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Killing me softly: a novel of obsession by Nicci French; 12 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction, Married women, Love, Psychology, Love in fiction. Thank you very much for reading killing me softly by nicci french novel. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look hundreds times for their chosen. Killing Me Softly Author: French Nicci Killing Them Softly · Read more · Killing Her Softly Summer Reading is Killing Me! Read more · Summer Reading.

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It just doesn't work that way, and it's ridiculous to even fantasize that it would. There were other dropped storylines - for instance; Alice is learning to speak French, but there is no reason, and the French is never explained.

Any first-year French student will understand the language used, but anyone who has not had exposure will not. What was the point, Ms.

Why bother? Alice doesn't find any clues in French. Is it just because you are Ms. French, Ms.

Is that clever? I say, Non. C'est ne pas. D, this book is headed your way. You're going to love it. View all 4 comments. This book surprised me. It was not what I expected. Maybe it was because I got it on clearance for a buck the local bookshop. Nonetheless, I am happy I picked this one up. It turned out to be suspenseful and a good read.

Here is what this book is about since the book description lacks some knowledge. Alice meets A This book surprised me. Alice meets Adam randomly on the street one day and they soon very soon actually embark on a passionate love affair. Alice is already in a relationship with a man named Jake but this does not stop her from pursuing something with Adam. Adam is a mystery, his past is very secretive other than the fact that he is a mountain climber. Soon their sex lives begin to get violent.

This is where I would say goodbye Adam! She meets a woman who claims to be his ex and shows her welding scars to her and tells her Adam did that to her. At this point in the book even weirder things begin to occur. This whole story is something that can happen in real life. I was a bit annoyed with Alice for her irresponsible life decisions and I thought she was getting what she deserved.

ISBN 13: 9780759595866

Adam right from the beginning seemed like a macho-possessive man. The ending did surprise me though! View all 5 comments. Sep 17, Miz rated it did not like it Shelves: Who knew! View 1 comment.

Apr 11, Monique rated it liked it Shelves: Man can I give this book a 3. LOL anyways I really did enjoy this book as it is subtitled as A Novel of Obsession and that is exactly what she was, obsessed, like to the extreme..

Okay so the book starts out with an ordinary woman just like any one of us in a great relationship with a guy who is comfortable with her, and wants to marry her--she has a great circle of college friends and a great job as a scientific researcher for a female contraceptive..

Yeah he's hot and she is intrigued but forgets him as she goes to work, however when she leaves work he is still there and without even giving her his name she follows him to his borrowed residence and has mind blowing sex.. Okay so with just that intro I was alittle lost on relating to her, who does this, she doesnt even know anything about him, where she is going or anything but follows this crazy quiet dude anywhere it was creepy..

So like I said she follows him, begins this crazy affair where she lies to everyone, alienates herself from her friends and eventually breaks it off with her boyfriend and then get this, she marries the dude she knows nothing about.. He is ultra secretive, gets into kinky masochistic sex and becomes obsessesed with her, while she is finally wising up and investigating him as well..

She delves into his past with an almost unhealthy fixation and finds everything she wanted to, and more.. Like I said I enjoyed this book and felt the writing was superb, alive and expressive and I cant wait to read more from this author interesting side note: Love it Alice locks eyes with a beautiful man in the street and her life is overturned.

Leaving her comfortable home, her friends, her boyfriend, she immerses herself completely into this new love. But Adam is more than he seems and his refusal to discuss his past holds more secrets than Alice can imagine This is an intelligent read which probes the boundaries between overwhelming 'true' love and obsession; between submission and victimisation; and between consensual sex and something much darker.

The Alice locks eyes with a beautiful man in the street and her life is overturned. The idea of 'the One' great love has become such a cliche and yet is still an ideal which underpins so much of contemporary culture. This book takes that idea and pushes it to its logical extremes, exposing the dark underside where both romantic and erotic love shade into madness and violence.

There are elements of this book which don't quite hold together but overall this is a compulsive read, written in a deceptively easy to read style.

Excellent, and the more you think about it the more frightening it becomes. I'm sorry to say that I thought this book was truly awful. I found it neither gripping nor thrilling. Irritating and unbelievable were probably better adjectives.

Alice was so naive I wanted to smack her and the 'bad guy' was so obviously sinister, anyone who didn't notice it must have had their head buried in the sand. I didn't find the conclusion particularly convincing either. It's the first Nicci French I have read and I have a feeling it might be the last. Sorry all, but it was just not for I'm sorry to say that I thought this book was truly awful.

Sorry all, but it was just not for me. May 09, Chrissy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay, this book is like a lifetime movie meets Showtime. Another one of my guilty pleasures.

This is a curl yourself in a blanket and never get up book. It's a bad car accident. You're surprised you're so interested and a little disappointed in yourself, but you can't peel yourself away!

