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Sixteen-year-old Janelle Tenner is used to having a lot of responsibility. She balances working as a lifeguard in San Diego with an intense. Unraveling Series 1, , & 2 Elizabeth Norris (epub) 1. Unraveling Sixteen-year- old Janelle Tenner is used to having a lot of responsibility. Update 04/17/ Stop by The Nocturnal Library to read a guest post by Elizabeth Norris and enter for a chance to win a hardcover copy of Unraveling.

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Unraveling Elizabeth Norris Epub

Read "Unraveling" by Elizabeth Norris available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Like The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Read online or Download Unraveled (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper ) by 8. review download ebook novel: Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris .ePUB. Like The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Elizabeth Norris's Unraveling blends realistic coming-of-age issues with a gripping science fiction medical-site.infoling'.

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I ended up knocked out quickly, as did three of my friends. Once we were eliminated, we got bored, so we went in search of something else.

We knew it was where he kept his failed experiments, and we wanted to check them out. We dared one another to touch it, but no one would step up. Somehow, I tripped and fell. And I brought two of the three of them with me: It was the first Thursday in March of my sophomore year. It had been an uneventful day. I skateboarded to Eastview, got to first period on time, made an appearance in my first class, ditched my second one to hang out with Eli and a couple of guys while they got high behind the football stadium, and then made it through my last two.

It backed up to the school parking lot and was always crowded, which meant long lines and a high probability of getting sucked into a conversation with someone from class. I just wanted something strong and convenient and preferably cheap.

The caffeine withdrawal, combined with my fourth period world history class, had given me an unbearable headache. If even one thing had been different: When the fight broke out, I was trying to place my order.

I was more of a keep-my-head-down-and-stay-out-of-trouble kind of guy. For a split second, the conversations halted. Just about everyone else turned to the door and froze, straining to see behind him to the parking lot where the catfight was allegedly taking place. My muscles tensed. Or get killed himself.

Then I remembered he caught a ride with Reid in the new car fifteen minutes ago, and if this was a catfight, it would be girls going at it, not guys. Thankfully, Eli usually stayed away from that. I looked at the girl behind the cash register and offered her my two dollars, but her eyes were glued to the door. She unfroze, took my money, and asked, You want me to leave room for milk? It was more a yell than a scream, I guess. It might have even been a word, but it was too far away and too muffled to be sure.

At least twenty people from Eastview were just huddled together in the parking lot by the chain-link fence that separated the lot from the school grounds. They were standing on their toes, leaning against one another, trying to see what was happening.

I just pushed my way into the thick of it. At first, it looked like a blur of hair. Two girls going at each other.


The sight of her sent a spike of excitement through me. It was what I felt whenever I saw her. I liked her. I always had. Ever since I came through the portal. She pulled me to the surface and swam us back to shore.

She saved my life. I pushed closer. Her head whipped back from a full-on punch. Her nose was bleeding, her T-shirt was ripped, and something had cut the skin above her left eye. That made my stomach ache. She was so pretty and funny and perfect. Sweat prickled the back of my neck. Her legs swung up, kicking at the air, and I realized two girls were holding her arms. My throat was too tight to speak.

Hands loose and ready, I pushed people out of the way so I could step in and break it up. She struggled, elbowing me in the ribs. Janelle yelled again and threw her body forward, trying to get free. Seeing her like that caused my anger to swell, and before I could stop it, I felt it turn into energy.

It rushed through me, a thick heat that seared each part of my body, from my chest down my arms, eager to be channeled into something productive. It burned as it moved through my fingertips, into the girl I was holding on to.

She yelped and grabbed her arm, letting go of Janelle. The noise of the crowd tripled. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Reminds me of when i used to be at school and had my science lessons.

And the main character - Janelle. She was like a freaking zombie. You know when i mentioned that she got killed by a track then brought to life? She might have as well as been dead. She wasn't acting like a living person before the accident, nor after.

She was also such a freaking bitch it was unbelievable. Janelle had a boyfriend, called Nick. She wasn't going out with him because she liked him, liked him. She was using him. Some of you might disagree, but that's what i think! Nick was such a good, hot and sweet guy.

It was obvious he cared about her. He always tried to do all these little things for her. And what did she give him? He would be lucky if he got her majesties 'precious' attention for, like, 10 seconds. I can't deal with him now. I don't want to listen to him.

I don't have the time. The stupid girl stopped leading on the poor guy when she developed a crush on Ben. He was the reason she broke up with Nick. This was me whilst reading this. There was more F. I crap than action or romance, or anything else for that matter. I just didn't and don't give a shit. If you're into stuff like that, i think this would be a great book for you.

