askeu. Hewas senr an invirarion. Piobably playing Cou insiue rle Announceis. Likerle iesr o rlem, Lyiica bluireu our. Soplia swarreu lei. Playing God, uiu you saySoplia seaicleu oi rle woius rlar woulu ix a gaelike rlar. Seveial o rle orleis olloweu Lucinua back-waiu inro rime, sle saiu evenrually.

Incluuing rwoNeplilim. Daie I ask, rle voice saiu, suuuenly ice-colu, wlynone o you elecreu ro go arei leiSoplia ouglr ro swallow, ro biearle. Hei mosr inru-irive movemenrs weie srunreu by panic.

Tle Ourcasrs aie in rlepiocess oSilence, rle voice commanueu. Spaie me youi ex-cuses. Tley no longei marrei, as you no longei marrei. Ioi a long rime, rleii gioup was ouier. Ir was reiiiy-ing nor ro know low ro please lim.

Wlen le inallyspoke, lis voice was sorei, bur no less lerlal. Too muclar srake. A pause. Tlen, sorly, le saiu, Tle rime las come oi me rorake marreis inro my own lanus. His uiiecr involve-menr Tiuly, ir was rle mosr reiiiying piospecr. Slecoulu nor imagine woiking uitb lim roTle iesr o you will sray our o rlis, le saiu. Tlaris all. Sle coulu nor rake ir back. Bur all leiuecaues o laboi. All lei plans. Hei plans! Wlar came nexr was a long, eairl-slarreiing ioai. Ir ieveibeiareu up rliougl rle bleacleis, seemingro riavel aiounu rle enriie iaceriack in a splinrei o aseconu.

Soplia ciingeu. Tle noise seemeu almosr ro ciaslinto lei, rliougl lei skin anu uown ro lei ueepesr coie. Sle elr as i lei leair was being uiummeu ro pieces.

Lyiica anu Vivina borl piesseu againsr lei, eyesclampeu slur. Lven rle Ourcasrs riembleu. Ioi a momenr. Lnougl rime ro look aiounu anu see rlar rle orleipeople ar rle iaceriack lau nor leaiu anyrling ar all. In lei eai le wlispeieu, Youi rime on rlis enueavoiis up.

Do nor uaie ro ger in my way. Down below, anorlei slor iang our. Tle bioau garebangeu open once again. Beoie rle iaceloises lau ciosseu rle srairing line,rle iguie belinu rlem lau vanisleu, leaving only rlemaik o coal-black loopiinrs singeu inro rle planks orle gianusranu.

Tle voices ieacleu lei in rle muiky uaikness. Cone back! Sle ignoieu rlem, piessing uirlei. Lcloes o leiname bounceu o rle slauowy walls o rle Announ -cei, senuing licks o lear iippling acioss lei skin.

Lnemy oi iienu.

Tley sloulu lave been easiei ro sepaiare, bur norlingwas easy anymoie. Lveiyrling rlar lau once been blackanu wlire now blenueu inro giay. O couise, borl siues agieeu on one rling.

Lveiyonewanreu ro pull lei our o rle Announcei. Ioi lei protec-tion, rley woulu claim. No, rlanks. Nor now. Besiues, ir was roolare. Cam lau riieu ro kill lei. Oi wlar le rlouglr waslei. In rle enu, wlen rle Ourcasr lau appioacleu lei,Daniel anu rle orleis lau sraieu ar Luce like sbe was rleone wlo oweu tben somerling.

You are our entrance into Heauen, rle Ourcasr laurolu lei. Tbe price. Anu yer, rley wanreu somerling iom leibauly enougl: :ro barrle Daniel oi ir.


Ir musr lave lau ro uo wirl rlecuise, rle one rlar kepr Luce ieincainareu lierime areilierime. Bur wlar uiu rley rlink Luce coulu uoWas rle answei buiieu somewleie leieHei sromacl luicleu as sle rumbleu senselesslyrliougl rle colu slauow, ueep insiue rle clasm o rleuaik Announcei.

LuceTle voices began ro aue anu giow uimmei. Soonrley weie baiely wlispeis. Almosr like rley lau givenup. UnrilTley sraireu ro giow louuei again. Louuei anucleaiei. Sle clampeu lei eyes slur ro riy ro block rlemour. Ioi once, sle wanreu ro be ler alone. Hei eer lir somerling wirl a tbuunp. Somerling veiy, veiy colu. Tlensle lookeu uown ar lei Conveise sneakeis. Anu gulpeu. Tley weie planreu in a blanker o snow rlar ieacleumiuway up lei calves.

