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Chetan Bhagat All Books Pdf

Books · India Positive · The Girl In Room · One Indian Girl · Making India Awesome · Half Girlfriend · What Young India Wants · Revolution · 2 States . Free download of Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more All New Design · Español Português Book Description HTML. Story of Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat All Books - [PDF] [EPUB] Chetan Bhagat All Books Chetan Bhagat (born April ) is an Indian author, columnist.

Chetan Bhagat is back at it again. One Indian Girl. And Why? She… but then again, let us allow her to introduce herself — as well as the main premise of the book: Hi, I am Radhika Mehta and I am getting married this week. I am twenty-seven years old. I grew up in Delhi. I now work in London, at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. I am a vice president in the Distressed Debt Group. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like me too much. One, I make a lot of money. Two, I have an opinion on everything. Now if I was a guy you would be okay with all of this. Well, Radhika, they probably would have made you at least somewhat likable in the US or most of the countries in the Western hemisphere.

The novel tells the story of six call center employees, who stories are interconnected in some or other day. The book was also adapted for a Bollywood film titled Hello in As of , the novel had an estimated to have sold 2.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life It is the third novel by Chetan Bhagat, which is based on the lives of three friends interwoven between two major historic events in Gujarat — earthquake and riots. The 3 Mistakes of My Life has reportedly sold 10 lakh copies in just 10 months. The book has been adapted for celluloid as Kai Poche, the movie that marks the Bollywood debut of talented Sushant Rajput. It is based on a couple from two poles-apart states in India, who had the hardest time of their life convincing their parents to approve of their marriage.

Bhagat produced this intriguing novel after quitting his job as an investment banker. Despite this, many passengers couldnt make it. These people spent considerable time, effort and money to rebook themselves to their destinations.

I had a speaking engagement in my destination city. If I had missed this flight, the function would have had to be cancelled.

Meanwhile, I assume the neta arrived in Mumbai, had people salute him, lift his bags and shut his car doors. He would have zipped off on the highway, on his way to cut a ribbon somewhere or for a meeting; probably important but not terribly urgent either.

If the road had not been cleared for him, he would have still reached his destination, perhaps ten minutes later and with a more realistic picture of the roads and traffic in Mumbai.

Best of Chetan Bhagat

However, to ensure his comfort, thousands waited for an hour, airlines upset schedules and at least one event planner in the country had a panic attack. Who was this VIP? He was a member of Parliament, a minister. He was neither the king of India nor the colonial ruler of our country.

We dont have those anymore.

The person was an elected representative, someone people had chosen to do a job. Sure, to handle a ministry of a large country is not a small job. He does deserve respect for it. However, does respect mean subservience? If someone has a powerful job, does that mean we accept any form of power abuse from him or her?

Do we think it is okay for a busy city to stop just because some elected leader needs a smooth ride to his or her meeting? If we do, arent we at some level accepting, and even becoming accomplices in, the subjugation? Of course, some would argue: what other option do we have?

Creating a ruckus on the jammed road would only create more havoc. A public protest could turn into a moblike situation, which isnt the solution either. The answer to power abuse is not anarchy. So what do we do? Before we answer that, we need to see why our elected representatives continue to think of themselves as little monarchs. Our political class inherited a British colonial system, which had zero accountability to the colonized. Quite cleverly, they didnt change laws to bring in accountability, the cornerstone of any democracy.

Till date, our netas try to rule us like colonial rulers and hate any proposals that reduce their powers or demand accountability. No wonder the Jan Lokpal Bill hasnt yet been passed! While such legal and policy battles continue, a large part of the problem is also the Indian mindset. We do see them as our kings. We do think that they are in power means they can do anything. We do not realize that being in power means being in power only to do things in the national interest.

If Indians change this mindset, changes to laws and policies will follow. Specifically, if a majority of us see and expect netas to be service providers instead of rulers, it will trigger a huge behavioural change in the political class.

How do you change mindsets across the country? Well, start with yourself, and then try to change as many others as possible. If you suffer, talk about it. Text friends, talk about it on social networks and to your colleagues.

