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Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4). Home · Breaking Dawn The Twilight Saga Quartet: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse And Breaking Dawn. Read more. Breaking Dawn The Little, Brown name and logo are trademarks of Hachette Book Group The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Download PDF Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4), PDF Download Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4), Download Breaking.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Novel Pdf

Breaking Dawn is the fourth novel in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Divided into three parts, the first and third sections are written from Bella Swan's. Twilight Breaking Dawn Book Pdf Free Download by Stephenie Meyer Twilight Breaking Dawn Book's Writer: #Stephenie_Meyer Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn . Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. We pick up 10 years later from where Breaking Dawn left off. Life is the This is a fan-fiction short novel that I wrote, using the characters from her saga*** Twilight: Sequel to Breaking Dawn - Dawn of Dreams- FINISHED!.

Share Stephenie Meyer's self-designed cover for the book. Forever Dawn is the original, unpublished direct sequel to Twilight , written for Stephenie Meyer 's own pleasure. Meyer says that the book did not fit in with her young adult audience, since she "pretty much passed over the rest of Bella's high school experience entirely, skipping ahead to a time in her life with more mature themes. No plans to formally publish the novel exist, as much of its plot was later explored in the three later books of the series. However, Meyer has promised fans the opportunity to read excerpts from Forever Dawn. These excerpts were delayed until after the publishing of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn , to avoid spoiling the plotline.

Talk About It 1. Bella says she was "born to be a vampire. What are the implications of such an assertion for Bella's and, hence, the film's understanding of God?

Breaking dawn (the twilight saga book 4) [pdf] download

Are the Cullens and their circle of allies morally superior to the Volturi? If so, what values or codes of conduct make them so? Does the emotional appeal to Bella of being a vampire lie more in her being loved or being empowered? Is the vampire society truly an egalitarian one?

The sexual content is less explicit than in Part 1, but the violence is more graphic. Killing a vampire involves ripping his or her head off and burning the body, so we get to see several decapitations. One head is ripped off by holding the victim's mouth open and tearing the head at the jaw. These are some very gruesome images and that the film received a PG rather than an R seems to indicate both ratings creep and a higher tolerance for violence than for sexual content at the PG level.

There is also some intense animal violence involving characters who are werewolves. One vampire feeds on a human victim, and this scene is regrettably played for laughs—as a means of introducing a secondary character—rather than any kind of pathos or horror. Renesmee smiled. Even Nahuel, the half vampire half human, came.

When Charlie arrived, he hugged both Renesmee and me wholeheartedly, without flinching from the drastic difference of the temperatures of our skin.

He was literally at a loss for words. Edward began playing the organ. Alice took over when it was time for Edward to walk Renesmee down the aisle. Renesmee continued to smile as she approached the alter. The Pastor went through the wedding rather quickly, and it was time for the vows. Both Renesmee and Jacob had written their own. Jacob began: Something in my heart of hearts told me, this girl is the one. As time passed, my love for you bloomed into something so special.

I know you are obviously too good for me, but I will make you happy. I promise to love you throughout eternity. I love you, Nessie.

You have it wrong, Jake, you are too good for me. I love you with all my heart. Alice went all out on this one. There were countless roses in the room, their sweet, fresh scent permeating throughout the entire house. The furniture was pushed to one side of the room, leaving plenty of room for a dance floor. When Renesmee and Jacob walked in the room, confetti fell down on them. Everything was perfect. Edward took the first dance with her. Your mother and you are the two most important people in my life.

Jacob ate like he had ten stomachs, as did the rest of the werewolves. Renesmee, on the other hand, consumed very little, but still made the effort. Rosalie snapped many pictures throughout the day, insisting on shooting the couple from different angles. The glare of the camera was barely noticeable.

This must have been the longest wedding in the history of weddings, but no one grew bored. Tanya, the blonde haired beauty who had her eyes out for Edward, was busying herself by interrogating Charlie about human habits. She tossed her hair over her shoulder; it looked purposeful to me..