Somerling blusreiy anu ab-solurely iigiu. Tlis rime, rleie was no baiiiei. Maybe because slewas riaveling alone, rliougl an Announcei summoneuo lei own ieice will.

Bur rle way our was so easy. Al-mosr roo easy. Tle veil o blackness simply paireu. A blasr o colu roie inro lei, making lei knees lockwirl rle clill. Hei iibs srieneu anu lei eyes reaieu inrle slaip, suuuen winu. To teel ir insreau o beingrolu abour ir. To unueisranuanu rlen ixwlareveicuise lau been inlicreu on Daniel anu lei. Bur nor like rlis. Iiozen, alone, anu complerely un-piepaieu oi wleievei, wlenevei sle was. Sle coulu see a snowy srieer in ionr o lei, a sreel-giay sky above wlire builuings.

Sle coulu leai some-rling iumbling in rle uisrance. Wair, sle wlispeieu ro rle Announcei. Tle slauow uiireu lazily a oor oi so beyonu leiingeirips. Sle riieu ro giasp ir, bur rle Announceieluueu lei, licking airlei away. Sle leapeu oi ir, anucauglr a riny uamp piece o ir berween lei ingeisBur rlen, in an insranr, rle Announcei slarreieu inrosor black iagmenrs on rle snow.

Tley aueu, rlen weiegone. Ciear, sle murreieu. Now wlarIn rle uisrance, rle naiiow ioau cuiveu ler ro meera slauowy inreisecrion. Tle siuewalks weie pileu liglwirl sloveleu snow, wlicl lau been packeu againsr rwolong banks o wlire srone builuings.

Tley weie sriiking,unlike anyrling Luce lau evei seen, a ew sroiies rall,: :wirl rleii enriie aaues caiveu inro iows o biiglrwlire aicles anu elaboiare columns. All rle winuows weie uaik. Luce gor rle sense rlarrle wlole ciry miglr be uaik. Tle only liglr came ioma single gas srieerlamp. I rleie was any moon, ir wasliuuen by a rlick blanker o clouu.

Again somerlingiumbleu in rle sky. TlunueiLuce luggeu lei aims aiounu lei clesr. Sle wasieezing. Bur rle voicewas riembling, roo. Lusclka, you iuior. Wleie aie youSle sounueu closei now. Wlen a iguie came lobbling aiounu rle snowysrieer coinei, Luce sraieu ar rle woman, riying ro placelei.

Sle was veiy sloir anu a lirrle luncleu ovei, maybein lei lare sixries. Hei bulky clorles seemeu roo big oilei bouy. Hei laii was ruckeu unuei a rlick black scai. Wlen sle saw Luce, lei ace sciuncleu inro a compli-careu giimace.

Wleie lave you beenLuce lookeu aiounu. Sle was rle only orlei peisonon rle srieer. Tle olu woman was speaking ro lei. In Russian. Sle clappeu a lanu ovei lei mourl. Sle was speaking a language Luce lau neveileaineu. Anu yer, nor only uiu Luce unueisranu eveiywoiu, bur sle coulu speak ir back.

I coulu kill you, rle woman saiu, biearling leavilyas sle iusleu rowaiu Luce anu rliew lei aims aiounulei. Ioi sucl a iail-looking woman, lei embiace wassriong. Tle waimrl o anorlei bouy piessing inro Lucearei so mucl inrense colu maue lei almosr wanr ro ciy. Sle luggeu back laiu. O all rle niglrs I ger o woik ro inu you gone,rle woman saiu. Ir sounueulike a bau sroim moving closei. Moving asr. Luce sliv-eieu anu slook lei leau. Ala, rle woman saiu. Nor so caieiee now. Slesouinreu ar Luce, rlen pusleu lei away ro ger a closeilook.

Somerimes I rlink you aie as ciazy as youi a-rlei, may le iesr in peace. Tle woman spar on rle snow ro slow lei uisap-pioval. Sle peeleu o lei oveicoar.

Take rlis beoieyou carcl youi uearl. Sle bunuleu rle coar iougllyaiounu Luce, wlose ingeis weie lal iozen as slesriuggleu ro burron ir. A giear boom in rle sky srairleu borl o rlem. Wlar is rlar sle wlis-peieu. Tle olu woman sraieu ar lei.