Tell everyone if you witness abuse of power, especially when your service provider neta acts like an entitled prince. Sure, they drive your nation, but just as a hired driver drives a bus. The driver cannot start believing he owns the bus. The driver should also know that if he doesnt drive well, he will be removed. So let us work on changing this mindset if we want a better India. Kings and colonizers left our country nearly seven decades ago.

The Telangana Effect The answer to Indias problems is not a new state. It may be, rather, a new state of mind. We always feel that a messiah or a great grand scheme will soon come and deliver us from our woes.

It is a narrative reinforced by Bollywood, where somehow a hero works things out in the end. Our mythology, too, talks about good forces God with amazing powers coming and killing the evil ones demons. It is perhaps due to this gullibility that many of us feel that the sure-shot solution to the miserable common mans life in India is a new state. Yes, stateitis is the new virus in town, affecting everyone from the south to the east to the north.

So, what is the latest solution for the common mans suffering? A new state.

Not good leaders, not even new leaders, not new criteria for votingsuch as governance over castenot an end to identity prejudice. We will change none of this. We will simply solve all our employment, inflation, power, water, safety, health and education problems with one magic solutiona new state.

If the consequences of such nave thinking werent serious, it would be another cute, hilarious trait of Indians. However, what we started with Telangana is something so harmful, vile and terrible, we will all regret it in times to come if we dont check it now. And that terrible thing is this: making states at gunpoint.

No, making new states is not a problem. In the right circumstances, it may well help. What creates problems are coercive demands for a state, where sections of the population threaten violence or strikes and try to gouge out a state for themselves. However, if we want to stem such movements, it wont be through forcibly shutting them down. It is important to understand where such demands originate, and if something can be done to address the underlying issues without constantly redrawing the map of the country.

So, why the almost sudden desire for so many new states? Well, the demand seems to be coming from the more economically backward pockets of the country. The simple reason is this: people are sick of poor governance and dont know where to look for answers or place the blame. A new state, even if a flawed idea, seems like something new to try.

Also, Indians are prejudiced, aiding such thought. We also feel a leader from our own kind will have more empathy towards us. Hence, a new state seems like a reasonable solution. Of course, this is highly flawed thinking. For our prejudice itself is often the reason behind our woes. If we were not prejudiced, we would not have voted on the basis of identity. We would have chosen instead a leader based on ability.

We didnt, which in turn led to the governance mess we find ourselves in today. This bitter truth, of course, doesnt cut much ice with us Indians.

We never download stories involving us taking responsibility. We never blame ourselves. Not us. Unfortunately, caught amidst our desperate life situations and prejudiced minds, we forget the damage pseudo-fixes like new states may cause. For, no matter what your local leader may tell you about the utopia that will come after making a new state, there are many drawbacks. Here are four. First, small states have little clout at the centre. Lets face it, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh carries more clout than his counterpart in Tripura.

Size matters in politics. Two, it creates separatist, almost anti-national sentiments that are harmful for the country. There were reports of people in Telangana being asked to move out of the new state. If new states are created in Assam or West Bengal, there could be violence. Indians living peacefully for generations could become adversaries overnight.

How can this be good for the country? Three, business investors are likely to stay away from a newly formed state, especially if the state is created under volatile circumstances. This will mean fewer new jobs and a worse-off situation for the new state.

Half Girlfriend Book By Chetan Bhagat Free Download

Frankly, without investments, no backward area can develop. Politicians may yield to shrill voices, investors will run away from them.

Four, it reinforces and almost validates something we Indians should be ashamed ofour internal prejudices. Today, the world is looking at India to get its act together. We, on the other hand, are busy finding differences and reasons to hate each other. Andhra Pradesh was a wonderful state by itself. Sure, it may have had issues like any other. Cutting it up, making many parts of India vulnerable and legitimizing prejudice hardly seems like a smart solution.

Theres nothing wrong with making a few new states, but it has to be done on the right terms. The intent has to be rational and the process objective and peaceful. The reason for making states should be administrative and not indulging prejudices. The answer to Indias problems is not a new state.

