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Many fictional works have incorporated the concept of Soulmates in their plots, Brida, the novel under discussion being one of them. The theory of Soulmate also . Your Soul Mate, has been a best-seller in almost past 36 years Finding Your Soul Mate has been the 2 The movie "She" is based on a novel of the same. soulmate will be in exact proportion to your clarity about how and why love romance Romance novel writers, movies, songwriters, poets and artists paint .

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THE SOULMATE SECRET. Silva's Surefire Guide To Finding. Love And Keeping It. By Laura Silva Quesada. Page 2. w w w.s i l v a l i f e s y s t e m.c o m. on her second contemporary novel. Read PDF Soulmates, By Chance. Authored by Heenashree Khandelwal. Released at Filesize: MB. Reviews. smith, lj: nightworld 6 - soulmate. It slanted diagonally beneath her left cheekbone, pale strawberry color, as if someone had dipped a finger in blusher and then.

Jetzt bewerten Jetzt bewerten. Every so often, two people are born who are the perfect match for each other. But while the odds of this happening are about as likely as being struck by lightning, when these people do meet and fall in love, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and lashings of rain are only the beginning of their problems. After a chance meeting at a local band night, Poppy and Noah find themselves swept up in a whirlwind romance unlike anything they've ever experienced before. But with a secret international agency preparing to separate them and a trail of destruction rumbling in their wake, they are …mehr. Augsburg Ust-IdNr.

Being curious and nosy, when Peggys session was over, I called to get the lowdown. She shared with me that shed received clear messages from everyone shed hoped to connect! John had always been very attentive and affectionate but Wayne had been more reserved, stoic and less emotional.

Hearing how much her husband of fifty-five years loved, adored and respected her brought her much joy and a deep sense of pleasure. Which got me thinking: Two soulmates?!

Did I mention that there were TWO? Which led to my next thought: Then what will happen when she gets to the other side? Will she be with Wayne or John or both? I had no clue. During this session I posed the question:. Who will Peggy be with when she gets to heaven, Wayne or John? Laura shared with me that Wayne immediately stepped forward, with John by his side and said:.

Both John and I will be here for her. John is in agreement. Its a shared love. We are both attracted to the wholeness of her soul and her light. Each of us fell in love with a different aspect of her essence. Like a diamond, there are different facets that we fall in love with, soul to soul.

There is no jealousy or envy between us because here we have evolved as souls. I admit I was a bit surprised. While John certainly used this kind of language and was into this sort of thing, Wayne had been a highly recognized trial attorney, allergic to all things religious and spiritual. So, to hear him speak this way was so heartwarming! All I could think was, Yay for Peggy!

Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited

And, what about Debbie? Could my sister really findor, perhaps had she already found the soulmate relationship she longed for so deeply here on earth, there, on the other side? I should pause here to say that Im obviously open-minded by nature.

Ive always believed in life after death and reincarnation. Even as a young child this was a part of my inner knowing, born of personal experience. One night, when I was seven years old, I woke up in the small bedroom that I shared with Debbie in Hollywood, Florida.

I could see stars outside my bedroom window, and the house was very still and quiet. As my eyes adjusted to the inky darkness I saw a faint outline of a man sitting on the edge of my bed and I could feel a warmth radiating from him to me. Somehow I knew it was my Grandpa Lou, who was easily my favorite human. We had a grand mutual love for each other and every weekend he would create special experiences for me, including putting me to work in his watch repair business.

We would sit, side by side on wooden stools, as I assisted him in taking apart the watches and putting them back together again. After work we would go out for lunch, usually hamburgers and Birch Beer at Royal Castle in downtown Miami.

We walked along the busy downtown streets, holding hands, discussing whether we should spend the rest of the day at the zoo or the beach. Now, here was Grandpa Lou sitting on my bed in the middle of the night. In his gentle loving voice I heard him say to me: Im going away but I will always be with you. I instantly understood, and surprisingly wasnt afraid. A moment later the phone rang, lights went on, I heard my mother cry out and Grandpa Lou vanished.