This book was just overall so boring i just can't finish it. It actually gave me a few headaches and made me think "No wonder some people hate reading if they read crap like this".

View all 14 comments. Nov 16, Mimi Valentine rated it liked it Shelves: Mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, original, exceptional It's been over a week since I finished this book and I still can't stop thinking about it or find the words to describe it! Unraveling kicks off with a running start when Janelle dies — hit and killed by a speeding pickup truck — and is brought back to life by the most unlikely boy possible: Ben Michaels.

As the smart, strong, and kick-ass daughter of an FBI agent, Janelle begins to unravel the strands of his secret all the while figuring out Mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, original, exceptional As the smart, strong, and kick-ass daughter of an FBI agent, Janelle begins to unravel the strands of his secret all the while figuring out that there's something bigger happening, something exponentially more dangerous, and she has to find out what before it's too late.

With shorter chapters that always start with an ominous countdown, saying this book is intense doesn't even begin to describe it! The concept is literally out of this world. Except maybe amazing. And epic. Other than loving Janelle completely, I think that Elizabeth Norris created the perfect cast! They're real and anything but typical. And they swear — a lot , which I totally loved. Unraveling isn't a fairytale. Like nothing I've ever read before, it's hardcore and intense and gripping and unique.

It's also one of those rare gems that remind us how real life doesn't always close with a happy ending — the huge twist at the end knocked me off my feet! I wanted to cry and beg for a sequel at the exact same time.

In short, Unraveling is one of the most brilliant and gut-wrenching debuts I've ever read! You have to read it — it will blow your mind away! For books like this one, this is such a pointless question! download it and love it, then please come tell me what you think after so we can cry together! View all 30 comments. Mar 24, Crystal Starr Light rated it it was ok Shelves: Janelle Tenner has your typical teenaged life: FBI father who overworks, alcoholic, manic depressed mother, little brother a mere 13 that Janelle has to take care of, a nerdy best friend, an evil former friend of course female that may or may not have helped get Janelle sexually assaulted.

But being hit by a truck, dying, and being revived by stoner, Ben Michaels, changes that. What happened to her?

And does it have anything to do with this countdown timer her father discovered? I recei Janelle Tenner has your typical teenaged life: I received this through the site Vine program. I love to read. I've been reading pretty steadily since I was in second grade, with a brief time where I didn't that conveniently corresponded to those good 'ol college days.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as getting carried away in a new world, populated with vivid characters, being whisked into a new adventure. Were it not for my love of reading, I would never have gotten addicted to my second love: I try to go into the books I read with a positive attitude. That I am going to learn something new, go on a new adventure, meet new best friends.

I try to keep my expectations manageable--not too high, but not too low either. But every so often I meet up with a book that isn't going to be my friend. As I continue to read, I realize we don't have a lot in common.

The characters pretend to be book nerdy, but they are hardly shown reading. Characters act in ways that I cannot relate to or act WAY more stupidly than I think they would given their privileged occupation.

The plot disappears as the Love Interest ducks his hand under the Main Character's vintage t-shirt. And basic science principles, that could be researched on Google in two seconds, aren't even acknowledged. Unfortunately, "Unraveling" and I aren't going to be best of friends.

We just don't have enough in common. You see, I can take a main character I don't like. Scarlett O'Hara, from Gone with the Wind, is a woman I would have liked to slap on several occasions; but never once was I not completely and wholeheartedly involved in her story.

Janelle Tenner is not Scarlett O'Hara. I wouldn't be surprised if Janelle didn't even know who Scarlett O'Hara was or if she did know, she didn't like the movie. Janelle and I weren't that way in the beginning of our relationship. In the beginning, I admired her strength and appreciated her responsibility to her family. But as the book progressed, I began to see that maybe I had read Janelle wrong.

Maybe she wasn't a strong independent woman, but a self-pitying martyr. Maybe she wasn't a bookworm, but someone that likes to name drop big books "Ender's Game", "The Great Gatsby" because, hey, why not?

Or they say things like "Travel through wormholes is impossible-it violates every natural law of physics. Maybe she isn't really a brainiac, but someone that takes advanced classes they apparently don't like Physics to show off.

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I didn't care for all the trauma in Janelle's life. The absentee father. The alcoholic mother. No grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins to help her out. The senseless sexual assault scene that does nothing but pad out the novel it's VERY insulting how Janelle has coped with her sexual assault. Isn't this novel supposed to be about the mysterious Love Interest, Ben Michaels, and the creepy countdown clock?

