Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended Sikh Prayers also known as nitnem. The Sikh scriptures are known as Gurbani and were written by the ten . Nitnem Gutka, Application Nit-Nem means Daily Naam is a collaboration of different banis that were designated to be read by Sikhs on daily basis. The Nitnem. Download Gurbani in Gurmukhi and english Translation as PDF File.

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Sampooran Nitnem Gutka - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Complete nitnem in Gurmukhi & English incl ardass and. Nitnem Gutka With English Translation For Download! This is the full, basic Nitnem in Gurmukhi with an English translation. Sampooran Nitnem Read the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and Nitnem Banis on your site Kindle, Kindle DX, Sony, Kobo, Little eye strain, just like reading a paper nitem gutka.

It has some real drawbacks. The print is very small. The translation is odd in places. On the good side, it has excellent background information, additional resources, and informative footnotes and end-notes. I believe Harbans ji has a corner on the market. When I do NitNem I use hardcopy printouts from a website, print and translation are much better. Since you should be chanting in the Gurmukhi, either one works for jap. But the larger fonts on the web version mkes that the the one I use for recitation. I use Sacred Nitnem when I am trying to understand the verses. Click to expand Hello again Aad ji. Maybe i should put some money into gathering together a PDF that can be created gurmukhi with several english translations, maybe 2 or 3 in one Nitnem. Have gurmukhi on one side, and then one bold English, and one italicized english - and on the opposite page with gurmukhi, also include pronunciation.

Salutation to God who is beyond sensual desires. Salutation to the Unbruised. Salutation to the Unsubstantial. Salutation to the Impassible. Salutation to God who cannot be installed as a statue. Salutation to the Treasurer. Salutation to the Immutable. Salutation to the Uncreatable. Salutation to the Immanent. Salutation to the Inimitable. Salutation to God who is beyond support.

Salutation to the Lord. Salutation to the Marvellous. Salutation to God to whom no woman can give birth. Salutation to God who is kind to all. Salutation to the compassionate of all. Salutation to the Creator of all.

Salutation to the sustainer of all. Salutation to the Impalpable. Salutation to the Destroyer of all. Salutation to the Ocean of kindness. Salutation to the Immortal. Salutation to God who is free from all ties. Salutation to God who gives blessings. Salutation to the Transcendental. Salutation to the Highest of all.

Salutation to the Sustainer of all. Salutation to the Killer of all. Salutation to the Carnal of pleasures. He is beyond ritual ceremonies and is Indubitable. Salutation to all the Treasures. God is Unattired and Mysterious. Salutation to Immanent. God is unrivalled and Destroyer of all.

Salutation to the respected of all the respectable. Salutation to the Light of all the suns. Salutation to the Creator of all tunes. Salutation to the sweetest musical sound of all music.

Salutation to the greatest Dramam player of the universe.

God is within all Corporeal forms. God is spiritual power of all. God is Unculpable. The King of all kings. Salutation to the Wielder of arrows and all weapons. Salutation to the Mother of the world. Salutation to the Mystical formula of super human power.

ਨਾਮਧਾਰੀ ਨਿਤਨੇਮ ਗੁਟਕਾ Namdhari Nitnem Gutka | Sri Bhaini Sahib

He is the Destroyer of all. He is the destroyer of all sins. Impassable, beyond name, and desire. Chachri Chhand. He is Unafraid of anybody and is impalpable. God is Incorporeal and Beautiful form. God is the Repository of everything. Salutation to God who does not require any protection. Salutation to God who is present in all dresses. Salutation to the Creator of the universe.

Salutation to God who illuminates all moons. Salutation to the Love of all loves. Salutation to God who can make everything to dry. Salutation to the Carnal pleasures of all. Salutation to God who causes fear among all.

Salutation to the Creator of the boundless universe. Salutation to the Magic formula of all.

Salutation to God who attracts everyone. The Incorporeal God is the Destroyer of the trimorphic world. Salutation to the Fundamental seed of all. God gives blessings to all. Gods laws are unchangeable. Gods carnal pleasure is forever. Gods creation is permanent. Gods actions are immaculate. God is Omniscient. H8 H8 H God illuminates all. God is adored by all. God provides strength and energy to all. God is attached with the entire universe.

God is sustainer of all. His origin is unknown. He is unborn, Omnipresent, and Unlimited. He is all Light.

Panj Bania Defined: What Are the Five Required Prayers?

His mysteries are unknown. All are originating from Him. He is very broadminded. He is immaculate. He is Immanent and Broad minded. He is beyond death and birth and He is Unmitigated.

He is Unattired, Incorporeal and has no attachment for anyone. His universal adoration is immanent. His origin is unknown but He is Creator of all. He is Invisible and Unattired. He also gives salvation and fulfulls all wishes. He is Omnipresent from the pre- era and is unborn. He is Unrivalled and Immanent.