Some time later my father walked into my room. When he saw that I was awake he said: Honey, Grandpa Lou has died. Yes Daddy, I know. He was just here and he told me. Throughout my life I have always felt blessed to have my beloved Grandpa Lou hovering around me, looking out for me, and being a totally awesome guardian angel.

The French dont say I miss you. They say tu me manques which means you are missing from me. These days, I begin each day sitting in my big, white bathtub gazing out over our spectacular ocean view. The combination of the fragrant lemony bathwater with our sea view calms my soul and sparks my creativity. One sunny morning after Debbies passing, as I found myself soaking and thinking about whether or not Debbie was dating in heaven, I began pondering what happens with soulmates once one or both of them get to the other side?

I had no idea Id ever write anything on this subject, but a story Id heard more than a decade beforehand from my friend Diana Wentworth, bubbled up in my memory. It went like this. Diana was blissfully happily married to her soulmate Paul. Everyone loved their story, something that had been covered in magazines touting them as one of the most romantic couples in Los Angeles.

Theyd raised a daughter together, merged their careers as founders of a weekly breakfast forum called The Inside Edge www. To Dianas shock and horror he passed away only a few months later. On his deathbed he looked at Diana and said, I dont want you to be alone. Then send me someone, she said. I will! About two months later, Diana was hosting a breakfast meeting when a new member approached her. His name was Ted. As they developed a friendship he invited her out to dinner. She thanked him for the offer, but explained that shed only been a widow for a few months.

Im just not comfortable going out on a date yet, she said. Ted didnt press. Thats okay. Heres my phone number.

If you ever want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea, Id love to get to know you. After many phone conversations Ted was proving to be a warm, supportive friend she cared about deeply. Eventually Diana invited Ted for tea. Tea led to lunch. Lunch led to dinner. And they began to date. One evening Ted and Diana were walking through the jewelry section of a department store. For the first time in his life Ted heard a voice speak to him.

And the voice very clearly said, download Diana those earrings. Ted was completely startled, having never experienced such a voice, not to mention the urgent feeling that accompanied it. He saw before him a rack of tacky daisy earrings in many different colors. Ted, a wealthy attorney, thought to himself, I would never download anybody those ugly earrings, but the voice yelled at him.

download Diana those earrings, it demanded. So Ted pointed and said, Dianathose earrings! She looked over casually and said, What earrings?

Those daisy earrings, he said. He noticed Diana was looking like shed seen a ghost. Which ones? The white ones with the yellow centers! With tears in her eyes she asked, What about them? He said, Paul wants you to have those earrings! It took a few moments for her to calm down. She was eventually able to explain that Paul had bought her an identical pair when they were first married.

They had been her favorites and Paul had repaired them over and over for years until they finally fell apart. She had nearly forgotten them. Those daisy earrings became one of several magical ways Diana was certain her first husband had kept his promise. Diana wrote a romantic memoir titled Send Me Someone and sold the film rights to the Lifetime Network. Diana and Ted have now been happily married for 25 years. So much has been written about near-death experiences, the stories about going through the tunnel of lights into the arms of our ancestors and loved ones, but Dianas story was the first one I had ever heard that highlighted the possibility that our departed ones could actually intentionally improve our life by sending us someone.

As I finally got out of the tub that morning considering all these possibilities of soulmates and heaven, I felt as if champagne was coursing through my veins. It was a feeling of lightness and brightness, a vast expansive feeling of eternal love. In all of my studies, mystical friendships, and teachings, Id never heard much on this magical realm of possibilitythe idea that loved ones on the other side could actually be intervening actively on our behalf back here on earthand I couldnt wait to dig in and learn everything I could.

Soulmate is a word that has different meanings for different people. I believe that a soulmate is first and foremost someone you can completely be yourself with, someone with whom you share unconditional love, and when you look into their eyes you have the experience of being home.

If you accept that definition then you can see that we all have many soulmates in our lives not just our romantic partner but also, possibly, our children, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, even our pets! A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for whom we're pretending to be.

Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we're safe in our own paradise. Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longing, our sense of direction.

When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Richard Bach and. A Soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.

