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Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island By Enid Blyton . These seventy-five biographies showcase people from all age groups,.. Group of Seven are. The very first Famous Five adventure, featuring J . What can Uncle Quentin be up to - all alone - on . The Famous Five are having a brilliant time - on. “Famous Five 02 - Five Go Adventuring Again” By Enid Blyton 2 Kirrin Cottage again - and seeing Kirrin Island - but after all there are no pantomimes or has been working out a secret theory - a secret idea - and putting it all into his book.

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Famous Five All Books Pdf

All 21 books were originally published by Hodder & Stoughton Limited. BIOGRAPHY Fifty years ago, I was an avid reader of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books. pdf. Reading Book Enid Blyton Famous Five Series, 21 Books Box Collection Again:) By Sumbeela Ahmed Fond memories associated with all these books. Julian, Dick and Anne are brothers and sister, In the first book, Five on a Treasure Island, . Even after that you can save it as a "pdf copy" to enjoy reading PDF . it was a wonderful experience reading all famous five series. thanks a million.

The Famous Five Series. Book 1. Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. The very first Famous Five adventure, featuring J… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu.

Said Aunt Fanny to. It was exciting, remembering all the things that had happened last year. It made. I DO think its mean, said George, fiercely. Why cant. PDF economic report president pdf format by http:rubbishdownload. Superficial analysis of the Famous Five series is always quick to suggest that its. Two corpora specialized and general were constructed and employed to give comparison.

A specialized corpus was smaller in size and built through compilation of twenty-one books of The Famous Five. All twenty-one digital iles were converted to. On the contrary, the general corpus was larger in size and constructed from the collection of imaginative texts available in the British National Corpus.

Although the British National Corpus contains a variety of written texts e. Both specialized and general corpora were converted and uploaded into Wmatrix and AntConc programs. On the lexical level, both Wmatrix and AntConc can generate keywords which refer to lexical items that occur with a signiicantly higher frequency positive keywords or with a signiicantly lower frequency negative keywords in a collection of texts when compared with a larger reference corpus.

Keywords are important to search for a particular relevance to literary themes and gender representation and help to explain what characterizes particular discourses Adolphs, The application of Wmatrix and AntConc throughout the study is to generate empirical data to help answer both research questions as meticulous as possible.

The Famous Five is a classic literature which is compulsory for literary scholars to discuss its eminent theme recounted by the author; therefore, Wmatrix serves this purpose as it can generate information about thematic categorizations.

However, the Antconc program is also needed to generate information about collocations that will spell out gender representation of male and female characters. Information gained from both programs will be investigated and analyzed based on both quantitative and qualitative methods. Log-likelihood statistics is chosen for this study because of the fact that the data collection is relatively small when compared with the reference corpus and that it places more emphasis on lexical words, rather than grammatical words, Baker, which relate to contents and thematic features in narrative ictions.

The cut-off value of this research will be set at Results and Discussion The results can be divided into two parts in response to research questions one and two respectively. The irst part will be the results retrieved from Wmatrix program which will be used to explicate thematic categorizations. The second part will be the results retrieved from the Vol. Part 1: Wmatrix Regarding the thematic categorizations provided by USAS Tagging in Figure 1, it shows key semantic ields along with their Log-likelihood value with cut-off value at It is established as one of the means to acquaint main characters to children and to make the readers feel close to individual characters.

The second highest value demonstrates 83 Vol. He climbed int C3 ine! George looked at h C4 lly! Wi C5 eorge looked at him and her eyes shone too, as bright as the sea itself C6 ne. It was so magniicent. The lightning tore the sky in half almost every C7. The others followed. The light from the torch showed a very quee C9 uted back George, her blue eyes shining dangerously.

I alwa C11rs to the two artists, her eyes gleamed angrily. Julian shone his torch in front of him, and a C14 n to the study. For example, C1 denotes the signiicance of sunlight as a time indicator and C8 shows the usefulness of light torch while being in the darkness. The irst literary theme suggests that there would always be a solution or exit to every problem.

The theme construes the genre of the series as detective ictions, where all characters brainstorm for ideas to seek the way out of predicaments. It is notable that the concordances and thematic categorization could serve as a means to seek for literary themes. Figure 2 demonstrates positive overused and negative underused keywords.

Positive keywords are such words or phrases that are frequently uncommon, whereas negative keywords are those of infrequently uncommon. Personal names are overused mostly throughout the series, especially those of the protagonists e. George, Julian and the antagonist Mr.