He annihilates all. He sustains all. He is distinguished from everyone. Gods greatness is indefinable. Gods virtues and excellencies are incomparable. God is Immanent day and night and He is indestructible. God is transcendental Emperor of all the emperors. God is the transcendent Sun of all suns. Gods appreciations are inestimable. God is the Greatest of the great. God annihilates death. Gods illumination is ever lasting. God is the Ocean of numerous virtues and He is broadminded.

God is Intrepid and Undesirous. God is Immeasurable. Gods actions are ideal.

God cannot be punished by anybody. He is the Giver of salvation. He is Liberator and Inestimable. He is beyond name and sensual desire.

God is the Destroyer of the universe from all sides. God knows everything of the universe from all sides. God sustains the whole universe from all side. God is the annihilator of the universe from all sides. God is Immanent. God is the Donor of the universe from all sides. He is Incorporeal, Unborn and He is not fixed on a particular place.

He is the Holiest one. He has been existing since the beginning of era. He is invincible and Unfaded. Gods formation is undecaying. God cannot be shaken by doubts. God can extinguish the burning suns. God is the Fountain of all pleasures, riches and honours. God protects the truth and truthful living.

God beautifies all. God Is the Bravest among all the braves. God is self attained feelings which are unrivalled. God is unparalleled as no one is equal to Him and His mystery is unknown. God is self controlled One. God is compassionate to all and He provides liberation to all.

God is Unsighted and Invisible.

God is Transcendent King of all kings. God provides work for all. God is the Fountain of all virtues and blessings. God annihilates all. God is Donor of all. God, being, Omnipresent, transudates in every dress. God is the Creator of all.

God is mingled everywhere in all things. Gods illumination appears everywhere. God being Omnipresent, transudates in every dress. God is Sustainer of all. God approaches everywhere to everyone. God sustains everyone at all places at all times. God is the Supreme King of everybody everywhere. God denotes life to everybody over the whole universe. God being Omnipresent, transudes in every dress.

God is transcendent President of all the universe. God establishes everyone at all places and He is Omnipresent. God is respected by all the respectables at all places. God illuminates all the moons of all the solar systems in the universe.

God possesses all knowledge and wisdom. God is the Creator of all the languages. God looks after everybody forever. Gods creation is ever lasting and His beauty cannot be perished. God sustains and protects the innocents. God is Omnipresent and Immanent. God sustains everyone over the universe continuously. God ensures sustenance to all. God is Impalpable and Indestructible. God gives punishment to the sinners. God is beyond trimorphic form but He is a Saporific of all kinds.

God is such sweet Nector which is Omnipresent and enjoyed by all. God is Unrivalled and Unparalleled. God is the Creator of all forever. God is without any desire. God is Unfathomable and Unrivalled. Gods origin is not searchable as it is unknown. God is the Destroyer of the trimorphic world and He sustains everyone on the trimorphic world.

God is Impregnable and Unfathomable. God is all Love and He loves everyone. God is Perpetual and Intangible. God, Himself is the Traveller on the earth in all forms. God is Omnipresent forever. God is Immanent and Universal. Gods illumination gives beautification to all.

Nitnem- Taksali Gutka with intro. by Bhai Mohan Singh Bindranwale

God is mingled with all and He is Universal. Existing even before the era. He is Imperishable and He is the light. God approaches everywhere to all. God is Immanent among all. God is Omnipresent.

God gives animation to all. God provides strenght and energy to all. Gods performances are everywhere. God is attached with the entire Universe. Despite all this, God is detached from all. Gods illumination is everlasting. Gods illumination is indestructible. God is always with all. Gods illumination cannot be obstructed. God is the Destroyer of the trimorphic world but at the same time He is the Sustainer of all. God is Unmitigated and Unrivalled. God has neither friend nor for. God has neither caste, creed or any dynasty.

The Sound-current of the Naad vibrates in each and every heart. We come to receive what is written in our destiny. Such is His Celestial Order. How wonderful this is! False are the boastings of the false. H HIl el H No power to beg, no power to give.

He watches over all. So very many lessons to be learned! So many goddesses of various kinds. So many oceans of jewels. So many dynasties of rulers. O Nanak, His limit has no limit! By His Glance of Grace, He bestows happiness. To God belongs the Khalsa.

To God belongs the Victory. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted May 29, Admins, please make this a sticky. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 30, Keep it up..!! I found a few errors with the differences in bani and pad chedd, can this be fixed? Thanks very much. Posted May 31, They have been corrected here: Posted June 2, VaheGuru Jee, Great Seva! Love the layout and font - this is going to go well with my Kindle Please make a note when all corrections are made.

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