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Wait! Note: All three Dragon Age RPG Sets have been combined into the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook in print and PDF formats. Dragon Age RPG, Set 1. Wait! Note: The Dragon Age RPG boxed sets are now out of print, and have been consolidated into the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook. Dragon Age RPG, Set. Dragon Age RPG, Set 1 - A New Age of Fantasy Roleplaying It has been hundreds of years The Dragon Age RPG PDF download includes.

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Dragon Age Rpg Set 1 Pdf

If you're already familiar with the Dragon Age RPG— perhaps you own the boxed Set 1, and maybe you've even played before—you can still take advantage of. components go into creating a good Dragon Age game. The default assumption of the Dragon Age RPG is that At the stage represented in Set 1, the. Dragon Age RPG - Player's Guide. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Dragon Age RPG - Player's Guide. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2.

Chris Pramas Format: It has been hundreds of years since the last Blight ravaged the world of Thedas. Many believe that it can never happen again, that the Dragon Age will pass without the rise of such evil. They are wrong. Beneath the earth the darkspawn stir. A new archdemon has risen and with it a Blight that will scourge the lands and darken the skies. The nations of Thedas need a new generation of heroes, but who will answer the call? Based on the critically-acclaimed Dragon Age: Make your own heroes and control your own destiny as a Blight comes to Thedas once again.

Why might she join with or oppose! FD: Tallis wants to preserve her own freedom to exist as she wants to and she will change her immediate agenda based on that overall agenda. She has a hard time following orders or doing things other peoples way including her superiors.

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But deep down inside I think shes much more spiritual than she lets on. She does believe in the Qun as the only way an elf can exist in Thedas society to the fullest. The egalitarian nature of the Qun society is fairest to her, so even though there are downsides that she will readily admit to, it is the best she can do and shell defend their way of life over others. Q: Any advice for players and GMs trying to get into character as Tallis? Any guidance on her style, methods, or demeanor?

FD: Tallis fights dirty. I always expect her to get the first blow in, start a fight as a distraction, throw another player in the way of a sword, etc. All with a smirk. She breaks the rules and doesnt apologize for it.

Tallis, Dragon Age: Redemption She was born a city elf. In what remains of the debauched and once-vast Tevinter Imperium, elves may be legally enslaved. Her parents sold her into servitude to escape debt, fatten their pockets, or simply be rid of her. Perhaps it was easy for them, perhaps it wasnt the result was the same. She was a slave-elf, bound to service in the sordid empire of Tevinter, where hope for a slave is scant. Salvation came with the Qun. She converted to its ways and became, thus, a Qunari.

She joined the Qun as a Viddithari but her superiors quickly recognized her potential. The religious order called the BenHassrath drew her into its strict ranks, where Qunari serve as something akin to spiritual counselors and overseers of behavior. They gave her the name Tallis. Like all Qunari designations, it is both name and title. It means to solve. She hasnt always been, and may not always be, Tallis.

Her name is her function, and she has been Athlok a common laborerin addition to an often cunning, often violent solution to the problems of the Qunari. But she isnt perfect. Shes slipped and fallen down the ranks of the Qun once already, from Tallis to Athlok, and she may yet slip or soar in the future.

As Tallis, she has tangled with templars and mages and monsters. Though she once dwelt within the bounds of the Tevinter Imperium, she has also made a name for herself in the Free Marches, where she had dealings with the Champion of Kirkwall. Through all of her adventures, she has never forgotten the lessons of her past. She is a rare creature and her unique perspective gives her an edge she knows how to use well, in battle or in conversation. She covers her pains and smothers her fears with her wit, but she is no fool.

She fights dirty, but is not without honor. Despite the poise and order of the Qun, however, Talliss future is as difficult to predict as her past has been to survive. Who knows where she may reenter the history of the Dragon Age again?

FurTher aDvenTures Tallis is a great character for instigating new adventures or complicating ones already underway.