Edgar Cayce. As I began to think about the soulmate couples I knew, or had heard about, where one of them was now on the other side, I decided to check in with them and find out about their experiences. I wanted to see if indeed, their departed partner has sent them someone. One of the biggest myths around soulmates is that we each only get one big love in a lifetime.

This is simply not true. We all have many, many possible soulmates in every lifetime. When your soulmate is on the other side you may doubt that you can ever love again, or you might feel guilty even thinking about it, but our loved ones on the other side truly do want us to be happy and loved. Kristine Carlson, widow of the internationally bestselling author of Dont Sweat The Small Stuff, Richard Carlson, has graciously shared her amazing story of love from the other side:.

Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University overlooks a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. The breathtaking vistas from Pepperdine have a magical quality to them and it was here that magic conspired to bring two soulmates together.

Richard Carlson and his best friend Rich, were walking through the Pepperdine cafeteria in October when lightning struck. Richards eyes fell upon a beautiful freshman, Kristine, who seemed to know everyone in the room. Spellbound, he watched her move from table to table, greeting everyone with her warm smile and open nature. He told his pal Rich, This is the girl I want to meet! Even though Richard was considered very friendly, the truth was he was quite introverted and painfully shy and just wasnt ready to make a move.

As fate would have it, a few days later, on a Sunday, Richard and Rich were walking on campus, and saw Kristine at a distance. She noticed them checking her out and knew they wanted to meet her so she walked over to them. Rich, decided to take off while Richard and Kristine spent the next three hours sitting under a weeping willow tree talking.

The conversation flowed and Kristine recalls feeling super comfortable, very much at ease and happy to be with him. Afterwards she called her Mom and had their normal conversationincluding the typical Mom question, have you met anybody?

Her Mom laughed and asked immediately, Have you gone out with him yet? No, I only just spoke to him this afternoon. Mom suggested, Maybe you should go on a date first!

Richard and Kristine finally saw each other again three weeks later at a dance on campus. Although both of them already had dates for the event, they eventually found themselves dancing together. The moment we touched we both felt an explosion of energy and we instantly fell in love. Kristine said. I remember thinking, Ive known him forever. Kristine never expected to meet the love of her life just weeks after leaving home for the first time.


In fact, she fully expected to meet the one much later in life, and she already had a very long priority list of what her soulmate would be like! But there was something about Richard. They were rarely apart. Richard was studying political science and business. Kristine focused on communications and advertising. In her senior year they took a Valentines Day ski vacation in Vail.

Hm... Are You a Human?

While on the ski lift, Richard proposed and of course, she said YES without any hesitation! On August 31, they married in this exquisitely beautiful garden of a charming hotel at Oregons Columbia Gorge, the windsurfing capital of North America. Magic was once again dancing by their sideduring the ceremony the wind completely stopped and all their candles stayed lit.

At the end of ceremony, the wind was back up at full speed. Nearly everyone noticed this very unusual and auspicious occurrence. By then Richard had realized that he was really a healer at heart. He studied Rolfing and then committed to earning his Ph.

He joined a cutting edge group dedicated to happiness training and stress management. They had two daughters, Jasmine and Kenna and life was good.

Richard was always so magical and light he was wonderful to live with and fun to be with, Kristine recalls. We only had three arguments in our 25 magnificent years together. She often told her friends that she needed more than one lifetime to love him. Both were devotees of the Indian Saint, Sai Baba and they shared many mystical experiences together.

Richard often had intuitive dreams ranging from knowing who would win the World Series to seeing which slot machine to play in Reno or Las Vegas. People magazine once named him one of the "Most Intriguing People in the World. In Richard had another prophetic dreamhe dreamt that he died on an airplane. As a busy author who traveled the world quite a bit, this dream created some anxiety for him about flying. Seven years later, on December 13, , he had a blood clot during the descent of his flight into New York and died on the plane.

His sudden death was a shock not only to Kristine and her girls but also to Richard. She intuitively knew that Richard was confused about what had happened to him and where he was.

