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A Dead Space 3 guide includes a detailed walkthrough of completing all 19 campaign chapters, as well as side missions. There are several game side missions, available in co-op mode, where you can also find secrets (artifacts, logs, weapon parts). Co-op missions: Marker Containment. Try to shoot off limbs of your enemies, mostly their legs, trying to exceptionally avoid the head; headless opponent is still alive and depriving him of his legs you . The Dead Space 3 Walkthrough is divided into three parts, the main story, the side missions, and the co-op only missions: Chapter. # of Artifacts.

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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Pdf

Here, The Dead Space 3 Walkthrough is divided into three parts, the main story, the side missions, and the co-op only missions. Dead Space 3 is the sequel to Dead Space 2 from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts. Dead Space 3 was confirmed on May 29, by EA. Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Official Prima Guide) - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Dead Space 3 Limited Edition.

A Dead Space 3 guide includes a detailed walkthrough of completing all 19 campaign chapters , as well as side missions. You'll find here also a list of all hidden items along with their exact locations they are also mentioned in the descriptive part of chapters, at the place of finding them. In addition, three main categories of secrets you can find in the game are also marked with colors:. There are several game side missions, available in co-op mode, where you can also find secrets artifacts, logs, weapon parts. Scavenge the violent wilderness, build devastating weapons, and take down the terror together. Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier, John Carver, on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, the pair must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. Isaac will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customize weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first the team must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, the unlikely pair must work together to save mankind from the impending apocalypse. Team up and take down the terror together Play the full campaign in online co-op or single player Easy drop-in and drop-out play Head planet side and experience a hostile new environment Discover underworld cities and accept side missions Explore the frozen terrain and search abandoned encampments Uncover the past and embark on a thrilling expedition to save mankind Discover the source of the Necromorph terror and fight to fend off the extinction of the human race. Core 2 Duo 2.

The alternate attack was great it did not kill an enemy. Step forward wires go vertical. Once the ripper is fully upgraded. Deploy mines on the ground so the trip move to aim. This is where the area. For distant targets. As such. It seemed to be just a pulse rifle nearby.

Upgrading When upgrading. The flamethrower was also effective could not take along another weapon. You can find the schematic for the flamethrower that fired only one round at a time. If it does not work for you. These are all on the top path. Fire it in bursts rifle can be found in Chapter 6. I liked using it to deal with tough to target at long range. The flamethrower is range weapon. The flamethrower requires a different style of play.

This gives you enemies with a streaming a closer view to distant blaze. If you want to use the alternate fire. It is also a good idea to upgrade both damage and ammo capacity. The schematic for the seeker center to torch as much of it as possible. The flame is wide. It fires a actually a hydrazine indus- single round at a time. The key is to flame great for getting rid of Pukers from range and all of them and then back away while they burn for killing Nests.

It also worked lots of smaller Necromorphs. Once I set them on fire. Then while the Necromorphs were in stasis. I force gun in the safe and carried the contact tended to use its alternate attack more than its beam with me quite a bit of the time after I primary attack. It was especially useful when downloadd it. Start with special ability as quickly as possible. It acts as a a high-intensity blast. I destroyed them one at a time with the primary Upgrading fire. This causes fire.

I wish I could just talk to someone. Look for the schematic for this weapon in a locked more damage to the target and can be fired at longer storage room in Chapter 7.

Press Alt-Fire and you blast kinetic blow back several enemies that are charging you in close energy into the ground to push away all nearby objects. Fire it at Necro. I grew to really appreciate the contact beam. This one morphs to push them back while causing some damage. One of the first things that I did I had several enemies coming at me. Press the Alt-Fire button to fire the kinetic This can give you a chance to then use the primary energy in a tight-radius energy projection.

Place seven power nodes in the top path to access the The upgrade schematic has three start nodes. It fires a short. Unlike most weapons.

This allowed me to use a weapon rather out each individual Necromorph. This alternate attack can blow an enemy to pieces. Along the way. This weapon also works great against large Damage and speed should be your priorities when Necromorphs as well. The downside is This will affect not only the target. The next upgrade several attributes. I would was upgrade the alternate attack and get the blow them back with the primary attack.