I listened to their conversation while leaning against the wall from across the room. Charlie, who was obviously flustered paused a second before answering.

Her scent must have been intoxicating to him, for he inhaled deeply. Tanya nodded, looking intrigued. Before doing anything rash, it would be best to see this conversation was going.

I I held my breath. I wondered if this was true, or if she was just trying to impress Charlie. I like to travel, explore my options. I could guess where this was going. At that moment, Edward walked over to the two of them, flashed one of his spell-binding smiles towards Tanya, and pulled Charlie away from her, chatting about different model of cars as they walked away. Charlie looked disappointed. I guess Tanya had never satiated that craving.

I giggled to myself. She sat at a table, alone. If all his romantic feelings for me disappeared in a puff of smoke and I was left with nothing but memories. In essence, that is exactly what happened with Sam and her. Nahuel, the half-vampire, half-human went over to where Leah sat, obviously interested. This was the first real time I ever saw Leah give anyone her full attention. From the moment her eyes met his, something changed in both of them.

I saw her face soften, the tight pose her eyes were in relaxed, and her face looked years younger. Nahuel smiled shyly. The way Leah stared at him.. Could Leah have imprinted? Was this possible? I wracked my brain for answers, but found none. Even though she Leah had treated me bad during my pregnancy, I did want her to find what she was looking for.

Now, she had finally found the elusive thing she had desperately hungered for, -love. Like any party, the guests began to disperse. The talking dwindled down, and outside the sky turned an electrifying indigo. The silver stars against the deep blue of the sky made for an explosive combination.

Jake smiled. I pressed my lips on Renesmee surrendered to the battle of trying to keep her eyes open; and drifted off. Seth was still talking to Edward about different car models, when I plopped down on the couch and listened. Jasper, who was now standing awkwardly beside me, looked stiff.

Alice was an expert on making him feel comfortable, but she was busy at the moment, going around the house and in swift movements cleaning the mess. Everyone else was occupying themselves with something to do, apart from Jasper.

Emmet and Rosalie had already headed up to bed. Charlie was now so drunk he nearly bumped into a wall. I would make sure he got home safely, Charlie with any increment of liquor in his system just did not mix with driving a car.

I got up from the couch to start up a conversation with Jasper. Alice sure did blow us all away. Who knows what would have happened if I had. He laughed. So much for the light-heartedness of the evening. I went to Phoenix on a mission, which I think I completed. Renee was my number one priority. I had no time to genuinely see how I would react to her scent. I could feel Jasper drifting, I had to bring him back on solid ground. I felt it my duty to at least absorb him in conversation, while Alice mingled with the guests.

Your self-control in the presence of humans has really improved. Are you able to handle the scent any better? For however long I have to be in their presence, I try to engage myself in anything that can make me forget their sweet, aromatic scents, but I only become further attracted to their blood.

Just hearing their steady heartbeats accelerate when they see me sets me over the edge. The very thought of their warm, wet pulses sends me into a frenzy.

I could see Jasper was slightly ashamed of what he had admitted. In the heat of the moment he let a little too much slip, and his mask of self-control was unveiled, revealing him to be very vulnerable. Everyone is very proud of you, especially Carlisle. I felt a little superior, I really was the strongest member of the family.

Maybe that applied for not only my physical appearance. She was anxious to have them open up their presents. Rose was video-taping the opening of the presents, while Emmett was spinning a basketball around the tips of his fingers, so fast your head would spin. Jasper was standing next to Alice, blankly staring at the presents Alice had scooped up into her arms.

Carlisle was sitting like the traditional human would; his right leg crossed over his left, his hand folded across his lap. Esme was beside me, absently putting her arm around my shoulder.

And of course, the most important one in the room, that vampire that had captured my heart and lever let it go, Edward, was staring straight into my eyes. Hi honey colored eyes seemed to dance as he watched me. The emptiness was no longer, and he seemed to truly be alive. Just then I broke free from his stare. I looked at his clothing he was dressed in. Edward was wearing a fitted charcoal grey shirt, which emphasized his perfectly crafted muscles.