He really didnt know he had passed and Kristine could feel his agitation and upset. She kept telling him to go to the Light, to find Babas feet and Baba would tell him what had happened. Through friends she connected with a medium, who didnt know anything about Richard, and yet she was able to share with Kristine and the girls intimate details she couldnt possibly know. During the session I felt him hug me, and I sensed a warm orange glow while he transmitted energy to me with a request to carry on for him, he asked me to keep writing in spite of my previous resistance, she said.

The first two years after he crossed over Richard was a constant presence. Late at night Richards spirit would wake her up and he began to communicate where he was and what! During the days he also found a way to come through her while she typed at her computer. He shared that all the teachers of love had to amp up what they are doingwith more energy, greater clarity because the world was in dire trouble. Right after his memorial service, his dear friend Ben was sitting with Kristine on the floor of her home, holding her hand.

While they were sitting there, Kristine looked up at Richards office and saw a very bright round pulsing light on the wall. She asked Ben, what he thought it was and he said that is a human heart. They watched it for a minute and then it disappeared. Ben said, Richard must really be having some fun with this! Yes, she agreed, and its totally Richard expressing his heart and love for both of us.

Later that day Kristine got a call that her book would be published. The book was originally a 35 page letter Richard had written and given to Kristine for their 18th anniversary. Kristine believes that she and Richard were one spark that became two. Love transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Love truly never dies with the body. That is what is eternalthe deeper connection you have of love in life, the deeper you experience that love forever. The only reason we are separated in form at all is ego. I know that Richard and I are twin flames. She misses laughing with him and she remembers that when they were together she was always trying to memorize his face.

There isnt any real death. Its just a word. There is a journey. We are both very much on our journeys and he comes back and visits me. He comes to me in dreams. I chase him down and find him in a hammock. I ask him, Where have you been? He says, Ive been here all along. Today she is now in a relationship with Randy. We are soulmates of a different kind. They met eleven months after Richard passed and over the years have spent quality time together and have now been exclusive during the past two years.

Richard sent him to me so I would be happy and not suffer. She describes her relationship with Randy as very different from her relationship with Richard. Kris doesnt know what their future holds, but he fulfills the fun factor of life for her. Randy allows me to live a life of joy amidst a very heavy work schedule. I love him and hes very loving. He cooks for me while I drink champagne and I can talk about Richard all I want.

He is totally okay with it and often jokes that in some ways we are a threesome! Randys friends often ask him how he can be ok stepping into this big mans domain and Randy says, I never try to replace him, I know I have a different relationship with Kris. She has the best of all worlds.

Randy also had an experience with Richard. One day, when he got into his car, he felt a presence and he had a very vivid and telepathic moment where Richard told him that Kris deserved his honesty.

Today, for Kristine, the communications are much subtleralthough she still feels he is always with her. Since he has passed she thinks about him many times a day and sometimes asks him to be present for their daughters when they need extra love, care and support.

When she dies she has arranged to have her ashes mixed with the remaining half of Richards ashes. When she gets to the other side she fully expects to walk right into his arms. He has told her make the most of your short period of time on earth, have fun and!

She always sees angel wings in the clouds when she looks up into the sky and she knows they are from Richard. He tells her ride the wings of my love and I will take you home.

Isnt that simply beautiful? Here is poem Kristine wrote about the love she shared with Richard:. I know that I am you and you are me. Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear. Soon after speaking with Kristine, I spoke to Christina Rasmussen who had also lost her soulmate and, is now happily married to a new soulmate! Her magical, inspiring story is below. On a beautiful winter night in , Bjarne and Christina met at a party when she was in Bjarnes home country of Denmark as an exchange student.

He was tall, handsome, blond hair, blue eyed. Christina is a Greek born dark haired beauty. They arranged to meet the next day but he never showed up. She instantly felt something was wrong and I moved heaven and earth to find him. She was shocked at her drive to find him but just knew she must.

She had an inner conviction that they were supposed to be together. By calling friends, and friends of friends, she discovered that he decided not to show up. When they finally connected he begged her for another chance and she agreed to make a date with him. Ten days after their first official date she told her parents she had met the man she would some day marry. On a rainy summer day, August 8, , they married in a picturesque church in the town of Aarhus, Denmark, with 45 friends and family surrounding them.