While there is a tendency of dominant features of personal names in positive keywords, the negative keywords reveal that the series contain less use of relative pronouns e. This could substantiate that the narrative consists of simple, rather than complex, sentences and it serves the purpose as a reading selection for children. Kinship is not highlighted because the story is focused on the friendship assured among the group and this is the story of children who come from different background.

Figure 2: Positive and Negative Keywords Log-likelihood Value Keywords can be ranged from a word to phrases and Wmatrix can generate multi-word expressions results as well. These multi-word expressions are deemed promising as to emphasize literary themes discussed.

Hur C7 soon as we yawn. I did want to go down on the beach for a while. The children stared at one another, feeling sorry and dismayed. Come on down at once and see it. Georgina C12 here to be seen, although she had come on the station platform with Anne.

As soon as he knew they were asleep he got u C15 quite happy on my own. Two male characters Julian and Dick and two female characters Georgina and Anne are at the center of attention.

Julian and Georgina are two protagonists that propel the plot throughout the series; therefore these two characters are intriguing to scrutinize how the author particularly uses her word choice. AntConc is particularly used to generate concordances and collocates among male and female characters. AntConc can also calculate the tokens of the search words. When compared with Julian, George speaks less than almost ifty percent.

Unlike Julian, the male protagonist, George has been equally addressed. Interestingly, Timothy, the male dog, is addressed more often than Dick and Anne. This empirical evidence proves that the animal can be seen as more important than both Dick and Anne because its name was repeated a higher number of times. AntConc can generate data of concordance and collocation analyses which are considered crucial for a comparison between male and female characters. Positive traits of the male characters are described as being active, logical, dependable, and respectful, while their negative traits are associated with being disagreeable, unsuccessful and furious.

Foregrounded with the positive and negative traits, readers may have a particular impression of male characters through a variety of lexical items employed; however, collocations provide empirical evidence to conirm how that impression can be formed through a given set of words.

Although some words are positive e. The female characters are represented as weak, unhappy, inactive, submissive and illogical. She had always vowed that she never, never would take an C3in the kennel? She would die of unhappiness! She turned to Julian and Dick. She smiled unwillingly. A secret organization? Or are we reading too much into this? Eventually they came back to the strange mystery of the floating people. Neither one of them could imagine what those dark figures had been up to.

Maybe she was just taking the horse for a ride and wound up there. A small zipped pocket revealed nothing. Another chilly breeze tugged at their clothes. Who else around here has a beautiful black horse like that? It's too much of a coincidence for it not to be her. She almost knocked us flat! There may be nothing mysterious about that at all. I did so want to steer clear of adventures these hols! Can't we just ignore all the funny happenings and pretend nothing's going on? I wanted to go to Kirrin.

There were a couple of pound notes in there. Everyone turned to her in surprise. George—" started Dick. It even has the glass room at the top. Dick and Anne got out the game of Monopoly and sat down at the table in the dining room. It just eats her up that other people are daring to set foot on her precious island. But there are all sorts of displays and exhibits around the walls.

I'm not surprised the workers didn't install a staircase this time round. Do you remember how the original tower blew in the wind when we went to the top that time?

George scowled. There's a ladder that runs up one wall. But as long as that tower's there. It's all very interesting. I shan't enjoy it if I walk around and find litter everywhere. When Julian. It's just that it's quite shiny and gleams in the sunlight. Island tomorrow and have a picnic. Aunt Fanny popped her head in the door and looked about. Joan was saying just now that it's almost an exact replica of the original—not made from aluminium at all.

But she says the spiral staircase hasn't been installed this time. Can visitors go inside the tower at all? It'll just make me mad. I know there was some trouble when you went to stay with him. Dick and Anne simply looked at one another in dismay.

Aunt Fanny came further into the room. Mr Lenoir was not their idea of friendly company. A nightmare for the teachers. It was very funny. I just came to say that your Uncle Quentin has a visitor in the morning. You know how these scientists are. She's just like her father. But I haven't seen much of him lately for some reason. But Julian knew the answer to that. The three talked awhile about their adventure at Smuggler's Top. Thanks to your uncle's clever idea to drain the swamps around Castaway Hill.

The window was slightly ajar. The evening slipped away and. Her eyes would adjust to the darkness in a moment. Anne sighed and rolled over.

Still no sound.

Anne yawned automatically. I vote for Leicester Square and Piccadilly—I already have the other yellow one. She closed it gently. Anne shivered. But then she thought about how annoyed George would be if a blinding light woke her up.

But no—the moon was around the front of the house. She lay there in the darkness. Maybe she could pull back the curtain a little. Anne hesitated a moment longer. It might be summertime. She heard nothing. With her fingers paused by the light switch. Anne squinted.

