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Mushoku Tensei - Arc [WN][EPUB]. Also tomorrow I add vol LN illustrations. Mushoku Tensei - Arc [WN]. Novel Updates · DDL. The first 3 volumes are light novel.. Then the rest are web novels. https://www. download the Light Novel "Mushoku Tensei" by Rifujin na Magonote.

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Mushoku Tensei Light Novel Epub

37!Side Stories/Mushoku Tensei - Volume 03 LN Extra Chapter - Asura Princess and the Angel of Miracles. Download Mushoku Tensei Web Novel epub/pdf A year-old NEET otaku, chased out from his house by his family, found that his life is. Mushoku Tensei Volume pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Though every one of them was a light novel.

PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit. See http: PDF generated at: Sun, 07 Sep Prologue I[1] am a 34 year old homeless and jobless person.

Home Help Login Register. Author Topic: VN-Minutemen Posts: He then recalled that his life could actually have been much better if he had made better choices in the past. Just when he was at the point of regret, he saw a truck moving at fast speed, and three high schoolers in its path. Mustering all the strength he had, he tried to save them and ended getting run over by the truck, quickly ending his life. The next time he opened his eyes, he is reincarnated to a world of sword and magic as Rudeus Greyrat.

Download [Seven Seas] Volume Download Volume Download v2 Volume Download Side Stories: Redundancy Chapter: Download Jobless Oblige Download Spoiler: May 25, , PM me if you find any broken links https: Thank you for uploading this series, have been searching the translation boards for months but couldn't seem to find it.

I have read some of the other PDFs you have edited, so I say thanks for all your good work, and keep it up! Just a quick point, the Bit. March 19, , Just explode already Suddenly, I realize in that instant. A truck was heading to them at high speed.

Also, the driver in the truck. Was falling asleep at the wheel. And the three still hadn't noticed. I must save them, I have to. Why do I feel like I must save them, I thought of it at the same time. I had a feeling, if I didn't save them, 5 seconds later I will regret it. If I saw the 3 people getting smashed into a bloody pulp by the truck, I will absolutely regret it. Regretting over why I didn't save them. Therefore, I had to save them.

In any case not long after, I would probably have starved to death by the roadside, at least for that moment, I wanted to have some self satisfaction.

I don't want to continue regretting at the very last moment. I ran and hobbled along towards them. Volume 01 My legs that had not moved for the past 10 years were not listening.

This was the first time in my life that I wished I had exercised more. The broken ribs were pulsing with extreme pain, obstructing my every step. The first time in my life that I wished I had taken more calcium. It hurt. It hurt so much that I couldn't run.

But I still ran.

Mushoku Tensei Volume 1-16.pdf

I was running. The youth that was just arguing hugged the girl when he noticed the truck approaching in front of his eyes. The other youth whose back was facing the truck had not noticed. He was only surprised by his companion's sudden action.

I grabbed his collar without any hesitation, and used all my strength to pull him back. The youth was pulled away, and fell outside the truck's path to the roadside. There are two more. Just when I had this thought, the truck was already in front of me. I was just planning to pull them from a safe distance, but once I pulled them back, the reverse force made me move forward.

A natural thing.

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Even if my body weight was over kg, things don't change. The result of using all my strength to run, made my legs tremble and get dragged by the momentum. At the instant when I made contact with the truck, I felt like I got lit behind my back. Is that the rumored life's flashback? I couldn't see anything at that short instant. It was just too fast. Did it mean the contents in my life were too thin? I was sent flying by the truck that was 50 times heavier, onto the concrete wall.

My lungs that demanded air from the hard running, spasmed. I couldn't even utter a sound. But, I wasn't dead yet. Probably due to the accumulated fat that saved me But once I thought of that, the truck appeared in front of my eyes again. I was flattened like a tomato between the concrete ground and truck. Part 1 When I woke up, the first feeling was my eyes being dazzled. Light filled my eyes, and I narrowed my eyes in discomfort.