They spent their honeymoon in the Canary Islands, madly in love with each other, and by the time they got home, Christina was pregnant. Their happiness was short-lived. Tragedy befell them when their baby girl died at birth. To heal and overcome their grief they decided they needed to go on an adventure and ended up moving to Houston, Texas. Life in Houston was very different. Her husband found a career that he enjoyed but because of her foreign status, Christina wasnt allowed to work.

She was soon pregnant and their daughter Elina now 14 was born healthy and beautiful. After a few years they realized that the weather in Texas was just too hot for them and they decided to move to San Jose, CA. Two years later they had a second daughter and they were now a very happy family. They loved the life they had created and spent their time together biking, hiking and enjoying the California lifestyle.

In early , Bjarne received a great job offer in Boston and they moved cross country for yet another adventure. Soon after arriving in Boston, Bjarne noticed a growth on his neck. He went to the doctor who said his blood tests were perfect, but the next day, when the biopsy results of the growth came back, he was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Three and half years later he lost the battle. After eight blissful years of marriage and two beautiful children, Christina was all alone, overcome with grief at the loss of her soulmate. During the last months of his life she asked him over and over again not to leave her. When he was dying, she was sitting on his bed and he said to her:.

Listen to me my love. One day you will meet this really amazing guy for you and the girls. Only the first two years after I go will be really hard and then everything will be ok. She was so afraid of living without him. Once he had crossed over, she found that she couldnt sleep unless the lights and the TV were on.

Nine days after Bjarne passed, Christina noticed that her Bose speakers began turning on all by themselves, even though they were unplugged. Sometimes lights would turn on. Doors would blow shut even though none of the windows were open to create a breeze.

Loud, strange noises would occur. Her parents, who were staying with her at the time, could see and feel Bjarne in the house, as did her sister. They began to tell Christina that she needed to sell the house and move so that she wouldnt be afraid. Bjarne loved this house and was such a big part of it that I felt that I couldnt leave. I felt I needed to find a new way to live and raise our girls. Four months after he died she awoke in the middle of the night and saw him standing near her in a white T-shirt and jeans.

She said out loud, Oh my God. Oh My God. Oh my God and then he disappeared. Two years later their babysitter a 40 year old teacher that worked for them for years was at the house, sitting on the couch. She saw a man standing in front of her and thought it was a burglar until she recognized that it was Bjarne. When he died, I died. My heart was completely broken.

Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited - PDF Drive

I believed I would never love again. I became mean and bitter and I suffered so much. Fifteen months after Bjarnes death, Christina took her girls to a support group for children who had lost a parent. It was there that she met Eric, whose wife Pam had died suddenly seven months earlier at the age of Christina had told her friends that she would never have to look for another spouse because the one meant for her would just sit down next to her. That is exactly what happened at that support group.

While she and Eric were falling in love, she was still also in love with Bjarne. He was her everything. She was still talking to him constantly. I felt guilty about dating or even wanting to meet someone else. I slowly remembered that Bjarne had told me I would meet someone, I think he even said he would send him to me.

Eric is a true earth angel and Bjarne sent me someone who is exactly what I needed! I really believe Bjarne sent Eric to me and the girls. One of her daughters recently said to her: I feel guilty that I dont think about Daddy every day.

I feel guilty that I love Eric. And Christina explained to her that you have a Daddy in heaven and a Daddy here and your Daddy in heaven wanted it this way. Today she still loves Bjarne as much as ever. She still misses him every day. She looks at his photos and he is an integral part of her daily life. And the love she feels for her second soulmate, Eric, is huge but yet different and she has a heart big enough for both of them. She once had a dream where Bjarne came to her and said you are doing the work on this side and I am doing the work on my side and we were meant to do it this way.

Christina believes that when Eric and she are on the other side, she thinks she will be with both of them, although Eric isnt quite ready to accept that. We are meant to be part of a group and we will all be together. I have two soulmates. The heart can love many times in many ways as we are here to love more than once. One soulmate is in heaven and one is here with me.