But it was too dark to see if her cousin was lying awake or snoozing soundly. George must be sound asleep. She quietly opened the door and peered in.

She yawned again as she climbed the stairs to the girls' bedroom. Was she there? She seemed awfully quiet. She reached out to turn on the bedside lamp. What was George thinking of. Anne smiled and left them to it. Not even Timmy stirred. The room was in darkness. All over the moors indeed! Aunt Fanny's low. He bolted upright. What could be happening?

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There it was again—a sharp crack-boom in the far distance. A breeze blew against the window frame. Julian stirred as a door closed a little too loudly downstairs. In the daytime he always complained about people slamming doors when he was trying to work. Around midnight. Sleep came quickly to both boys. But out to sea the moon hung bright over the bay. They pulled them back and stared out. Julian and Dick became aware of tiny pinpricks of light sparkling around the center of the island.

It was difficult to see anything. Even the outline of the castle ruins was plain to see. But Dick was already awake and bounding across the room to join him at the window. It was past ten before Julian and Dick grew too tired to play Monopoly anymore. They clutched each other and stared. The coastline was a black.

But then a sharp booming sound woke him again.

In the darkness they bumped into each other and jostled for the curtains. What time was it? Way past midnight by now. This time he swore he felt the bed shake. They put the game away. Uncle Quentin was probably heading off to bed. As they searched for the source of the booms. Then the tiny firelights flickered and began to fade from sight—and the boys realized something tremendously shocking. What on earth was going on? He leapt out of bed. In the distance a siren sounded. Together they peered out across the bay.

Perhaps they had been smoldering lumps of material. She must have come up to her room earlier this evening to sulk.. I locked her out! Julian hurriedly explained what had happened. The horrible tower—blown to bits! Julian and Dick turned to find Anne standing there. How could an empty tower just explode otherwise? But before she could say anything. It was difficult to see anything now that the light was on.

Those booms sounded a bit like firecrackers. The tower has gone! She hasn't slept in it at all tonight. The tower has fallen! The bay seemed unusually silent. I don't see it. The booms woke me up. His brother's face was bathed in moonlight..

Julian glanced sideways at Dick.

Famous Five Books

Where's George? She'll love this! I don't know if it was an accident or not. Of all the things to happen! What is the world coming to? For all we know George is out there. George has a temper. Anne started to cry. Not old George.

Dick shrugged. What if she was hurt? Blown up the tower? Julian and Anne stared at Dick through the darkness. You don't mess around with explosives. Maybe she just had the window open because she was warm. You don't think that George could have. What if George didn't cause the explosion.

Come down here. Don't be an ass. Julian couldn't see her in the dark. It's the sort of thing Jo would do.. I can't bear the thought of her climbing down the wall like that. She stared around at the three children. You won't believe what's happened! Suppose she went off somewhere then. We'll have to tell them George is missing..

Why is Anne upset? Is George ill? Why isn't she with you? I believe it's a tunnel. The island could be seen in the distance. She had bought stuff to last her a couple of weeks. We didn't know she was planning to go alone. Aunt Fanny. I should have wondered when we didn't see her around in the evening. I mean—to take us over. Mr Lenoir's arriving tomorrow. You come too. We can't wait that long.

We just managed to grab her before she set off. It reminds me of the time she took off with Timmy during the time those horrid Sticks were here. Down at the beach "Where's George? We think she may have gone to the island to see what was up. The tower couldn't be seen even when the moon came out from behind the clouds—but of course. She does have these little sulks from time to time. In fact. I'd better wake him and tell him George's missing!

We'll have to wait till morning and ask Alf—James. I suggest we go down to the beach to see if her boat's there or not. We can't wait around like this when she could be in danger! I wouldn't give old George much chance! That's perhaps the only saving grace—he'll keep her safe.

A half-moon struggled among the clouds to throw a little light on Kirrin Bay. Let's wait till Uncle and Aunt are back. I don't like it! Do you remember where.

So off they all went. Could it have been a radioactive flare? If it was. It could be very dangerous. The reached the little cove where George kept her boat. But what's that noise?

It sounds like a car starting up. Explore the beach? Even as they watched. This makes them much. We'd be safe then. That explains why Uncle Quentin wanted a laboratory deep under the earth. I mean the underground passage we explored the last time Uncle Quentin built his funny tower on the island.

I hope it hasn't caved in. And I told him so! Don't be daft. Otherwise one can easily fall and break an ankle. It makes neutrinos much easier to detect.

Martin's father. I'm sure she wouldn't. The neutrinos detected here on earth were produced deep inside the sun. I believe someone did too.