When I felt my eyes adjust to the brightness, I found a young woman with golden hair gazing at me. A beautiful girl No, a beautiful woman would be more appropriate. At her side, a man with brown hair of similar age showed me a small stiff smile.

A strong and arrogant looking man. His muscles are amazing. Brown hair, arrogant type. Looking at this dokyun[6] appearance, I should have a rejecting reaction, but strangely enough, I did not have any unpleasant feelings. It's probably because his hair wasn't dyed.

It's a very pretty brown colored hair. Volume 01 What is she saying? It's kind of fuzzy, and I didn't understand it at all. Could it be that it's not Japanese? Really, what did he just say. I couldn't understand it at all. I couldn't see it. I tried to sit up and ask them, "Where is this place and who are you guys. I could still do something like this. My body couldn't move. I felt the sensations of my fingers and wrists, but I couldn't move my upper body.

This is a joke, right? My body that's over kilograms, lifting it up so eas No, maybe I was in a coma for dozens of days and it caused my body weight to go down. From such a huge incident, the possibility of losing an arm or leg is very high. Those were my thoughts. Part 2 A month passed by. Looks like I was reincarnated. I finally realized that fact. I had become a baby. When I was carried up, supported on the head, and my own body came into the corners of my eyes, I realized that fact.

Even though I don't know why I still had my past memories, it wasn't anything bad even if I got them. Retaining memories upon reincarnation No matter who it is, they would have entertained such delusions at least once. But I didn't think that such a delusion would become reality The first couple that I saw when I opened my eyes, seemed to be my parents.

Their age are probably around the first half of They are clearly younger than me in my past life. From the perspective of a year-old, calling them young people wouldn't be wrong.

Having children at this age, really makes people envy them. I already noticed it from the beginning, but this doesn't seem to be Japan. Volume 01 The language is different, my parents' faces don't appear to be Japanese, and their clothes even seem to be that of a native village.

I couldn't see anything close to an electronic device The person wearing a maid's apron is using a cloth to clean things , and the utensils, bowls, and furniture are coarsely made from wood. It was probably not an advanced, developed country. Of course, the possibility of being very poor and unable to afford the electricity bill is still there.

Maybe, that possibility is very high? Because there's a person looking like a maid, I thought they surely had some money, but if it's a relative belonging to the father or mother side, it wouldn't be strange.

Cleaning is a very normal thing. I certainly wanted to start from the beginning, but living in a family that could not even afford the bills made me very restless. Part 3 Half a year passed by. In this half-year listening to my parents' conversations, I started to understand things bit by bit.

My English results couldn't be considered good, but [learning a foreign language will be slow when you're surrounded by your own native tongue] seemed to be true.

Or could it be that this body's mind is pretty good? Because of young age, I can quickly remember things. By this time, I was able to crawl. Being able to move is a wonderful thing. I have never felt such gratefulness for being able to move. I was worried to death when he didn't cry at all when he was born. At least I'm not an age who will cry loudly when I'm hungry. But even if I try to hold it, the stuff that comes from below will still leak out, so I just left things alone as they were.

Even though I could only crawl, once I did so I understood a lot of things. First of all, this family is quite well off. The building is a 2 story building made of wood, and there are over 5 rooms. One maid is hired. At first I thought the maid was my aunt or something, but the respectful attitude towards my parents made it seem that she's not family. This place is a village. From the scenery outside the windows, I could see a tranquil rural landscape.

The other houses are scattered around, and one side of a wheat field will have 2 or 3 families. Quite a rural place. Electric wires, lamps, or something akin to that could not be seen. Perhaps there wasn't a generator nearby as well.

Mushoku Tensei

Though I heard foreign countries place their wires below the ground, if that's the case, it was strange that this house doesn't have electricity. It's too rural. It was painful for me who had been washed by civilization's wave. Even if it was reincarnation, I still wanted to have a personal computer. This thought ended on a certain afternoon. Volume 01 The me who had nothing to do wanted to admire the field's scenery, climbed up onto the chair as usual, looked out the window, and got shocked.