If I could have blushed, I would have. His expression was so thoughtful. Edward saw my playful grin and he cast me an identical one.

Emmett stared at the two of us and shook his head. Renesmee went about opening the gift gingerly. In the plain black box, was a painting of a village. The artists used earthy colors, and the sky was shockingly beautiful, nearly black.

The moon was glowing silver. We definitely have to send a thank our card.

Jacob flexed his muscles. Everyone laughed in unison; even Rose. Just then, Alice dropped the small present from Zafrina, and her stare went blank. It was though the positive attitude had been sucked from the room. I saw Renesmee, and Bella. I felt the vision slipping, so I dug further. I suddenly found nine pairs of eyes staring at me. I turned to Alice. My voice trembled as I spoke. From the way Alice said attack position led me to believe that I was the danger.

I became aware of my own thirst at that very moment, aware that somehow this whole conversation had enabled me to feel my thirst, feel the burning itch that was like a fire enveloping the inside of my throat.

What was I doing? Why was I behaving as though I had not quenched my thirst for weeks, when the last time I hunted was really just a few days ago? I was surprised at how hoarse my voice was. Edward led the way to the forest, and Jasper and Alice followed behind us.

The rest of the family, including Renesmee, decided stay.

I assumed they were protecting Renesmee. This was like history repeated, once again I had become the threat to my own daughter.

Alice must have seen wrong, there was no possible way I would harm my own flesh and blood. Edward had been watching me intently the whole time. He must have been pulling me along, because I barely remember moving.

I was ensconced in my own thoughts. Before I had any time to say anything else, Edward was gone. It was best he left for now. Hunting to me was a private matter. If someone came to survey my performance, I felt especially self-conscious. Stealthily, I leaped across the forest, landing on the balls of my feet.

The elk were fleeing, or at least trying to escape me. They were no match for me, though. My long legs sped to the other end of the forest, confusing them from my fast pace. Soon his desperate attempts to break free of my grasp stopped. His pumping heart beat no more, and I drank the last of his blood.

Sequel to Breaking Dawn -Nightfall- Finished!

Luckily, my clothes were still in shape, except for one tiny tear along the side of my shirt that was microscopic. One drop of crimson blood trickled down the edge of my mouth. I let one of my slender fingers wipe away the evidence of my killing, and sniffed the air.

Edward was indeed close by, only about a mile or so north. I saw Edward casually leaning on a tree trunk, one of his hands beckoning me forth. I joined him, pressing my hands lightly on his rock hard chest. We were designed to behave this way. The feel of his warm touch calmed me. I was the first to speak. I told him this might take awhile, and besides, a crowd of drunken humans were stumbling into the forest. Great, now I knew that something was going to trigger the vampire in me, and that the place was a dark narrow street.

Little help that would do. Before Alice could have the chance to protest, I dashed across the forest, Edward and Alice still one step behind me. Jacob and Jasper are less on edge than they were before. I kissed every member of the family on the cheek, except Edward and Jacob. Jacob was meeting Seth who had snuck up to Astoria at the local diner.

I awarded Edward a kiss on the lip. Before I departed, I grabbed my denim jacket from the closet. Esme must have washed it, because it looked brand new and smelled of fresh lilies. Esme truly was like a mother figure, in so many ways. I hopped into my car, checked both way, and picked up on the speed after double checking that no human was in sight.

As I broke the speed limit, several thoughts came to mind. I wondered what was happening with Jess and Mike, and Angela and Ben. Was Lauren the same snob as she used to be, or was she wiser? What was happening in Forks? A part of me wanted a human conversation. I had agreed to give that up though. Although a part of me wanted human company, the more dominant part wanted nothing more than to be with just the Cullen family and Jacob, throughout eternity.

