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Today we are sharing a compilation of Important Idioms and Phrases with Hindi and English meaning. This is an Important PDF especially for Hindi. SSCNOTES is online portal for Competitive Exams Preparation and provides best study materials, latest exam and result related updates. Ultimate Vocabulary words for Competitive Exams PDF Download. SSC GK Important Important Question and Answers in English PDF Download. Book Name: Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning; Size: KB; Pages: 26; Format: PDF; Quality: Excellent; Sharing Credits: Freedom.

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Idioms And Phrases With Hindi Meaning Pdf

Idioms and Phrases PDF: Hello Friend's आज के इस Article में हम आपके लिए लेकर आए हैं “ Idioms and Phrases PDF” File. Today we are sharing SSC CGL Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning pdf Download. so friends download this idioms and phrases and. Today we are sharing a compilation of Important Idioms and Phrases with Hindi and Englishmeaning. This is an Important PDF especially.

A hard nut to crack xaHkhj leL;k A difficult problem 2. All eye for an eye tSls dks rSlk Tit for tat 6. At once rqjar] ,d gh le; esa At the same time, promptly, instant 7. At home vkjke nk;d fLFkfr esa gksuk Comfortable 8. All in all lcls egRoiw. Add fuel to fire vkx esa? An arm chair job vklku ,oa vPNh vk; okyh Good income job with high comfort ukSdjh An old flame iqjkuk I;kj A person, one had a romantic relationship with, in the past. Apple pie order fcYdqy Bhd gkyr esa In good condition At a lose fu. At a pinch leL;k esa gksuk In a trouble At arms length nwj j[kuk nksLrh u j[kuk Avoid becoming too friendly At ease fpUrk jfgr Free from pain and anxiety

Gala day vkuanksRlo dk fnu Celebration day Get away with Ckp fudyuk To escape Get down to dke xaHkhjrkiwoZd vkjaHk To attend to work seriously djuk Get into hot water leL;k esa Qluk Get into a trouble Get off scot free vnf.

Mr fudy tkuk To escape without punishment Get on ones nerves Rakx djuk To irritate or annoy Get the wind of fdlh Hksn dks tku ysuk To know the secrets Go the whole hog iw.

Idioms and Phrases Asked in SSC Exams (with Hindi Meanings) PDF Download

Give up the ghost fdlh dks fufpr nk;js ds To die, stop working, stop doing vanj j[kuk] dk;Z jksduk something Go down well with ;Fkksfpr vfHkokn ikuk Applauded by Give me a hand enn ysuk To take help Gain ground izfl gksuk Become popular Gribble- gabble Ewk[kZrkiw. Give a piece of mind MkVuk To rebuke scold Go through fire and dksbZ Hkh [krjk eksy ysuk To brave any danger water Go to rack and ruin foukk gksuk To decay or get destroyed Good Samaritan n;kyw O;fDr A person who helps and pays sympathy to those in distress Grass widow ,slh fookfgrk ftl dk ifr A woman who is separated, mlls nwj gks divorced or lives apart from her husband Grease the palm fjor nsuk To bribe Grist to ones mill Qk;nsena Something that can be used for ones advantages Halcyons days [kqkxokj fnu Peaceful days Hammer and sickle Lkektokn dk izrhd A symbolic representation of communism in general Hand and glove with vPNs lg;ksx ls In close co-operation Hang by a thread Ckgqr uktqd fLFkfr esa gksuk Be in a risky situation Haul over the coals dksluk] HkRlZuk djuk To take to task, to reprimand Have finger in the pie fdlh dk;Z esa kkfey jguk To be involved in something Have ones hand full dke dh deh ugh gksuk To be completely occupied Have ones way viuh bPNk ds vuqlkj The way one wants Have several iron in ,d gh le; dbZ dk;kZs esa To be involved in many project or the fire kkfey gksuk activities at the same time Hen-pecked husband Tkks: dk xqyke Admirer of ones own wife in a servile manner Herculean task Ckgqr dfBu dk;Z Task requiring tremendous effort High and dry vdsyk In a deprived situation alone High hand fujadqk Overbearing High living ,sk vkjke dh ftUnxh Living with comfort and ease Hit below the belt Xkyr rjhds ls izgkj djuk To strike unfairly Hit the nail on the Lkgh le; ij lgh To do the right thing at the right head ckr dk;Z djuk time Hobsons choice dksbZ fodYi u gksuk No alternatives Hole and corner policy xqIr uhfr Secret policy Hold no water lgh ugh gksuk Not correct or true Hush money fdlh ckr dks xqIr j[kus ds Money given to someone to keep fy, fn;k tkus okys iSlk something secret In a fix eqlhcr esa gksuk In difficulty In no time kh?

