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Roxb Figure-2 The transverse section of the leaf showed dorsiventral nature.


The leaf was divided into Upper epidermis, Lower epidermis, Mesophyll and Vascular bundles. Upper epidermis was single layer of thin walled closely arranged cells and covered externally by a layer of cuticle.

Most Popular Articles The diospyros melanoxylon epidermis is a continuous layer Lower epidermis: Lower epidermis was single layer of parenchymatous cells Mesophyll: The region between the upper and lower epidermis is diospyros melanoxylon by mesophyll. The mesophyll was formed of chlorenchymatous cells and is the seat of photosynthesis. Mesophyll was differentiated in to upper palisade parenchyma and lower spongy parenchyma.

The energy value of the pulp was Hardness of the fruit in axial direction was 9.

Mineral such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus were present in high concentration. Various diospyros melanoxylon and diospyros melanoxylon properties found can be used in designing proper equipment for value-addition of the fruit. Diospyros melanoxylon - Wikipedia The data on antioxidant properties suggests the nutritional importance of Kendu fruit.

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The roots form vertical loops in sucker-generated plants. Elliptic-oblong leaves can be opposite or alternate, leathery, up to 35 cm long, velvety on both sides when young, becoming smooth above when fully grown.

Ultrasound shows that there's a umbilical cord around my baby's neck or maybe just in her neck area.

A nuchal cord is a complication that occurs when the umbilical cord wraps around the babys neck. This is common and occurs in about of pregnancies.

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In some cases, nuchal cords do not impact pregnancy outcomes, but in others, they pose a significant risk of lowered blood flow, hypoxia low oxygen A nuchal cord nu. Nuchal cords are common, with prevalence rates of 6 to Up to half of nuchal cords resolve before delivery. The sagittal section image shows a single cord loop posteriorly meaning thereby that the nuchal cord, in this case, is not as significant and possibly safer than We had an ultrasound 2 days ago at 32 weeks and the Dr.

The doctor said not to worry Ill still be able to deliver naturally but now he knows to keep a close eye on baby. But Im still pretty worried. Have any mommies out there given birth naturally Ever wondered what happens if the baby's cord is around its neck at birth?

Parents are often frightened to think about the baby's umbilical cord being around the neck at birth, also called a nuchal cord. A nuchal cord nu.


Pregnant women worry about the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the babys neck, however, the condition does not cause problem in the babies.

The cord around the neck does not restrict the oxygen supply in the baby because they get the oxygen from the cord but not the trachea. In some cases, nuchal cords do not impact pregnancy outcomes, but in others, they pose a significant risk of lowered blood flow, hypoxia low oxygen levels , and delivery complications.

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