Father was waving a sword in the courtyard. What is he doing? My arms that were not yet big enough grabbed the chair, but it was unable to support my body, and my heavier head hit the ground first. The clothes that were just washed fell from my mother's arms, and she put her hands over her mouth, overlooking me with a deathly white face. Are you okay!?

After exchanging looks, she stroked her chest and became relieved. Ah, you seem to be fine. I reminded her in my heart. From her anxious attitude, the way how I fell was quite dangerous. It might be possible that I possibly become an idiot due to the knock to my head. Maybe there wouldn't be a difference. Come to think of it, there's a throbbing pain on the back of my head.

Well, grabbing the chair with my hand lowered the velocity. From my mother's reaction that's not too panicked, there shouldn't be any blood. It's probably just a swelling. Mother took a careful look at my head. Her expression seemed to say, if there's an injury it would be serious. Finally, she placed her hand on my head, [To be safe Hey, hey, is this this country's [Pain, pain, quickly go away]? Or is it, besides my sword-wielding father, my mother's also a chuunibyou?

A warrior and cleric's wedding? Just when I was thinking of that. My mother's hand emitted a dim light, and in an instant, my pain disappeared. Your mum was a slightly famed adventurer, just so you know. I was instantly plunged into chaos. Volume 01 Sword, warrior, adventurer, healing, chanting, cleric. All these words swam in my head. Just what was that just now? What did she just do?

Due to wielding a sword, his whole body was sweaty. This child Rudi actually climbed on top of a chair Today he nearly got heavily injured. A commonly seen event. But, perhaps the reason of the back of my head hitting the ground first, my mother didn't back off. This child hasn't even reached a year since he was born. Will you worry a little more! That way he will become healthy.

Besides, even if he's injured, isn't it fine to let you treat him.

Armaell's Library

My mum's face turned red. Hey, hey, you're showing this to me on purpose, the two of you. Later on, the two put me to the next room to sleep, moved on to the second floor, and started to do the assignment of making siblings. Even if the two of you go to the second floor, I can still hear the nyan nyan noises, damn offline reality. But, magic huh Part 4 Later on, I started paying attention to the conversation between my parents and the maid. And then I found a lot of terms not in the vocabulary that I heard.

Especially country names, district names, and various names of places. Some proper nouns that I never heard before. This place could possibly be No, I'm certain of it.

This wasn't Earth, but some other world. A different world that has swords and magic in it. At this moment, I had a flash of inspiration. If it's this world, perhaps even I can achieve it. If it's a world of swords and magic, a world that's different from common sense, perhaps I can do it. Living like a normal person, working hard like a normal person. Even if I fall down, I can climb back up and live my life fully. I was full of regret when I died in my previous life. Volume 01 Dying with the burning restlessness over my helplessness and the fact that I accomplished nothing.

But the me who experienced all that, retaining the knowledge and experiences, perhaps I can really do it.

To live on seriously. A guards-maid: Usually doing a maid's job, but if there's anything that happens, they would pick a sword up to protect their master. Lilia faithfully accomplished her own duty. As a maid there were no complaints. But as a swords fighter, she only had average ability. Because of that, in a battle against the assassin who targeted the princess who was born not too long ago, from one moment of carelessness, she was slashed and injured on the leg by the opponent's short sword.

Poison had been applied to the short sword. It was a poison specially made to assassinate royalty. There was no antidote or curing magic that could treat such a troublesome poison. The wound was immediately treated, thanks to the doctors trying out various methods to cure the poison, but even though her life was secured, there were side effects left from it.

There were no problems in her everyday life, but she could never run or stomp with her full strength. The kingdom sacked her without hesitation. It wasn't anything uncommon. Lilia also accepted it. Losing her ability, it's a given to be sacked. Even though compensation money wasn't even taken, it was considered fortunate that she didn't get silenced in secret just for working in the concubine palace. Lilia left the capital. The mastermind behind the assassination attempt was not found.