Dragon Age RPG: Set 2 (PDF)

As a dynamic and driven character backed by the power of the Qunari, you have lots of options when it comes to involving Tallis in your own at-home game adventures. Her missions typically come from the Qunari and, as Tallis, her task is to solve problems. Yet solving one Faces of Thedas: Tallis problem often leads to another.

Working for the Qunari often means meddling in the affairs of outsiders, as their chaotic interactions are a common source of Qunari problems. The Qun says that struggle is an illusion, but Tallis is often surrounded by those who seem deaf to the Qun. If the Player Characters in your campaign are new adventurers, perhaps a low-level Tallis happens upon them and asks for their help to complete a dangerous mission early in her career, when shes Tallis the first time. Perhaps she needs local guides to accompany her into some monster-infested territory.

Maybe she wants people who know the ins and outs of area power struggles to help her get close to a target of assassination whether she admits this is her goal or not. If your PCs are already well-established heroes, she might come looking for them directly, as part of some important mission. This is essentially the premise for Talliss team-up with Hawke in Mark of the Assassin.

Your PCs might already have a relationship with Qunari or even a Qunari in the party, naturally enriching or complicating their social dynamic with Tallis. Maybe their reputations precede them in Thedas? Also consider carefully the difference between what the players know of Tallis and what their characters are likely to know.

Shes not in the business of legendary heroics or grand fameshes an assassin in the employ of a foreign culture. Use that to your adventures advantage by challenging the players to portray their characters as if they know little or nothing about Tallis.

In game terms, a successful TN 13 Cunning Qun test tells a character that Tallis is a Qunari title for members of the BenHassrath, a quasi-religious order of spiritual counselors and social police.

Success with a 5 or 6 on the Dragon Die recognizes Tallis specifically as a Qunari assassin. Anything more than that requires the Contacts Talent and a Communication Persuasion teststart at TN 18 and modify the difficulty if the meeting takes place after a notorious local adventure of Talliss e. You might decide that your campaign is set early in Talliss career and play some kind of prequel story about her early adventures in which the PCs make a major impact on her life.

Tallis and Theme Talliss tale is a milestone in the Dragon Age saga. Before her story, friction within the Qunari was largely hidden from characters outside that society.

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Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Average Rating 25 ratings. A page Player's Guide with an introduction to tabletop roleplaying, background on Thedas and the nation of Ferelden, a complete guide to character creation, rules for character classes and talents, a primer on magic, and the basic game rules.

A page Gamemaster's Guide with an introduction to this key role, advice on the art of game mastering, advanced game rules, and an introductory adventure that plunges the characters right into the world of Dragon Age. All three PDFs are distilled directly from the layout files, not scanned. Experience Something New! This Quickstart Guide - originally featured on Free RPG Day - features rules, an adventure, and pre-generated characters so you can jump right into the action.

Quick Start PDF The county fair is being held in Smallville this year and Superboy, the town's famous local hero, is invited as guest of honor. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd.

Reviews 9. Please log in to add or reply to comments. A D July 23, 8: The version currently here is not the newest. Version 1. Daniel C. I just finished reading this entire set, and re-reading it over again.

Dragon Age RPG

I believe this product to be a very solid entry into the fantasy genre. The system is quick and easy, and yet allows for individual thoughts and ideas for your characters and threat [ Wesley F. The rich history of the world and the leveling paths reminds me so much of video game. Thank you for creating this RPG [ Thomas B. The stunt system is very fun in play, and character generation is optimized to be fast and easy, while still allowing for customization. The production values are top notch, and fans of the Dragon Age setting will find a lot to get excited [ Jonathan C.

I'm getting tired of reading reviewers bagging on Dragon Age the pen and paper RPG just because it is based upon a video game and associated with a big company like Bioware.

From this vantage point, if you don't like the video game you can complain abo [ Tyler C. I was fortunate enough to playtest this game, and I feel it's a solid game that I believe should have some longevity. Licensed products are often catch as catch can, and going in with my prejudices along those lines, I was quite surprised to see how ef [ See All Ratings and Reviews.

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