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Author: Donna Dewberry. downloads Views 3MB Size Report One Stroke Animals By Donna Dewberry. Read more · Complete Book of Dog Training. SKINNER American Furniture & Decorative Arts featuring the Collection of the Roma W. Leland Trust Sale August 14 &. KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online Donna Dewberry's Essential Guide To Flower And Landscape. Painting: 50 Decorative And One Stroke.

Once you know how to load the brush and have mastered the various strokes, you can use that knowledge to paint a flower or an entire bouquet. The step-by-step photos show how to use each brush to create your favorite flowers and leaves. These techniques can be used with any size brush to create small to large flowers and leaves. The Painting Worksheets show each stroke you need to master, but even more useful, is the fact that they are the exact size as I painted them. You can put a piece of plastic on top of these worksheets and practice making these exact strokes. You can master these techniques faster this way and know exactly what size flower or leaf each brush can create. Donna Dewberry has been involved with arts and crafts all of her married life — over 25 years. Donna has kept the vision of the important basic things needed for a happy and successful life — her family, her religion, and her painting. So this book is a basic review of the strokes Donna uses to accomplish her One-Stroke Technique. Need technical assistance using a Plaid product? Our Consumer Advisory Team can help. Give them a call at

Donna Dewberry has been involved with arts and crafts all of her married life — over 25 years. Donna has kept the vision of the important basic things needed for a happy and successful life — her family, her religion, and her painting.

So this book is a basic review of the strokes Donna uses to accomplish her One-Stroke Technique. Need technical assistance using a Plaid product?

Our Consumer Advisory Team can help. Give them a call at You can also contact us on line at www. The information in this instruction book is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed, nor is freedom from any patent to be inferred.

Since we have no control over physical conditions surrounding the application of information herein contained, Plaid Enterprises, Inc. Please be sure to thoroughly read the instructions for all products used to complete projects in this book, paying particular attention to all cautions and warnings shown for that product to ensure their proper and safe use. All Rights Reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing, except by reviewer, who may in reviewing this publication, quote brief passages in a magazine or newspaper.

The qualities such as blendability, smooth flow, and quick drying make the paint perfect for the One-Stroke technique. Their rich and creamy formulation and long open time make them perfect for decorative painting. They are offered in a huge range of wonderful, pre-mixed colors and in gleaming metallic shades.

Cleanup is easy with soap and water. Their intense colors and creamy consistency are wonderful for blending, shading, and highlighting. When used with mediums they work much like oils. They are available in a variety of bright and subtle colors. It should be used when you are painting on any surface that is not sleek. It is especially helpful when painting on walls. Use this medium for painting shadows or for watercolor effects. You can paint home accessories such as boxes, flowerpots, and small furniture pieces with the standard-size brushes.

Tiny projects such as watches and mini boxes can be painted with the Mini Brushes; and large wall murals can be painted with the Large Size brushes. Standard-size Brushes: Brush Set includes a 8 flat and a 10 flat. Large-size Brushes: Specially made for painting large designs on furniture and walls. Mini Scruffy Brush Mini Set includes a 6 flat, a 2 flat, and a 1 script liner. Sponge painters Die cut sponges made for basecoating, sponging, or stenciling. Reusable Teaching Guides Optional: Use these unique laminated worksheets to practice your strokes.

To learn and practice, paint right on top of the illustrations and follow the strokes, then wipe clean and paint again! A spray sealer is especially suitable for metal surfaces, to eliminate the chance of streaking. Dip the opposite corner of the brush in another color. If your third color is a light shade. Flip brush over to the other side and push it away from you. Stroke brush back and forth on a clean spot on your palette to blend the paint.

Wet your brush and gently tap on a paper towel to remove excess water. This will form triangles at each corner of the brush. Triple Loading 4.

Notice how a correctly loaded and blended brush should look. You will paint the flowers. Reload the brush as needed. They are the brushes that are used to paint the majority of the elements of the design. Pick up paint by dipping one corner of the brush in one color. Be sure to keep the colors in the same spot on the blending area of the palette. When brush is loaded correctly.