Then release the button to fire it at a target. Since its function is somewhat similar to the force gun. This is great for when enemies are charging at for clearing the area around you when there are lots of you. This not only strongest ones or the biggest threats with pushed the enemies back. Just aim for their weak upgrading the force gun.

As you increase the damage. I put my The force gun is an interesting weapon. I did not rush to put power nodes into the sooner I had it maxed out in upgrades. Start upgrading the RIG before you will need stasis to slow them down.

The stasis module was until midway through the Sprawl. This suit has no special ability. These use your weapons. This attribute actually have power nodes in both of these slots. Most will require you to find the schematic first.

You must Whenever you download a new suit. This allows you to operate in vacuums. While I Right from the start. I began to upgrade my RIG and then my weapons.

Focus on hit points first. These provide no special Therefore. Once you work on upgrading the damage. At the start. I spent every power node maxed out the hit points and damage right I could find upgrading my stasis module. It is important to upgrade these since you carry them throughout the game no matter which suit you are wearing.

As you follow the path to the charges. While weapons kill Necromorphs. This is a good expensive equipment or several items. Then you can use them to either restore ammo to keep you going. It also provides a stasis when downloading items at the store. These items can be divided into different categories. This increases your inventory increases your armor by 15 percent. Since it would charge it up to new weapon and its ammo from the safe to my percent. This suit increases expensive. I was careful to wait until my module inventory.

The med packs refill different amounts for it. That way I did not waste inventory was completely empty and I needed the stasis slots with ammo for weapons I was not right away before using the stasis pack. When you find it. After killing a Necromorph. While In addition to ammo. Some can be downloadd in the store while others can be found in lockers. If you These can be found all over just like ammo.

I then moved the stasis module. On the currently carrying. Get this suit as soon as you can. I could quickly recharge my safe along with the weapon. No need to wait until I was near death to do a bit of healing. Once you find depend on the weapons you are carrying.

I first changed return to the closest store and download into the vintage suit. Carry these in search Necromorph corpses. The advanced suit is suit in Chapter 8. I used a med pack. This suit provides 15 slots for inventory then changed back into the suit of my choice.

I liked to carry a stasis module with me so if I moved all the ammo for that weapon into the I got into trouble. The types of ammo you often your health or to recharge your stasis module. In to 25 slots and increases your armor addition.

Dead Necromorphs Credits Semiconductor even give them up. Gold semiconductors are worth 3. You really the Sprawl. Schematic weapons and equipment. Collect and keep these. Semicon- ductors have only one purpose—to be sold for credits at the store.

Credits are the currency you use at the stores for downloading weapons. Then it costs 5. Once People on the Sprawl left behind audio and text logs.

Power nodes recorded audio message or view Log also are used to unlock storage rooms where you can some digital text. Schematics are how you gain access to new weapons and Schematics always have one. For this reason. Though they are expensive at Search carefully so you can find all the credits possible. I sold items I did not need. These are tougher to acquire and are usually only in locked storage rooms. You can then place power the item from the schematic at any store in the Sprawl.

Some large Necromorphs. From that point on. You can also find semiconductors. When you reach the first intersection. You have got to do careful until you can get some medical attention.

This is not good. Press the Action button to open the unlocked door. This means you are close to my feet. If you let them get in close. Since you are in a straitjacket. You are still in a straitjacket. These stations are located throughout the game and let you start over from this spot if you quit. I need to get out of this place. Fight it off until the doors slide closed and eliminate this threat.

While it top of me. When you see red. Whenever this happens to you. As a general rule. Keep pressing it until you can at the last checkpoint. I flailed around to try shaking it was yellow before. After a series of flashbacks in which you are being questioned by some type of doctor. It is a good idea to stop here and save your game. As he tries to get you out of a straitjacket. After the door closes on your threat.

He is talking to someone named Daina over a communicator. You stairway. Press flashlight the Action button again to pick them up. Grab that. Press the Locator button and a blue line will appear. While the flashlight will help you see where you Face the controls near the elevator door.

Move survive. Keep going and turn left to reach a to check out every locker you come across. The doctor will not be coming along with you. Make your way through the dark rec room. Listen to her. While you are waiting. Take it up to the top and then go through a door never know what you will find inside. And they want to rescue me. Inside is a small med pack and a flashlight.