I parked my car about one hundred feet from the store. With my perfect vision, I saw two figures about twenty feet away. Renesmee was yelling at a teenage boy, who seemed to be following her. I watched as Renesmee began to walk to her car, when the teenager put his hand on her waist, and pushed her close, way too close. I knew that Renesmee could defend herself, but she froze in fear. I snapped.

No one and nothing could stop me from doing what I was about to do. Before I could even think, my vampire instinct kicked in, and I was tackling this boy. My teeth sunk into his golden skin. I heard Renesmee gasp. I felt his warm hot blood in my mouth, and my own venom seeping into his veins. I was in a trance now, I just had to kill this boy. This boy who tried to hurt my baby. He would have to pay. So this was what human blood tasted like to a vampire.

Saying this satisfied my thirst was an understatement. This was the most wonderful taste I could have ever imagined. Somehow sweet yet salty. How thrilling. I heard his screams. I saw him try to release himself from my grip. There was no way in hell I was letting this boy escape this alive. I vowed to never kill a human, and here I was doing just that. I dropped the human boy from my arms and stared at him. He was trembling. The boy was screaming, his expression tortured.

Was it too late to suck the venom out? Had the transformation process already begun? Bella lost her temper and bit this boy. What should we do? Renesmee delicately placed a hand on my face and showed me the conversation between her and Carlisle just moments ago. I nodded and piled the dying boy in my arms. He was falling unconscious, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he seized. My car was going too fast for anyone to decipher the license plate or the model.

Carlisle, as promised, was waiting by the door, medical bag in hand. I lay him on the porch out front. There was already a towel lining the wood, ready to absorb the blood before it stained the porch floor.

I watched as Carlisle expertly listened to the faint heart of this child, watched as he bandaged the bruises, watched as he surveyed the extensive damage I had done to him, and watched as he carried the boy into the house. I disposed of the towels and medical supplies and followed him inside. The transformations already commenced. Carlisle was gazing into space, and I pressed no further.

I braced myself as I entered the living room. The walk of shame. And yet I did. There was no possible way I could have restrained, it was though my mind and my body were two separate entities, thinking differently, acting differently, yet interconnected. In some ways I did want to see this boy dead, yet a part of me knew this would only further complicate the situation.

Though I fervently regret what I did, there was no reversing it, my only option was to make a new promise, and I would stick to this one.

There was no way I could kill another human being. This time I would mean it. The guilt I felt right now was insurmountable. Emmett would look amused, yet no laugh would erupt from him. Rosalie would look astounded, shocked that I would do such a thing.

Esme would want to comfort me, but secretly feel disappointed. Alice would be gaping at me. As for Jasper, he would be proven right, that I would fold under the pressure of being a vampire, as though he expected I would do something like this all along. The one vampires face I dreaded seeing most of all was Edward. Edward, whose trust in me was implicit, Edward, who was proud of me for being unlike the rest. I could just imagine the poignant expression written all over his face, the sparkle of his eyes vanished, into nothing but a swarm of black nothingness.

For the first time in all of my existence, I just wanted to run. But they were family, and they would forgive me no matter what. I walked the short distance and entered the living room, my head no longer bowed low, but rather, facing the audience who was awaiting my explanation. It was Edward who spoke first. No one judges you for what you did. Your intentions were right, you just went about them the wrong way.

Why were they acting this way? I deserved to be yelled at, to be humiliated for what I had done. Instead, everyone had treated me as if I simply made a mistake, no harm no foul.

But there was foul, a life was lost. I know it was a terrible thing to do and I feel horrible, but I did not plan to kill him. We never turn our back on family. If my predictions are correct, he should awaken sometime tomorrow. Then she giggled. Somehow the way it came out reminded me of someone talking about an abandoned dog. I shuddered. What other choice do we have? We will help him adapt to our lifestyle as best we can; as long as he is willing to try. Jacob seemed to look even more protective over Renesmee, if that was even possible.

It frightens me to think about it. Jake scooped her up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom. It was not difficult at all to understand her words, though. The boy has awoken! You just have to see him! He is so beautiful I just want to cry! Come, come! I wondered if it was bad on my part for being a little excited. I was itching to see him, although I was the person who was responsible for all of this.