What about her near-death? Isn't that enough trauma for the poor girl? Do we have to touch on every other problem that a teenaged girl might have? Let's give Janelle an eating disorder and shoplifting problem as well!!

I appreciated Janelle's curiosity--but she breaks the laws. Several times. Snooping through her Dad's FBI case files. Stealing his laptop and case files. Copying those files and distributing to her BFF, Alex. Busting onto crime scenes. Handling a gun without a license. Hacking into her father's laptop. These are serious crimes.

This isn't stealing a pack of gum at This is messing with the FBI. I don't care if your father is an agent--you shouldn't be snooping and he shouldn't be letting you. Plus, and this is something that Janelle brings up and then promptly drops several times , you are a teenager; how can you possibly compare to trained FBI agents?

It was a shame to see how few good, female friends and influences Janelle had. Her best friend, Kate, gave her a roofie laced beer, and now the two teens won't talk. When Kate tries to apologize, it is Janelle who behaves rudely and holier-than-thou--mocking Kate's money which makes it seem that Janelle is nothing more than a jealous little girl. Cecily's role seems to be to giggle over the cute couple, Janelle and Ben. Nick's ex-girlfriend is cast as a stereotypical Mean Girl.

As for adult females, the results are even more dire. Janelle's mother was, as said before, an alcoholic and a manic depressant, a woman so drowned in her own problems, she can't even begin to help Janelle with hers. Deidre, a coworker of Janelle's father, appears very little and isn't a person Janelle confides in.

Same with Poblete, Janelle's English teacher. Same with Alex's tyrant mother. Although men were portrayed in a "better" light, that didn't necessarily mean they were better characters. Janelle's father might not have been portrayed as a jerk, but neglecting his daughter and son is a jerk move. Not doing something about Janelle's mother--another jerk move. It's very hard for me to like a guy that appears, only to act like an idiot using his daughter's birthday as a code on a safe--sure, I'd believe an esteemed FBI agent would do that!

And I'm still scratching my head over the incongruity of all the wonderful memories Janelle has of her father and his workaholic tendencies. When did they have time for all the fond memories Janelle has of them? Strutz is a goofy idiot who will let a 16 year old teenager steal a gun and just tell her to "Be safe". Barclay is a stereotypical baddie though I was impressed at how he changed in the end. Alex is, as I said before, stereotypical Asian nerd. The two characters I was impressed with were Nick and Ben.

For once, our female MC has had experience on the dating scene when she meets her Love Interest. In fact, Janelle is psuedo-dating Nick when she meets Ben. And Nick isn't a bad guy. He is nice and polite when alone with Janelle, but when he is out partying, he becomes reckless and juvenile. And Janelle never decides she "hates" Nick in favor of Ben; she just doesn't think she and Nick mesh.

As for Ben, he is pretty darned interesting. I can't tell half of what I find interesting about him, as it occurs in the latter half of the book and is VERY spoilerish, but I will say that he was a good Love Interest and not some abusive dork.

While Janelle and I may not be friends, I can recognize she had good chemistry with Ben. There are quite a few scenes that were very sweet between the two. And while their romance was fairly quick, I did feel like it wasn't exactly insta-love there were aspects, but Janelle and Ben did try to get to know each other a bit. I thought maybe I could like the story better. And, to be honest, I did--the first 50 pages and the last 50, that is.

The first 50 pages is creepy and haunting; the discovery of the countdown sent shivers down my spine. And then the last 50 pages, where questions get answered and stuff starts happening, were pulse-pounding exciting. However, in between, it was boring and dull, and the tone completely changed. In the beginning, there is quite a bit of teen drama--"You mean he is dating her?

But this is abruptly abandoned when Janelle starts learning more about Ben and what her father is investigating. Towards the end, when I want to be on the edge of my seat, the book will break off from the main story and the tension so that Janelle and her brother can go to Disneyland it was a short scene, but it STILL took away from the main plot or Janelle and Ben can wake up in her bed after a chaste snuggle.

You know those people whose entire conversation is about what Angelina Jolie was wearing in that movie or the new album they heard? This book was kinda like that person. And it got pretty annoying with all pop culture references. Just to prove I'm not making it up, here is a brief list: X-Files Mission Impossible 2 Tron: I was wondering when Janelle would start talking about how cheesy Star Trek was, or who her favorite Doctor was, or how upset she was that Tom Bombadil was removed from "The Fellowship of the Ring".