These were unlocked. I was the next always on the lookout for items to help me area. Some were locked. After he cuts you out of the straitjacket. The door is open. If you turn right you will find an audio log hidden in a corner.

Summon the elevator and enter to find Release the Aim button and the object will drop to the a small med pack. I could also use the D-pad to cycle through different destinations. Pick it up and use it to bring up your ground. Walk over to the control panel on the left.

Use the elevator as metal rods. Keep at it until both the air in front of you. The object will hover in the Slashers are likely to injure you. I was and then press the Fire button to launch the rod. To use kinesis. Locate the maintenance access tunnel. You now have make it through the Sprawl alive. I often liked to explore the area to try and find items to help me and text logs.

You will need to know how to use it in just a moment. Then climb in and crawl through the tunnel. Take a few seconds to practice using this Shortly after getting kinesis.

If you want to launch the object. This is more dangerous. You will then add these to your RIG and gain the ability to use kinesis. Only more to go. While in these tunnels. Walk over to the blue icon with a hand on it.

In order to in dark areas. While holding the Aim button. Exit the operating room and follow the pathway objects to you that may otherwise be out of reach. The locator really came in handy to start it now. If you miss and they get in too close. I could even launch them to use them as single hit. Follow a narrow hallway to a dead end. This can be handy for bringing are dead. Go to use kinesis to pick up a metal rod.

While you are getting the weapon. Continue through the next door to enter the intensive care area. This usually earns you some plasma energy cartridges. This caused them to give up an item. Press Slasher is headed your way as well. A second Slasher is headed your way.

These containers can hold a total of 30 Necromorphs with kinesis objects. There are seven in this chapter alone. This is your aiming reticle for the plasma cutter. You now have a plasma cutter weapon. Also You will open the two lockers at either end on the lower level then be able to get a med pack and some credits. There are also some Necromorph corpses in here. Aim at one of the Slasher cutter that corpses and press the Kinesis button again. Once both Slashers are down.

You retract the will find lots of rods here. Now head to the to detach opposite door at the top to exit to the next area. In order to earn it. After I killed a Necro- morph. Launch the first rod at the panel at this Slasher in the lead to kill it.

Once the Necromorphs are down. Smash a container in each room and pick up some ammo lying around. That gave me some time to then switch back to vertical and sever the arms. Then switch back to vertical to sever their arms and stomp for a final touch. In vertical mode. While you are in here. I could switch back and forth between the two modes by pressing the Alt-Fire button.

While I could have just fired a bunch into the Necromorph bodies. Then advance through the doorway into another corridor. Turn left and enter a small patient room to pick up a text log. I had to think like a surgeon rather than a soldier. There is some in a waiting area. Follow the locator path through a couple of small rooms. The weapon could be fired in two different modes: I tried to conserve it as much as possible.

Head down the path to the right since the left is blocked by flaming debris. To kill Necromorphs. All you have to do is dismember 25 limbs.

Since ammo was somewhat limited. Continue through the next room and into a hallway with a save station. Check in a side room containing a couple of bodies for some credits. I had an effective weapon to use against the Necromorphs. Check the lockers on the wall.

By now you should be able take out each Slasher with only two or three shots.

While Daina begins tration to find a new route for you. You must adminis- find another way out of the hospital. Here you can pick up some ammo. Once you have it all. Head down the ramp on the left. The area has gone into a security lockdown. Walk own. As soon as one comes into view. Many are so frightened they require sedation to get to the interrogation chamber.

They no longer remember who we are from day to day. As you get a brief lull. A steel door is blocking you from joining into the him. Stay by the steel door near the exit to the concourse. They can also be used to the recent CEC layoffs and the increased tensions between open some locked storage rooms.

Hacking also has a time limit. Now head through the next doorway into the triage area. You could use a stasis module for your RIG. Those storage rooms Dr. It will show you how much time you have remaining. If time is running out. This will move you to the next stage. Anxiety Spike Power nodes can be found Attn: Reception desk throughout the Sprawl.

Brian Alpers can have some good stuff. This new wave is something entirely different. It is important to learn to hack quickly. When it turns blue. With my RIG. Walk them. I could also recharge it instantly at a attack. As it approaches. The stasis module was good for at a distance.

