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Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series of six issues that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho. It was written by Jason M. Jason M. Burns is a comic book creator. His work includes Start reading Jericho: Season 3: Civil War on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle?. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Robert Levine is the co-creator of the hit television series . Format: PaperbackVerified download. This graphic novel is the continuation of the canceled Jericho TV show. What would happen to the US if 20+.

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Jericho Season 3 Civil War Comic Book

Continuing right where the Jericho Season 2 television cliffhanger ended! Jake Green and Robert Hawkins are in the safe haven of Texas with the last. Civil War picks up where the canonical ending of Jericho ended in Texas .. In the meantime, I bought this officially sanctioned graphic novel of Season 3 so I. Season 3 has been turned into a Comic Book Series. with Robert Hawkins, Smith details how his thirst for revenge brought a nation to the brink of civil war.

Jericho was a TV series in the early s exploring American in a post-apocalyptic setting. The series was initially cancelled after one season, granted a further 10 episodes and then ended. Civil War picks up where the canonical ending of Jericho ended in Texas with Jake, Hawkins and a bomb, as such it does require you to have watched the series first and assumes you have. This is a fantastic way to continue a well-liked series. Post-apocalyptic stories seem to lend themselves well to the grap. Post-apocalyptic stories seem to lend themselves well to the graphic format and due to the basis of the series as TV series, there is no debate as to looks of characters. All the main characters are reasonably recognisable, some more so than others. The style is perfect for the plot.

Jake and Emily then approach as Hawkins gives them an update on Valente, but Jake warns that Smith has gone rogue and has his own agenda. Cut to Palmer in the interrogation room with Major Beck and Heather. He threatens to kill Heather with a toxin that will make it look like she died of a heart attack.

Palmer leaves the room to let them stew on his threat and Beck tells Heather that he is almost free from his ropes. She claims she is too, but we see that is a lie. Emily warns that Smith is trying to get to Valente in order to avenge the death of his wife, and they are interrupted by a soldier that tells them there has been an explosion at Smith's house.

They decide they have to move Valente to a different location, and Emily suggests that she help with the search for Smith because she believes they have developed a trust. Jake and Hawkins are against it, though.

Cut to Stanley's farm were Dale is negotiating with the Texas troops that have overtaken it. Stanley and Mimi think that Dale is selling them out, but he is negotiating for supplies and medicine in return for their use of the farm as a base to prepare their attack on the ASA troops. We then cut to Smith breaking into a store to get the supplies he needs for his attack on Valente. Emily arrives having seen the light from outside and tries to convince him not to do it. Smith starts seeing his wife in place of Emily, and she appears to realize that and uses it to her advantage to try and defer him from his plans.

Jericho Season 3 (2009 Devils Due/IDW) comic books

Cut back to Stanley's farm where the leader of the Texas troops is trying to convince them that they only want to use the farm temporarily for its strategic value for their upcoming attack. The leader also seems to know a lot about the people of Jericho and he reveals that he has brought with him Hawkins' daughter Allison.

Cut back to Beck and Heather as Eric sneaks in from the window to help them. Eric starts helping them to get out of their ropes, but Palmer returns before Heather is loose. A confrontation ensues and Palmer fires on Heather who is still bound to her chair.

But Beck steps into the line of fire and takes two bullets.

Jericho Season 3 ( Devils Due/IDW) comic books

Eric draws on Palmer who gets shot once before fleeing. Army insignia, and Beck himself appears to still be in command.

Beck now receives word that Green and Hawkins are alive in Texas, which he secretly relays to the Jericho underground resistance. Issue 2 Release date: January 13, Forced to enter into enemy territory, they must use the help of the Jericho Resistance to make their way through an Allied States processing town on the Texas border.

Disguised as refugees, the heroes must maneuver past hi-tech cameras, armed ASA soldiers and local black market thugs to continue their mission to find terrorist John Smith.

Issue 3 Release date: March 10, Morse Code Subtitle: Smith has the key. Their goal: break into the massively fortified, off-sight facility and retrieve terrorist John Smith.

This unreachable goal becomes slightly more attainable with the aid of Chavez, who knows the ideal way to infiltrate the Allied States' defenses. In Jericho, Skylar arrives home by bus after a trip to New York to try to find her parents, and is welcomed back by Dale.

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Emmett who is drawn to resemble actor Gerald McRaney who portrayed Johnston in the original Jericho series has some of his brother Johnston's gumption, which surfaces during the toast.

Issue 4 Release date: February 16, Morse Code Subtitle: Who will save Beck. Under interrogation by his Allied States captors, terror mastermind John Smith reveals his story: a full account of the motives, methods, and betrayals that resulted in the destruction of twenty-three American cities.

From his recruitment by Jennings and Rall to his showdown with Robert Hawkins, Smith details how his thirst for revenge brought a nation to the brink of civil war.

Issue 5 Release date: March 16, With a cavalry on their tail, Jake finds an unlikely place to harbor Smith as they begin to make their way to Columbus.

In Jericho, the citizens react to the ASA's institution of a military draft as Beck is interrogated for his involvement in the death of Major Petrella. Issue 6 Edit Release date: April 27,

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