I am so fortunate and I love them both so much, Christina concludes. I think Christina is right. The heart can love many times, in many ways, and we are here to love more than once. The idea that we each only get one big love in a lifetime is a myth. You could call it a big, fat lie. I know several people who have had more than one soulmate in this lifetime.

Some married their soulmate only to divorce many years later. Does this mean they were never soulmates? Some relationships come with an expiration date. And then the possibility exists for you to manifest your next soulmate! I now understand that sometimes your soulmate on the other side can and will assist you in meeting your next soulmate. And, it could happen faster than you ever expected!

Ill never forget the day I met Steve Amos. It was and we were sitting in a red leather booth at a local bistro having BBQ turkey burgers and fries for lunch as we discussed all the various people that we knew in the self-help and spirituality marketplace. He was obviously madly in love with her and very proud of her as a wife, woman and a mother. Near the end of our lunch, as he was again singing Terris praises, he mentioned she had once been Miss USA.

And thats when the light bulb went on! Oh my God Steve, youre not married to Terri Utley are you? I was nearly shouting.

Yes, do you know her? I told Steve how I knew his beloved wife. Terri and I met and spent a few days working together. Afterwards we stayed in touch and a year later we both ended up living in Los Angeles.

Terri was launching her career as a broadcast journalist and within a few years was hired for an on-air position in another state and we lost touch.


Steve was just amazed to hear this and he quickly called Terri and then handed me the phone. I was thrilled to reconnect with my old friend! Before long, we planned a lunch for the following week. I brought my husband Brian, Steve brought Terri and it was a delightful gathering. I continued talking to Steve about various joint ventures on a fairly regular basis, even after he and Terri moved from Southern California to the Florida panhandle. And then Steve became harder to reach as he turned most of his business matters over to his partner due to the fact that he was recovering from prostate cancer.

We eventually completely lost touch. Then one day a mutual friend called to tell me Steve had died. Of a heart attack. He was only Terri never saw it coming. She had been away for the weekend attending her daughter Kolbis dance competition. As they were driving home from New Orleans, her other daughter Mackenize called to say her Dad was more than a half hour late picking her up and even though she called him repeatedly, she couldnt find him. Terri then tried to reach Steve and couldnt.

She called her neighbor Jen and asked her to see if she could find out what the delay was. The call back from Jen was devastating. Steve was dead. That night as she sat in her neighbor Jens home, waiting for the police to finish their investigation, she decided to ask Steves spirit to speak to her. As she sat in Jens bathroom, the room became a blur. She felt Steves presence with her and clearly heard his voice in her head.

He told her: I finally let go of the controls. Terri knew this was the truth. Steve had beaten advanced prostate cancer a few years prior to his heart attack, but he lived in fear of it coming back. Thoughts of his cancer haunted him due to intermittent bleeding and pain in his bladder, both a result of radiation damage. I truly believe he willed himself to live. His greatest desire was to see our girls grow up and to make sure we were taken care of.

He believed it was his job to provide for all of us. But in those last few months prior to his death, Steve saw me growing deeper in my faith and knowingness that God is the provider, not him. By seeing me stand in this truth and by owning this for himself, I believe Steve was able to release the controls of his life and move to the other side. What she knew for sure is that he was still watching over his family. The day after he died, she took a walk and once again invited Steves spirit in.

She totally felt his presence and even noticed that he no longer walked with the slight limp he had on earth.

When she asked him about it he said, Theres no pain over here. He gave her several more potent messages including one very cryptic one: Youre going to surround yourself with women. She had no idea what that meant until she met Charlie Britt. She and Charlie were acquaintances through their daughters high school dance team. She knew he was a nice man, raising his daughter as a single Dad after his wife of 17 years had committed suicide.

When Steve passed, Charlie extended his hand as a support and a friend. Three months later they began dating and Terri quickly recognized Charlie as a soulmate. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jul 5, Download Claiming My Soulmate Download at: SlideShare Explore Search You.

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