In a fog nq:g Confused, not able to understand In black and white fyf[kr esa In printed or written form In full swing iwjs tksjks ij At the height of activity In the nick of the time Bhd le; ij At the last possible moment In the same boat ,d gh gkykr esa Sharing the same problems In vogue Ikzpfyr In the current fashions Ins and outs fooj.

Itching palm fjor ysus dh vknr gksuk Craving for bribe Itsy bitsy vR;ar NksVk Very small or tiny Jack of all trades and Tkks vkneh fdlh Hkh dke A person who knows many master of none fuiq. Jail word Tkks tsy esa gks ;k igys jg A person who is or has been pqdk gks confined in jail Keep ones cards close fdlh ckr dks fNikuk Hiding something to ones chest Keep ones finger fdlh vPNh?

Keep the ball rolling Tkkjh j[kuk To maintain the progress of a project or plan Keep the wolf from the nfjnzrk ls la? Kill two birds with one ,d dk;Z djds nks leL;ksa ls Doing two things at the same time stone fuiV ysuk while effort is made for one Ladys man Tkks efgykvksa ds laxr esa A man who is fond of the company jguk ilan djrk gks of women Left-handed izkalk ds :Ik esa vieku An insult disguise as a compliment complement Loaves and fishes O;fDrxr ykHk Material benefit.

Mad as a march hare fljfQjk Crazy and insane Make a clean breast Lkp dcwy ysuk To confuse especially something bad or illegal Maiden speech izFke lkoZtfud Hkk"k. Make both ends meet vk; ds vanj gh xqtkjk To live within ones means djuk Make hay while the ekSds dk ykHk mBkuk To take the benefit of an sun shines opportunity Make up ones mind fu'p; djuk To decide Man of parts lq;ksX; O;fDr A man of qualities Man of spirit mRlkfgr O;fDr A man full of enthusiasm Man of straw og O;fDr ftldk dksbZ er A weak person u gks Man of the world vuqHkoh O;fDr An experienced person Man of word tqcku dk lPpk True to ones word Midas touch tknqbZ kfDr ftl dke esa A man with extraordinary gkFk yxk;s og fl gks tk, Mince matters T;knk l[r kCnksa ds iz;ksx ls To moderate or restrain ones cpuk language Miss the beat volj [kksuk To lose an opportunity Mother wit vke tkudkjh Common sense Milk of human ekuork ls Hkjk n; Good feelings towards others kindness Meet ones waterloo vafre ijkt; Make one feel terrified, horrified Much cry and little jkbZ dk igkM cukuk Lots of fanfare for something which wool have very little importance Nine days wonder de le; dk lq[k Something that arouses great interest but for a very short period Oily tongue [kqken dh Hkk"kk Flattering words On ones last legs [kRe gksus dh fLFkfr esa gksuk Close to collapsing Out of sorts vLoLFk gksuk Unwell, slightly ill Once in a blue moon dHkh dHkkj Very seldom Palmy days vPNs o kkafriw.

Pandoras box leL;kvksa dk HkaMkj A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles Part and parcel vko;d vax Inseparable part Past master foks"kK An expert Pick up the gauntlet pSyat s dcwy dj ysuk To accept the challenge Play duck and drakes iSls cckZn djuk To waste money Play second fiddle fupyk LFkku Lohdkjuk To be at a subordinate position Play truant fcuk btktr dke ls xk;c To be absent from duty without jguk permission Poison someone ears dku Hkjuk To speak against one to another Poke ones nose VaWkx vMkuk To interfere Pull ones legs etkd mMkuk To make fun of or to tease Put in cold storage dke dks yafcr dj nsuk To keep a work pending Put ones shoulders to Lo;a vius iz;klksa ls fdlh To work or exert oneself heavily the wheel dke dks djuk Put the cart before the dksbZ dke mYVs fljs ls djuk To do things wrongly horse Queer fish vthc O;fDr Strange person Rain cats and dogs rst ckfjk gksuk Rain very heavily Rainy day vkfFkZd d"V ds fnu Future time of need, especially financial need Read between the lines eryc tkuuk To understand the hidden meaning Red tapism yky Qhrkkkgh Strict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities Rhyme or reason fdlh Hkh dkj.