If the brush is coarse or splits. If it is a dark shade. The One-Stroke flat brushes are available in the following sizes: Using it will help keep your brush moist. Side Loading Brushes The standard and larger brushes can be side-loaded by pulling the edge into the third color.

Stroke into the blending area on your palette to blend. Dampen the brush and blot on paper towel to dry. Because the mini brushes are so narrow. Pull brush out of puddle to smooth paint into bristles. Pull one edge of the brush along the edge of the lighter paint puddle. Dip the entire bristle section of brush into the darker paint puddle.

Dip your loaded brush into the Floating Medium every third or fourth stroke. Double Loading the Mini Brushes This side-loading technique is used when loading the 2. You will have a slightly scalloped outer edge. Pull brush in a curve to opposite guideline.

Painting Roses 1. To make the calyx. Position the chisel edge of the brush at the left guideline. Double or triple load your brush with a dark color and a highlight color white or yellow. Wiggle and pull the brush as you pivot the brush into a curve. Do not bend the wrist. Make one shell-shaped petal of the rose at a time. Start stroke with the lighter colors to the outside.

Make another layer of the bottom stroke. Double or triple load your brush.


Determine the width of the rose bud by making 2 parallel lines to use as your guidelines. Make the top of the bud first.

End the calyx on the chisel edge as you lift the edge of brush. Start with the chisel edge at the base of the bud. Position the brush so that the light color of paint is at the right side of brush. Lean and pull the brush and lead with the lighter edge of brush as you pull stroke along side of bud.

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Various size brushes will make roses of different sizes. Pull brush into a curve. Clean up the bottom of the bud by restroking over the bottom stroke. Make a comma stroke just under the bud for the last petal of the rose. Make some guideline dots in a circle to help you determine the positioning of the five outer petals. Paint the five shell-shaped petals to complete the outer skirt of the rose. Continue adding the shell-shaped petals below the bud until you have painted four petals.

Make another shell-shaped petal on the left side of the rose bud. Make another shellshaped petal here.

Fast & Fun Landscape Painting with Donna Dewberry eBook

Overlap each petal onto the previous one. Paint a comma stroke on each side of the bud. Make the top part of the bud. End the stroke on the chisel edge to complete the first petal. To begin painting the inner row of petals. Make 4 petals for second row of shell-shaped petals. Smaller rose made with a 12 flat brush. Load brush with Berry Wine and Wicker White.

Make 5 petals for outer skirt. Using chisel edge. Make these on the chisel end of brush. Stem Touch and pull down on the chisel edge Completed Rose 9. Bus Yellow. Dot School Bus Yellow with handle for center. End brush on the chisel edge. Push brush down and pivot. Start by touching flat side of brush. End on chisel. Pull the brush into a curve. Load the flat brush with Thicket and Sunflower. Pull brush in a curve as you wiggle.

Make 5 overlapping shell-shaped petals. Start at left side of petal. See the next three steps for instructions on making the teardrop petals. Touch chisel edge of brush. Add individual teardrop-shaped petals at bottom of pansy.

Make both sides of leaf in this same way. Pull down to tip and end of chisel edge. Begin turning brush as you get to tip. To make a turned edge on leaf: Begin making leaf in the same way. Push and wiggle the stroke.

Have the green side of brush to the outside. Touch down with brush. Begin at one guideline with the flat side of the brush. Turn and slide as you pull brush up to chisel edge. When you reach tip. Pull brush to flat edge. Touch on chisel edge to start. Begin brush on chisel. To make a folded leaf: Pull up to chisel edge and slide it to the side slightly. Make a side petal using the same technique as the center petal. Pull brush up to chisel edge at tip. Pull brush back down other side of petal as you wiggle and push.

For the inside edge of the side petal. Wiggle and push brush up side of petal. Touch brush to surface to begin the center back petal. Bus Yel. Touch base of flower and pull down to end of stem. Forest and Sch. Purple and W. Use chisel edge and lead with Yellow. Make petals that angle away from the stem. Touch chisel edge of brush to surface and lean.

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