File formats supported include GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF , PCX,. GNU Image Manipulation Program. Generated by docbook2odf. Bug Reports · Mailing Lists · IRC · Books · Twitter · Google+ · Facebook · GIMP News Feed | Contacting Us · Creative Commons License Unless otherwise noted . Consequentially, much of this book was written using the GIMP No. Yes. Portable Bitmap image. Commonly used in Unix and Linux. PDF pdf. Yes. No.

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If you want to learn GIMP as a complete beginner, but you have no idea where to start, this book is for you. I wrote this e-book for people who hate technical. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GIMP The author and publisher of this book have used their best .. John Sigerson (PDF file format of GUM version to ). Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available? You can upgrade to the eBook version at www.

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I never noticed the little "flyout" arrows, and so of course I didn't know that some of those arrows provide options for customizing the dockers. I use the histogram constantly while image editing and I didn't know the histogram can be a docker — much more convenient than opening it from the image menu and then closing it again to get it out of the way. I didn't know you could open an image by dragging and dropping it from a file manager to the GIMP toolbox.

I did some experimenting and found that the same process works when dragging an image from digiKam to the toolbox and from Geeqie to the toolbox. It also works when you want to open an image with Geeqie, Cinepaint, Photivo, and Darktable — just drag from one application to the next. If you've never taken advantage of this drag and drop functionality, you can't appreciate how convenient it is.

Download Book [PDF] GIMP for Absolute Beginners by lockner - Issuu

I was vaguely aware that GIMP provides keyboard shortcuts, but I'd never bothered to learn or use any of them except cntl-S save an image, which works in just about every Linux application. I've already incorporated cntl-O open an image , cntl-J shrink-wrap an image , cntl-E export an image , and F11 go to full screen with an image into my workflow, and I'm confident there are other shortcuts that will also prove useful. I didn't know there was a docker for showing RGB values at four different points on the image.

This is a functionality that no image editor should be without, as it allows you to color-balance an image using levels and it also allows you to change the overall image contrast while keeping any given spot on the image at its existing value. I was intending to request that this functionality be added to GIMP, not knowing it was already in place.

There are several different methods for zooming in and out on an image in GIMP, and the only ones I knew about were the dropdown menus.

But you can hover your mouse inside the status bar dropdown menu and scroll to resize — quick, convenient, easy, intuitive. I did not realize that GIMP is set up so you can access everything from everywhere, including closing the menu bar at the top of the image and right-clicking on the image itself to access the image menus. I knew you could use a tablet with GIMP, and I downloadd a tablet not too long ago, but found it awkward and rarely used it.

After a bit of practice, I got the hang of it and really like it. The GIMP slider interface for resizing brushes was driving me nuts "that's not a drive, it's a short putt", says my husband. It's pretty obvious that the sliders work in two different modes: an upward-pointing arrow for making large changes and a sideways-pointing arrow for small changes.

But despite a fair amount of jabbing at the sliders I never figured out how to reliably get the mode that I wanted. The answer is simple: Put the mouse in the top half of the slider for making large changes with the upward-pointing arrow. Put the mouse in the bottom half of the slider for making small changes with the sideways-pointing arrow. It works really well. It's a complete crash course in using GIMP.

There are two quite different areas of expertise being presented in the book: how to perform various editing tasks and how to use GIMP to perform these editing tasks. The two topics are conceptually separate but impossible to separate in practice.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner in the digital darkroom, or if you have years of experience in the digital darkroom using some other image editor but you are not experienced at using GIMP, then based on the first couple of chapters I'd say 'The Book of GIMP' is an excellent resource.

In the first chapter the authors cover a lot of ground very quickly, and in places there are somewhat abrupt changes in topic. I ended up reading the first chapter three times through, each time working on acquiring a new set of skills setting up the workspace, practicing keyboard shortcuts, using a tablet, etc.

It was well worth the effort. The authors intended to wait until GIMP 3. As I was still missing that one critical tool from my open source digital darkroom — bit image editing with masks and layers — from my point of view the timing of the release of 'The Book of GIMP' couldn't be better. On the one hand, GIMP from git is perfectly useable right now for high bit depth image processing with masks and layers, as long as you keep in mind that it is a development branch and not everything has been ported over to use high bit depth processing.

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8 of The Best GIMP Books

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