I quickly shot at it to get out to cause some damage and interrupt its attack. Whenever I saw a In order Puker inhale at a distance. Pick up some ammo to the left. They will spit acid at you. Be sure has been to look around the room for a text log.

Since you are an unauthorized person. That means you have to deliver the killing blow—or take off the last limb to kill it—while it is The Pukers are very dangerous. I used stasis to slow them security down and then backed away as I dismembered gate. When at a distance. Pukers are even must move deadlier up close.

Usually the Necromorph will be out of types of projectile attacks. After that. After you have killed both Pukers. Stay stasis as well as how fast it recharged on its own. This device let me slow down it. While it is glowing blue. The stasis module could is another Puker in the next room. Quickly back away from the doorway. Once the door turns blue.

Pukers can still over to the shoot acid at you. Before you move toward the gate. Even without a head. Activate the motor control again. The security gate will open. There is a power node on the counter. This increased the number of shots of off its arms and other body parts to take it down. You may need to use stasis since it is so close. If this happens. As soon as you approach. Once it is truly dead. Grab it. Chairman Donovan. This will allow you to carry more and also provide some armor to help protect you from attacks.

The only thing for sale is the engineering suit. You can also use decompression to your advantage at times. Continue through the taking place right under our noses. There is a Necromorph lying on the ground.

Just be ready to hit the lockdown switch and make sure you are as far away from the window as possible. If you have been looking around as you progressed through the hospital. This will suck out Necromorphs that are closer to the breach than you. You must have an engineering suit on in order to progress through the next area. The engineering suit is 1. Since all you have on right now is your hospital clothing. There are some credits on a table.

Walk up to the store and press the Action button to activate it.

The windows have been blown out. Yellow areas on Necromorphs always signal a weak point. They offer a variety of products. Your suit automatically begins supplying you weak spot with oxygen. There are also several containers in this area. No need to worry about oxygen. If possible.

This Tripod is the toughest thing you have faced so far. These include new suits. If your stasis module is not fully charged. The engineer. Alternate between shooting and using stasis. As I was fighting it. You can sell opposite end. This is always a weak spot. Search for survivors. Locate a suit kiosk Find Ellie and her crew.

Now We Know. Locate the Experiment Facility. Signal Hunting. Reactivate the heating system Adjust the heaters Collect the Probe components. Probe the Specimen for information. Reach for the Sky. Everything Has Its Place.

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A Change of Fortitude. Arrange Rosetta at the sample array Retrieve the Codex from Danik. What Lies Below. Follow Danik down the Research Silo. A Strange City. Kill or Be Killed. Reach the machine. Side missions: Explore the Greely Restore power and override the lock-down Download the encryption codes. Conning Tower. Supply Depot. Find the stashed supplies. Protect the Armory munitions Collect the munitions cache. Reaper Barracks. Scavenge the rd Reaper Barracks. Disposal Services. Recover anything that survived the purge.

Artifact Storage.

Call the tram | 5: Expect Delays - Dead Space 3 Game Guide |

Basic Line Gun The line gun fires a horizontal beam that is wider than the plasma cutter. Then you can can travel a distance and even bounce off the ground or customize or upgrade the blueprint weapon.. Be sure to walls YCIi ain change it from vertical to horizontal mode by pressing the:: The line gun also causes more damage than the plasma cutter. This weapon can cut two legs off a Necro- morph with a singe shot and is even great for firing at groups bunched together. As you advance through the campaign.

This is one of the first weapons you can craft at the workbench on the Roanoke. Lament Xboxiso Cuttef This high-energy tool is desigiii: Since nearby. The downside is the charge time. It f ires a short-range This is a short-range weapon that can inflict a lot of damage It is modified with an ammo sweeper. Force Eun The force gun is a handheld graviton accelerator. While it won't kill most Necro- This weapon features a compact ripper and an advanced morphs. This can give you a chance to then use the primary fire.

This is great for when Hot Death enemies are charging at you. Then release the button to fire it at a target. Shoot it at Necromorphs and it will push them back while causing some damage. It acts as a blunt blow rather than a penetrating shot. This energy affects not only the target. The top '. It puts out a lot of large projectiles in a short amount of time.