Right hand man eq[; lgk;d O;fDr Ones most supporter person Rock the boat larqyu fcxkMuk To disturb a situation which was otherwise stable Royal road vklku jkLrk An easy or direct way of achieving a desired result Rule the roost jksc tekuk To dominate Run amuck lud lokj gksuk Made with murderous frenzy Run the gauntlet cqjs vuqHko ls xqtjuk To go through an unpleasant experience Root and branch iw.

Save ones skin Lo;a dks cpkuk To save oneself See eye to eye iq. See red xqLls esa gksuk Be very angry Set at naught vlEEkku djuk To disregard or treat as of no importance Set ones heart on cgqr pkguk To have as ones ambition to obtain something Set ones teeth on edge ijskku djuk To irritate or annoy someone Set the Thames on fire vkp;Ztud dk;Z djuk To achieve something amazing Shoulder to shoulder iw. Show white feather Hk; iznfkZr djuk To show cowardice Sine die vfufpr dky ds fy, Indefinitely Slip of the tongue tqcku fQlyuk Spoken unintentionally Slow coach vkylh O;fDr A person with lazy approach of working Small fry xSj egROkiw.

Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning-Download For Competitive Exams

Smell a rat xyr gksuk eglwl gksuk To suspect something wrong done Smooth sailing ijskkuh ds fcuk Easy progress Snake in the grass vkLrhu dk lakWi A secret enemy Shake in the shoes Mj ls dkWiuk A tremble with fear or apprehension Show the dragons Hkfo"; ds fy, ijskkuh djuk To create future trouble for yourself teeth or others Speak ones mind eu dh ckr djuk Speak what one really thinks Stand on ones legs vkRe fuHkZj gksuk To be self dependent State somebody in ykHknk;d gksuk To be of great use and benefit to good stead someone Stir a finger dksfkk djuk Making effort Stones throw cgqr utnhd Very near Street Arabs cs?

Sum and substance lkjkak Main idea or gist Sweat of ones brow dMh esgur Hard labour Swelled head? Sang froid vkRe la;eh composure Spilling the beans fcuk lksps tkudkjh nsuk Reveal the information indiscreetly Set the record straight lgh djuk Give a correct account Safe and sound fcydqy Bhd Quite well Snake in the grass vkLrhu dk lki A hidden army Back to Square One To go back to the beginning; a popular saying that suggests a person has to start over.

Back To the Drawing Board Similar to the phrase above, it means starting over again from a previously failed attempt. Beating Around the Bush Avoiding the main point; a common phrase meaning a person is failing to get to the bottom line.

Beating a Dead Horse Something that is seen as futile; a popular saying used to describe how bringing up older issues that have already been resolved is pointless. Between a Rock and a Hard Place Being faced with two difficult choices; a dilemma.

List Of Phrases In Hindi And English

Break The Ice Breaking down a social stiffness or awkwardness. Close But No Cigar Coming close to a successful outcome only to fall short at the end. Cup Of Joe A cup of joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee.

Curiosity Killed The Cat An idiom meaning mind your own business, as too much poking and prodding could lead to harm. Cut The Mustard Meeting expectations; used as a way to describe how someone one has met the required standards that were set.

Cut To The Chase To get to the point, leaving out all of the unnecessary details. These Idioms and Phrases are not just useful for competitive exams but they are also very helpful in day to day life English conversations. Download the PDF here: We are sharing all those questions here in this post. We have maintained Privacy of all the candidates as promised.

Every year SSC Exam is conducted in order to recruit the large number of qualified job seekers to fill up vacant seats under different departments that come under The Government of India.

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