Juvenile delinquency according to Islamic ethics with reference to Indonesia. Muslim youth -- Religious life -- Miscellanea. Digital master created according to Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials, Version 1. Get this from a library! Kenakalan remaja: prevensi, rehabilitasi, dan resosialisasi. [Sudarsono]. Masalah kenakalan remaja dan penyalahgunaan narkotika by A W Widjaya. Masalah kenakalan remaja dan eBook: Document. Indonesian. Bandung.

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Ebook Kenakalan Remaja

Kenakalan remaja: prevensi, rehabilitasi, dan by Sudarsono. Kenakalan remaja: prevensi, rehabilitasi, dan resosialisasi. by Sudarsono. eBook: Document. Ahmad Syafii studies Universitas Sriwijaya, Islamic Accounting, and Islamic Education & Islamic Schooling. 44 eBooks and eReaders: A Passing Fad or the Wave of the Future? Progress of .. KIAT MENGATASI KENAKALAN REMAJA DI SEKOLAH. JOGJAKARTA.

CYRIL untuk memberikan gambaran awal dari tulisan karya ilmiah atau penelitian yang akan dibuat contoh contoh penulisan proposal tetraedge. Mediafile Free File Sharing kebijakan penanggulangan penyakit demam berdarah di indonesia - penulisan karya ilmiah ini to contoh makalah penanggulangan bencana alam pdf. Apr 9, Tugas bahasa inggris bisnis 2 contoh soal structure. Riwayat hidup 6. Surat keterangan kesehatan, termasuk Bebas Narkoba 7. Surat tugasijin.

Hunafa Jurnal Studia Islamika. View on jurnalhunafa. Association between serum vitamin D level and tuberculosis in children more.

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Abstract Background A possible association between vitamin D and tuberculosis has been described. In adult, vitamin D is considered to have a role in protecting tuberculosis.

On the other hand, tuberculosis infection can decrease serum On the other hand, tuberculosis infection can decrease serum vitamin D level. Objective To find Paediatrica Indonesiana. View on ngajiquranyuk.

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Etika Islam tentang kenakalan remaja

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: Female students prefers to choose the family, teachers and friends as the main source of information, while the male students prefer to use the internet as primary source. Male students are generally not too open or rarely ask about reproductive health information to the family. The adolescent from middle to high education, social and economic levels of family, more open to find the reproductive health information need.

They use any resources. Usually they start from the nearest source parents or teachers and friends , then proceed to the media.

On the other hand, the students from middle to lower educational, social and economic levels of family, prefer to search reproductive health information silently for taboo or sensitive things. In this study, researchers chose the informants from regular schools and boarding schools with the assumption that there is a difference in the intensity of communication between Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Science ICIS , SHAH ALAM students who attend regular schools with students who attend boarding schools.

Students who attend regular schools can go home and meet with the family every day, while the students who attend boarding schools are only allowed to meet with parents once a week. This situation allows to make the differences in information seeking behavior among adolescents in both schools. However, the results showed there is no differences in information seeking behavior among students who attend regular schools with students who attend boarding schools.

Information seeking behavior among students who have earned and who have not received reproductive health materials in the classroom is the same. The distinguishes is that the students who have obtained the reproductive health material look more caring and has a sense of curiosity more than students who do not get reproductive health in the classroom yet. The student who join organization related to reproductive health in their school usually get the information first, and can spread to friends first.

Adolecent search the reproductive health information from direct sensory experience.

Kenakalan remaja : prevensi, rehabilitasi, dan resosialisasi

They prefer to choose information source which accessible directly and affordable. Usually they choose resources that are already available in the immediate environment, such as asking parents, teachers and friends. Afterwards select the media such as the internet or other media that subscribed by parents. In the event that requires medical attention, then a teenager go to a doctor or health worker. After getting the information from the first source, usually a teenager looking for other information to verify the information from the first source, then evaluate and conclude the information.

They usually share the information with other teens who become friends peer group in a very relaxed atmosphere.

sudarsono kenakalan remaja.ebook free

Results of sharing of information will make teens can generate new information or new questions. In general, awareness of adolescent to reproductive health is good enough. It encourages teens continue to seek information related to reproductive health from a variety of sources.

Youth awareness on reproductive health is not only to avoid social impact or religious sin, but also awareness of the importance of health care for themselves. We thank our colleagues from Department of Information and Library Science, faculty staffs and all informants for sharing their pearls of wisdom with us during the research process.

Special thank our family for their support and encouragement throughout our works. Departemen Kesehatan. Developing standards and accompanying elements of a standards-driven quality improvement initiative.

Jakarta: Depkes. Ermawati, R. Jakarta: Kompas Ilmu. Hadziq, K. Bandung: Yrama Widya.

Hawari, D. Jakarta: FK UI. Imron, A. Yoyakarta: ArRuzz Media. Kamus Bahasa Indonesia Online. Pendidikan dan Perilaku Kesehatan. Jakarta: Rineka Cipta.

Nurcahyani, D.

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