Think of this as a javelin machine gun. This causes more damage to the target it touches. To use it.. If you pressthe alt-fire button. When you need an additional punch. You can also craft this weapon yourself. The attachments. This weapon is best used from medium hammer.

The secondary weapon. TheThe teptetr. The rivet gun does not do a lot of damage. These grenades are great for clearing out groups of small Necromorphs. As you hit one. Javelin Eun Mjolnir javelin gun is a pneumatic spear launcher.. This weapon is also effective against enemy soldiers.. Fulse Ritle While many of the other weapons are tools.

Fire it This is a weapon born of Valhalla. If the javelins makes up for this with its rate of fire. This gun has a very high rate of fire and shools small projectiles. This gives you a powerful melee attack that can to long range and has a slower rate of fire than other weapons. Each round does not cause as much damage as a shot from the This is: It has an advanced The chain lightning gun that works great when you are being at a Necromorph and it will impale the target.

Press the alt-fire button to make arcs from the target to other creatures or soldiers nearby the recently fired javelin emit an electric charge that and inflicts damage on all C lvegqedr. Be sure to start upgrading the RIG and its modules before you concentrate on weapons. At the start. You will need stasis to slow down enemies and give you a chance to use your weapons. These increase the amount of damage you can sustain. The shotg.. The kinesis module is attached to your suit right at the start.

It is important to upgrade these since you carry them throughout the game no matter which suit you are wearing.: Focus on hit points first.: It allows you to use kinesis to pick up and manip-: It has only one Weep-qh There are three types of upgradable equipment that are actually integrated into your suits.

This attribute actually increases the amount of damage whichever weapon you are using inflicts on the enemy As you are following the path to the charges.

Lament Xboxiso Tfris t is a standard S. It is usually a good idea to upgrade to the latest suit for the best features. You can also download additional suits as downloadable content. Each suit provides some protection by reducing the damage you take from attacks. Designed protection and body heat that insulate the body trial asteroid frackers and with advanced survival and retention.

It sports monitors the wearer for personnel on the USG Ishimura. This suit was one of the first worn by private-sector provide protection from long and can inject stimulants to feature an integrated RIG salvage operators. Marauders The N7 suit is inspired by scientists on Tau Volantis. In addition to ammo. Collect and keep these.: Theyjust won't obtain quite as much resources.

When using a workbench. The bots. A scavenger stasis pack will completely recharge your stasis module.. There are five ammo at the workbench.

When you get to one of these locations. Circuits can increase rate of fire. While scavenge locations are best. While you are carrying it. You can always take out and replace circuits. It will then convert to its robot form and begin crawling around. Press the fire button to deploy the scavenger bot. You can then get it and deploy it again. After killing a Necromorph. Then you can use them..

Carry convenient package. In addition to resources. Weapon frames have two. These small robots can be deployed to search for ' med packs refill different amounts of health while the resources while you go about your missions. You then place circuits into slots to get specifie types of upgrades. These items csn b. The next time you visit a workbench. Different usually find enough ammo to keep you going. If different types of resources: You can also craft them at the workbench. At the workbench.

Spare parts boxes are pick-ups. They can be found in lockers. When it is done. Select it and then when you hold down the aim button. Lament Xboxiso l. This takes several mlnutes. Some circuits can affect two of these categories instead ofjust one. Resources can be found lying around. Circuits Circuits can be found in circuit boxes on walls as well as lying around throughout the campaign. These can be found all over just like ammo.

While you can craft parts. There are two different kinds of logs: They are S. I ri ir To craft weapons The come in three different types: These weapons work great to introduce you to new features.. Be sure to l collect all that you can and read or listen to them.

By taking them to the workbench. New weapon parts allow them.

Some can be found crates or in corners. Artifacts are often hidden behind scattered throughout the campaign. Washington Train Station.. Terra Nova Tau Volantis Cliffs of Volantis Supply Depot Total Artifacts: Lament Xboxiso:: Lament Xboxiso -. All you have is a waypoint. Artifacts are collectibles that can be found throughout the game. Be sure to collect it.

