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The term “born again” has become popular in some Christian circles over Billy. Graham has written a best seller, How To Be Born Again. The term has even. Jesus says that if we are to see the Kingdom of God, we must be born again. Have you been born a second time?. PDF | Charles Colson's Born Again was the most celebrated spiritual memoir of the s evangelical Meanwhile, Billy Graham had brought out his own.

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How To Be Born Again Billy Graham Pdf

I am born again and would like to grow in Christ and be a blessing to . We encourage you to go to and scroll to. Keywords: Charles Colson; Born Again; conversion; sanctification; tried reading Norman Vincent Peale, listening to Billy Graham and. (within the ecumenical fellowship to be sure) the effort by many Chris- tians of Reformation heritage to understand the world under the sign of Christ's.

Intro: Ill. Billy Graham Tells of a time early in his ministry when he arrived in a small town to preach at a meeting. He had arrived a little bit early to finish writing a letter for back home. As he finished the letter, he asked a young boy standing on the sidewalk of the location of the town post office. When the boy had given him the direc-tions, Mr. Here in John chapter three, Jesus talks with a Religious leader whose name was Nicodemus, and in their conversation, Jesus explains to this man exactly how a person can go to heaven. And in this passage before us today, Jesus tells Nicodemus some three things about salvation and going to heaven. Now notice, the first thing Jesus tells Nicodemus is: in order to be saved and go to heaven - I. Ye must be born again! Listen, that is the only way to heaven — to be born again!


So we must do more than simply hear and believe. Mormons teach Lordship Salvation. Bob Gray Sr. If you've got to repent of all your sins, you're still headed for Hell tonight.

You cannot show me even one Bible verse that says to turn from sin, or forsake the world, or repent from sin to be saved.

No, rather, repentance is changing one's mind about the wrong way we think concerning how to get to Heaven. My friend, there is NO price to pay for salvation. Billy needs to get saved. I know Baptist pastors who adore and idolize Billy Graham as their evangelical hero, and it is really sad and discouraging to me to know this.

Once people get stuck in a certain mindset, be it wrong or right, it is very difficult to change their mindset. I tell you confidently that Billy Graham a 33rd Freemason is teaching a doctrine of devils concerning his corrupt plan of salvation. As 33rd degree Freemason and prolific author Manly P. Hall teaches in his occult writings And so we see this exact deception is implemented in Billy Graham's false gospel which cannot produce the second birth.

In one sentence Billy says that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone; but then his very next sentence totally contradicts the first by telling his audience that they must count the cost and pay the price of forsaking sinful living to be saved. This is NOT what the Bible teaches. It's that simple. The entire purpose of the law of Moses is to bring you to the place where you realize that you cannot save yourself.

Thus, true repentance is the point when you change your mind from what you want to do to go to Heaven to what God says you must do in order to get to Heaven. No one is able to keep the law perfectly. The rich young ruler in Luke failed to keep the law of Moses perfectly. This young man was trying to earn Heaven by his own goodness.

What he needed to do was realize that he couldn't save himself and instead completely REST in Christ. We don't know what happened to him, but if he was a good student in class so-to-speak , then the law eventually taught him that there is no way humanly possible to perfectly keep the law.

And so, we all see clearly that we need Jesus Christ to get to Heaven! They sincerely thought that God would be impressed with all the nice, sacrificial, generous, devoted and wonderful WORKS which they had done; but Jesus said these horrifying words to them Will you also hear these horrifying words from the mouth of the Savior I'll focus on this unsaved religious group more in a moment. They were trying to get to Heaven by keeping the law of Moses, and they were failing utterly.

They missed the whole purpose of the law of Moses, which is to silence the boasting of self-righteous men and show all mankind our GUILT of sin in God's eyes. And unless you accept Christ's payment for your sins by His precious blood, you will burn in Hell for ever and ever and ever! Again, in Matthew we find a religious group being rejected by Christ, which means being sentenced to the Lake of Fire Revelation Jesus said For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

That's the only way to Heaven my friend! Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

Unless you accept Christ's payment for your sins by His own blood, you will spend eternity burning in the fires of the Lake of Fire!!!

40 Courageous Quotes from Evangelist Billy Graham

We have no part in our salvation. The word sin carries with it the idea of missing the mark, coming short of our duty, failure to do what we ought to do. And yet before we can get to heaven, we must have righteousness.

Where are we going to get that perfection? That is why Christ died on the cross; He shed His blood and rose again to provide righteousness for us. Another word is iniquity , which means to turn aside from the straight path. Every person needs a radical change. We need to have our sins forgiven; we need to be clothed in the righteousness of God.

To find fulfillment in this life we need to find something to commit ourselves to. Are you a committed person? What are you committed to?

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He will never let you down. Some people ask the question: What is new birth? Nicodemus asked that question too: I was born and reared on a dairy farm. How can a black cow eat green grass and produce white milk and yellow butter?

Nicodemus could see only the physical and the material, but Jesus was talking about the spiritual. How is the new birth accomplished? We cannot inherit new birth.

Many people have the idea that because they were born into a Christian home, they are automatically Christians. We cannot work our way to God, either. Nor is reformation enough. Some of us have changed on the outside to conform to certain social standards or behavior that is expected of us in our churches, but down inside we have never been changed.

That is what Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about. Being born from above is a supernatural act of God. The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin; He disturbs us because we have sinned against God. And then the Holy Spirit regenerates us. That is when we are born again. The Holy Spirit comes to live in our hearts to help us in our daily lives.

The Spirit of God gives us assurance, gives us joy, produces fruit in our lives and teaches us the Scriptures. Some people try to imitate Christ.

Joseph Jennyfer Luis e. Luis a thank you God bless you. Visit this link: Hi Kim, This is wonderful news.

We encourage you to visit this website to find resources for growing in your faith: I am born again and would like to grow in Christ and be a blessing to my family and others. I am so glad to listen to his message. I listen to a daily video. I have also some video and it is a great opportunity for me. I am a born-again Christian and his message makes me strong. I would like to download all the books that were written by Billy Graham. Please can you give me the names? I have read Peace with God.

This link should give you a list of all the books and you can download them right here: I would like to read the books written by Billy Graham through email or websites or download the books. If the books written by him can be downloaded and you give a wsy how to do it, will be very grateful. Please visit https: Thank you!! Very badly inspired by the sermons he had preached across….

Like to develop spiritual life through his books. I would love to receive any news you can send.

How To Be Born Again: Billy Graham: Books

I love reading books from Billy Graham and Ruth Graham also. We encourage you to go to wwww. There you can enter your email address and get Library news straight to your inbox. It is a great blessing to connect with such a Christ centred organization, I await in great expectation as I get to learn from you. I love watching Evangelist Billy Graham and would like to receive some literature in peace with God.

Hi Tabitha, We encourage you to visit this site: I am very much influenced by many of the messages of Pastor Billy Graham thank you for sending me his wonderful messages concerning salvation through Christ Jesus. Hi gooday, I am from South Africa and would like bible study material from Billy Graham to really uplift my local church and the community and to encourage the men in our church. Please email me.

I hope to year from you. Hi James, We have a lot of resources available online here: Hi Albert, This may be of help to you: The book is so interesting I told myself I want to read more and more about Billy Graham. What also stands out is that hell is a reality just as heaven is.

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