A modern, unprejudiced, thinking Indian mind. Can we add that to the list of new state demands please? Figuring Modi out gives us insights into who we are as Indians. And for nearly a decade and a half, no politician has been as controversial. Neither has any politician been accused, blacklisted, vilified and treated like a pariah as much. Yet he has not only survived, but thrived. It has been over a year since Modi won the Lok Sabha elections.

Whats amazing is that the criticism has not stopped even as the Godhra riots censure has subsided. Anyhow, one thing is clearModis political graph has continued to rise. Even the always-righteous-but-not-always-right Arvind Kejriwal, who has successfully tarnished many reputations so farNitin Gadkari, Robert Vadra, Mukesh Ambani, Sheila Dikshit, to name a fewhas been unable to really puncture the Modi effect.

As he enters his second year in office, Modis popularity has not nose-dived, as so often happens with politicians who are voted into office with landslide majorities by voters who think that these leaders are their new messiahs. Why is that so? Is it just Modis development agenda? Is it a lack of choice?

Chetan Bhagat

Is it Modis personality and oratory? Or is it his never-overstated-yet-always-present Hindutva stance?

So why does Modi command a wild and passionate fan base like no other BJP leader? Answering these questions is important. First, understanding Modis popularity is important for his opposition. For now, opponents seem to be helping Modi more than hurting him.

Criticism is Modis polish, making him shine even more. Second, figuring Modi out gives us insights into who we are as Indians. An aspect mostly overlooked about Indian society is its understated, often subdued but strong sense of Hindu entitlement. Sure, our Constitution and laws are secular. Our public discourse shuns communal arguments, and rightly so. However, this doesnt mean the sense of entitlement goes away. With an over 80 per cent Hindu population, comprising the majority of the worlds Hindus, it is nearly impossible to eliminate that sense of majority entitlement.

Add to that the Congresss strategy of turning Muslims into a vote bank and responding better to Muslim issues. This triggered the Hindu sense of dissatisfaction even more. In this context, a leader representing Hindu pride found resonance.

And most probably they tried making Radhika and Aditi a brother on two more occasions — but their mother aborted twice because in both cases they would have gotten a third sister.

Unfortunately, not that of a rare occurrence in Indian families. However, for a dreamer philosopher — with a beard and an uncombed hair — Debu has a pretty mundane job, working for an advertising agency on Madison Avenue, BBDO. Apparently, the most creative thing he could find. Also, that he is not only handsome, but also smart and intelligent. And that she really wants him. Like, really, really wants him. Things turn from bad to worse when Radhika decides that she wants to plan a future together with Debu and starts implicitly pressuring him into marriage.

Could she go on living with someone who earns so little? He would rather have a simple housewife for a partner, than a strong, independent woman who earns so much than him and is never around.

They separate, and the separation gets Radhika into thinking whether she was right to prioritize her job to Debu. So, she tries to amends. I only enjoyed all this when I had Debu. I needed love. Then, she heads off to Brooklyn Heights, where Debu has in the meantime moved back into with his old roommates. I just wanted to slip into bed with him. A tiny bedside lamp was switched on. It took me a second to process what I saw: Debu and a white girl lay there naked, intertwined with one another.

In hindsight, I realize I should have shut the door and dashed out. Instead, I froze. In fact, at forty-five, he is already a senior partner at Goldman Sachs! The thing is Neel Gupta is also pretty smitten with Radhika especially after she manages to land a big deal at the Philippines. His feelings grow deeper and become pretty apparent when he sends her 26 roses for her 26th birthday. And in the 26th chapter of the book, at the beaches of the Pangulasian Island Resort at the Philippines, just after the deal-closing celebration dinner soaked in quite a few drinks, this happens: We looked at each other and smiled.

I could have moved away. Maybe because I wanted it to happen. He leaned forward. He placed his lips on mine. They felt as warm and gentle as the water on my ankles. I closed my eyes. My hands moved halfway to stop him but lost the resolve to do so as the kiss felt amazing.

He kissed me long and deep as dozens of waves broke and touched the soles of my feet. He lifted his arm to draw me closer. This was not supposed to feel good. But never had a kiss felt this good.

Maybe I should have. But when something feels so right it is hard to do so.

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