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CCNA2 *edisi bahasa Indonesia* ccna ccna ccna ccna ccna ccna ccna ccna Robert T. Kiyosaki: "The Cashflow Quadrant" download. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no . Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom. (bahasa indonesia). -. Robert. Kiyosaki - Ebook karangan. Robert. T. Kiyosaki dari ebook Cashflow. Quadrant, secara garis besar ebook ini.

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Ebook Cashflow Quadrant Versi Indonesia

i need ebook from robert kiyosaki,, can u help me. Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant Rich Dad's Guide To Financial Freedom AUTHOR: Robert T. who live on the E and S side of the Cashflow Quadrant are motivated by security. . Robert T. Kiyosaki - The Cashflow Quadrant [Bahasa Indonesia]. Download my CASHFLOW Quadrant eBook for FREE. This week only! medical-site.info /wvvKo. PM - 5 May Retweets; Likes; مازن الشارخ · Bobby. download ebook cashflow quadrant bahasa indonesia.

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Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

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But when renee. Cashflow Quadrant has very few new ideas. The theme of this book is business ownership think Corporation not small business and investing are the only ways to build long term wealth. Cashflow or passive income are vehicles the wealthy use to create generational wealth. This book is not a how to book and does not get specific with how to evaluate a stock or make a real estate deal. If you are a person who can understand a point quickly and do not need the author to repeat himself I recommend re Cashflow Quadrant has very few new ideas.

If you are a person who can understand a point quickly and do not need the author to repeat himself I recommend reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is a shorter book and a better story.

The premise of this book revolves around something like this: E mployed - you exchange time and effort to get paid and generate income for someone else.

B usiness - you have people working hard to generate income for you. S elf employed - you exchange time and effort to get paid. I nvestor - money works for you.


Plus something like this: Finances can be assessed by looking at your income money coming in , your expenses money going out , your assets wealth generating tools and your liabilitie Summary: Finances can be assessed by looking at your income money coming in , your expenses money going out , your assets wealth generating tools and your liabilities something you are responsible for and manage the risk of.

Your goal should be to have your assets generate enough income to cover your expenses and eliminate liabilities. That's it. You're a millionaire!

But seriously, this book is a good piece of financial literacy that provides some useful concepts to start cleaning up your financial life. See a Problem? I would recommend this book to anyone keen on some light financial insights. The main message I took from this book is was really just how to have more general awareness about your finances and the simple concept of having assets generate enough income to cover the other three financial areas.

Some notable points: If you're hauling buckets and don't want to be, take steps to change. In these times we should be looking to seek freedom. If you do something, you make mistakes, and it's from our mistakes that we learn the most.

Learning comes from taking action, making mistakes and then correcting them. That is when wisdom sets in. Even if you're clear of a mortgage, you are still taxed on owning the house, positive cash flow through your home is difficult to achieve. Download ebook robert kiyosaki rich dad guide to investing bahasa indonesia When you make a download, it needs to make sound, economic sense in that moment, in good times, and in bad times.

Mind your own business - get organised and understand your financial information. Get the full picture and thoroughly understand where you are at the moment. Set financial goals - set a long term financial goal for where you want to be in 5 years and a 12 month financial goal.

Make them realistic and make the 12 month goal a stepping stone towards the 5 year gold. Take control of your cash flow - determine where your income comes from and where you want that income to come from in the future. Pay yourself first by depositing a portion of your income into an account you never touch, preferably a high interest or investment account.

Work through your debt this way until it's gone. Once your debt is gone, take this monthly bit of money and invest it.

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Know the difference between risk and risky - business and investment is not risky, being uninformed and not financially literate is. Or maybe it plays on the already deep-rooted emotion that most of the people have: Whereas Rich Dad Poor Dad challenged the way I looked at personal finance, I found this book to be relatively dull and very repetitive without offering any unique insight.

It also seems to contact RDPD in a number of ways and to me really highlighted the fact that Kiyosaki is a motivational speaker more than a skilled business person. A few inches of sound advice thinly spread across several feet of padding and shameless self-promotion. Learn to have money and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important. A successful investor gets his training from running his own business.

You will learn by making mistakes, sometimes costing you millions. Most people focus on income, the rich focus their sights on investments. A n--wubusincsssu rnrnarics. Kiyosakl Level 0: Those with nothing to invest.

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Level 1: Those who borrow and consume, shop, and go into deep debt Level 2: Savers put away a small amount in low-risk, low-retum vehicles. Level 3: Kiyosakl ' Level 4: Long-term investors have clearly laid-out long- term plans. Sophisticated investors seek aggressive strategies and know how to play the game of investing. Paul Gettys and Ross Perots. How do I get rich?

Kiyosakl 2. Mind your own business. Know the difference between risk and risky. Decide what kind of investor you want to be. Seek mentors and role models.

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