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Page 1 - BOQ Family House by MGKB building contractors Ltd. Uganda zoom in and find out this is a`. AMOUNT (Ush). I. Anti - termite treatment as "Premise sc" distributed by High Chemicals essentials or other equal and approved applied to surface of blinded hardcore and. Construction Housing Units To Re Housing the. Affected Palestinian Specification are not necessarily repeated in the Bill of Quantities.

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Bill Of Quantities For Houses Pdf

Construction Housing Units To Re Housing the. Affected Palestinian Bill of Quantities Quantities of Excavation shall be measured according to the Manual change over switch 4x32A (Type is Hager or equivalent). No. 2. APPENDIX – 9 - BILL OF QUANTITIES AND COSTS FOR HOUSE PLANS. Serial No. Unit. Rate (Rs) Quantity. 1. CF. 2. CF. 3. CF. . Bills of Quantities. White. 75 CONSTRUCTION OF ONE 2-BEDROOM & ONE 3 -BEDROOM STAFF HOUSE, NAMAQUA NATIONAL. PARK.

Provide Insurance of Condition of Contract. Provide Performance Conditions of Contract. Setting out of Works. Contractor's Superintendance. Maintenance of existing roads, surface drains, culverts etc. Provide fortnightly progress reports and photograph to be taken as directed by the S.

As you know, when a BOQ is announced, several contractors would quote for the work. They will quote on the standard format provided by the owner of the building.

Bills of Quantities for Standard Residential House - 2 Bedroom-Type a.xlsx

The contractor is required to quote for the work in the same standard format. As a result, it helps to compare the rate quoted by different contractors.

It also helps to make a cost analysis by adding up overheads and other unforeseen expenses. Time limit: The building owner calls for tenders or quotes from various contractors and he will also stipulate the last date by which he should receive the quotes.

At the same time, the building owner may also prescribe certain standards for evaluating the quotes. For example, the building owner may say only contractors who have taken up a particular nature of works alone should quote.

There are also instances where the building owner may restrict the BOQ only to contractors who have taken up works costing more than a particular sum of money.

BOQ in the city of Bangalore: As you can see, the BOQ is very helpful in making the item-wise comparison of rate quoted by different contractors.

In the city of Bangalore, the Bill of Quantities BOQ is published in all kinds of works taken up by government or semi-government organizations. However, in the case of individuals and private organizations this method is not generally followed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By A4D Categories: Home articles Tags: Related Posts. Sides of strip foundations SM 19 6.

External Door 50mm thick single leaf flash door size xmm high D2. General wood surfaces SM 12 3.

Internal Door Ironmongery Supply the following items of ironmongery with matching screw stall as ''union'' or any other equal and approved: F mm pressed steel butt hinges Pcs 21 7. Ring Beam SM 11 3. Internal Walls SM RB Total for Electrical Works 2. Electrically insulated with electronic temperature control complete with wide rose and overflow to withstand a working pressure of upto kpa.

Towel Rail Chrome plated 20mm diameter x mm long double towel rail and brackets as one piece.

Bills of quantities (Preliminaries Works).pdf

Flexible Tubing 15mm diameter x mm long flexible connectors complete with integral chrome plated angle valve. It shall have a heating capacity of about 5. Instantaneous Shower Heater Instant electric shower head heater with embedded rod type sheathed element.

Total carried to collection Total Carried to collection 5 Lm Lm The sleeves will be encased in mm concrete surround. Pipe Sleeves 50mm diameter heavy duty PVC pipe sleeves for crossing over pathways and driveways. Flag for inappropriate content.

Related titles. BOQ of proposed Bungalow for providing approximate cost. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

CM 72 17, SM 50 8, Arnold Tunduli. Silver Blade Tala.

What is BOQ (Bill of Quantities) and the Importance of BOQ in construction work

Vincent Mutambirwa. Sherwin Sr Macaraeg Sarmiento.

Michael Parohinog Gregas. Aliyu Shehu. Eugen Sclavone. Sudu Banda. Alzhammer Manupac.

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