Norris really should have gotten paid for these; I don't think I've EVER seen so many pop culture references in a book. And the nerdy part of me obviously got mad at the book in several places particularly at the end. You see, I am a girl that doesn't like physics; I love physics. So when Janelle made the comment about how impossible traveling through wormholes was, well, I got mad. I did a quick search on Google--and several websites popped up talking about travel through wormholes.

This isn't rocket science; I'm not expecting Janelle to know everything. But Ben, a supposedly smart young man, doesn't even correct her; instead, he agrees with her. Along with radiation viruses really? In the author's defense, I do think that her world was more consistent and believable than I've seen in other books. Places get devastated; people have to run to shelters and desperately look for family and friends.

The mechanics of some of the "sciency bits" which aren't REALLY that sciency, but I'll pretend to be polite are much more consistent than the time traveling bits in Tempest , for instance. And, as I mentioned above, there were a few characters I liked, some scenes I thought were well done, and the writing was by no means horrible. And one of the absolute best parts of the novel was: There is no cliffhanger, no "Tune in next time", no silly cheap shot to get audiences to come back for book 2.

Though I'll bet my boots--the pair I don't like, of course--that there will be a book 2. I think I've gone on long enough to prove my point. It was nice to meet "Unraveling", but I think it's time to go our separate ways. I hope her life is great, that she meets lots of nice people, and gets to experience nice things.

I wish her all the best Any longer, and I would have to bring out the lightsaber. F-bomb gets quite a workout in a YA title. There is a bit of slut-shaming that goes on.

Janelle and Ben make out and share a chaste snuggle. Janelle's mother is an alcoholic manic depressant.

She sometimes hurts herself, requiring Janelle or her father to help her out. Several bodies are found in a melty, gooey state. Janelle dies but is revived. Janelle is also sexually assaulted at a party.

A character dies off screen from 3 bullet wounds; another character is shot and hospitalized; San Diego is destroyed and it is said millions are dead. You need this book. The Story: With a largely absent—but painfully wonderful—FBI agent father, a bipolar mo 4. So who is Ben Michaels? Who killed her? But the most important questions is: The Given a second chance at life, she refuses to waste it, and it renders Janelle a very interesting character indeed.

Faced with the crushing, the impossible and the heartbreaking , she approaches everything as an opportunity. One girl saving the world would seem inconceivable, if it were not for the people Janelle's surrounded with. How many seventeen year olds do you know with access to top secret FBI case files, guns, and crime scenes? The chemistry Janelle shares with Ben Michaels, the boy who may just have brought her back from the dead, is electric.

From glancing touches to deep, bone-melting kisses, the heat is undeniable. But, as you might expect from a boy with the powers of resurrection, this is not smooth sailing, and Ben may be the key to unlocking some alarming secrets—and saving the world. The Verdict: Slick, sexy, and action-packed, Unravelling is the literary lovechild of a Fringe and Veronica Mars pairing. Its unstoppable smart-mouthed heroine is the perfect match to end-of-the-world high-stakes, and its extraordinary sci-fi-leaning mysteries make for an electrifying debut.

View all 11 comments. Jul 11, Rusty's Ghost Engine also known as Jinky Spring rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was even better second time around! This was a fresh new idea to sci-fi. There was plenty of mystery and suspense.

I also liked how the blurb gave no clues to Ben's origin or what was causing the end of the world When they were there they also drank a strange chemical that isn't discovered in Update: When they were there they also drank a strange chemical that isn't discovered in our world and this chemical alters the body's molecular structure. In the cases of Ben and his friends it altered them by giving them the abilities to withstand radiation in wormholes and manipulate molecular structures around them thus giving them the powers to heal people and open portals.

In the basement they activated a machine that sucked them into Janelle's dimension where they had been stuck for 7 years. Over those 7 years they each learned how to open portals in attempts to get to their home dimension. What they didn't know was those portals they opened did lead to their home world but were also unstable and brought random people and cars through them. Also they were bringing about the end of the world with wave function collapse.

This happens when unstable portals bring two universes so close together that they collide destroying them both. That's where the Interverse agency comes in. Their an agency based in Prima a more technologically advanced earth and their job is to enforce laws on interverse travel. They have special devices that can pinpoint a universe the user wants tto travel to and they open portals that are stable. So when they are sent to investigate the cause of wave function collapse in Janelle's home they plan to solve it by placing a device called the Oppenheimer in Janelle's world that has a countdown and when the countdown reaches 0 it will destroy Janelle's world therefore saving the other world Ben's world.