View 2 comments. Apr 10, Barbara Elsborg rated it it was amazing. I love the way the book starts and then backtracks. Doesn't always work but it does here. The authors show how deep obsession can go, how the victim can be pulled in without even realising it's happening, and even when they do, it's still difficult to believe what's going on.

Adam is a damaged individual. So kind and caring, so vile and manipulative. Well drawn characters all round. I've read this book twice - psychological suspense novels don't come better than this. Not a romance! This book is excellent, and got me snapping up every Nicci French book I could find.

Just please, please don't watch the movie! It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen! If I had seen the movie first I would never have read the book.

Jun 30, Zoeytron rated it it was ok Shelves: Another reviewer mentioned something to the effect that this book reminded her of one of those cheesy made-for-TV movies on Lifetime. I wholeheartedly concur.

Cannot think of a better way to phrase it. This was a First-reads giveaway, thank you. Listened to in audio format. Marry in haste, repent at leisure comes to mind. I love husband and wife team Nicci Gerard and Sean French and I am in the process of listening to their books. However for some reason I kept putting off listening to Killing Me Softly. Scientist Alice Loudon was in relationship with boyfriend Jake.

Jake and Alice had lovely set of friends called 'the crew' which included her best friend who is also Jake's sister. One morning Alice crossed the road near her office and spot Listened to in audio format. One morning Alice crossed the road near her office and spotted an attractive man on the opposite side of the road. Frozen to the spot they both stared at each other until Alice crossed the road and went to work.

Alice was vshocked by her reaction but then forgotbhim. At lunchtime the mysterious man wasvlnoutside waiting for her, Alice wordless followeev him back to his flat to have sex. The man was called Adam Talis and was a famous mountaineer. Alice and Adam started an affair, Alice quickly became obsessed with Adam and left the lovely Jake after one week and moved in with him.

Alice loved Adam but was disturbed by his cruel sado masochist tendencies.

Unable to see reality they marry shortly after. After getting married she finds out Adam was involved with a disastrous trip to Chungawat and he tried to save the climbers. When a reporter tells Alice that Adam had been charged with rape at College she starts to see his dark side.

Killing Me Softly

When Adam's friend tells her his ex girlfriend was on the Chungawat trip she tries to find out what happened on the expedition. After alienating her friends Alice has no one to talk too. She starts to look into the lives of the dead members including visiting their relatives and searching through the victims bins. When Alice's suspicions are realised she finds her life in danger. I did enjoy this book, but there was no mystery, suspense or even romance in the story.

I could forgive this if I cared about Alice, but I did not. I liked Jake and his sister who was Alice's BF but felt betrayed because Alice had cheated on her brother. I was also surprised by the ending I thought it was an anti-climax.

Killing Me Softly by Nicci French

I recommend Nicci French's books just not this one. I will first start by saying that i think its a really good book and makes me think about human nature which i love to do. Adam is a mountain climber and it seems that his past is da I will first start by saying that i think its a really good book and makes me think about human nature which i love to do.

Adam is a mountain climber and it seems that his past is dark and full of secrets. Meanwhile there is this strange person in the background of their lives who keeps calling without saying a word and starts sending threatening letters. This book has emphasised my belief that there is always more to a person than we know and that even though we can not possibly know the inner workings of people, we should at least make sure that we know the people we commit to and that we should not have to give our lives up for someone, no matter how much we love them Jan 19, Thom Swennes rated it really liked it.

You are pleased with your life. You have a job that you enjoy and you are good at it. You have a partner that loves you and you are even considering starting a family. One day, that all changes, you see a stranger and everything changes. With hardly a word you follow him and are willingly sexually seduced. This is the life of Alice Loudon.

She meets Adam and everything changes. Life is no longer mundane but is this new, all consuming passion, really what she wants. Adam tells her that they belong to each other but should she take this literally?

Is this significant? Her quest for answers brings her where she never expected or wanted to be. This is a story to sink your teeth in. A really great read! Another winner for Nicci French! Jun 14, Miss Hartigan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Again, I pulled an alnighter just to finish reading it. I tried time and time again to put it down so I can get some sleep, but couldn't.

Nicci French

I found the end to be anti climatic though. Jul 20, El rated it did not like it Shelves: My first Nicci French book and it was obvious to me that this was written by two people.

The writing didn't gel and lacked consistency at times. The storyline came across as just ridiculous: Alice, happy and settled in her life with Jake, spies Adam in the street and It is fairly evident from the outset that Adam is a very dangerous person but Alice seems to have been hypnotised into stupidity and doesn't get away ASAP.

This is the inconsist My first Nicci French book and it was obvious to me that this was written by two people. This is the inconsistency. We are told that Alice is a very together person, a scientist holding down a responsible job, but her actions with Adam suggest the opposite. Other details jarred: She is learning French for some unexplained reason. Things happen but are not picked up on later. And she hides important incriminating evidence in her underwear drawer!