This f irst artifact is a S. Lament Xboxiso ' t' '"t" " As you approach the light. They also help tell a story. Items that you can pick up often glow. This blue line shows you the way to your objective. Now that you can see better and the snow locator. As the blizzard begins to lessen.

You begin all alone in a blizzard. Then activate your locator again and begrn moving toward the waypoint. It is a good thing you have this because visibility is nearly zero in this arctic wasteland. The locator is sending you activating the toward the ship. Press and hold the locator button to actlvate a holographic path.

If you shoot them off. Press the stomp button to use your foot to Necromorphs.: Lament Xboxiso.. Both are carrying axes. Two more of the ship's crew walk out.. If you don't want to illlAilffin0lj0fi break open the container. Then walk up to the door and open it Don't aim for I your weapon. Fire a few: Inside you find some ammo for end up with an axe buried in you.. Unfortunately it is locked. Something has changed them into 'if.

Then I when they stop moving. An axe is buried in his back What happened ' inside that ship? It is a good thing that you now have ammo for your weapon. Roll to the left or right to avoid the ship-especially the engines. There are no Necromorphs here..

Pick it up to complete your objective. Walk over to the cage barrier that is blocking your access to the bridge. Move forward to stomp on it to get some ammo. As you pick it up. Your descent now becomes less controlled as you slide down the side of a mountain.. As you come across some gaps or rocks jutting out from the side of the cliff Open fire to kill it.

Move through the hatch and follow a passageway to the left. You automatically move to a side hatch.. There are three more Necromorphs in here. Shoot off their legs to slow them down. As soon as you make a turn to the right. Take a quick look around to ensure that it is safe. As you get to the bottom of the cliff Climb it to the top to get to the bridge level of the ship. One crawls toward you while the jffi liill.. Move forward to descend. Activate one ofthe controls to the side of the door to open the cage and then enter the bridge..

The locator now leads you to a ladder. Lof contribute to the problem. He then deletes the content of the soldiers have been turned into Necromorphs' Luckily.

Lament Xboxiso After months of hiding. Their quest is entangled with the fate of Ellle Langford.? Totai Artifacts: Total Logs: EarthGov Artifacts: L 44 ll primagames. Isaac turns toward the door that the window I has opened.: As you take damage. Logs are collectibles that you can throughout the game that help fill in the story line' 3lili: Ellie has told Norton that you are..

SFI e'. After using the med pack. The bar on the back of your RIG acts as a health gauge. You are going to need it. Norton and the soldier Plcking up his plasma cutter As he is trying to make sense of what has i"'inl: J"' recorder by i.

Isaac moves and activate r toward the door and is disarmed by a soldier. Then pick up f.. When it gets very small and turns red.. Now backtrack toward your apartment and then i! Your ammo is limited.. Gov's last battalion. Pick up some locator to see that you need to head to the left.. EarthGov car. Quickly 0nce you have learned what you can from the logs. If there is not a pick-up near them. Then head up the stairs to the right and pick up some more ammo on the platform before you continue farther for you.

JUmPS uP on the hood and detonates two grenades he is holding in his hands. Check your are firing down on you and dropping grenades.

Unitologists above your apartment and move out into the hallway.. Crouch down behind some cover and engage the several Unitologists who come out. Norton informs you that they are member of Earth- into the sewers. Crouch down behind a concrete barricade and take fire at the Unitologists who are attacking you. The blast injures you and throws you down into a sewer area. Take arm like you are going to fire your weapon. Continue through another results in a pileup of traffic in both directions Get moving.

As you move out watch for an enemy to appear from the ieft.

Dead Space 3 Limited Edition (Official Prima Guide)

Before leaving this room. This gives C Kill them qulckly. Kill him with a shot to B efore the head and then move around the corner and kill another you rnove enemy on a second-floor balcony before he can fire at you.: Lament Xboxiso HOl You need to get across the '':: The t-Jnitologists are you away to get across the expressway in one piece. They run toward you and try to throw you.. Norton Sprawl. Norton continues talking to more enemies.

This causes one of the transports to come to a halt. Since Isaac Clarke destroyed the Marker on the grenades. Advance to a ladder on the right side of some containers and search lockers for pick-ups You still have your stasis unit on your RIG. You need to stop them or you will be killed iritr. Pick expressway Fire at the glass doorto blast it open and be readyto attack. Continue through a corridor to another door. As the Necromorphs enter. Danik blows up the lab surrounding the Marker and releases it and all of its energy.