Alice opened the door quietly. The rest of the family were already there, huddled in two rows, the male vampires in front, the females in the back. I looked at the young man who was sitting up in his bed. Although he looked frightened, petrified was more like it, his beauty was awe-inspiring. His skin was pale, but had a slightly noticeable olive complexion to it. His lips looked as though they were crafted, a perfect molding, too perfect. His eyes were maple colored. How was this possible?

Newborn vampires were notoriously known for their reckless crimson eyes, yet his were light and innocent? His nose was straight, and his nostrils were flaring as he looked in my direction.

I wondered what he would think of me, of what I had done. Would he forever hate me? His body was so masculine in a gentle way. Carlisle explained to him what he was. There was only one way for you to exist, and that was by becoming one of us.

We are known as vampires. I know this is a lot being thrust on you all at once, but you need to understand what you are capable of before doing something you might regret. Your natural instinct will be to survive on human blood, but our family survives off the blood of animals.

Would you like to be a part of our family? You also have amber eyes, which is uncommon for a newborn vampire. Even Bella craved human blood after the transformation. There are too many variable to consider than to just rest on the simple fact that he is a vampire, there has to be more. Why do some of us have powers, and others do not? Vampirism is a mystery Jasper. I could have sworn I heard the slightest bit of disappointment when she said and others do not. There are many different factors to consider.

This newborn has amber eyes, while every single vampire besides him is born with red. The young man totally disregarded what Jasper had said. He pointed a finger at me. I stiffened. I want you to name me. That may sound like a peculiar request to say the least, but I feel like you have to name me. I was flustered. A low growl emanated from Edward. I need a second to think about this. Did I really have to name this boy? What if I came up with something totally foolish?

Everyone was waiting for me. Me, of all people. I wracked my brain for anything that would fit the gorgeousness of his face, to no avail. Then a name popped in my head that was uncommon, and which I thought fit him perfectly. His eyes burned deep into mine, and I had to pull away from his gaze before things got uncomfortable. Those being Jacob the werewolf, and Edward the vampire. Why was I now drawn to Warren? Vampires are allowed to find other vampires attractive. From the way Warren looked at me, I was only too sure he felt the same vibe, the same intensity, the same connection.

Breaking Dawn Book read online free

It was really quite foolish to think so far away. I only spoke a few words with this newborn, and already I thought that we had an instant connection; how stupid of me. I had Edward and my real family, not this newborn vampire who might has well never existed. Warren in the end was just another distraction from Edward, one that I had to steer clear of. Warren lifted himself off the bed and looked at his reflection in the standing mirror Alice had already prepared for today.

He broke into a smile, and then a full-fledged grin. Why did someone this beautiful have to exist! I froze. What I just thought was similar to what I had thought about Edward. I must push these thoughts of Warren out of my head, he is nothing more than a new member of the family.

When the time is right. Out of everyone I feel most comfortable with you. One corner of his mouth raised a little, was he actually smirking? I heard that you, Edward, Alice and Jasper were special that way. I wonder if I am as well. Edward can read any person's mind excluding yours and mine. Jasper can control the emotions of the people around him. Alice can see the future in visions, but they are only positive as of the moment, when a person changes their course, the vision alters.

Although I was no longer human, I sure seemed to act like one at moment. I hoped Warren hadn't caught sight of this, though he was quite intuitive. I guess we will all find out in due time. I can tell you what happened if you wish to know. I don't want to have a sour taste in my mouth when I am trying to acclimate to something that feels completely foreign to me". I flashed him a sly smile.

How arrogant of him to assume that he was gifted just because he felt he was. This annoyed me further, because he probably was correct. I felt this pull that made me kiss him, as though it was out of my power to resist. Something very strange was happening here. My head told me What are you doing? While my body was leading me to his soft, olive tinted cheek. My voice was still a bit shaky but no longer unstable.

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