Surely the first place one would look? This had the potential to be a very good book about obsession and power and fear but, for me, it just didn't work.

Mar 25, Erika rated it liked it Shelves: My first encounter with this book was when I was a teen and I couldn't recall why, but I never finished it. Fast forward 20 years later and I caught a glimpse of the title at my local library and was compelled to finished it. Just as before, I was attracted to the fast pace beginning of the story. Then during the middle of the book, I am hit with the reason why I ditched it in the first place.

The protagonist in this story is a nosy, jealous, and extremely annoying individual in which I could no My first encounter with this book was when I was a teen and I couldn't recall why, but I never finished it. The protagonist in this story is a nosy, jealous, and extremely annoying individual in which I could not related to.

I reluctantly finished it this time in hopes to see this with an adult's perspective, but to no avail Zeer spannend, leest als een trein!! Jun 19, Nolan rated it really liked it. It all begins as an incredible adventure into passion that gets more exhilarating with each passing moment.

Alice Loudon lives a quiet London life. She has a relatively nondescript boyfriend with whom she lives, and friends who eagerly include her in their circle of activities. That all changes on a fateful day when she exchanges a lingering look with a man who utterly shakes her up and rearranges every aspect of her life. They ultimately engage in a frothy quickie in his flat, and his skills as It all begins as an incredible adventure into passion that gets more exhilarating with each passing moment.

They ultimately engage in a frothy quickie in his flat, and his skills as a love maker are apparently unparalleled. He is Adam, a mountain climber widely touted as a hero among other climbers for his work in saving a group of people on a particularly dangerous climb. So completely smitten is Alice with Adam that she ends her relationship with the nondescript boyfriend, packs her things, and moves into Adam's place. As his darkening influence over her grows, her willingness to associate with others decreases until she is thoroughly isolated from the people and things that once mattered.

Her life is filled with Adam, but in a dark twisted way. When she begins to express her fears and concerns, no one will listen to her. After all, the girl must be mad, right? He's the great hero--the real good guy. Her fear that he will some day kill her is mere paranoia on her part. This is a gritty and dark story that all too many women will relate to in one way or another. The seemingly perfect man turns out to be the very personification of hell, but no one will listen to you or even take your side.

This is a gripping psychologically suspenseful story of gradual horror and identity change. It is not Adam who has changed, but Alice herself.

I was constantly reminded of the old experiment of placing the frog into the water and ever so gradually turning up the heat until the frog is dead.

These authors skillfully turn up the heat ever so slowly, allowing you to see what is happening to Alice. So intricately is this dark tale woven that you find yourself engulfed in tension, hoping someone somewhere will listen to her.

You'll also be left amazed and frightened at how easy it is to change one's identity in an abusive relationship. I would not be at all surprised that this became a Lifetime movie. It's exactly the kind of plot Lifetime would gravitate to, minus the low-budget cheesiness that is a trademark of Lifetime movies.

Indeed, this is a jarring, disturbing story that will chill you and leave you shaken. I would be fascinated to learn more about the authors's relationship to the London police. In all of their books I've read so far, the police are portrayed largely as ham-handed buffoons whose mistakes are legion and whose successes are almost matters of luck rather than skill.

I can't say that I always like the characters these authors create. They're all a bit quick to hit the sheets with whatever moves, and their propensity to smoke more and profane louder than anyone else in the room is legendary.

That said, none of them are cookie-cutter one-dimensional people. There's a complicated darkness about these women, and their lives are written with such skill that you cheer for them and badly want them to succeed. You even find it easier than it should be to forgive them for those seemingly out-of-character acts of stupidity in which some of them engage from time to time. This book's title is appropriate indeed.

So pillowy soft is the psychological shroud in which Alice is gradually wrapped that you will be deeply saddened at the change in Alice, highly sympathetic to her circumstances, and genuinely troubled by the reality that you almost certainly associate with women who, like Alice, are losing the very essence of self, paralyzed and helpless as that self--that identity is sucked into a hellish vortex of shadow and terror.

French does a masterful job of subtly reminding you that women who are abuse victims aren't uneducated pathetic creatures who step blissfully and cluelessly into bad relationships. Instead, they are all too often beautiful, capable women who offer much to a world that won't extend a lifeline when that intelligence and beauty is overshadowed by fear and uncertainty. Jan 05, Carmen rated it it was ok Shelves: But I spent the majority of the novel wondering where exactly the Thriller portion would come in.

I found it really hard to relate to the characters. Given it a bit more time? I actually found I could relate better to the characters that Alice leaves behind when she follows her first impulse, simply because I was just as baffled as they were!

I guess you could say in that regard I was very close with Alice, following along with her as she started looking into things. No Title Exists. Publish date unknown, Zmora-Bitan. History Created December 8, 9 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Killing me softly , Mysterious Press in English. Killing me softly , Mysterious Press in English - 1st U. Killing me softly , Michael Joseph in English. Killing me softly , Penguin in English.

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