They manage to find one of the three boys responsible for opening the unstable portals and he is killed while the other two go back home. Wave function collapse had been averted due to the death of the one who was opening the portals. The characters were very well thought of, I could easily picture and relate to all of them. The writing was really engrossing and well done and I also loved the strong American feel to it. There's nothing I love more than seeing a culture and social life that is all "same but different" to my own not to mention I've always been fascinated with the USA as a whole.

I've also got to add that I really liked Janelle's character because she's mature, responsible, realistic not to mention strong I mean despite all she lost during the book she was still determined to carry on. Mind you this is coming from someone who has had depression before. P I've got to say I found the ending a little far fetched and confusing but other than that this was awesome. I really hope to read Unbreakable soon even though it's description sounds like Time Riders Alex Scarrow and I never took to those books.

I hope Unbreakable is just as original as Unravelling. High expectations! Nov 07, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: To be perfectly honest, by the time I read this book I had completely forgotten what it was about. I thought it was a book about the end of the world - and okay in a way it is, but very different from what I had envisioned. On the other hand, it does offer a slightly different perspective on alternate dimensions, or at least it worked on delivering it in a highly suspenseful way.

The main reason why I wasn't able to enjoy this book as much as many did was my lack of connection to these characters - most of which I didn't very much care for. I found Janelle a bit whiny and her playing mini FBI detective became irritating at times. As far as the numerous side characters: I found most lacked memorable qualities and others were simply underdeveloped. Occasionally, a name would get mentioned and I would have completely forgotten what role that person was playing.

Furthermore, I can't say I was a fan of the romance between Janelle and Ben. It wasn't a source of irritation, but It was too quick for me to form any sort of attachment to them. Which is a shame since the relationship becomes the emotional focus of the ending's "what ifs".

With that out of the way, Unraveling earns its points in entertainment value. I mean, it's told with a countdown, how can this not be exciting? From page one it's an obvious cause for concern, continually building tension and anxiety. When we find out what it's counting down to this increases the anticipation even more, making it appear to go even faster - whether it does or if it's simply by the effect of making us turn the pages faster, I do not know, but it was absolutely suspenseful.

Then, even though I didn't connect to Janelle, the bond that she has with her little brother is incredibly real and, in turn, the thrilling scenes towards the end are full of emotional uncertainty - hope and fear are mixed in equal measure. Unraveling is also strong as a sci-fi read. The science introduced is thorough without being overwhelming. If I hadn't read so many alternate universe stories this past year maybe I would have found this one a lot more compelling - though the characters would still have been a hindrance to me.

Regardless of my qualms with it, it's it an entertaining read that I would not hesitate to recommend to fans of the genre. For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads View all 3 comments. The story revolves around family - the hardships of being the only parent to your younger brother, about workaholic FBI agent of a father and bipolar, severely depressed mother. About friendships, discovering that there is something more to people you've always dismissed and never really noticed - especially when the mysterious person in question brings you back to life.

And then, of course, one FBI case which might very well lead - literally count down to - the end of the world. We let logic and knowledge get in the way. My dad always said that when instincts are at war with something society has taught you, listen to your instincts first and ask questions later. And it really put me out of the rotten reading slump I've been in for such a long time. It has got pretty intriguing plotline, likeable characters - especially the main heroine that you cannot help but completely love because of how tough, mature and responsible she is she has to be since she practically cares for her whole family , or greatly portrayed relationships - be it the ones of family - which were the best for me, friendship or cute romance.

Also, while this book is fast-paced, it wouldn't hurt if it was shorter - like even more then one hundred pages shorter - for the story to flow more naturally.

The world-building and the idea behind it was very promising, and I'd want to see more of it in the sequels. This book lacked a bit of a spark for me to truly love it, though I think that lots of other readers would connect to it with ease. So definitely make your time for Unraveling , because it was one wild ride full of mystery. Apparently the whole world is fragile too.

Because it has to. Nov 16, Giselle rated it it was amazing Shelves: An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes pulled from the ARC may be incorrect and may be subject to change. Walking home from school, Janelle gets hit by a truck and dies, but then wakes up again with her classmate Ben hovering over her. She believes he healed her and is determined to find out why and how. As for the characters?? Janelle was an interesting enough character.

I l An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. She does have quite a temper I might add. She has reason to be though. As for Ben? Well I just hope to see more of him in the next book! Just reading the synopsis for this just made me want the ARC even more! Girl saves the world? Why the hell not? I love how the chapters countdown the impending doom. The concept is definitely original and I love how everything unraveled.