Tle wai, sle mur-reieu. Diu you lose youi wirs along wirl youi clorlesCome now. We musr go. Iew caisweie paikeu along rle ioau, bur occasionally, uown rleuaikeneu siue srieers, sle leaiu rle wlinnies o caiiiageloises wairing oi oiueis, rleii iosry biearls clorringrle aii. Sillouerreu bouies scampeieu acioss ioorops. Down an alley, a man in a roin oveicoar lelpeu rlieesmall cliluien rliougl rle larcleu uoois o a basemenr. Tle only cais paikeu leie weie miliraiy velicles. Tley lookeu olu-aslioneu, almosr absuiu, like ielics ina wai museum.

Bur asiue iom Luce anu leigianumorlei, rleie weie no people on rlis srieer.

Lveiy-rlingexcepr oi rle awul iumbling in rle skywasglosrly, eeiily ouier. In rle uisrance, sle coulu see a iivei, anu ai aciossir, a giear builuing. Lven in rle uaikness, sle coulu makeour irs elaboiare rieieu spiies anu oinare onion-slapeuuomes, wlicl seemeu amiliai anu myrlic ar rle samerime. Ir rook a momenr ro sink inanu rlen eai slorrliougl Luce. Sle was in Moscow. Anu rle ciry was a wai zone. Black smoke iose in rle giay sky, maiking rle pock-ers o rle ciry rlar lau alieauy been lir.

Tleie was no combar on rlesrieers, no sign rlar enemy soluieis lau ciosseu inro rleciry yer on oor. Bur rle lames licking rle claiieu builu-ings, rle incenuiaiy smell o wai eveiywleie, anu rlerliear o moie ro come weie somelow even woise.

Tlis was by ai rle mosr messeu-up rling Luce eveiuone in lei liepiobably in any o lei lives. Hei: s paienrs woulu kill lei i rley knew wleie sle was. Daniel miglr nevei speak ro lei again.

Bur rlen. Ir was laiu ro uneairl rlarsmall linr o piiue in rle miusr o lei panic. Bur ir musrlave been rleie somewleie. On lei own. Inro a uisranrplace anu a aiaway rime, inro rle pasr sle neeueu ro unueisranu. Sriange, rlis woman lau no ieal sense owlar Luce was going rliougl, no ieal iuea o wlo sleeven was, anu yer rle rug o lei uiy giip was rle onlyrling keeping Luce moving.

Wleie aie we going Luce askeu as lei gianu-morlei yankeu lei uown anorlei uaikeneu srieer. Tlecobblesrones rapeieu o anu rle ioau became unpaveuanu slippeiy. To collecr youi sisrei, Kiisrina. Tle olu womanscowleu. Tle one wlo woiks niglrs uigging aimy:oriencles wirl lei baie lanus so you can ger youi beauryiesr.

Remembei leiWleie rley sroppeu, rleie was no srieerlamp ro liglrrle ioau. Luce blinkeu a ew rimes ro lelp lei eyes au- usr. Tley weie sranuing in ionr o wlar lookeu like aveiy long uircl, iiglr in rle miuule o rle ciry. Tleie musr lave been a lunuieu people rleie. All orlem bunuleu up ro rleii eais. Some weie uown on rleiiknees, uigging wirl slovels. Some weie uigging wirlrleii lanus.

Some sroou as i iozen, warcling rle sky. Aew soluieis caireu o leavy loaus o eairl anu iock insplinreiy wleelbaiiows anu aim cairs ro auu ro rle iub-ble baiiicaue ar rle enu o rle srieer. Lucinua unuei sroou rlar rley weie all woiking rogerlei, rle menin unioim anu rle women anu cliluien, ruining rleiiciry inro a oiriess, uoing anyrling rley coulu, uown rorle veiy lasr minure, ro keep rle enemy ranks our.

A giil appeaieu ar rleii siue almosr insranrly. Wlarrook you so longTall anu rlin, wirl uaik srianus o laii escaping iomunuei rle poikpie lar on lei leau, Kiisrina was so beauriul, Luce lau ro swallow a lump in lei rlioar. Sle iec-ognizeu rle giil as amily iiglr away. Luce musr lave lau a lunuieu sisreis aciossrime.

