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The Five Find-Outers (and Dog): Enid Blyton's Mysteries Series The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (The Five Find-Outers, #1), The Mystery of the Disappeari. The Five Find-Outers and Dog (not to be confused with The Famous Five), also known as the Enid Blyton Mystery Series, is a series of children's mystery books. Mystery05—Mystery of the Missing Necklace, The—Blyton, Enid. she would have pestered Pip nobody knew—but Bets suddenly exploded into a series of.

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Enid Blyton Mystery Series Pdf

Enid Blyton: The Mystery of Banshee Towers (Mystery #15). 1 - OFF TO MEET OLD FATTY. "I do wish old Fatty would buck up and come back from wherever. Enid Blyton - Mystery 09 - Mystery of the Vanished medical-site.info - Download as PDF File of a mystery about, I guess Fatty will run straight into one as soon as he “It seems queer to have a farm in the middle of a marsh. then a series of thuds. The Five Find-Outers Mystery Series. The Five Find-Outers and Dog are Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, Bets and Fatty's Scottie dog, Buster. Fatty's real name is.

Search The Site. Set in the fictitious village of Peterswood, close to Marlow, Buckinghamshire, the children encounter a mystery every school holiday, always solving the puzzle before Mr Goon, the village policeman, much to his annoyance. He was given the nickname Fatty by the other children because of his initials F. An only child, he receives generous amounts of pocket money from his parents and wealthy relatives. His wealth causes some friction with the other children, especially Pip, but Fatty is always willing to share his money with the group, often downloading rounds of cakes, drinks and ice-creams.

He is given the nickname Fatty by the other children because of his initials, Frederick Algernon Trotteville, F. Being an only child, he receives generous amounts of pocket money from his parents and wealthy relatives, but Fatty is always willing to share his money with the group, often downloading rounds of cakes, drinks and ice-creams. Fatty also uses his pocket money to finance his interest in disguises and stores a large collection of clothes, wigs, greasepaint , cheek-pads, false teeth and other items in his shed at the bottom of the garden.

Although boastful by nature, he learns to be more modest as his bragging causes the other children to become irritated. Fatty is a skilled orator and poet, and able to create poetry ad-lib. He is apparently top of his form at his boarding school and his ambition when he grows up is to become a detective. Fatty develops an interest in ventriloquism as the series progresses.

Bets in particular adores Fatty and is very loyal to him. He is 13 in "Mystery Of the Spiteful Letters" Laurence "Larry" Daykin — the eldest of the five and the original leader of the Five Find-Outers, passing the role to Fatty at the beginning of the third book.

Larry is sometimes annoyed by Fatty's boasting. He is Daisy's older brother. He is the first character to be introduced in the series, but is developed considerably less than the other main characters as the series continues. As the oldest of the Five Find Outers,he is 14 years old. Margaret "Daisy" Daykin — Larry's younger sister. Creating the Five Find-Outers was Daisy's idea. She is particularly good at thinking of plans and ideas. She is younger than Larry by a year and the same age as Pip and Fatty,who is Philip "Pip" Hilton — The same age as Daisy and a few years older than Bets, his younger sister whom he frequently teases.

In contrast to Fatty's rather relaxed parents, Mr and Mrs Hilton are quite strict and often take a dim view of Pip and Bets's sleuthing activities, wishing that Pip especially would direct the same amount of energy into his schoolwork.

In The Mystery of the Hidden House the Hiltons forbid Pip and Bets from getting involved in mysteries, but the children still find themselves in one. He is 13,implying he is 4 years older than his little sister. She adores and hero-worships Fatty and he is very fond of her.

Enid Blyton - Mystery 09 - Mystery of the Vanished Prince.pdf

Though the youngest, the kind-hearted Bets proves herself to be a worthy member. She is keenly observant, providing crucial ideas that help Fatty in solving some of the baffling mysteries - as in the 'Mystery of the Pantomime Cat' when she provides the breakthrough idea, to which Fatty exclaims: ""Bets'" he said, stopping at last "Bets! Good, clever, brainy old Bets. She's got it! She's solved it! Bets, you deserve to be head of the Find-Outers!