Lilia knew deeply of the rules in the concubine's palace and that she might become the next target. Or perhaps the kingdom purposely made Lilia leave to lure out the mastermind. She always wondered why she, who had no background, was accepted in the concubine's palace. Then she finally understood why: No matter what, for her own safety, she had to leave away as far as possible from the capital.

Even if the kingdom treated her as bait, since she wasn't given any orders, there was no reason to be bound. And she had no thoughts about completing the duty out of loyalty.

Changing horse carriages, she arrived at Fedoa on the far borders which had extensive agricultural lands.

Besides the city of Roa, the heart of this place where the ruler was living in, there were only extremely wide wheat fields, a quiet place. Lilia intended to find work here. But being injured, she was unable to find a job based on strength. It's possible to teach sword dueling, but it's best to be hired as a maid. Because the salary is higher. Volume 01 In that place, the number who can use and teach swordsmanship is high, but a maid who had been fully taught to handle house affairs is relatively uncommon.

The salary will be higher when there is less competition. But getting hired by the ruler of Fedoa or any similar upper class noble is dangerous. The people of that level definitely had ties to the king. If they knew that she was a maid who worked for the concubine palace, there was a possibility that she would be treated as a tool for politics.

And because of that, Lilia stayed far away. She didn't want to experience that kind of near-death situation again. Even though it was a little unfair to the princess, Lilia hoped to stay far away from the royals' contention for power. But if her salary was too low, there wouldn't be enough money sent to her family. Trying to find a safe job and guaranteed salary wasn't easy.

Part 2 After running around everywhere for a month, Lilia came across an advertisement note. In Fedoa's village of Buina, a lower class knight was hiring a maid. On the top of that, the note said it would give special priority to someone with experience in taking care of children and knowledge as a midwife. Buina was a tiny village at the edge of Fedoa. A village among villages. A super rural village. Even though it was very inconvenient, this was the place that she sought.

The employer being a lower class knight was also an unexpected find. But most importantly, she had an impression on the employer's name. Paul Greyrat. Lilia's kouhai. A noble's son who suddenly barged into the dojo one day where Lilia was learning swordsmanship. According to him, he left home after quarreling with his father and came to the dojo to learn swordsmanship. As he had also learned swordsmanship from his home, he surpassed her not long after even though the style was different.

To Lilia, this wasn't anything interesting, but she understood that she had no talent and gave up. The Paul who was brimming full of talent left the dojo after making a mistake. He only left a sentence to Lilia.

That farewell had already lasted 7 years. And he actually became a knight and got married. Though she didn't know what sort of hurdles he had in his life, in Lilia's memories, Paul wasn't a bad guy. If she spoke about her problems, he would certainly help her.

If it doesn't work out, then she would use a few events from the past. There were a few things to negotiate. Lilia decided that and headed to Buina. Volume 01 Paul employed Lilia without any fuss. It seemed that his wife Zenith was about to give birth, and he was very anxious.

Lilia was fully taught in knowledge and technique for the princess's birth. Moreover, she was someone that he knew, and her birthplace was already known. Lilia was received with a warm welcome. Lilia's salary was more than what she had expected, and her wish was also achieved. Part 3 The child was born. There weren't any labor problems or unexpected incidents.

It was the same as what she had trained for in the concubine palace. No problems at all. It was very successful.

Mushoku Tensei Volume pdf (10K views)

Except, the child didn't cry when he was born. Lilia broke into a cold sweat. The baby drew out amniotic fluids immediately after he was born, but he merely lifted its head up without any emotion and made no sound.

The expressionless face made people think of a stillborn. Lilia felt the baby, and a heartbeat was present. He was breathing too. But he's just not crying. Lilia remembered the guards-maid senpai's words. A baby who doesn't cry at birth usually have some complications. The instant when she thought of this. Lilia relaxed after hearing that.