You fall down into a pile of corpses. Before entering the elevator. Then call the elevator to your level. With a press of a button on a remote control.

Shoot the tentacles to kill the Necromorphs. A Marker lab has been built on the lunar colony.. Lament Xboxiso nce ypu to the top 0f. Go through it to enter a lobby. As the legs are blown off.: While you have escaped from Danik. Just as he is about to kill you. There are a couple of Necromorphs hitting the glass door to try to get to you. He wants to show you what the Unitologists are doing.

While in the lobby. When you arrive at the top. Un ito lo g ists have arrived down below and they open fire on you. Make your way around to the back of the lobby. Pick up some med packs and heal yourself. Activate the controls inside and to get pick-ups. Pick it up to add it to your coilection. For the rui! Then move into the office on the other side ride the elevator down to Washington Station.

In the corridor. A corpse is on the floor. Search a couple of lockers and then go through the doorway. Kill it and then search the lockers. As you approach. If they get in close. Open the door and contjnue through a store. Use the corpses to collect pick-ups. They can move fast. Lament Xboxiso Exit the room and move out into a shopping area.

Pick up some items here and then move through the next door to get to another market a rea. The only way you can go is to the right.

While you are focused on the Slashers. Activate the controls and ride the elevator down to the train area. Make sure your plasma cutter is reloaded and watch out for Slashers to come at you.

Advance cautiously through thls area. Also be ready to give yourself a quick heal Watch out for another Slasher in the ticket office. As you descend the first flight of stairs. It is if necessary. Follow the locator holographic display to an entrance leading down to the station. As you step near the ticket office. Keep moving around to get away from the enemies while you continue firing. If you try to go to the left. A lJnitologist ship flies over the train atrd operrs fire on you.

As yuu eliminate these threats.. I i stati 0n. The turntable will turn again and front of the train. Wl il1i firAllifri i i r tllAplifiS i. Search some nearby lockers for pick-ups. Clinrb up on the ramp at the rear of iihr! Take cover. Norton and the Eudara arrive and fire at the enenly ship to drive it away.

Lament Xboxiso tr'n. As you illiPti'i tt move Vour view to the right. When it comes to a stop. Return fire and kill thent. Tllirl iilllfitiji il tili1i. As you approach the power car, you must climb down a A Unitologist ship drops off some more zealots as you get ladder to get to the flatbed car. Be sure to clear out any to the top of the power car. Quickly take them out and enemies on this car before going down the ladder. Then keep moving. You have to move fast or you will miss your cross to the other side and climb up another ladder to get ride.

As you get near the front of the train, the Eudora flies down and lowers a ramp. Run toward it and jump to grab onto it. Carver comes out onto the ramp to help you climb aboard. Follow the on-screen prompts to ensure that you climb up the ramp and get safely onto the ship to complete your escape from the lunar colony.

Lament Xboxiso ,: Unitologist attack ';. I Total Logs: I EarthGov Artifacts: I Audio Logs: After your extraction from the lunar colony, you wake up in the medical bay aboard the USM Eudora. Carver is also in the area, looking at a picture that he quickly puts away when he notices that you are awake. Take some time to Search the medical bay for some pick-ups. The med explore the area. There is a recording machine on a desk. There is nothing inside this room, so continue out f tiluliL ti the opposite door to the next area,.

Exit out the door on the right side of this area. As you arrive on the bridge,the Eudora is coming out of hyperspace. Captain Norton is in command and is preparing the crew for the unexpected. All they have is an exit vector with little or no knowledge of what they are dropping into. After exiting through a door, you come to an intersection. The bridge is forward. However, before reporting to the bridge, explore the corridor that leads off to the right.

While it is a long corridor, the walk is worth it. In addition to a pick-up, you can also find an artifact at the end of the corridor. Pick it up, then backtrack to the bridge to 0nce the ship is back into real space, you realize that you complete your objective.

It could be Ellie. However, as you begin approaching the ship, you come across a minefield. Although the crew tries to avoid the mines, the effort is in vain.