Oh my word, Bets, why, why, why didn't I think of it before? She also thought of the name 'Five Find-Outers and Dog'. She is 9 years old. These are the "complete and unabridged" versions In , Dean published six Collection books featuring original novels from popular series.

The Mysteries Collection is number four in the series There have been a few Five Find-Outer games produced over the years, including a card game in and Whitman's jigsaw puzzles in Society Shed. Author of Adventure. Enid Blyton Day. Fireside Journal. Cave of Books. Interactive Island. Secret Passage. Lashings of Links. The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage.

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat. The Mystery of the Secret Room. The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters. The Mystery of the Missing Necklace. The Mystery of the Hidden House. The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat. The Mystery of the Invisible Thief. The Mystery of the Vanished Prince.

He read the paragraph and snorted.

Enid Blyton - Mystery

This week two or three interesting visitors have joined the camps. Needless to say he only used it once! He rolled over on his face. The worst of our weather is that it never stops when it makes up its mind to do something. They arrived home the next morning, helped their mother to unpack, and then went straight round to Pip and Bets. Gosh, how brown you are! I sent you four post cards and you never wrote once!

I like that! You never even addressed them. Is he back yet? Bets looked round at the little group, glad to have Larry and Daisy there - but nothing was ever the same without Fatty.

Fatty, with his sly humour and enormous cheek and brilliant brains. I feel I simply cannot get up. He never turns a hair. I know Fatty! Hc could make his plump cheeks even fatter by inserting cheek pads between his gums and his cheek inside his mouth. He had a wonderful array of false teeth that could be fitted neatly over his own.

He had shaggy eyebrows to stick over his own modest ones, and any amount of excellent wigs. In fact, most of his considerable pocket-money went on such things, and he was a never-ending source of joy and amusement to the others when he donned one of his many disguises to deceive them or someone else. It might be old Fatty! Footsteps could be heard dragging up the drive, and then a large, feathered hat appeared bobbing above the hedge that ran along the pathway to the kitchen entrance.

A very brown, plump face looked over the hedge at them, with long gold ear-rings dangling from the ears, and ringlets of black curls bobbing beneath the dreadful hat. The children stared.

The face smiled and spoke. Bring you luck! Her feathered hat nodded and bounced on her black curls. This woman seemed much too tall to be Fatty - though he was tall now. The gipsy woman drew back a little as Bets came running over, shouting joyfully. She stared at the woman, who stared back insolently, with half-closed eyes. Then the gipsy thrust a bunch of bedraggled heather at Bets, almost into her face. She looked round at the others. She went very red and walked back to the other three children.

The woman followed, shaking her heather in quite a threatening manner. She saw the gipsy woman at once. So did the gipsy woman! She disappeared at top speed down the drive and the children saw her big, feathered hat bobbing quickly along the top of the hedge again. They laughed. As if any one could think that awful old creature was Fatty! Though, of course, she did have rather a husky voice for a woman.

He whistled loudly, and the cook called out to him. Put the meat on the table, will you? He certainly might be Fatty with a curly brown wig.

Bets craned forward to try and make out if his hair was a wig or not. The boy swung round, feeling their stares. He screwed up his face at them cheekily. He turned himself round and round, posing like a model. Seen enough? It could be Fatty - it was more or less his figure. The teeth were very rabbity though. Were they real or part of a disguise? Pip took a step forward, trying to see. The boy backed away, feeling suddenly half-scared at the earnest gaze of the four children.

Anythink wrong with me?

The Five Find-Outers Series

He looked very puzzled, and put up his hand to feel his hair. Then, quite alarmed by the serious faces of the others, he leapt on his bicycle and pedalled fast away down the drive, completely forgetting to whistle. The four stared after him.

Sausages would be much cheaper to get. The cook came in, astonished to see them bending over the joint. But it was meat all right.

They all went out again, just as they heard a rat-a-tat-tat at the front door. A telegraph boy stood there with a telegram. Bets flung her arms round his plump figure.

But, oh dear, when the boy swung round, it certainly was not Fatty.

This boy had a small, wizened face, and tiny eyes! Clever as Fatty was at disguises he could never make himself like this! Bets went scarlet. What was Bets doing, flinging her arms round the telegraph boy? The boy was just as embarrassed as Bets. He handed in the telegram without a word. Hilton, sharply. The telegraph boy stared after her, amazed.