I wouldn't put it past her to take risks like that. They'll see it only in the morning. There are also ropes. Dick can bring up the rear. It was overgrown with gorse and brambles. It seemed to yawn menacingly at them. They're going to be too preoccupied to even look into the kitchen until morning. It was like a huge bowl. I've even packed a bone for old Timmy. The place looked very different at night. The Five had had great fun the last time they explored the place.

But that was during the day. The old quarry was only a quarter of a mile away. Do hold on to each other! But I expect she'll not want to disturb us because she'll think we're asleep. I only hope Aunt Fanny doesn't come upstairs to check on us. I'll go first with the sack. They might try to stop us. At one time Julian paused for a moment when he thought he heard a horse whinny in the distance.

Arden Hall stood dark and brooding in the distance. I don't fancy having to clear it. I'd forgotten that there's a whole maze of tunnels under the bay. We've been walking for almost half an hour now. They continued along the tunnel for another fifteen minutes. Thanks for the warning. As the tunnel led further underground.

This tunnel has been here for centuries. Anne shuddered as she thought of the raging sea currents scouring the rocky bed of Kirrin Bay over their heads.

Despite his reply. Which passage should we take—the one on the right or the left? Timmy led the way.

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The twin beams of Julian and Dick's torchs lit up the dark interior of the tunnel. Dick and Anne set off through the tunnel. His warning came too late for Dick. I'm sure it's not going to collapse just because we are in it!

I'm sure we took the right-hand passage. The three could clearly hear a booming sound overhead. The undersea passage Julian. The question is. Soon they reached another junction. Ignoring her. Dick said. Julian chalked an arrow at the entrance to the right-hand passage. George would never stoop to such acts. We could use that.

The children looked at each other. I'm certainly quite sure these empty crates weren't here before. Whoever was behind the explosion must have used this tunnel to store the explosives. How could anybody else know about it? Unless I'm mistaken. I'm sure that. They chose the middle tunnel. The three children stopped to read the boldly-painted words on several of the empty crates which were lit up by the torchs.

He managed to download the original map of the island from Uncle Quentin. I was right. Julian and Anne went towards the table and started shifting through the documents. Whoever is using these tunnels might also still be about. The three children set off along the tunnel again. They might help spread some light on this mystery.

Suddenly Dick grabbed Julian's hand and pointed in the direction of a cavern leading off from the main tunnel. He didn't leave them here. There is a traitor among the people Uncle Quentin entrusted with his theory. Solving the mystery comes in second. There was no one in sight. Julian put his arm around his younger sister to comfort her.

It's a copy of that old. Maybe he kept a copy. I do wish we had never come across all these people who would wish us harm. Dick nodded. He gave a low whistle.

And look at the emblem on the letterhead these notes have been copied onto. Maybe this will help Uncle Quentin to identify the traitor. Julian nodded grimly. The clues were slowly making more sense now. That must be the 'job' he's referring to in the note. Anne looked up. I can hear footsteps. There's something else. They looked at each other. Meeting is at 7. We have to go. Read this note here. We don't want to be found here. Anne read it aloud.

They would have been able to make an enormous fortune by making use of the information themselves. The three of them rushed back down the passage. The sound of footsteps was getting closer. I will contact you after completing the job. Julian thought quickly. They ducked into the passage. There had apparently been a cave-in and the passage was now a dead end.

Then suddenly. Anne was about to scream. To their dismay. He pulled Anne and Dick into the alcove. With a shock. It doesn't look like it's used often. He realized that the animal who was now pawing at them excitedly was.

Anne clutched her eldest brother in terror as the sound of the footsteps became increasingly louder. She was tired and scared of the dark.. Julian put his arm around his sister and tried to comfort her. The explosion on the island woke them up and they noticed you were missing. So he ignored her and turned to Anne. He says anyone with an atom of sense would realise that the tower was a mere replica of the original. Only her anxiety about her cousin had kept her going.

George's secret "Julian? Where are you? Unfortunately George didn't seem as happy to see them. He was furious with George but held his anger in check. When we saw your boat was gone we assumed you had gone to the island. Good thing I ran into them before they reached the police or there would have been a full scale search party out by now. In fact when I left.

George saw Anne's pale. But where did it lead? He put his face near the opening and felt a faint current of air. Even Anne gave a wan smile at the thought. I think it was the police constable he was talking to. But where was the opening? And wipe that scowl off your face. How shall we get out now? Give me a leg up. It would be too bad to have to go back after coming all this way. It was rather small. We could go up. The children had often been the targets of his tirades so it was nice to think of someone else getting fired for a change.

Shouldn't there be one here as well? She slipped her arm through the younger girl's and apologised.

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