Even though there's no evidence, she felt there should be no problems. The child's name was to be Rudeus. A child that made people feel uncomfortable. Completely not crying or fussing. At first it was thought that his body was slightly weaker so taking care of him should be easier, making it a good thing.

But that thought was only during the beginning. After Rudeus learned how to crawl, he started to move everywhere in the house. Everywhere in the house. Kitchen, back door, storage, the place where cleaning supplies are kept, fireplace Even the 2nd story, but one doesn't know how he climbed up there.

In any case, once eyes are off him, he's immediately gone. But he would be found somewhere in the house. Rudeus never left the house. Even though he would occasionally look outside the windows, he was probably still scared of the outdoors. Lilia was afraid of this baby by instinct. Just when did it start? It was probably the moment when he disappeared and was later found. In most places, Rudeus was smiling. Volume 01 Sometimes he's looking at the vegetables, staring at the dancing candles' flames, or just looking at panties that haven't been washed.

Rudeus mumbled sounds and showed a smile that made people feel disgusted. That was a smile that made disgusted people by nature. When Lilia was working in the concubine palace, she had to go to the main palace for her missions.

The higher ranked nobles that she met had similar smiles. Bald-headed with a fat shaking stomach, staring-at-Lilia's-chest type of smile.

Compared with a baby who was just born not long ago. The scariest thing was carrying Rudeus up. Rudeus nostrils would flare up, the corners of his mouth rise, and his breathing quicken as he buried his face into her chest. And then he would make strange noises, as if hiding his own laughter, with [Huuu] and [Orhhh] in between those sounds.

At that instant, Lilia's whole body was assaulted by a terrible shivering cold. And she couldn't help but want to throw the baby and smash him into the ground. Cuteness, this baby has not. That smile made people afraid. The same smile that the high ranking nobles had, the people who were rumored to download many young female slaves. Even though it's a baby that was recently born. Lilia felt unbearable discomfort, and even experienced the feeling of peril. Lilia thought things over.

This baby was very strange. Could there be something bad that possessed it? Or something similar, like a curse. Lilia stood up in anxiety. She went to the item shop and spent a little money to download some necessary things. When the Greyrats went to sleep, she did her home's ritual to chase evil away.

Of course, this was kept from Paul and his family. The 2nd day, after carrying Rudeus again, Lilia understood. It was useless. And he was still disgusting as usual. A baby just showing off this expression made people feel scared. Zenith said, [When feeding this baby milk, he will lick Even though Paul didn't have any restraint towards women, it wasn't as disgusting.

This hereditary thing was just too strange. Lilia remembered again. She had heard of a story in the palace. In the past, an Asuran prince was possessed by a demon. To revive that demon, he would crawl around with his limbs every night. Volume 01 And when a maid who didn't know anything at the time hugged him, the prince used a knife that was hidden in his back to stab that person's heart, killing her. It was too scary. Is Rudeus something like that? There was no mistake.

It's that kind of devil. He's still safe now, but one day he will awaken, and when everyone is asleep, he will one by one I was too quick in deciding. Just too quick in deciding. I shouldn't be hired at this place. I'll get attacked sooner or later.

Lilia was a person who seriously believed in that kind of thing. Part 4 In the beginning of the second year, she was still afraid of him. But she didn't know when it started, Rudeus' unpredictable movements started to change. He wasn't like a ninja anymore, and usually stayed in Paul's study on the 2nd floor.

Speaking about the study, it's just a room with a few books. Rudeus stayed there without going out. Lilia secretly observed him, and found him mumbling to himself reading the book. A meaningless mumble. It should be. At least, it wasn't a commonly used language in these lands.

It was still too early to be learning how to talk. Of course, letters have not been taught to him yet. So it was just a baby looking at a book and randomly making sounds. Otherwise, it would be too strange. But Lilia always had the feeling that the words sounded like they carried meaning and structure.