Can I see this on the silver screen? I just hope it would be done well. Highly recommended for any science fiction, and mystery lover! Mar 13, Heidi rated it it was amazing.

A debut author that will amaze you with her riveting X-Files type book. Janelle is finishing her last shift life guarding at the beach. The summer is waning, school is starting. She heads to the parking lot to find her car covered in obscene graffiti and four slashed tires.

She surveys the mess holding back tears, but rather than let the mean girls get the best of her, she calls for help and decides to jog home. A quick call on her cell 4. A quick call on her cell to the one person who always answers her calls, Alex, she has the situation in hand until the screeching of tires and a pick up truck out of nowhere collides into her. Pain and then memories flash through Janelle's mind, and she knows, without a doubt, she is dead.

Then she catches a glimpse of herself through someone else's eyes. Someone who obviously loves her very much. The scents of gasoline, mint and soap tickle her nose, and a voice pulls her back assuring her she will be okay, now. Janelle's eyes flicker open to meet the dark depth's of Ben, the stoner's eyes. Why would Ben, a boy she hardly knows, be here helping her? Then he is gone and she blacks out. A few days later, Janelle is convinced that she not only was brought back from the dead but also that the mysterious, aloof Ben facilitated her return.

She sets out to snoop through her father's files. As an FBI agent, he is going to investigate into the run away truck that nearly killed his daughter. The files turn up some disturbing information. The truck was a unknown make and model, registered to no one and there are no records on it.

The driver was dead from severe radiation burns. He is not the only one with these burns. Several other bodies have popped up in the vicinity with these same flesh melting burns. Then there appears to be some type of count down associated with each victim.

What is the clock ticking down to? Is it the end of the world as Janelle knows it? Can she somehow help unravel the clues to stop it in time?

What I Liked: It begins with Janelle's untimely death and restoration and the action keeps on coming.

This book is thick with mystery, suspense and the unexpected. If you want a book that has an X-Files type story, you need to read Unraveling. This book has a complex and intriguing storyline that is full of surprises. Norris takes her time to carefully create our main character. She is tough, yet tender hearted. She has tenacity and is determined, and this girl knows heart break and sacrifice.

The situation with her mentally ill mother is difficult and heart wrenching. Janelle is a character that will stick with me. He is absolutely everything a girl could want in a best friend. Not once was there any inclination that the relationship was anything but a friendship. I actually liked that the book kept me guessing the entire way through.

I am not going to spill it, you need to read and see for yourself. I can't say too much about him because I want you to discover him for yourself. He is noble and kind, as well as an enigma. I particularly liked that he is first presented as a stoner character, a boy who hides in the shadows, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Oh, but he is so much more. Ben is a reminder to never judge a person based on appearances and stereotypes because he is complex and so mislabeled.

Honestly, I think this was one of my favorite aspects of the book was learning all of Ben's secrets and seeing into the depths of his soul.

I think Ben is definitely going to steal a few hearts out there. I loved and hated the ending as well. No cliffhanger, but plenty of big shocks and so far from the expected happily ever after. I applaud Ms. Norris for daring to color outside the lines.

It isn't easy to go against the popular happy ending. However, I felt that the heart tugging circumstances that Janelle is left with make it easy for the author to follow up with hopefully a sequel, in which Ben fulfills his promise and Janelle is able to leave because there is very little holding her back.

I can't say more without giving big details away. And The Not So Much: Despite the fact that she gets away a bit by playing the "whose my daddy card", it still is not believable that she could meddle in a a big top secret investigation. He ends being an important character but there is little detail on him. I wish he was a bit better described. Granted, I think the author used it to show another way how Janelle develops a tough skin and also to show how Ben came to her rescue, unbeknownst to Janelle.

I just felt that there was something more, especially when Kate wants to talk to her. I was left at the end of the book wondering why this repeated story line was not seen through to the end. Unraveling is a debut author book for that is going to have the YA world a buzz. This book is a blend of s sci-fi,apocalyptic countdown and mystery thriller, with a touching romance that will grab onto your imagination.

Norris is talented writer who knows how to write an engaging story. If this is just the beginning, I can't wait to see what she can do next. This is a compelling read that will generate an array of emotions. Be prepared for the thrilling and the unexpected when you read this one. I hope that there is indeed going to be a sequel. If you are looking for an excellent debut author book, I would highly recommend Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris.