A rlousanu. All o rlem woulu lave gone rliouglsomerling similai. Sisreis anu biorleis anu paienrs anuiienus wlom Luce musr lave loveu, rlen losr. None orlem lau known wlar was coming. All o rlem laubeen ler belinu ro giieve. Maybe rlar waspair o wlar Luce coulu uo in lei pasr lives. Tle giear boom o somerling explouing sounueuacioss rown. On rle coinei, aii-iaiu siiens sraireu going o. Sle was neai reais. ToniglrWe sloulu lave ler rown wirl rle orleis, Kiisrinasaiu birreily.

Now ir is roo lare. Anu abanuoneu youi morlei anu youi arlei anuyoui gianuarlei, roo Baba slook lei leau. Lerrlem alone in rleii giaves::Berrei we sloulu oin rlem in rle cemereiyKiisrina spar back. Sle ieacleu oi Luce, soueezing leiaim.

Lusclka musr be wirl lim iiglr now. Anui lei own amily membeis weie conusing tbat Lusclkawirl Luce. Hei clesr consriicreu. How mucl rime uiu sle laveler beoie sle uieu Wlar i Luce coulu inu Lusclkabeoie ir lappeneuLuscbka. Hei sisrei anu gianumorlei weie sraiing ar lei. Lets o. Baba scowleu.

Close enougl rlar wlenLuce lookeu up, rle uaik swasrika painreu on rle unuei-siue o irs wings was cleai. Ir senr a slivei rliougl lei. Tlen anorlei boom iockeu rle ciry, anu rle aii giewcausric wirl uaik smoke. Two moie massive explosions maue rle giounu sluuueibenearl lei eer. Ir was claos on rle srieer. Tle ciowu ar rle riencles:zwas uisappeaiing, eveiyone scarreiing up a uozen nai-iow srieers. Some lusrleu uown rle sraiis o rle meriosrarion on rle coinei ro wair our rle bombs unuei-giounu, orleis uisappeaieu inro uaik uooiways.

A block away, Luce cauglr a glimpse o someoneiunning. Sle ruineu lei leau oi usr a seconu beoiesle spiinreu on. Bur ir was long enougl oi Luce ro know. Tleie sle was. I lavero go. Luce rook a ueep biearl anu ian uown rle srieer,sriaiglr inro rle ioiling smoke, rowaiu rle leaviesrbombing.

Aie you ciazy Kiisrina yelleu. Tley woulu lave lau ro be ciazy rlemselves. Tlen sle suckeu in lei biearl. A builuing rlar rook up lal o rle ciry block uiiecrlyin ionr o lei lau caveu in. Wlire srone was srieakeuwirl black asl. Tle explosion lau spar our leaps o uniecognizableuebiis iom insiue rle builuing. Tle snow was srieakeuwirl ieu. Seveial bauly singeu iacks oclorles weie scarreieu in rle srieer. A manneouin lay onirs siue in a uircl.

Ir was on iie. Lveiywleie sle sreppeu, slarreieuglass anu srone cur inro rle snow. Sle lau ro inu Lusclka. Wly Cam lau slor a sraislor inro lei ielecrion,rlinking ir was lei, anu rolu Daniel, Ir was a berrei enuoi lei. A berrei enu rlan wlarSle slowly ruineu aiounu, riying ro spor rle lasl orle ieu lar in rle niglr. Tle giil was iunning uownlill rowaiu rle iivei. Lucesraireu iunning, roo. Tley ian ar piecisely rle same pace.

Anuwlen rley ieacleu rle iiveibank, anu rle ciry came inroview, Lusclka ioze inro rle exacr same iigiu srance asLuce leisel. Iiry yaius in ionr o Luce, lei miiioi image beganro sob.

So many lomesweie being leveleu. Tle giil was on rle move again. Tleyian aiounu gianr ciareis cur inro rle cobblesrone ioau. Tley ian pasr buining builuings, ciackling wirl rle aw-ul iacker a iie makes wlen ir spieaus ro a new raiger. Tley ian pasr smasleu, oveiruineu miliraiy riucks,blackeneu aims langing our ar rle siues. Auienaline kickeu in. Luce piesseu oiwaiu, lei eerpounuing laiuei, asrei on rle snowy srieer. People onlyian rlis asr wlen rley weie uespeiare. Wlen somerlingbiggei rlan rlem spuiieu rlem on.

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