Rudeus seemed to understand the contents of the book. It was too frightening Lilia always thought that when she saw Rudeus from the gap in-between the door. But the strange thing was that there wasn't any disgusting feeling. Come to think of it, ever since he locked himself in the room, that unknown source of discomfort gradually disappeared. Though he occasionally showed that disgusting smile even while she carried him, it didn't feel unpleasant. He wouldn't bury his face into her chest, and he wouldn't suddenly pant.

Why did she always find him scary? Lately she felt that he was sincere and hardworking, and didn't want to disrupt him. Zenith seemed to share her sentiments. After that, Lilia felt that not caring for him was better. It was an idea that went against common sense.

In fact, it was abnormal for human beings not to care for a child that was born not too long ago. But recently there were signs of knowledge in Rudeus' eyes. Volume 01 There were only "chikan"[7] eyes a few months ago, but now there was a strong will and shining knowledge in them. What should be done? Even though she had knowledge of taking care of children, Lilia, who lacked experience, found it hard to judge. She couldn't remember whether it was the guards-maid senpai or her mother back in her hometown who said this, but bringing up a child had no correct method.

At least, she doesn't feel disgusted, uncomfortable, or frightened. In that case, it's best not to disturb him. Otherwise it would end up with him going back to how he was originally. My legs and waist were starting to become strong enough for me to walk with my feet. I was also starting to learn this world's language. Part 2 After I decided to live on seriously, I started to consider what I can do.

What did I need in my life. Studying, sports, and skill sets. The things a baby can do were very few. At most, I can bury my face into someone's chest. When I did that to the maid, she showed an unhappy expression.

That maid definitely hated kids. Sports can be done in the future, but now, for the sake of learning words, I started to search for books in the house. It's important to be literate. Therefore, learning this world's words was the first assignment. There were 5 books in this house. Could it be that the books in the world are expensive, or could it be that Paul and Zenith don't read books? The two reasons probably existed at the same time. To me, who owned thousands of books, that was something unbelievable.

Though every one of them was a light novel. There were only 5 books, but it was sufficient for recognizing words. This world's language was similar to Japanese, so I quickly remembered it.

Even though the letters are completely different, learning how to speak went very smoothly. It would be fine as long as the vocabulary was memorized. Learning how to listen was very useful. Father read me the books more than once, so learning the vocabulary also went smoothly. Perhaps it had something to do with this body's ability to memorize.

After being able to read the language, I found this book's content to be very interesting. In my past life I had never thought learning was interesting, but when I thought about it, it was the same as memorizing information from the internet.

How can it not be interesting. Volume 01 Come to think of it, did that father really think that such a young kid would be able to understand the contents of that book? It's fine if it's me, but a normal one-year-old kid would have frowned and cried loudly. There were the 5 books. Putting aside the two books about fighting, the other 3 let me learn a lot.

Especially the guidebook about magic. To me, who came from the world without magic, the things that were recorded here made me develop a very deep interest in it. After reading through them, I understood a few basic things.

First of all, magic can be approximately placed into 3 categories. Easy to understand. Even though it has various functions, according to the guide book, magic was originally developed for battle.

They are not really used outside of battle and hunting. To use magic, you must have mana. Conversely, as long as you have mana, you can use magic.

There are two ways of using mana. Use your own mana within your body Draw out mana from something that contains mana It must be one of these two. I can't think of a good example. It's probably something like a generator for the former, and a battery for the latter.

A long time ago people only used their own mana to use magic, but as generations passed, magic was analyzed and became more advanced, and the amount of mana used increased explosively. It was fine to the people who had a lot of mana, but those who had less mana couldn't use the magic. So the magicians of the past thought of ways to draw out mana from elsewhere to fulfill the magic's requirement.

There are 2 ways to activate magic. Volume 01 Magic formation There's really no need to explain right? Use your mouth or draw a magic formation to activate magic. Magic formations were the norm a very long time ago, but now Chanting is the norm. In the past, the simplest chant required minutes. Even though it wasn't very long, this method was very difficult to use in battles.