Favorite Quotations: It feels like the light is burning me from the inside out. Someone who loves me. Posted http: View 2 comments.

Mar 31, Danny rated it it was amazing. Review first posted at Bewitched Bookworms But, the reference is not too far off. Once you started - you won't stop! I loved this countdown, it totally Review first posted at Bewitched Bookworms I loved this countdown, it totally served the point: You are always on edge, trying, no - needing to figure out what the heck this countdown means because Janelle has no idea either Janelle - kick-ass, strong brave loyal, caring and sweet!

Due to family problems Janelle is left to care for ber baby brother Jared - who is beyond awesome and anyone will love this boy insanely! He has a rare disorder and he needs special care - Janelle would do anything for her brother! Anything, this sweet love between the siblings was incredible sweet, heartwarming and beautiful!

I would have already loved her just for this! But, Janelle is more and she's strong and she's brave and smart! There is nothing about her that made me love her any less! Janelle died and now what? Her life changes after this horrible incident where she died and somehow this mysterious boy was there. She never really "saw" him before although they go to the same school, yet they were not in the same crowd. Ben was considered one of the bad and troubled boys! It's not in her nature to give up!

But while going after the truth - she gets to know Ben better and suddenly there is so much more tim him than a troubled boy! Apart from figuring out about Ben and her death-no-death , there is this countdown from one of her fathers files and a murder series. I loved this combination - and it left us always in edge trying to figure out all those mysteries. But, don't forget the love between Ben and Janelle, which was incredible sweet and beautiful! Perfectly genuine and nothing in their connection seemed forced and unreal.

The ending left me sobbing, I was truly sobbing and wiping away tears - I couldn't imagine Elizabeth Norris would really do this to us. You know when you are always hoping for some last-minute change in events? Something you know is inevitable yet you hope you are proven wrong? That's the ending and.. But I promise this book is worth every of your tears!

When seventeen years old Janelle Tenner was hit by a tuck and died, she felt she was dying. Soon she brought back to life completely unharmed and found Ben Michaels, a loner guy from her school she barely knows, leaning over her. Somehow all the incidents are connected together, and Janelle has 24 hours to solve the mystery and save the world from destroying before the timer stops.

A Story of Both Science to Art Unraveling was an immensely entertaining, and nerve-wrecking suspense flowed well with this action-packed si-fi thriller. As a follower of both science and literature, I was completely surprised to see how beautifully the author blended one into another. From concept of quantum mechanics and genetic engineering to wave function collapse theory and alternate universe. I was stunned by the amount of research author did to write this novel and how brilliantly she explained those scientific theories in terms literature.

Although the story is little influenced by both X-files and Veronica Mars, but it has originality that kept me constantly flipping through pages. The book contains mysteries at large quantity that unraveled one by one with proper and satisfying explanations. Janelle is an independent and realistic girl who knows her responsibility well.

She is one of those very uncommon characters I could easily relate myself to. Ben was absolutely amazing by both his down to earth appearance and sweet caring nature. The secret he kept hidden was absolute explosive that can either harm you or save you. I loved Ben, he seemed very believable and real to me, also different from other YA male protagonist.

The romance was slow burning and definitely not conventional, it was rather bold and modern. I was drawn into emotion by this gradually developed romance. There is another person in this story who touched my heart, Alex, the best friend. Alex reminded me of my best friend; always supportive and caring, just like the guy next door. Twisty and gripping, Unraveling is kind of novel that has something for everyone. With flawless writing and brilliant story line, Unraveling will not disappoint you.

An ARC was provided by the publishers in exchange for a honest review View all 12 comments. Mar 22, Katy rated it it was ok. This book had a truly awesome story. Unfortunately, it was a beating to get through and let me really angry pretty much all the way through, and I was more than ready for it to be over. I would rate it lower, but I kind of feel guilty because the book does have a lot of potential. I really liked the concept, and the story development could have been really beautiful.

I would elaborate, but it was almost halfway through this really, really long book that I found out what was really going on. I can This book had a truly awesome story.

I can't believe Norris made me suffer that long, but since she intended to introduce the "truth" there, I'll have to leave readers in the dark. Sorry folks, can't ruin the experience for you. The experience for me made me wary. You already know that I felt this book was WAY too long. I thought Norris put too much into one book. The beginning scene with Nick, the experience after the accident, her mission to find out what's going on and after the big reveal was a little bit all too much.

