The Bourne Identity is a spy fiction thriller by Robert Ludlum that tells the story of Jason Bourne, a man with remarkable survival abilities who has. The Bourne Identity book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWho is Jaso. The Bourne Identity General Information Author Robert Ludlum Country United States Language English Genre Thriller, Spy novel Publisher Richard Marek.

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Bourne Identity Book

Bantam Books by Robert Ludlum. Ask your bookseller for the books you have missed. THE AQUITAINE PROGRESSION. THE BOURNE IDENTITY. The Bourne Identity: A Novel (Jason Bourne) (): Robert Ludlum: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Mr. Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combines."—The New York Times.

It is the first novel of the Bourne original trilogy and the first novel of the franchise overall. Jason Bourne is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea with several bullet wounds, including a head wound which has given him amnesia. The doctor treating him finds a message surgically embedded in his hip that contains details of a Swiss bank account, presumably anonymous. While attempting to retrace his steps on his previous visit to the city he attracts the attention of several people who either fear him, warn him of danger, or try to kill him—but they all unhelpfully assume that he already knows why. He begins to suspect, on the basis of circumstantial evidence, that he may have been a professional assassin prior to losing his memory. Realizing that he has put her life in danger as well, he risks his own life to prevent her from being executed. This is the first clue that there may be more to the protagonist than a cold-blooded killer. The miniseries, The Bourne Identity is reasonably true to the plot of the novel, but the story of the film, The Bourne Identity was changed to exclude the subplot about the terrorist Carlos The Jackal and, equally or more significantly, the fact of Bourne's innocence—it is maintained that he actually was an assassin, though of CIA employ.

Jacques reports his whereabouts to men she thinks are police, but they turn out to be Bourne's pursuers and professional killers who try to rape and kill her.

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When Bourne rescues her at the risk of his own life, St. Jacques decides to help him. They head to Paris to find clues about Bourne's past.

Once in Paris, Bourne learns that his attackers' leader may be "Carlos," who is described as the most dangerous terrorist of his time, responsible for numerous killings in many countries and well connected in the highest government circles.

For reasons only partly comprehensible to himself, Bourne develops a compulsion to hunt Carlos. As the story develops, Bourne follows clues that bring him closer to Carlos, leading him to places such as a designer clothing store used as relay for Carlos.

Though Bourne twice briefly sees Carlos, he does not manage to catch or kill him. Jacques are falling in love. It turns out that Cain is an alias that had been assumed by Bourne—whose real name is not even "Bourne"—to hunt down Carlos; Cain took credit for kills as a way of challenging Carlos as part of a top-secret American plot.

The plot is called Treadstone Seventy-One, and the truth is known only to eight men selected by covert agencies of the U.

Due to Bourne's six-month silence while he was recuperating and the unauthorized diversion of millions of dollars from the Zurich account, the Treadstone men start to believe that Bourne has become a traitor.

They are entirely convinced of his guilt when one of Carlos' operatives storms the building in which Treadstone is based, kills those inside, and then frames Bourne for the murders. The man now responsible for Treadstone attempts to lure Bourne into a meeting outside of Paris to kill him.

Bourne escapes the trap, but does not succeed in proving his innocence. He suspects this time has something to do with his troubles now. Bourne learns that he is an assassin named Cain, responsible for murders around the world.

Finally, he realizes Cain is actually a fictional character he created for the CIA. Cain was created by Treadstone Seventy-One to anger Carlos and bring him out to be captured. As Bourne has amnesia, he did not check in with his CIA contacts, consequently his handlers thought he turned on them.

This leads to them trying to kill him as well. The end of the story sees Bourne and Carlos facing off in the Treadstone headquarters. Bourne is on his deathbed waiting for the final blow from Carlos when the man mysteriously disappears.

His superiors, who have finally realized what has happened to Bourne, save him. Bourne is actually not his real name. He is David Webb, a career foreign service officer until his wife and children were killed by stray bombs in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Bourne still has memory damage and cannot remember Carlos' identity.

The Bourne Identity Books

The government keeps him under protection as he and St. And it was. The thing is: I haven't the faintest idea how the movie came out of the book.

Sure, there's a girl named Marie, but s I loved the movie and heard that I the book was comparatively awesome. Sure, there's a girl named Marie, but she's an entirely different character.


Sure, there are people trying to kill the man named Jason Bourne, but they're entirely different men. Sure, there's an American government-run company called Treadstone Seventy-One that is looking for Bourne, but for entirely different reasons. But are all these differences a bad thing? They are not.

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