In retrospect, once a magic formation is drawn, it can be used repeatedly. It was a certain magician who successfully reduced the chant time. Then chanting became the norm.

The simplest one is about 5 seconds, and basic magic attacks can be used with chanting. But if there's not a immediate requirement, then complicated magic techniques, even now, is still the norm for drawing magic formations.

A person's magic is basically set when you are born. Basically, everyone's profession is warrior. Just saying this term makes me feel like there is somewhat of a change What about me, hmm. It's said the amount of mana is hereditary. The fact that my mother is capable means I can probably hope for things to a certain extent.

A little worrying. Even if my parents are talented, my genetic makeup felt like it won't be of use. Part 3 In any case, I started to try out the simplest magic. There were methods recorded for both chanting and magic formations in the guidebook, but since chanting was the norm and there wasn't any place for me to draw magic formations, I started with chanting.

It seemed that the more complicated the magic is, the longer the chant time will be. In fact, it has to be used with magic formations as well, but for beginning magic there should be no problems. A skilled magician seemed to be able to use magic without chanting. Voiceless incantation or reducing the chant. Something like that. But why is it that you don't need chanting when you're skilled with it? The mana usage wouldn't change, and even if you level up your MP wouldn't change either Or is it the more skilled you are, the less mana you'll use?

But even if your mana usage decreases, there's no reason to skip a step. Whatever, I'll just try it out first. I held the guidebook in my left hand, stretched out my right, and read out the words from the book. As if the blood flow was squeezed out, a water bullet the size of a fist appeared in front of my right hand. The book said the bullet should be shot, but it fell down.

Perhaps my concentration was broken and the magic ceased. Concentrate, concentrate The feeling of blood gathering in my right hand. This, this, this kind of feeling I once again raised my right hand and recalled that feeling before, imagining it in my mind. Even though I didn't know how much mana I had, it was best not to treat it like I can use it multiple times. Concentrate and let every attempt be successful.

First imagine it, then repeat it every time in my mind, then use it in reality. If it's a failure, then imagine it in my mind. Until I can do it perfectly in my head. In the past, this was how I practiced every move in fighting games.

Because of that, I don't really fail when I execute a combo. Practicing this method should have no problems I hope. Sending blood flow from my feet and head to my right hand, using that kind of feeling to gather strength. And fire it out from my hand.

Carefully, carefully. With every heartbeat, gathering it bit by bit Evil thoughts were mixed into it. Let me try it again. Concentrate, squeezing out waterrrrrrr The moment I was surprised, the water bullet dropped down. Why did? What I did was just recalling the feeling of using that magic and imitating it.

But just redoing the flow of the magic makes chanting unnecessary? Is voiceless incantation that simple? Isn't it an upper class technique? Concentrating the mana in my fingers and creating the shape in my mind. It was just that. In that case, chanting is completely unnecessary. Everyone should do just it. Volume 01 Could it be that chanting is the automatic use of magic? You don't need to gather the blood-flow like feeling, and just have to say it out and the spell will compile on it's own.

It should be something like that. It's just like automatic cars. You can actually change it to manual and have it still work. Gathering that blood-flow like feeling Then both teacher and student will have an easier time. And after doing something like that every time, it became Chanting is something that is necessary. Needless to say, attack magic is used in combat.

Rather than closing your eyes and going "mmmmmmm" while concentrating, chanting it quickly is still faster. Running with all your strength while drawing a clear picture, or running with all your strength while saying the chant words - it's a question of which is easier.

Perhaps there are those who would find it easier with the former From how I felt it, it's not that hard. Perhaps it's something that I have, but it's not as if other people can't use it at all. How about this. A magician typically starts out as a beginner and ends up as a veteran, and everyone uses the chanting method to use magic. After thousands, ten of thousands of times, the body is already used to chanting. Then when it comes to voiceless incantations, they don't know what to do.

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