PDF | Energy is very important in the entire process of evolution, growth and survival of the world. The increasing energy demand has an adverse effect on the . ENERGY CONSERVATION report in PDF. 1. Energy Conservation Dept Of Electrical Engineering 1 INTRODUCTION Energy conservation. This Energy Conservation Handbook is prepared for the participants of the Two Day reading the right book on Energy Conservation “Energy Conservation.

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Energy Conservation Pdf

What is Energy Conservation? After being in the hospital, it is normal to feel tired and weak. You may also feel short of breath and have less energy to do the. classify the various sources of energy as renewable and non renewable; discuss the importance of energy conservation; suggest methods of conserving energy;. Abstract- Energy conservation refers to reducing energy consumption through using less though energy conservation reduces energy services, it can result in .

At about the same time as our Fair is typically held, Mother Earth News is hosting a Fair in Lawrence this year October 12th and 13th, Mother Earth News is a magazine that has been helping folks live self-reliant, sustainable, meaningful lives for more than 40 years. The Mother Earth News Fair is fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle event that feature dozens of practical, hands-on demonstrations and workshops from the leading authorities on: renewable energy, small-scale agriculture, gardening, green building, green transportation and natural health. Please visit the Mother Earth News Fair website for additional information. The Mother Earth News Fair expects to draw thousands of participants over the two days. In addition to the great opportunities with the Mother Earth News Fair, this also provides staff time to focus on curbside recycling implementation. The Lawrence City Commission recently adopted an ordinance to implement a city-wide curbside recycling service in the fall of for all residential customers. Our staff will be able to redirect time and resources previously dedicated to the Lawrence Energy Conservation Fair to implement this exciting new program.

Significant energy reductions are possible by using different technologies. Heat pumps are a more efficient alternative to electrical resistance heaters for warming air or water.


A variety of efficient clothes dryers are available, and the clothes lines requires no energy- only time. Natural-gas or biogas condensing boilers and hot-air furnaces increase efficiency over standard hot-flue models. Standard electric boilers can be made to run only at hours of the day when they are needed by means of a time switch. In showers, a semi-closed-loop system could be used. New construction implementing heat exchangers can capture heat from waste water or exhaust air in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens.

In both warm and cold climate extremes, airtight thermal insulated construction is the largest factor determining the efficiency of a home. Insulation is added to minimize the flow of heat to or from the home, but can be labor-intensive to retrofit to an existing home. Energy conservation by countries[ edit ] Asia[ edit ] Despite the vital role energy efficiency is expected to play in cost-effectively cutting energy demand, only a small part of its economic potential is exploited in the Asia.

Governments have implemented a range of subsidies such as cash grants, cheap credit, tax exemptions, and co-financing with public-sector funds to encourage a range of energy-efficiency initiatives across several sectors. Governments in the Asia-Pacific region have implemented a range of information provision and labeling programs for buildings, appliances, and the transportation and industrial sectors. Information programs can simply provide data, such as fuel-economy labels, or actively seek to encourage behavioral changes, such as Japan's Cool Biz campaign that encourages setting air conditioners at degrees Celsius and allowing employees to dress casually in the summer.

India[ edit ] The Petroleum Conservation Research Association PCRA is an Indian governmental body created in that engages in promoting energy efficiency and conservation in every walk of life.

In the recent past PCRA has done mass-media campaigns in television, radio, and print media. This is an impact-assessment survey by a third party revealed that due to these larger campaigns by PCRA, the public's overall awareness level has gone up leading to saving of fossil fuels worth crores of rupees, besides reducing pollution.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an Indian government organization created in that is responsible for promoting energy efficiency and conservation. Japan[ edit ] Advertising with high energy in Shinjuku, Japan. Since the oil crisis , energy conservation has been an issue in Japan. All oil-based fuel is imported, so domestic sustainable energy is being developed. The Energy Conservation Center [26] promotes energy efficiency in every aspect of Japan.

Public entities are implementing the efficient use of energy for industries and research. It includes projects such as the Top Runner Program. Lebanon[ edit ] In Lebanon and since The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation LCEC has been promoting the development of efficient and rational uses of energy and the use of renewable energy at the consumer level.

The funds will be repaid through energy savings achieved by the upgrades and retrofits. This campaign will consist of instructor-led employee training about energy conservation, posting flyers to remind employees about turning off lights, shutting off monitors and printers before leaving for the day, and other energy saving measures.

Newsletter articles will be published that remind employees to conserve energy. The Department will also update existing energy conservation policies and procedures located in the Department's General Manual. This will require selection of a vendor to retrofit to our existing state-owned buildings. We anticipate being able to provide a realistic percentage savings estimate at the first reporting date.

For a single purpose minimum number of vehicles should be used.

It will be also helpful in reducing CO2 emission. Cooking, lighting, cooling, transportation etc. But often the amount of energy which we use is comparatively much less than the amount of energy which is wasted.

As the energy sources are fast depleting, it is necessary for us to save energy.

Energy Conservation Plans

At the community level following measures can be used: Open area or yard area lightings should be switched off after sunrise and again switched on only after sun sets. Tube lights in common area and staircase landings should be reduced and twin tube light should be replaced by one tube light.

Number of electrical lighting points could be reduced to one point per room.

All additional fittings may be removed permanently or switched off. Do not allow children to play with elevators.

Advocacy to remove subsidies to inefficient and polluting sources of energy should become essential.

It may be achieved through efficient energy use, in which case energy use is decreased while achieving a similar outcome, or by reduced consumption of energy services. At different places such as factories, business centres, transportation sector and construction activities, it can be saved in the following ways: Old factories should now employ process modification.

We can reduce energy loss by using following measures, for example: Bulbs have been replaced by tube lights. Nowadays CFLs have proved very helpful in reducing energy needs for lighting purposes.

Diesel powered transport trains, merchant ship, heavy trucks etc.

Energy can be conserved in transportation by the following ways: Release clutch pedal gradually and simultaneously press accelerator to racing and or jerking. Declutch fully when changing gears on clutch pedal because this increases clutch wear and fuel consumption. Apply brakes gradually as far as possible. Anticipate need for braking.

The energy in fuel consumed in driving is lost in many ways including engine inefficiency, aerodynamic drag, rolling friction and kinetic energy lost due to braking.


Therefore, it is very necessary to develop energy efficient devices to save energy. In many industries older and inefficient equipment has been replaced by new and efficient ones. No external source of energy such as electricity or ice is required. It consists of activities that seek to identify conservation opportunities before conducting or developing any energy saving program.

These audit programs are helpful in understanding and analyzing the energy utilization of any organization. The audit programmes help to identify and reduce energy wastage. In this way, money can be saved for example during the audit of a factory; the employees of the factory can be trained for the use of energy saving equipment. Also they would be made aware of the need for energy conservation. So there is an attitudinal change for reducing energy use and energy wastage.

It is amply clear that energy auditing plays an important role in energy conservation. This analysis can be used in the review of management structures and procedures for controlling energy use. Sub meters can be installed in different plant locations to pinpoint the actual energy consumption per area. This data could be helpful in allocating energy use. With the help of this plant manager can list all the equipment used and the corresponding operating hours. This information can play an important part in creating spreadsheet information and the charts resulted by can prove useful for analysis.

These services are executed with in the shortest frame of time and meet the consultation requirements for: State Rankings.

Applied Research Project.

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