Larry, Pip, and Daisy laughed till they ached. The very next person must be Fatty! He came cycling up the drive, plump as ever, a broad grin on his good-humoured face, and Buster running valiantly beside the pedals!

Buster capered round, mad with excitement, barking without stopping.

Fatty was thumped on the shoulder by every one, and hugged by Bets, and dragged off into the garden. He was awfully startled. Any one would think you were a foreigner!

Darling Buster! We have missed you! Fatty grinned round. Then he made a surprising statement. In disguise? What did he mean? Shame on you! I was a bit afraid of Bets, though. The postman - no, impossible.

That old gipsy-woman - no, she really was too tall, and anyway she ran like a hare when she thought I was going to fetch Daddy. Go on - own up! I was here this morning - and I tell you, Bets was the only one I thought was going to see through me. Awful creature! He clipped one on each ear.

He pulled out a wig of greasy black curls from another pocket and put it on his head. The others looked at him silently, really startled. Even without the big feathered hat, the shawl, the basket, the long black skirt, Fatty was the gipsy woman! Take that awful wig off! I honestly thought young Bets here was going to get her father. I wore frightfully high-heeled shoes, and I could hardly run. Well, you took us in properly. Good old Fatty. Hilton appeared. Fatty got up politely.

He always had excellent manners. Hilton put out her hand, and then stared in astonishment at Fatty. He dragged them off at once, trying to say something polite and shake hands all at the same time. Bets gazed at him in delight. Good old Fatty - it really was lovely to have him back. Things always happened when Fatty was around! Bets quite expected some adventure or mystery to turn up immediately, now that Fatty was back.

She awoke the next morning with a nice, excited feeling, as if something was going to happen. Here he kept many of his disguises and his make-up and here he tried out some of his new ideas.

Many a time the others had arrived at his shed to have the door opened by some frightful old tramp, or grinning errand boy, all teeth and cheeks, or even an old woman in layers and layers of skirts, her cheeks wrinkled, and with one or two teeth missing.

Yes - Fatty could even appear to have a few of his front teeth missing, by carefully blacking one here and there, so that when he smiled, black gaps appeared, which seemed to be holes where teeth had once been. Bets had been horrified when she had first seen him, with, apparently, three front teeth gone! But this morning it was Fatty himself who opened the door. The floor was spread with open books. The four children stepped over the madly barking Buster and looked at them.

Questioning of witnesses! Any one seen old Goon lately? He went an awful bump too, and he was so angry that nobody liked to stop and help him up. He just sat there shouting. And Peterswood is always half-asleep in the summer. Nothing doing at all. He had been pleased with their help in solving many queer mysteries.

But Mr. Goon had not been nearly so pleased. The bad-tempered village policeman had wished many and many a time that the five children and their dog lived hundreds of miles away. I picked them up on my cruise. He opened a trunk and showed the four children a mass of brilliant-looking clothes. I got suits for all of us. I thought they would do for fancy-dress, though they will do for foreign disguises too! She picked out a gay, red skirt of fine silk, patterned in stripes of white.

It will suit you fine, Daisy. He was like a grown-up in that, Bets thought. He seemed to have dozens of rich relations who showered tips on him.

Enid Blyton - Mystery 09 - Mystery of the Vanished medical-site.info

He was always generous with his money, though, and ready to share with the rest of them. Bets had a curious little robe-like dress that reached to her ankles. It had to be swathed round and tied with a sash. The others looked at her, and marvelled. What a wonderful disguise it would make for her!

She glanced into the big clear mirror that Fatty kept there, and was startled. She looked a real little foreigner! She drew the hood of the frock over her head, and looked round with half-shut eyes. Fatty clapped. An Indian princess to the life! Here, Larry - stick this on. And this is for you, Pip. All of them were so brown that in a trice they seemed to be transformed into a different race altogether. Nobody would have thought them English.

Fatty stared at the four parading round his shed. He grinned. His brain set to work to try and evolve a plan to use these gay disguises. A visiting princess? A descent on Goon for some reason?

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