Start by marking “Becoming The Bull” as Want to Read: Whether it’s bodybuilding or life, everyone could use a good mentor. Reading his blog, John Doe Bodybuilding, the author reminds me of that older guy you see in the gym who, without ego or bluster, sets about getting the job. Becoming the Bull book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This book isn't just about the weight room, it's a book that. Great book! It inspired me to take my diet and my training seriously again. I was inspired by his honesty and his relationship with his wife. It made me feel good.

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Becoming The Bull Book

His book, Becoming the Bull is an insight to what it takes to obtain a great physique from a I had no hesitation in getting a copy of his book when it came out. SJ discusses and reviews John Doe's latest book "Becoming The Bull' a comprehensive bodybuilding ebook written by a competitive. However, I made this exception for John Doe's “Becoming The Bull” after The book also goes into how to develop a winner attitude in life.

FACT: Your strength progress is not just determined by genetics but by the right plan and sometimes drugs at the right time. FACT: The wrong training and diet plan will have you waste time you could be using to put on 15 lbs of lean muscle right now. Digital delivery. Photo for illustration purposes only. You go to the gym and ask around. Try asking any big and lean guy the following: Why am I not getting the results I want after all of this work? What's stopping my progress? How can I get my muscles harder? Am I ready for gear, and if so, what should I use?

The thing that saved him was bodybuilding. The discipline of training for a bodybuilding contest gave him a purpose:. Eventually he discovered the most rewarding aspect of bodybuilding was not appearing on stage, but finding out what he was made of.

But above all, what you get out of it the most is what you learn about yourself.

Becoming the Bull: Building huge muscle, getting ripped and taking life by the horns

Many people give up at the first hurdle, so they never make any real progress in the gym. Becoming the Bull is a poignant reminder time away from the gym is just as important as time in it.

Becoming the Bull [Book Review] 0 Comments. To get real results, you need to have a sound grasp of the basics. Becoming the Bull: Most people are familiar with powerlifting and bodybuilding — but what about HIT?

The book introduces some HIT techniques you can incorporate into your training to mix it up: Rest-pause training. Going to positive failure 3 times, taking ten breaths between each set Static holds.

Becoming the Bull

Holding a position, e. For instance, with a bicep curl you could lift for 4 seconds and lower for another 4. Sometimes we become so focused on a goal that we forget to enjoy the journey itself. Now I take hikes outdoors and take saunas from time to time to stay refreshed. No Holds Barred John gives a no holds barred looked into the world of bodybuilding and what it takes to develop an elite physique. This encouraged him to be bolder and led to more success in other areas of his life: With no ulterior motives, nothing to sell, nothing on the line but good straight talk about fitness.

I searched for years to find that guy. Lifting How often should I lift once I'm not a beginner anymore? What exercises are practical to sculpt a warrior's body?

Becoming The Bull Review By John Doe Bodybuilding - Ignore Limits

How do I avoid injury year after year? Gear What is the perfect beginner's cycle and how much will it cost?

How can I "lock in" my gains for life? What steroids are the safest for continuous use?

Becoming The Bull Review By John Doe Bodybuilding

What will happen long-term if I stay on gear? But when I finally found someone trustworthy who could tell me how to train right, it was nothing like I expected. Not just big, but shredded, with garden-hose veins and 22 inch arms. And he was pushing 60 at the time! Fast forward a few months, and this old geezer had me doing drop sets of curls so brutal that the last set we did with a broomstick.

He was that serious!

When I was coming up in the game I knew nothing. This was before the internet. So when the Prophet dropped this little tip on me, I was astonished.

I put on 20 lbs in the next couple months. The guys I train look better than the Spartans out of Not just Hollywood V-shaped physique, but strong as an ox, and ripped as an alpha gorilla! But why should you trust me? Who is John Doe?

I know, pretty silly name right? I grew up poor, in not the best circumstances. I have worked blue-collar jobs all my life.

Most guys are confused and need an older brother who can tell you the truth about training, about steroids, about diet. I know because I needed that older brother to figure out what the hell was going on. Fact is, So why am I any different? Even guys who have been in this game for years come to me to ask for advice. So are you ready to shave years off your learning curve and sculpt the statue inside you into a lean, mean, and strong hunk of iron?

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