At times, I felt like they were different stories, and while they were great individually, I kind of wish Norris had saved some of them for ideas on future books. It just felt all crammed pack in there, and it made everything confusing - not in the I don't understand what's going on kind of confused, but the everything is so chaotic confused. And I'm always up for twists. I like it when a book surprises me.

But again, I felt Norris tried to put in too many twists in there. While it kept me on my toes, there were times that I felt the twist came from nowhere. Like the big reveal. For example, the scene where view spoiler [Ben tells Janelle that he killed her father, and her world comes crashing down.

And then he says he didn't really kill her father. I'm sorry, but that made me angry. And like I said, I like having twists to keep me on my toes, but Norris threw in SO many, that by the fifth one, I just started getting really annoyed.

I was ready for this book LONG before it ended. And by two-thirds of the way through, I was ready to give up.

But of course, I had to keep turning the page, and just when I thought the book would end, whoops, hold on folks, there's more. The end - or the REAL end is probably this book's saving grace for me. It was heartbreakingly beautiful and made me want to cry. But by then I was just exhausted. I'm sure many will think this is an amazing book.

And as I said, the story is really great. It's all that other stuff in there that really bogged the story down, and I truly felt Norris could have cut about half of that stuff out, and the book would be totally awesome. Nov 21, Zoey Talbon rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know if I can even begin to explain why I love this book so much.

I don't care if sci-fi isn't your favorite genre to read. I don't care what your favorite genre is: Unless you have an issue with swearing.

There's quite a bit of that. Unraveling reminded me of why I love sci-fi so much. There are so many different ways you can make it unique, and Elizabeth Norris definitely knows her stuff when it comes to that. Unraveling has the perfect am I don't know if I can even begin to explain why I love this book so much. Unraveling has the perfect amount of suspense and mystery and romance, all tied together with a bittersweet ending.


Janelle is tough but caring at the same time. She's the kind of character that sticks out; the kind of character that you can't forget. She's determined and sneaky and plenty of other adjectives - all good ones.

The chemistry Janelle and Ben have together is amazing. Their relationship develops so well, and when Janelle thinks Ben might not be as good as he seems, she's afraid. She doesn't think it's okay just because she maybe-sorta likes him. Their relationship is real, regardless of the sci-fi aspects that brought them together. Unraveling involves a countdown, so the suspense is constantly present.

The countdown at the beginning of each chapter reminds you that no matter what happened in the previous chapter, the danger is still there. The hunt to find out what the countdown is for and then find a way to stop it is always on. Twists and turns everywhere. Plenty of hot guys.

There wasn't a single character I didn't like. There wasn't a single thing about this entire book that I didn't like. Unraveling is deserving of 5 stars. One ordinary night, Janelle Tenner gets hit by a truck. And then brought back to life. By Ben Michaels, of all people.

Her determination to find out why he did it and to learn about everything involving the incident leads her to becoming involved in a case her FBI dad is working on. People have been found dead with severe radiation burns, only no-one can figure out where these people came from or how they got radiation poisoning.

Even worse, a device has been found. It's counting down. And it ca One ordinary night, Janelle Tenner gets hit by a truck. And it can't be stopped. It's not long before Janelle realises Ben knows more about this than he's letting on.

Something I thought worked really well was the way Elizabeth Norris has set this book out. By using time as a marker instead of chapter numbers, the layout became much more flexible, something which the author used to her advantage.

I liked the fact that the 'chapter' lengths were varied, as it helped emphasise certain events or memories, moments in time that were significant for one reason or another and that tugged on my emotions because they were highlighted so. Norris' writing style, too, is very engaging. The action moments were fast-paced, and the more emotional moments were well-crafted. I thought the characters were also fleshed out nicely here; they had layers, and were realistic - although there was something about the dialogue that bothered me.

Now, I don't mind if a book uses that kind of language.

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It can add to the realism and really have an effect if used appropriately. The problem arises when it's used unnecessarily. Not every teenager swears. The swearing in here felt quite forced which meant that any impact was lost. It was as though it had been added just for the sake of it, and it didn't work. That leads me nicely to the characters themselves. I loved Janelle's strength. She was determined to find out what was happening and see it through to the end, all the while taking care of her little brother.

It was moving to see how she had to be the parent, with her mother suffering from bipolar and her father barely around. She could have broken and given up a long time ago, yet she was unwilling to do that and bore everything that came her way. She had her best friend Alex to rely on but at the same time remained independent.

Alex himself was dependable, and I was glad he stayed by her side. Ben was so sweet. It was actually quite touching to see how he remembered things about Janelle while she had barely noticed him until something big happened.

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